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, and the Kajkavian dialect of Croatian. Wikipedia:Vienna Commons:Category:Vienna


experienced rapid economic development. Ambitious urban planning projects were carried out to express the growing wealth and higher status of the Hungarian capital. Among these projects special attention was paid to the rebuilding of Buda Castle. The autonomous Hungarian government intended to create a royal palace that matches any famous European royal residence (especially the old rival, Vienna's Hofburg). The process of rebuilding lasted about forty years between 1875 and 1912, and caused sweeping changes in topography of the whole area. The Spanish Habsburgs were replaced by Viennese (Vienna) ones, and in 1734 the two kingdom were united under a single independent crown (''Utriusque Siciliarum''), that of Charles of Bourbon (Charles III of Spain). Charles renovated the city with the Villa di Capodimonte and the Teatro di San Carlo, and welcomed the philosophers Giovan Battista Vico and Antonio Genovesi, the jurists Pietro Giannone and Gaetano Filangieri, and the composers Alessandro (Alessandro Scarlatti) and Domenico Scarlatti. This first king of the House of Bourbon tried to introduce legislative and administrative reforms, but they were stopped as the first news of the French Revolution reached the city. By that time, Charles' son, Ferdinand IV (Ferdinand I of Two Sicilies) was king, and he entered an anti-French Coalition (First Coalition) with Great Britain (Kingdom of Great Britain), Russia (Imperial Russia), Austria (Habsburg Monarchy), Prussia (Kingdom of Prussia), Spain (Kingdom of Spain), and Portugal (Kingdom of Portugal). Wikipedia:Vienna Commons:Category:Vienna

important sports

Bundesliga titles), and the oldest team, First Vienna FC. Other important sports clubs include the Raiffeisen Vikings Vienna (Vikings Vienna) (American Football (American football)), who won the Eurobowl title between 2004 and 2007 4 times in a row and had a perfect season in 2013, the Aon hotVolleys Vienna, one of Europe's premier Volleyball organisations, the Vienna Wanderers (baseball) who won the 2012 and 2013 Championship of the Austrian Baseball League, and the Vienna

small study

in Madison Square Garden yesterday to celebrate the completion of a seven-and-a-half-year cycle of learning in which small study groups around the world met daily to pore over one of 2,711 pages of Jewish law.... Rabbi Schwab's father was present at the international congress of Agudath Israel in Vienna in 1923 when the Daf Yomi plan of study was proposed by Rabbi Meir Shapiro of Lublin, Poland." At Bayreuth, he assisted in making the first fair copy of '' Der Ring des


- Program de accesare digitala a manuscriselor - Mihai Eminescu - accesat 11.01.09 Notable works include ''Luceafărul (Luceafărul (poem))'' ("Evening Star"), ''Odă în metru antic'' (''Ode in Ancient Meter''), and the five ''Letters'' (''Epistles Satires''). In his poems he frequently used metaphysical, mythological and historical subjects. In general his work was influenced by the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer. Still in summer 1869, he left Pascaly's

