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'' ("бука"), ''babay'' ("бабай") or ''babayka'' ("бабайка") is used to keep children in bed or stop them from misbehaving. 'Babay' means "old man" in Tatar (Tatar language). Children are told that "babay" is an old man with a bag or a monster, usually hiding under the bed, and that it will take them away if they misbehave (though he is sometimes depicted as having no set appearance). In the Netherlands, Zwarte Piet (Dutch (Dutch language) for "Black Pete") is a servant of Sinterklaas, who delivers bags of presents on the 5th of December and takes naugthy kids back in the now-empty bags. In some stories, the Zwarte Piets themselves were kidnapped as kids, and the kidnapped kids make up the next generation of Zwarte Piets. '''Antonov Airlines''' (a division of the Antonov ASTC) is a Ukrainian (Ukraine) cargo airline. It operates international charter services in the world oversized cargo market. Its main base is Gostomel Airport near Kiev. Commons:Category:Ukraine WikiPedia:Ukraine Dmoz:Regional Europe Ukraine

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2007 (UTC)) *Bernard Kerik withdraws his nomination for the post of Secretary of Homeland Security, fearing a scandal over the immigration status of his nanny. (Newsday) (Bloomberg) * The U.S. dollar hits a new low against the euro: USD 1.3640 to EUR 1.00. (AP) *Ukrainian (Ukraine) Transport Minister Heorhiy Kyrpa, a staunch supporter of Viktor Yanukovych, is found shot dead at his home just outside of Kiev. It is unclear whether he was murdered or committed suicide. (BBC) (Reuters) *Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Israeli police arrest Palestinian (Palestinian people) presidential candidate Mustafa Barghouti. A Jerusalem police spokesman says Mr Barghouti was "detained for questioning because he has the right to transit through Jerusalem but not be in Jerusalem itself".(BBC) * The death toll from tsunamis resulting from the Indian Ocean earthquake (2004 Indian Ocean earthquake) is known to be at least 20,000 and possibly as high as 45,000. (BBC) London Free Press Independent Online *Ukrainian (Ukraine) opposition presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko claims victory. Official results may not come out for days. (Reuters) (BBC) *Conflict in Iraq: * In Sudan, the government and the rebel group SPLA (Sudan People's Liberation Army Movement) have agreed to sign a ceasefire in Naiwasha on the road to a peace deal. The treaty would end the civil war that began in 1983. (IAfrica) (News24) (BBC) * The Ukrainian (Ukraine) Central Election Commission rejects complaints of prime minister Viktor Yanukovych, who lost the presidential election. (Reuters) (BBC) * In Spain, parliament of the Basque (Basque Country (autonomous community)) regions favors increasing autonomy (Wiktionary:autonomy) and eventual negotiated independence (Independent Online) (BBC) *Colombia extradites FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) leader Simón Trinidad to the United States to face conspiracy, kidnapping, and drug trafficking charges. (BBC) *Ukraine's Viktor Yanukovych resigns from his post as Prime Minister. (Reuters) *Taipei 101, the world's tallest skyscraper, is officially opened by Taiwanese (Republic of China) President (President of the Republic of China) Chen Shui-bian. (CNN) (Washington Times) The R-27 is manufactured in infrared-homing (Infrared homing) (R-27T), semi-active-radar-homing (semi-active radar homing) (R-27R), and active-radar-homing (active radar homing) (R-27AE) versions, in both Russia and the Ukraine. The R-27 missile is carried by the Mikoyan MiG-29 and Sukhoi Su-27 fighters, and some of the later-model MiG-23MLD (Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23) fighters have also been adapted to carry it. The R-27 missile is also license-produced in the PRC (People's Republic of China), though the production license was bought from Ukraine instead of Russia. The Chinese versions have a different active radar seeker taken from the Vympel R-77 missile, which was sold to the PRC by Russia. The war in Europe spawns early triumphs for the Entente. In Ukraine, the local soldiers and population welcome the arriving Russians as liberators, ensuring that most of the German satellite is lost. Elsewhere the manpower-swarming tactics of the Russians, unchanged from the last war, ensure that they suffer heavy losses for small gains. The Kaiser's army, particularly its panzers and 88mm flak cannon (Anti-aircraft warfare)s, prove instrumental in preventing the loss of East Prussia and Poland. PKP LHS PKP LHS is a company of the PKP Group responsible for infrastructure operation and freight transport on the Broad Gauge Metallurgy Line. The line runs for about 400 km from the Polish (Poland)-Ukrainian (Ukraine) border in Izow-Hrubieszów to Sławków Południowy (near Katowice). After the fall of communism and the economic changes of 1989 traffic on the line has much diminished. At present various schemes are being tried to increase its profitability. This line runs as a single track line for almost 400 km, from the Polish-Ukrainian (Ukraine) border crossing just east of Hrubieszów to Sławków Południowy (near Katowice). It is used only for freight traffic, mainly iron ore and coal. It is the westernmost broad gauge railway line in Europe that is connected to the broad gauge rail system of the countries which before 1991 constituted the Soviet Union. Youth and early manhood Goldfaden was born in Starokonstantinov (Russia; present day Ukraine). His birthdate is sometimes given as July 12, following the "Old Style" (Julian calendar) calendar in use at that time in the Russian Empire. He attended a Jewish religious school (a ''cheder''), but his middle class family was strongly associated with the ''Haskalah'', the Jewish Enlightenment, and his father, a watchmaker, Berkowitz, 2004, 12 arranged that he receive private lessons in German and Russian. As a child, he is said to have appreciated and imitated the performances of wedding jesters and Brody singers to the degree that he acquired the nickname ''Avromele Badkhen'', "Abie the Jester". Sandrow, 2003 In 1857 he began studies at the government-run rabbinical school at Zhytomyr, from which he emerged in 1866 as a teacher and a poet (with some experience in amateur theater), but he never led a congregation. Goldfaden's first published poem was called "Progress"; his ''New York Times'' obituary described it as "a plea for Zionism years before that movement developed". In 1865 he published his first book of poetry, ''Tzitzim u-Ferahim'' (in Hebrew (Hebrew language)); The ''Jewish Encyclopedia'' (1901–1906) says that "Goldfaden's Hebrew poetry... possesses considerable merit, but it has been eclipsed by his Yiddish poetry, which, for strength of expression and for depth of true

