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price 20,000-70,000 kip checkin checkout 12:00 content Centrally located, social hostel offering dorms and some of the cheapest single rooms in Vang Vieng. Adequately clean despite the rather unorthodox plumbing, dorm rooms have broken lockers, free Wi-Fi. *

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publisher Hansen Partnership title Vang Vieng Town and Environs Master Plan, 2010 -2020 date Dec 2009 Brett Dakin, the author of ''Another Quiet American'', a chronicle of two years in Laos working for the tourist authority, said, "Each time a young Australian woman strolls down the street in a bikini, a bearded American smokes a joint on a guesthouse terrace, or a group of Koreans tumbles drunkenly out of a restaurant, it saps a little more of the essence of a town like Vang

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, ''Friends'' and ''Family Guy'' episodes, until the sun goes down, and then party heavily until the early hours. A couple of kilometres upstream, the pulsating music, drinking games and drug-fuelled debauchery of the increasingly lively riverside "tubing" bars starts at lunchtime. Vang Vieng may have established itself as the exception to the rule that Laos doesn't have nightlife. It does have potential as a base for adventure tourism which attracts a few more sedate foreign sightseers

no intention of even going in the water. There are plenty of pathways and bridges to get around. Lie on plastic mats by the river and drink Beerlao, or dance the day away on an outdoor dance floor. Westerners employed by the bars for food and accommodation hand out free shots and organise drinking games to encourage you to stick around; many will also offer promotions to encourage you to their visit twin bars in town later in the evening. The competition among the night bars is so fierce that the deals


tollfree fax hours price content Original and interesting menu. Deep-fried mulberry leaves in honey for 15,000 kip. Goat cheese sandwich for 30,000 kip. Service is sometimes a little organic as well. Head out to the Organic Farm for the best food and service. *

drinks, very lively. Closes at midnight, as all the bars in town now do since 2012. *

, and chili con carne. Beautiful view. * *

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date December 2014 Another new organisation since December 2012 providing community activities is FruitFriends. Wat Done Hor is the oldest of the five temples in Vang Vieng, built in 1903. Impact of tourism thumb 300px A poster in Vang Vieng urging foreign tourists to respect local habits and culture. (Image:VangViengPoster.jpg) Due to the influx of backpackers, Vang Vieng locals have

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checkout price Fan rooms and bungalows from 40,000 kip content Lao-born Malay's and Norwegian Arne's place. Great view over the mountains from the shaded garden. Free 24-hour Wi-Fi, towel, water refill, in-room safes. Book exchange. *


date 16 Oct 2012 One climbing instructor was reported to have said that visitors are now spending more time participating in activities such as climbing, kayaking, and mountain biking. "Vang Vieng has come back to us again… it's like it used to be", he was quoted as saying. ref>

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this, or have been sharing buckets with people with conjunctivitis or wearing sunglasses at night, the best thing to do is shell out for eye drops as soon as possible to prevent the onset. If this should happen late at night, be aware that eye drops alone should cost a maximum of 20,000 kip. Some of the late night pharmacies attempt to extort tourists, charging up to 5x the normal price for eye drops. As well as eye drops, general antibiotics are available from any pharmacy. In some cases eye

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room with cable TV and DVDs, Communal balcony with views of the mountains and sunsets, Laundry service, free drinking water. All rooms have fans, comfortable beds and are mosquito-proofed. *

Vang Vieng

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