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(Salym Petroleum Development N.V.) have their representative offices there. Tyumen Oblast has the highest levels of oil and gas production of any region in Russia, which some argue has caused the high levels of economic inequality observed in the region.

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, 9% follows other Orthodox Churches, 4% are unaffiliated generic Christians, 1% adheres to Protestantism. 6% of the population is made up of Muslims, 2% adheres to Slavic Rodnovery (Rodnovery) (Slavic Neopaganism), and 0.4% to forms of Hinduism (Vedism, Krishnaism or Tantrism). In addition, 34% of the population deems itself to be "spiritual but not religious", 11% is atheist (atheism), and 3.7% follows other religions or did not give an answer to the question. Honors A minor planet 2120 Tyumenia discovered in 1967 by Soviet (Soviet Union) astronomer Tamara Mikhailovna Smirnova (Tamara Mikhaylovna Smirnova (astronomer)) is named after Tyumen Oblast. commons:category:Tyumen Oblast wikipedia:Tyumen Oblast

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p2010_prelim 581,758 p2002 510,719 p1989 476,869 Geography Kurgan Oblast is located in Southern Russia and is part of the Urals Federal District. It shares borders with Chelyabinsk Oblast to the west, Sverdlovsk Oblast to the north, Tyumen Oblast to the east, and Kazakhstan to the south. Economy Kurgan Oblast borders on the oil- and gas-bearing districts of Tyumen Oblast and is also close to similar districts in Tomsk Oblast. Large oil and gas pipelines pass

, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Tyumen Oblast, and Yamalia (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug). Initial zone. '''Tyumen Oblast''' (Russian (Russian phrasebook): Тюме́нская о́бласть ''tyoo-MEHN-skuh-yuh OH-blust’'') is a region in Russia's (Russia) Urals Region (Urals). Regions Cities * Tyumen — Tyumen is one of the oldest cities of Asian Russia and one of Russia's wealthiest cities thanks to its large oil and gas industry * Ishim


Naroda , which originates from the mount; the meaning ''People's Mountain'' (from the Russian ''narod'' — people) is inaccurate), located in the Research Range, is the highest peak of the Urals (Ural Mountains) in Russia. Its elevation is commons:category:Tyumen Oblast wikipedia:Tyumen Oblast

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) is an airline based in Kogalym, Tyumen (Tyumen Oblast), Russia. "Адреса и телефоны авиакомпании KOLAVIA." Kolavia. Retrieved on 18 July 2010. "Юридический и почтовый адрес: 628486, РФ, Тюменская область, г.Когалым, ул.Авиаторов" ref

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was appointed deputy Minister of the natural gas industries of the Soviet Union. Concurrently, beginning from 1983, he directed Glavtyumengazprom, an industry association for natural gas resource development in Tyumen Oblast. During 1985–1989 he was the Minister of gas (Natural gas) industries. It is located in the Sverdlovsk Oblast and Tyumen Oblast in Russia. It is 1030 km long with a drainage basin is 80,400 km². The Tura River is navigable within 753 km

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(1997–2005), Nikolay Sevryugin (1991–1997) *Tyumen Oblast: Vladimir Yakushev (since 2005), Sergey Sobyanin (2001–2005), Leonid Roketsky (1993–2001), Yury Shafranik (1991–1993) *Ulyanovsk Oblast: Sergey Morozov (Sergey Morozov (politician)) (since 2005), Vladimir Shamanov (2001–2004), Yury Goryachev (1992–2001) On 14 January 2001 he was elected governor of Tyumen Oblast. During the campaign, oil tycoon Vladimir Bogdanov was its confidant. ref name

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:#ff0000;" Yekaterinburg Time Bashkortostan, Chelyabinsk Oblast, Khanty–Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Kurgan Oblast, Orenburg Oblast, Perm Krai


The Trans-Siberian Railway, once completed, provided for more direct, year-round transportation in the east-west direction. But the Ob river system still remained important for connecting the huge expanses of Tyumen Oblast and Tomsk Oblast with the major cities along the Trans-Siberian route, such as Novosibirsk or Omsk. In the second half of the 20th century, construction of rail links to Labytnangi, Tobolsk, and the oil and gas cities of Surgut

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thumb 220px A Kolavia Tupolev Tu-154M (Image:PKIERZKOWSKI 070929 RA85784 DME.jpg) at Domodedovo International Airport, Moscow, Russia. (2007) '''JSC Kogalymavia''' (

Tyumen Oblast

'''Tyumen Oblast''' (

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