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'''Kenny Jackett''' (born 5 January 1962 in Watford) is a former Wales international (Wales national football team) football (football (soccer)) player, who has since moved into management. He is the current manager of Millwall (Millwall F.C.), the longest serving manager in the Football League Championship and ninth longest serving manager (List of English Football League managers) in England. DATE OF BIRTH 5 January 1962 PLACE OF BIRTH Watford, England DATE OF DEATH foundation location Watford, England key_people birth_date

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by performers including The Who, Robbie Williams, and Oasis. The acoustics were analysed by an acoustics company in 2009, who reported that the size and "shoebox" shape of the hall, the flat floor, and the materials used in construction, allow for pleasant reverberation and good sound quality and clarity, such to make the hall among the best in Europe. On Thursday 8 January 2015, Watford Colosseum hosted Question Time (TV

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. This show was also broadcast on GCap Media's One Network (The One Network) local commercial radio stations around the UK. On 27 May 2008 Klass presented the BBC Radio 2 show ''Friday Night Is Music Night (Friday night is music night)'' in front of a live audience at the Watford Colosseum, Watford, Hertfordshire. The recording of this show was broadcast on 18 July 2008. In 2008 Klass presented various shows on Britain's largest commercial radio station talkSPORT, filling

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, UK death_cause Cerebral haemorrhage birth_date birth_place Watford, Hertfordshire, England origin London, England, UK DATE OF BIRTH 6 August 1972 PLACE OF BIRTH Watford, Hertfordshire, England DATE OF DEATH The main railway (West Coast Main Line) line between London Euston (Euston railway station) and the Midlands (English Midlands) passes through Apsley (Apsley railway station) and Hemel Hempstead

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of the Three Rivers (Three Rivers (district)) district and Bushey in Hertsmere district. Within this area, there are: Moving On – Applying for a Secondary or Upper School place, Hertfordshire County Council, 2007. *partially selective school (partially selective school (England))s, which offer a proportion of places according to ability or aptitude, and the rest to siblings


, Hertfordshire, UK (United Kingdom) genre Progressive metal, tech metal, mathcore, avant-garde metal '''Sikth''' (also typeset as '''SikTh''') are a progressive metal band from Watford, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. thumb right 250px The Gatecrasher Logo. (Image:GC logo Magna.JPG) '''Gatecrasher''' is an international clubbing brand made famous by the Gatecrasher (later Crasher) dance music events held at the Gatecrasher One nightclub in Sheffield, England during the late 1990s and early 2000s. The event received awards such as "Club Of The Year" at the Ericsson Muzik Magazine (Muzik) Dance Awards in 1998. The promoters were Simon Raine, Simon Oates and until 2004 Scott Bond. As of 2011 there are three permanent Gatecrasher venues located in the cities of Birmingham, Watford and Nottingham. When the Local Government Act 1894 created districts as subdivisions of the newly-created county councils, Chorleywood became part of the Watford Rural District, which encircled Watford. In 1913, the town was separated from Watford Rural District to become Chorleywood Urban District, formalising its current name. In the BBC TV documentary ''Metro-land (Metro-land (TV))'' (1973), Sir John Betjeman (John Betjeman) described Chorleywood as "essential Metro-land". Wikipedia:Watford Commons:Category:Watford DMOZ:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Hertfordshire Watford

