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Street Rod Association Street Rod Nationals East, the largest annual street rod event in the Eastern US. The event brings thousands of street rods (hot rod) into the city for a few days in June. On Friday afternoon the city holds a parade through the center of the city for participating vehicles. The York County Heritage Trust (YCHT) is a not-for-profit educational institution

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public school districts. Of the several private Christian schools in the area, the largest is York Catholic High School. In 2009 Helen Thackston Middle School opened on East Philadelphia Street. The city is home to York College of Pennsylvania, which was originally founded in 1787; Penn State York; YTI Career Institute (YTI), which offers accredited technology- and business-based degree programs; Yorktowne Business Institute (YBI) & School of Culinary Arts, which offers accredited


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accessdate 2011-08-24 work Pro Wrestling Torch In his return, which was taped for the September 8 episode of ''Impact Wrestling'', Hardy spoke to the audience as a face (Face (professional wrestling)), acknowledging that he had hit rock bottom at Victory Road in March, before asking the fans for "one more shot".

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York College of Pennsylvania. By Carol McCleary Innerst. 2008. P.30. In 1929, the Academy merged with the York Collegiate Institute, allowing further growth of both schools. But up until 1941, a true college curriculum had yet to be established. It was in 1941 that the school's charter was amended, transforming it from a center for education into a "two-year liberal arts school." At this point, the school began to outgrow its campus, forcing a move outside of downtown York (York, Pennsylvania). In 1965, the current campus, located in Spring Garden Township (Spring Garden Township, York County, Pennsylvania) was dedicated. The former occupier of these lands was a local country club and golf course that had gone bankrupt before selling its property. By 1968, York established an accredited four-year bachelor's degree program, and officially became the York College of Pennsylvania. The college sits near the historic center of the city and has some residence halls located in the city (York, Pennsylvania), which known as the fourth national capital of the United States of America and the birthplace of the Articles of Confederation. YCP has students from 31 states and 34 countries. History The basis of today's, York College of Pennsylvania was started in 1776 by Rev. John Andrews, D.D. (John Andrews (clergyman)) and established and incorportated in 1787 as the ''York County Academy''.

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. The stadium, along with other large projects such as the York County Judicial Center and the Codo 241 luxury apartment lofts, symbolizes York's extensive redevelopment efforts. York was featured during the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election, when National Public Radio's Michele Norris and Steve Inskeep chose to showcase the city in "The York Project: Race & the '08 Vote." The program was aired as a 7-part series and featured different York citizens discussing race relations

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Recreation and Parks helps sponsor the Olde York Street Fair each year on Mothers Day, the second Sunday of May – a tradition since the early 1980s. In recent years more than 150 art, craft and food vendors have lined Market and George streets. Average attendance was 60,000 people as of 2004, according to city officials.

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States U.S. genre Alternative rock, post-grunge, hard rock Personal life Kowalczyk is married and has three daughters. He announced the birth of his third daughter, Cecilia, on April 14, 2011. He grew up in York, Pennsylvania of Polish descent and attended William Penn Senior High School in the York City School District, where he met the other three members of what would become Live. His father was a teacher at the local High School (Northeastern). - rowspan "

York, Pennsylvania

'''York''' (Deitsch (Pennsylvania German language): ''Yarrick''), known as '''the White Rose City''' (after the symbol of the House of York (White Rose of York)), is a city located in York County (York County, Pennsylvania), Pennsylvania, United States, which is in the South Central (South Central Pennsylvania) region of the state. The population within the city limits was 43,718 at the 2010 census (2010 United States Census), which was a 7.0% increase from the 2000 count of 40,862. When combined with the adjacent boroughs of West York (West York, Pennsylvania) and North York (North York, Pennsylvania) and surrounding Spring Garden (Spring Garden Township, York County, Pennsylvania), West Manchester (West Manchester Township, York County, Pennsylvania), and Springettsbury (Springettsbury Township, York County, Pennsylvania) townships, the population of Greater York is 108,386. York is the county seat of York County (York County, Pennsylvania),

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