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Commons:Category:Ukraine WikiPedia:Ukraine Dmoz:Regional Europe Ukraine

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studied music theory. Music was his favorite pastime, but he could not dedicate all of his time for it. The family business made him return to Taganrog, where he settled in the end of 1870. '''Nataliya Anatoliïvna Skakun''' ( ; born August 3, 1981 in Altai Kray) is a Ukrain (Ukraine)ian weightlifter (Olympic weightlifting) who competed in the Women's 63 kg weight class at the Weightlifting at the 2004 Summer Olympics 2004 Summer Olympics

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for the Camp guards to murder all the blacks. Meanwhile, both sides are seeking a nuclear bomb, and the Confederates try to stall the U.S. nuclear program by bombing the U.S. nuclear project site in Washington, to which the U.S. replies by bombing the Confederate nuclear research site in Virginia. Meanwhile, the Mormon rebellion in Utah is finally crushed, but a British-supported Canadian uprising against occupation authorities is fully active, forcing American units who had been previously fighting

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administrative center of the Novoodes'kyi rayon (district (Raion)). The '''women's 10 metre air pistol competition at the 2004 Summer Olympics''' was held on August 15 at the Markópoulo Olympic Shooting Centre near Athens, Greece. It was a very close event, with shoot-offs determining both gold and bronze medals. Ukraine's Olena Kostevych, the young World champion, qualified as eighth and last shooter to the final, but went on to win the competition. Biography

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are the Pazyryk burials of the Ukok Plateau.


(IOP). Upon Shirley Williams' elevation to the House of Lords in 1993, she returned to the United Kingdom and continued a more public life; but has maintained a close association with Harvard University. *Sea Launch project participation - production of block DM-SL (Block D) as the upper stage for Ukrainian (Ukraine) launch vehicle Zenit-3SL (Zenit rocket). Born in Belozerka, in the Kherson Governorate of the Ukraine, Sergei Bondarchuk spent his childhood

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in Ukraine began to develop in different directions, with many structures in the larger eastern, Russian-ruled area built in the styles of Russian architecture of that period, whilst the western Galicia (Galicia (Central Europe)) was developed under Austro-Hungarian architectural influences (Architecture of Austria), in both cases producing fine examples. Ukrainian national motifs would finally be used during the period

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: the worst rapid transit accident in US history occurs under the intersection of Malbone Street and Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, New York City (New York, New York), with at least 93 deaths. * 1918 – Western Ukraine gains its independence from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. *1920 – American Fishing Schooner Esperanto defeats the Canadian Fishing Schooner Delawana in the First International Fishing Schooner Championship Races in City


'''Ukraine''' ( Ukraine borders (State Border of Ukraine) Russia to the east and northeast, Belarus to the northwest, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to the west, Romania and Moldova to the southwest, and the Black Sea and Sea of Azov to the south and southeast, respectively.

During the Middle Ages, the area of modern Ukraine was the key center of East Slavic culture (List of Slavic cultures), as epitomized by the powerful state of Kievan Rus'. Following its fragmentation in the 13th century, the territory was contested, ruled and divided by a variety of powers, including Lithuania, Poland, the Ottoman Empire, Austro-Hungary, and Russia. A Cossack republic (Cossack Hetmanate) emerged and prospered during the 17th and 18th centuries, but Ukraine's territories remained divided until they were consolidated into a Soviet republic (Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic) in the 20th century. It became independent (Sovereign state) in 1991.

Ukraine has long been a global breadbasket because of its extensive, fertile farmlands. In 2011 it became the world's third-largest grain exporter, with a higher than average yield; The country also has a well-developed manufacturing sector, particularly in aerospace and industrial equipment.

Ukraine is a unitary republic (unitary state) under a semi-presidential system with separate powers (Separation of powers): legislative (Legislature), executive (executive branch), and judicial branches. Its capital and largest city is Kiev. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Ukraine continues to maintain the second-largest military (Military of Ukraine) in Europe, after that of Russia, when reserves and paramilitary personnel are taken into account. IISS 2010 (#IISS2010), pp. 195–197 The country is home to 45.4 million people (including Crimea (Autonomous Republic of Crimea)), country Economy 2014 demographics 77.8% of whom are Ukrainians by ethnicity, and with a sizable minority of Russians (17%), as well as Romanians Moldovans, Belarusians, Crimean Tatars, and Hungarians. Ukrainian (Ukrainian language) is the official language of Ukraine; its alphabet is Cyrillic (Ukrainian alphabet). The dominant religion in the country is Eastern Orthodoxy (Eastern Orthodox Church), which has strongly influenced Ukrainian architecture, literature (Ukrainian literature) and music (Music of Ukraine).

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