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oil industry



or Irkutsk, while winters are much milder. Summers are frequently foggy, reducing the amount of sunshine.

Located in the basement of the same building as the Rubin hotel, this is a local expat hangout, mainly people from the oil industry. British style pub with the usual range of alcohol and pub food. Staff speaks English. Sleep Due to the large number of visitors connected to the booming oil industry on the island, there are a substantial number of good hotels in the city. Room rates, however, are very expensive, even by international standards: expect to pay at least RUB3,000 for a single

room at Western style hotels. Budget * *

wooden style

-17-61 tollfree fax hours price Single RUB2900, Double RUB3,400 (2010) checkin checkout content A modern hotel decorated in the wooden style. Single and double rooms en-suite. Additional facilities include restaurant, bar, sauna, and spa. * wikipedia:Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

quot art

phone +7 4242 72-3643 tollfree fax hours Tu-Su 10AM-6PM price RUB60 content Opened in 1989 in the building of the former Japanese bank "Hokkaido Takushoku" from the 1930s. The three permanent expositions include: "Copies of Ancient Russian Frescos", "Art of Japan", and "Art of Korea". *

production industry

production industry were well developed. Karafuto suffered from a labor shortage through most of its history, and tax incentives were provided to encourage immigration. During World War II, a large number of Koreans were also forcibly relocated to Karafuto. Karafuto's largest city was Toyohara (Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk). Other major cities included Esutoru (Uglegorsk, Sakhalin Oblast) in the north central and Maoka (Kholmsk) in the south central region. Japan File:Japanese SL D51-22

style single

-17-61 tollfree fax hours price Single RUB2900, Double RUB3,400 (2010) checkin checkout content A modern hotel decorated in the wooden style. Single and double rooms en-suite. Additional facilities include restaurant, bar, sauna, and spa. *

style design

Hotel alt гостиница «Турист» url http: www.sakhalin-tourist.ru en email address 2 Sakhalinskaya St lat long directions NE from the city center, next to Gagarin's park phone +7 4242 46-78-00 tollfree fax hours price Single RUB2,400 (2010) checkin checkout content Single rooms en-suite and two-room suites, wooden-style design. Breakfast included, Wi-Fi for additional cost. Splurge *


86 Kommunistichesky Ave lat long directions phone +7 4242 72-34-53, 72-34-54 tollfree fax hours price Singles from RUB700, doubles from RUB1,200 (2009) checkin checkout content Another budget, but a bit cleaner accommodation. Conveniently located next to the railway station. Common shower (charged). Mid-range *

RUB2,500, Double RUB2,800 (2009) content En-suite rooms. * *

directions phone +7 4242 43-09-18, 42-43-98 tollfree fax hours price Singles RUB2,400 2,700 (2010) checkin checkout content A modern hotel in the city center, en-suite single rooms only. Free Internet access, free parking. *

scenic landscape

be overpopulated, and it makes sense to explore smaller (as well as more distant) lakes in the area. The coastline is also sandy and beautiful, although the ocean is too cold for swimming. Come here to watch the sunrise and enjoy the scenic landscape. Finally, there is a salt lake ''Izmenchivoe'' (''Changing''), the place of mud baths. :''Getting there:'' ''Ohotskoe'' village, the largest settlement in the area, is located between Tunaycha and Izmenchivoe. It is reachable by car, by bus (#174), and by minibuses. thumb 300px Mud Volcano (File:Sakhalin mud Volcano 5.jpg) * '''Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Mud Volcano'''. This sight (20 km north-west from the city) consists of several cones within a 15-acre (6 hectares) site of volcanic mud which erupt periodically. In many places you can see fumaroles bubbling through the mud. :''Getting there:'' arrange with a tour operator or try to reach this place on your own. Take one of the two daily trains to ''Novoderevenskaya'' station and follow the abandoned railway track in the western direction (9 km; to pass through tunnels, a lantern would be helpful). Alternatively, take the bus to the village ''Klyuchi'' and then another 9 km walk. Detailed description of the route is here (in Russian). The road directly to the volcano may be very dirty and impassable for regular cars. wikipedia:Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

amazing landscapes

of Russia and * '''Abandoned railway to Kholmsk''', one of the strange landmarks of the region. The road was built by Japanese in 20s and abandoned by Russians in 90s. The railway tracks, bridges, and tunnels are mostly preserved and suitable for walking. The road is a good hiking trail that combines amazing landscapes of Sakhalin mountains with interesting technical sights of the historical mountain railroad. Take a lantern for tunnels and be careful on the bridges. :''Getting


'''Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk''' (

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