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, Suffolk year 1982 isbn 0-85435-005-5 Bahá'í schools, such as the Tarbiyat boys' and girl's schools in Tehran, were closed in the 1930s and 40s, Bahá'í marriages were not recognized and Bahá'í texts were censored. Wikipedia:Yazd Commons:Yazd fa:یزد


, Suffolk year 1982 isbn 0-85435-005-5 Bahá'í schools, such as the Tarbiyat boys' and girl's schools in Tehran, were closed in the 1930s and 40s, Bahá'í marriages were not recognized and Bahá'í texts were censored.

people Gujaratis , from long tradition, called anyone from Iran" —who today represent the larger of the two groups of Zoroastrians. Adherents thumb right The Zoroastrian Fire temple#Atash Behram Atash Behram (Image:Ateshkadeh yazd.jpg) of Yazd, Iran. Communities exist in Tehran, as well as in Yazd, Kerman and Kermanshah, where many still speak

to Tehran when he was an infant; in June 1951, when he was five, they immigrated to Israel (aliyah). He remains fluent in Persian (Persian language). Upon arriving in Israel, the Katsav family was sent to a ma'abara, an immigrant tent-camp in Israel's south, inland from the port city of Ashdod. In the winter of 1951, severe flooding inundated the camp, and Katsav's two-month-old brother Zion died. http: webcache.googleusercontent.com search?q

traditional water

that it has been routinely used as a refrigerating device (yakhchal) for ages. Many traditional water reservoirs (ab anbars) are built with windcatchers that are capable of storing water at near freezing temperatures for months in summer. The evaporative cooling effect is strongest in the driest climates, such as on the Iranian plateau, hence the ubiquitous use of these devices in drier areas such as Yazd, Kerman, Kashan, Sirjan, Nain (Nain, Iran), and Bam, Iran Bam


reached Kandahar, Asmat Begum gave birth to her fourth child and second daughter, Mehr-un-Nisaa. One of the oldest and largest known qanat is in the Iranian city of Gonabad which after 2,700 years still provides drinking and agricultural water to nearly 40,000 people. Its main well (water well) depth is more than 360 meters and its length is 45 kilometers. Yazd, Khorasan (Khorasan (Province)) and Kerman are the known zones for their dependence

. They published some of the first Bahá'í literature from their printing press in Bombay. One of the oldest and largest known qanats is in the Iranian city of Gonabad which after 2700 years still provides drinking and agricultural water to nearly 40,000 people. Its main well (water well) depth is more than 360 meters and its length is 45 kilometers. Yazd, Khorasan (Province) Khorasan

conservative quot

next spiritual leader url http: www.telegraph.co.uk news main.jhtml?xml news 2006 11 19 wiran19.xml publisher telegraph.co.uk accessdate 2008-03-07 location London first1 Colin last1 Freeman first2 Kay last2 Biouki date 2006-11-19 the body responsible for choosing the Supreme Leader (Supreme Leader of Iran), where he heads a minority ultraconservative faction. He has been called "the most conservative" and the most "powerful" and "influential ... clerical oligarch" in Iran's leading center of religious learning, the city of Qom. Nasr, Vali ''The Shia Revival,'' Norton, (2006), p.216 Education Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi completed his primary and secondary education in Yazd, and then moved to Qom, where he continued his education in ''fiqh'' (Islamic Jurisprudence). He studied works of Avicenna and Mulla Sadra. In the 1950s he joined pro-Khomeini students in Qom. His teachers included prominent figures such as Ayatollah Khomeini and Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Bahjat Foumani. He was also among the students of Ayatollah Allameh Tabatabaei, the author of Tafsir al-Mizan, the influential shi'a exegesis of Quran. He graduated in 1960. Before the Islamic revolution, he assisted the other clerics, i.e., Mohammad Beheshti and Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, in publishing two journals called "Mission of Prophet Muhammad" and "Revenge", while he was responsible for all the publishing activities in the latter. پايگاه اطلاع رسانى آثار حضرت آيت الله مصباح يزدى '''(Persian)''' DATE OF BIRTH 1934-01-31 PLACE OF BIRTH Yazd, Iran DATE OF DEATH The Zayandeh River basin has an area of Wikipedia:Yazd Commons:Yazd fa:یزد

