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" or "tree") is a Ukrainian (Ukraine) metal band that mixes elements of folk metal and black metal. They were formed by '''Roman Saenko''', prolific metal musician, the leading member of Hate Forest, Dark Ages (Dark Ages (band)) and Blood of Kingu; Thurios, the leading member of Astrofaes and, with Saenko, a former member of Hate Forest; and Yuriy Synytsky, of Lucifugum (session drummer) and Definition Sane. Their lyrical contents embrace Slavic mythology, seasons and poetry. Many of the band's lyrics are derived from the works of nineteenth- and twentieth-century Ukrainian poets, especially Taras Shevchenko. work Seasons of Mist In this album, the band continues using lyrics from Ukrainian (Ukraine) poets, like Ivan Franko, Oleh Olzhych or Bohdan Rubchak. Commons:Category:Ukraine WikiPedia:Ukraine Dmoz:Regional Europe Ukraine

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in silver on its two sides. Eikhenbaum, Vsevolod M. (Volin), ''The Unknown Revolution, 1917-1921: Book III: Struggle for the Real Social Revolution, Part II: Ukraine (1918-1921)'', Free Life Editions (1974), ISBN 0914156071, 9780914156079 While U.S. experiments with gun-launched missiles led to a dead end, the Soviet Union put this technology into service in the mid-1970s, and it continues to be used in CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) forces. Tanks capable

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of depression (depression (mood)). During one such incident in Gródek (Gródek, Lesser Poland Voivodeship), Trakl had to steward the recovery of some ninety soldiers wounded in the fierce campaign against the Russians. He tried to shoot himself from the strain, but his comrades prevented

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Olimpico in his vehicle, Ménez was attacked by stone-throwing "thugs", which resulted in his car windshield being smashed. The '''Kharkiv supermarket bombings''' took place around noon on 22 April 2006

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-Semitic pogroms under Czar Nicholas II of Russia, his family emigrated (emigration) to Philadelphia, where his father established a Hebrew school. After graduating from high school and obtaining a bachelor's degree, Kramer tried a variety of occupations, including teaching in his father's school, becoming a writer and becoming a business man. Frutarom was established by Yehuda Araten and Maurice Gerzon, two industrialists from Holland in 1933. They chose to build

remarkable talent

in the war he held daily situation conferences, at which he used his remarkable talent for public speaking to overwhelm opposition from his generals and the OKW staff with rhetoric. birth_date birth_place Kiev, Ukraine, Soviet Union death_date Early life Primakov was born in Kiev, Ukrainian SSR (Ukraine), and grew up in Tbilisi, Georgian SSR (Georgia (country)). He was educated at the Moscow Institute of Oriental

music criticism

was born in Brailiv, Vinnytsia oblast, Ukraine. His father was Ukrainian, his mother Russian. In 1906 he completed his studies in history and philology at Saint Petersburg University (Saint Petersburg State University). In 1909 he graduated from the Saint Petersburg Conservatory, where he had included Rimsky-Korsakov (Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov), Glazunov (Alexander Glazunov) and Lyadov (Anatoly Lyadov) among his teachers. He published articles on music criticism in the Russian press and performed as a pianist and later a conductor. In 1909 he became a conductor at the Mariinsky Theatre and, six years later, the head conductor there. From 1909 he studied conducting in Munich under Felix Mottl. In 1918 he became the director of the conservatory in Vitebsk and from 1921 taught at the Moscow Conservatory. From 1921 to 1924 he shuttled between Vitebsk, Moscow, Kiev and Kharkiv, conducting in each of these cities. In 1925 he became a professor of the Leningrad Conservatory. He became conductor of the Leningrad Philharmonic Orchestra in 1926 and conducted the world première of the Symphony No. 1 (Symphony No. 1 (Shostakovich)) by his pupil Dmitri Shostakovich that same year, and the premiere of Shostakovitch's Symphony No. 2 (Symphony No. 2 (Shostakovich)), dedicated to him, in 1927. Malko also conducted the premiere of Nikolai Myaskovsky's 5th Symphony (Symphony No. 5 (Myaskovsky)). Commons:Category:Ukraine WikiPedia:Ukraine Dmoz:Regional Europe Ukraine

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it as such. thumb left Dnieper Hydroelectric Station (File:DneproGES.jpg) under construction circa 1930. The famine claimed up to 10 million Ukrainian lives as peasants' food stocks were forcibly removed by the NKVD secret police. "Ukraine remembers famine horror". BBC News. 24 November 2007. Some explanations for the excess deaths in rural areas of Ukraine, southern Russia and Kazakhstan during

difficult development

-28T163742Z_01_L28576239_RTRIDST_0_CANADA-UKRAINE-VISAS-COL.XML (Reuters Canada) *Prime Minister (Prime Minister of Canada) Paul Martin praises Muslims standing against extremism.CBC thumb right 300px Ukrainian writers and poets. (File:Ukrainian writers and poets.jpg) '''Ukrainian literature''' is literature written in the Ukrainian language. Ukrainian literature had a difficult development because, due to constant foreign

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, Ukraine) is a Ukrainian footballer (association football) who currently plays as a striker (Forward (association football)) for Metalist Kharkiv. DATE OF BIRTH 29 November 1978 PLACE OF BIRTH Donetsk, Ukraine, Soviet Union DATE OF DEATH '''Pershyi Natsionalnyi''' ( Commons:Category:Ukraine WikiPedia:Ukraine Dmoz:Regional Europe Ukraine


'''Ukraine''' ( Ukraine borders (State Border of Ukraine) Russia to the east and northeast, Belarus to the northwest, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to the west, Romania and Moldova to the southwest, and the Black Sea and Sea of Azov to the south and southeast, respectively.

During the Middle Ages, the area of modern Ukraine was the key center of East Slavic culture (List of Slavic cultures), as epitomized by the powerful state of Kievan Rus'. Following its fragmentation in the 13th century, the territory was contested, ruled and divided by a variety of powers, including Lithuania, Poland, the Ottoman Empire, Austro-Hungary, and Russia. A Cossack republic (Cossack Hetmanate) emerged and prospered during the 17th and 18th centuries, but Ukraine's territories remained divided until they were consolidated into a Soviet republic (Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic) in the 20th century. It became independent (Sovereign state) in 1991.

Ukraine has long been a global breadbasket because of its extensive, fertile farmlands. In 2011 it became the world's third-largest grain exporter, with a higher than average yield; The country also has a well-developed manufacturing sector, particularly in aerospace and industrial equipment.

Ukraine is a unitary republic (unitary state) under a semi-presidential system with separate powers (Separation of powers): legislative (Legislature), executive (executive branch), and judicial branches. Its capital and largest city is Kiev. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Ukraine continues to maintain the second-largest military (Military of Ukraine) in Europe, after that of Russia, when reserves and paramilitary personnel are taken into account. IISS 2010 (#IISS2010), pp. 195–197 The country is home to 45.4 million people (including Crimea (Autonomous Republic of Crimea)), country Economy 2014 demographics 77.8% of whom are Ukrainians by ethnicity, and with a sizable minority of Russians (17%), as well as Romanians Moldovans, Belarusians, Crimean Tatars, and Hungarians. Ukrainian (Ukrainian language) is the official language of Ukraine; its alphabet is Cyrillic (Ukrainian alphabet). The dominant religion in the country is Eastern Orthodoxy (Eastern Orthodox Church), which has strongly influenced Ukrainian architecture, literature (Ukrainian literature) and music (Music of Ukraine).

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