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in the Trafford Centre. *Watford, located in the Harlequin Shopping Centre. *Welwyn (Welwyn Garden City), located off Bridge Road. The school has a wide-ranging programme of educational journeys (including annual trips to Israel, Poland, Florence, Paris, Colorado, Strasbourg and Madrid), a charity committee ('Shevet Achim'), which organises fundraising activities, for instance for Sierra Leone Poverty Relief, playgrounds for the children of Sderot, the New Hope Trust for the homeless in Watford, and the Emunah Children's Home in Afula), and a social-action programme that enjoins upon pupils a commitment to service in the community. '''Sun Postal Sports F.C.''' are a football club based in Watford, Hertfordshire, England. They were established in 1901 and joined the Herts Senior County League in 1947. For the 2011-12 season, they are members of the Spartan South Midlands League Division One. '''Watford North railway station''' serves the North Watford area of Watford in Hertfordshire, England. It is the first station on the Abbey Line 1.2 km (¾ of a mile) north east of Watford Junction. Originally opened in October 1910 as ''''''Callowland'''''', the station was built to serve a developing residential and industrial area which still thrives today. The service is known locally as the Abbey Flyer, and the line has its own user's group, known as Abfly, which campaigns to maintain and improve the line, which is very popular with local residents. Currently there is a 45-minute service in either direction Monday to Saturday, hourly on Sundays. The railway is the quickest way to get between Watford and St Albans, taking only 16 minutes. '''Garston railway station''' serves the Garston (Garston, Hertfordshire) area of Watford in Hertfordshire, England. It is the second station on the Abbey Line after leaving Watford Junction (Watford Junction railway station). The station, and all trains serving it, are operated by London Midland. birth_date Wikipedia:Watford Commons:Category:Watford DMOZ:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Hertfordshire Watford

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the death of her brother, the 15th Baron. She married Sir Francis Goodwin. '''Captain Everything!''' are a punk (punk rock) band from Watford, United Kingdom. They met at Parmiter's School. Formed in 1998, the band play high tempo pop-punk, which was branded "Bubblegum Thrash". http: www.nme.com blog index.php?blog 134&p 6491&more 1&c 1 Renowned for their heavy touring schedule, they have played all over the UK and Europe, touring

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Strategic Intelligence Assessment Summary timezone GMT timezone_DST Summer Time (British) (British Summer Time) utc_offset_DST +1 coordinates_display title latd 51 latm 39 lats 18 latNS N longd 0 longm 23 longs 44.5 longEW W postal_code_type Postcode area (List of postcode areas in the United Kingdom) postal_code WD (WD postcode area) area_code 01923 & 020 website

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b04xtl6z title BBC One Question Time - Watch now 08 01 2015 date accessdate website publisher last first Watford Palace Theatre thumb right Watford Palace Theatre (File:Watford Palace Theatre.jpg) opened in 1908 The Watford Palace Theatre is the only producing theatre in Hertfordshire. It presents world premières, dance, family shows and an annual traditional pantomime. Situated just off the High Street, the Edwardian (Edwardian architecture) building was opened in 1908 and the 600-seat theatre underwent a refurbishment in 2004. It houses its own rehearsal room, wardrobe, cafe, and bar. The Palace also shows films and 'live' and 'as live' streams of opera and ballet during its theatre season. The Pump House The Pump House Theatre and Arts Centre is based in an old pumping station situated just off the Lower High Street. The building was converted for use as a theatre, with rehearsal rooms, and meeting place for local arts based groups. Current facilities include a 124 seat theatre, rehearsal rooms, and live music venue. Community groups currently meeting at the Pump House include Dance House (children's ballet), Pump House Clog Morris (women's Morris dancing (Morris dance)), Pump House Jazz (jazz club), Open House (live open mic music), Woodside Morris Men (men's Morris dancing), child, youth and adult theatre groups and also the Giggle Inn comedy club. The Pump House Theatre & Arts Centre Watford Museum Watford Museum, housed in a former brewery building on the Lower High Street, is home to a collection of fine art and sculpture which includes works by J. M. W. Turner, Sir Joshua Reynolds, William Blake and Jacob Epstein. The museum also hold special collections related to the Cassiobury Estate, Watford Football Club, and local heritage, as well as an archive collection of documents, printed ephemera, photographs and diaries related to Watford townsfolk, local government, nobility and businesses. Wikipedia:Watford Commons:Category:Watford DMOZ:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Hertfordshire Watford