quot contribution

States in 1970. Thanks to this modernisation, children begin to be educated in Sarajevo, and later some of them continue their studies in Vienna. They bring home ideas from the rest of the world and, along with the newspapers that are now available in Višegrad, nationalistic ideas emerge, especially among Serbs. Another "contribution" to these changes is the crisis of the year 1908, when troubles in Turkey give Austria an excellent opportunity to formally annex Bosnia and Herzegovina. During this Annexation Crisis, it becomes evident that Austria sees the Kingdom of Serbia and its royal dynasty, the Karađorđevićs (House of Karađorđević), as a serious obstacle to their further conquest of the Balkans. The Balkan wars of 1912 and 1913, when Turkey was almost completely pushed out of the Balkans, do not help to foster better relations between Serbs and Austrians, as they undermine the significance of the middle span of the bridge, with its friendly inter-ethnic relationships and camaraderie. Many young Serbian men pass over it at night and smuggle themselves across the border to Serbia. The reader never learns if the most famous of them, Gavrilo Princip, passes across this bridge, although historically it would have been a possibility. Johnny Rozsa's photographs of Bowery have been exhibited in several museums, including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, the Kunsthalle in Vienna, and the Kunstverein in Hanover. thumb left 200px Heinrich Schütz (Image:Schutz.jpg) The world's first opera was ''Dafne'' by Jacopo Peri, which appeared in Florence in 1598. Three decades later Heinrich Schütz set the same libretto in a translation by the poet Martin Opitz, thus creating the first ever German-language opera. The music to Schütz's ''Dafne'' is now lost and details of the performance are sketchy, but it is known to have been written to celebrate the marriage of Landgrave Georg II of Hessen-Darmstadt (Landgraviate of Hesse-Darmstadt) to Princess Sophia Eleonora of Saxony in Torgau in 1627. As in Italy, the first patrons of opera in Germany and Austria were royalty and the nobility, and they tended to favour composers and singers from south of the Alps. Antonio Cesti was particularly successful, providing the huge operatic extravaganza ''Il pomo d'oro'' for the imperial court in Vienna in 1668. Opera in Italian would continue to exercise a considerable sway over German-speaking lands throughout the Baroque and Classical periods. Nevertheless, native forms were developing too. In Nuremberg in 1644, Sigmund Staden (Sigmund Theophil Staden) produced the "spiritual pastorale", ''Seelewig'', which foreshadows the ''Singspiel'', a genre of German-language opera in which arias alternate with spoken dialogue. ''Seelewig'' was a moral allegory inspired by the example of contemporary school dramas and is the first German opera whose music has survived. ''Oxford Illustrated History of Opera'', ed. Parker, pp.31–32; ''A Short History of Opera'', chapter on "Early German Opera", pp.121–131; ''Viking Opera Guide'' articles on Schütz and Staden. The heyday of operetta In the late nineteenth century, a new, lighter form of opera, operetta, became popular in Vienna. Operettas had immediately attractive tunes, comic (and often frivolous) plots and used spoken dialogue between the musical "numbers". Viennese operetta was inspired by the fashion for the French operettas of Jacques Offenbach. ''Der Pensionat'' (1860) by Franz von Suppé is generally regarded as the first important operetta in the German language, but by far the most famous example of the genre is ''Die Fledermaus'' (1874) by Johann Strauss (Johann Strauss II). Franz Lehár's ''The Merry Widow'' (1905) was another massive hit. Other composers who worked in this style include Oscar Straus and Sigmund Romberg. ''Viking Opera Guide'' articles on Suppé, Johann Strauss and Lehár. birth_date Wikipedia:Vienna Commons:Category:Vienna

artistic skills

Vrpolje . He spent his childhood in Otavice (Otavice, Croatia), a small village located on edge of Petrovo field (Petrovo field, Croatia) in Dalmatian hinterland. At the age of sixteen, a master stone cutter from Split (Split (city)) Pavle Bilinić noticed his talent and he took him as an apprentice. Obljetnica rođenja Ivana Meštrovića His artistic skills were improved by studying the monumental buildings

accurate knowledge

July 2010 under the theme ''Rights Here, Right Now''. The XIX International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2012) will be held in Washington, DC (Washington, D.C.) from 22-27 July 2012 under the theme ''Turning the Tide Together''. Exact sources of Verne's quite accurate knowledge of contemporary Eastern Siberia remain disputed. One popular version connects it to the novelist's meetings with anarchist Peter Kropotkin; however, Kropotkin arrived in France after

music training

there. Early career Szell was born in Budapest but grew up in Vienna. He began his formal music training as a pianist, studying with Richard Robert. One of Robert's other students was Rudolf Serkin; Szell and Serkin became lifelong friends and musical collaborators. Wikipedia:Vienna Commons:Category:Vienna

business conducting

, whom she married 1660. After the marriage, the couple lived in his parents’ home in Hamelin. Chava Turniansky, ''Glueckel of Hameln'', in Jewish Women A year after their marriage, the couple moved in with Glückel's parents in Hamburg, where Hayyim became an affluent businessman. Already involved in his business during his lifetime, when he died in 1689, she took over the business, conducting trade with markets as far as Amsterdam, Leipzig, Berlin, Vienna, Metz and Paris. After graduating from secondary school he entered the order of Jesuits in Vienna in 1735. He studied in Vienna and Graz, (Austria) where he lectured in mathematics. By the year 1751, he was in Lisbon, Portugal where he obtained the title of royal (monarchy) mathematician and astronomer. With those credentials, he became a member of the expedition that worked on the rearrangement of the frontiers among colonies, (Portugal and Spain), in South America. birth_date Wikipedia:Vienna Commons:Category:Vienna


WHS Historic Centre of Vienna Image State Party Austria Type Cultural Criteria ii, iv, vi ID 1033 Region Europe and North America (List of World Heritage Sites in Europe) Year 2001 Session Link http: en list 1033 '''Vienna ''' (

Apart from being regarded as the ''City of Music''

In a 2005 study of 127 world cities (Global city), the Economist Intelligence Unit ranked the city first (in a tie with Vancouver, Canada) for the world's most livable cities (World's most livable cities) (in the 2012 survey of 140 cities Vienna was ranked number two, behind Melbourne).

The city was ranked 1st globally for its culture of innovation in 2007 and 2008, and fifth globally (out of 256 cities) in the 2011 Innovation Cities Index, which analyzed 162 indicators in covering three areas: culture, infrastructure, and markets.

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