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, 13 lat long directions phone +7 4112 44-55-08 tollfree fax hours Su-Th 11AM-2AM, F-Sa 11AM-3AM price Event covers: ~300 rubles; bowling: 350-950 (depending on day and time of day) content This is a nice, friendly place to hang out, with a lot more to do than just music and dancing. Most importantly, they have a bowling alley! (Really, a rock 'n bowl in Yakutia?) They also have billiards and a full service restaurant serving "the cuisine of the north." Sleep

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Театр эстрады, музыкальный салон «Чароит» url email address ул. Каландарашвили, 2 lat long directions phone 2-11-72, 35-11-42 tollfree fax hours price content Nights of music and concerts by Yakut musicians. * commons:Якутск

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, the active layer can be very thin (only 10 cm on Ellesmere Island), whilst if it is quite warm, it is much thicker (about 2.5 m at Yakutsk), and if the permafrost is discontinuous and soil begins thawing earlier, it can be still thicker (5 meters at Yellowknife (Yellowknife, Northwest Territories)). The parent material of the soil is also important: active layers in soils made of sandy or gravelly parent materials can be up to five times deeper than those made from loam- or clay-rich parent material. This is because the coarser material allows for much greater conductivity of heat down into the soil. commons:Якутск

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City Life Cafe alt Кафе «City-Life» url http: citylife.ykt.ru email address ul. Kirova, 18 lat long directions Inside the Business Center, block B, floor 2 phone +7 4112 42-10-02 tollfree fax hours noon-4AM daily price 250-800 rubles content Kind of a wild place where you can have Japanese food including sushi, bento boxes, udon, yakitori, tempura; sit on the floor, at high tables, or at the bar; play billiards; and (perhaps best of all) use the free WiFi. Fun

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Театр эстрады, музыкальный салон «Чароит» url email address ул. Каландарашвили, 2 lat long directions phone 2-11-72, 35-11-42 tollfree fax hours price content Nights of music and concerts by Yakut musicians. *

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pastries. Some offer a somewhat more expansive food menu. Good coffee and tea is available in most of these. The food items can vary a lot, but are generally ok, especially the cakes and desert items. Budget *


in Yakutsk: the State Russian Drama Theater, named after A. S. Pushkin (Alexander Pushkin); the Sakha Theater, named after P. A. Oiyunsky; the Suorun Omoloon Young Spectator's Theater; and the State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, named after D. K. Sivtsev. There are a number of museums as well: the National Fine Arts Museum of Sakha; the Museum of Local Lore and History, named after E. Yaroslavsky; and the only museums in the world dedicated to the khomus and permafrost

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129.74820 directions phone +7 4112 42-51-74 tollfree fax hours 10AM-5PM daily price Free content The main museum in the city, with an impressive collection of artifacts from various periods in the history of Yakutsk—beginning with the prehistoric and ending with the events of the 1990s. Of especial interest is the rich collection of stuffed wildlife from the North, and one of the world's few complete woolly mammoth skeletons. There are a bunch of smaller museums, which don't have


, in the store "Kudai Bakhsy" (Кудай Бахсы), there's a wide selection of Yakutsk souvenirs. After the fleshly pleasures of lunch, set off for a dessert of the soul with a trip to the National Art Museum (Национальный художественный музей РС), which stands right there on Lenin Square. But it's worth bearing in mind that even a "running tour" of the expositions would require one-two hours. To fill the rest of the day you could visit the museum of local lore (Краеведческий музей

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most of the trees in a given area, then replanting the forest as a monocrop (one species of tree) the following season. Industry officials claim that this process emulates the natural effects of a forest fire, which they claim clearcutting suppresses, protecting infrastructure, communities and roads. However, from an ecological perspective, this is a falsehood, for several reasons, including: a) Removing most of the trees in a given area is usually done using large machines which disrupt the soil


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Yakutsk is a major port on the Lena River. It is served by the Yakutsk Airport as well as the smaller Magan Airport. It is a major supplier of diamonds. With a population of almost 300,000 and average winter temperatures of , Yakutsk is the coldest major city in the world.

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