technical term

for such a construction. The common ''dakhma'' or ''dokhma'' (from Middle Persian ''dakhmag'') originally denoted any place for the dead. Similarly, in the medieval texts of Zoroastrian tradition, the word ''astodan'' appears, but today denotes an ossuary. In the Iranian provinces of Yazd and Kerman, the technical term is ''deme'' or ''dema''. In India, the term ''doongerwadi'' came into use after a tower was constructed on a hill of that name. The word ''dagdah'' appears

history starting

: persian.packhum.org persian pf?file 90001014&ct 31 title AN OUTLINE OF THE HISTORY OF PERSIA DURING THE LAST TWO CENTURIES (A.D. 1722-1922) page 31 work Edward Granville Browne publisher Packard Humanities Institute location London accessdate 2010-09-24 Edward G. Browne (Edward Granville Browne) 1924 History Starting in the twentieth century, in addition to repression that impacted individual Bahá'ís, centrally-directed campaigns that targeted the entire Bahá'í community and institutions were initiated. Some of these persecutions were recorded by missionaries who were in the areas at the time of the massacres. In one case in Yazd in 1903 more than 100 Bahá'ís were killed. Wikipedia:Yazd Commons:Yazd fa:یزد

international water

provinces. Water diverted per person is 240 litres (63 US gallons 53 imp gallons (Imperial unit)) per day in urban and 150 litres (40 US gallons 33 imp gallons) per day in villages. "Zayandeh River Basin Short Profile" International Water Management Institute, Sri Lanka ref>

public presence

03 69776.html title پیرنارکی مهریز در لیست مهمترین جاذبه‌های دینی جهان - سایت خبری یزدفردا publisher Yazdfarda.com date accessdate 2013-12-09 The other type of public presence which created a certain urban form is the Muslim parades and congregational events. They are mainly processions called ''azadari'' held to commemorate and remember the events that took for main Islamic Martyrs and important figures. These events due to their huge public scene created chains of spaces

year people

thorn gathering have almost been stopped though there are efforts to preserve the tradition. However, the bulk of the Iranians are becoming more familiar with the occasion and there are gatherings and celebrations even outside the country on 30 January each year. People will gather and pray, and then they will hold each other's hands, form a circle, and dance around the fire. There is a cave in a mountain near Yazd, called Chak-Chak (Chak Chak (place)) Fire Temple. Every year some


image_size image_caption image_ flag flag_size image_seal Yazd government logo.svg seal_size image_shield shield_size city_logo citylogo_size image_map mapsize map_caption image_map1 mapsize1 map_caption1 image_dot_map dot_mapsize dot_map_caption dot_x dot_y pushpin_map Iran pushpin_label_position pushpin_map_caption pushpin_mapsize coordinates_region IR subdivision_name subdivision_type1 Province (Provinces of Iran) subdivision_name1 Yazd (Yazd Province) subdivision_type2 County (Counties of Iran) subdivision_name2 Yazd (Yazd County) subdivision_type3 Bakhsh subdivision_name3 Central (Central District (Yazd County)) subdivision_type4 subdivision_name4 government_footnotes government_type leader_title leader_name leader_title1 leader_name1 established_title established_date established_title2 established_date2 established_title3 established_date3 area_magnitude unit_pref area_footnotes area_total_km2 area_land_km2 area_water_km2 area_total_sq_mi area_land_sq_mi area_water_sq_mi area_water_percent area_urban_km2 area_urban_sq_mi area_metro_km2 area_metro_sq_mi area_blank1_title area_blank1_km2 area_blank1_sq_mi population_as_of 2011 population_footnotes population_note population_total 1074428 population_density_km2 population_density_sq_mi population_metro population_density_metro_km2

population_urban population_density_urban_km2 population_density_urban_sq_mi population_blank1_title population_blank1 population_density_blank1_km2 population_density_blank1_sq_mi population_density_km2 auto timezone IRST (Iran Standard Time) utc_offset +3:30 timezone_DST IRDT (Iran Daylight Time) utc_offset_DST +4:30 coordinates_display % latd 31 latm 53 lats 50 latNS N longd 54 longm 22 longs 04 longEW E elevation_footnotes tags-- elevation_m 1216 elevation_ft postal_code_type postal_code area_code blank_name blank_info blank1_name blank1_info website http: yazd.ir footnotes '''Yazd''' (

Because of generations of adaptations to its desert surroundings, Yazd is an architecturally unique city. It is also known in Iran for the high quality of its handicrafts, especially silk weaving, and its confectionary (Candy store).

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