image_skyline WatfordSkyline.jpg image_blank_emblem WatfordArms.gif blank_emblem_type Coat of Arms of Watford Borough Council blank_emblem_size 85px image_map Watford UK locator map.svg mapsize 200px map_caption Watford within Hertfordshire coordinates_region GB subdivision_type Country subdivision_name United Kingdom subdivision_type1 Constituent country (Constituent Country#United Kingdom) subdivision_name1 England subdivision_type2 Region (Regions of England) subdivision_name2 East of England subdivision_type3 County (Ceremonial Counties) subdivision_name3 Hertfordshire subdivision_type4 Borough (Districts of England) subdivision_name4 '''Watford''' seat_type UK Parliament constituency seat Watford (Watford (UK Parliament constituency)) government_type Elected Mayor (Elected mayors in the United Kingdom) & Cabinet leader_title Mayor of Watford leader_name Dorothy Thornhill leader_party Liberal Democrat (Liberal Democrats) leader_title1 MP (Member of Parliament) leader_name1 Richard Harrington (Richard Harrington (British politician)) (Conservative (Conservatives (UK))) established_title established_date area_total_sq_mi 8.3 elevation_m 71 population_total 90301 population_density_sq_mi auto population_blank1_title Ethnicity population_blank1 61.9% White British 11% South Asian 3.5% Black African Watford Strategic Intelligence Assessment Summary timezone GMT timezone_DST Summer Time (British) (British Summer Time) utc_offset_DST +1 coordinates_display title latd 51 latm 39 lats 18 latNS N longd 0 longm 23 longs 44.5 longEW W postal_code_type Postcode area (List of postcode areas in the United Kingdom) postal_code WD (WD postcode area) area_code 01923 & 020 website www.watford.gov.uk '''Watford''' ( northwest of central London and inside the circumference of the M25 motorway. This Watford is not to be confused with Watford, Northamptonshire which is about 50 miles to the north.

Cassiobury Park was once the manor estate of the Earls of Essex and is a public park in the town centre. Watford Football Club play in the Football League Championship which is the second-highest level of football (Association football) in England.

The town developed from an Anglo-Saxon settlement between a ford of the River Colne (River Colne, Hertfordshire) and the crossroads of two ancient tracks. St Albans Abbey claimed rights to the manor of Cashio (Liberty of St Albans), which included Watford. The parish church of St Mary the Virgin was built in 1230 on the same site as an earlier Saxon church, along with stalls for a weekly market. The town grew modestly - assisted by travellers passing through to Berkhamsted Castle and the royal palace at Kings Langley, with the main developments being the 17th-century houses of Cassiobury (Cassiobury House) and The Grove (The Grove, Watford). Both the Grand Junction Canal in 1798, and the London and Birmingham Railway in 1837, allowed the town to grow faster, with paper-making mills, such as John Dickinson and Co. (John Dickinson Stationery) at Croxley, influencing the development of printing in the town which continues today. Two industrial scale brewers Benskins and Sedgwicks (Sedgwicks Brewery) flourished in the town until their closure in the late 20th century. Today, Watford is a major regional centre for the northern home counties. Hertfordshire County Council designates Watford, along with Stevenage, to be its major sub-regional centre. Several head offices of national companies and multi-nationals are based in Watford. Both the 2006 World Golf Championship and the 2013 Bilderberg Conference, took place at The Grove hotel (The Grove, Watford). The week ahead: Bilderberg 2013 comes to … the Grove hotel, Watford World news The Guardian

Watford was created as an urban district (Urban district (Great Britain and Ireland)) under the Local Government Act 1894, and became a municipal borough by grant of a charter in 1922. The borough had 90,301 inhabitants at the time of the 2011 census. The borough is separated from Greater London to the south by the urbanised parish of Watford Rural in the Three Rivers District (Three Rivers (district)). The Watford subdivision of the Greater London Urban Area, which includes much of the neighbouring districts, had a total population of 120,960 in the 2001 census. Watford Borough Council is the local authority, with a directly elected mayor as head. The Mayor of Watford is one of only 17 directly elected mayors (Directly elected mayors in England and Wales) in England; Dorothy Thornhill has been the mayor since the directly elected system was set up in May 2002, and is both the first Liberal Democrat and first female directly elected mayor in the United Kingdom. Watford elects one Member of Parliament (MP) for the Watford constituency (Watford (UK Parliament constituency)). Prior to the establishment of this constituency in 1885 the area was part of the three seat constituency of Hertfordshire (Hertfordshire (UK Parliament constituency)).

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