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bison). Good places to see deer in Europe include the Scottish Highlands, the Austrian Alps, and the wetlands between Austria, Hungary, and Czech Republic. Some fine National Parks include Doñana National Park in Spain, the Veluwe in the Netherlands, the Ardennes in Belgium, and Białowieża National Park (Białowieża Forest) of Poland. Spain, Eastern Europe, and the Caucasus Mountains still have virgin forest areas that are not only home to sizable deer populations

quick ability

Kingdom , Sadat was fascinated by Hitler’s Nazi German army for their quick ability to become a strategic threat to Britain. Yazid had appointed his brother, Ibrahim (Ibrahim of Umayyad), as his successor, but Marwan II (744–50), the grandson of Marwan I, led an army from the northern frontier and entered Damascus in December 744, where he was proclaimed caliph. Marwan immediately moved the capital north to Harran, in present-day Turkey


Van Berchem isbn 978-2-05-101763-3 quote The first military training institutions were the Imperial Army Engineering School (Mühendishane-i Berr-i Hümâyun, 1793) and the Imperial School of Military Sciences (Mekteb-i Ulûm-ı Harbiye-i Şahane, 1834). Both schools taught painting to enable cadets to produce topographic layouts and technical drawings to illustrate landscapes ... In the late 19th century, human figure in the western sense was being established in Turkish

century classic

Greeks to Egyptian box instruments reveals the apparent similarities recognized by Greeks themselves. The cultural peak of ancient Egypt, and thus the possible age of the earliest instruments of this type, predates the 5th century classic Greece. This indicates the possibility that the lyre might have existed in one of Greece's neighboring countries, either Thrace, Lydia, or Egypt, and was introduced into Greece at pre-classic times. In the Byzantine Empire the term ''lyra'' or ''lyre'' (Greek: λύρα) was used to describe the bowed Byzantine lyra (Greek: λύρα—'''lūrā''' ), a pear-shaped bowl lyre with 3 strings, sounded by a horse tail hair bow. The Persian (Persian people) geographer Ibn Khurradadhbih (Ibn Khordadbeh) (d. 911) of the 9th century, in his lexicographical discussion of instruments, cited the Byzantine lyra as the Byzantine instrument equivalent to the bowed rebab of the Islamic empires of that time. Margaret J. Kartomi, 1990 The Byzantine lyra spread westward through Europe influencing, for one notable example, the design of the Italian ''lira da braccio'', a 15th-century fiddle and predecessor of the modern violin. The instrument is not entirely dead, even today; variations of the lyra are still played in Bulgaria, Greece, Italy and Turkey; a notable example is Crete, where the Cretan lyra is central to the traditional music of the island (music of Crete). In Greek mythology, Colchis was the home of Aeëtes and Medea and the destination of the Argonauts; Colchis is also thought to be the possible homeland of the Amazons. Its geography is mostly assigned to what is now the western part of Georgia (Georgia (country)) and encompasses the present-day Georgian provinces of Samegrelo, Imereti, Guria, Adjara, Abkhazeti, Svaneti, Racha; the modern Turkey’s Rize, Trabzon and Artvin provinces (Lazistan, Tao-Klarjeti); and the modern Russia’s Sochi and Tuapse districts. Andrew Andersen, History of Ancient Caucasus, p. 91 The Colchians were probably established on the Black Sea coast by the Middle Bronze Age. David Marshal Lang, the Georgians, Frederich A. Praeger Publishers, New York, p 59 Commons:Category:Turkey WikiPedia:Turkey Dmoz:Regional Middle East Turkey

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threats to this species are poisoning, through illegal direct poisoning and indirect poisoning due to pesticides, particularly in the wintering ranges in France and Spain, and changes in agricultural practices causing a reduction in food resources. Other threats include electrocution, hunting and trapping, deforestation, egg-collection (on a local scale) and possibly competition with the generally more successful Black Kite ''M. migrans''. Image:Turkish musicians

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Hall (Egyptologist) H. R. Hall came the bronze furnishings of a Sumerian temple, including life-sized lions and a panel featuring the lion-headed eagle Indugud. Woolley went onto to excavate Ur between 1922–1934, discovering the 'Royal Cemeteries' of the 3rd millennium BC. Some of the masterpieces include the 'Standard of Ur', the 'Ram in a Thicket', the 'Royal Game of Ur', and two bull-headed lyres. Beginning several centuries ago, a number of sub

: www.state.gov r pa ei bgn 2924.htm The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan is an armed movement, which is responsible for terrorist (terrorism) attacks. Some Turkmen do not regularly attend mosque services or demonstrate their adherence publicly, except through participation in officially sanctioned national traditions associated with Islam on a popular level, including life-cycle events such as weddings, burials, and pilgrimages. ref

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by Greece, Bulgaria and other countries that fought in the First World War. October 29 : Turkey becomes a Republic following the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire. - 8 18 February 2004 Adana, Turkey 1–0 1–0 Friendly match - Fargo trucks today The Fargo brand still exists in Turkey, where Fargo and DeSoto trucks are currently made by Turkish manufacturer Askam (Askam (trucks)), with no technical or business connection

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life when he was 13 and played guitar with various groups in college. Demir Demirkan also wrote television jingles and composed soundtracks for television and films. Biography Akkaya was born on 3 August 1977 in İstanbul, Turkey and moved to Mersin and then to Ankara with her family. She studied American philology at Istanbul University. In 1997 she won the Best Model of the World contest and decided to embark on a professional modelling career. She is also an actress, and an editor for a fashion magazine. She has acted in "''Vizontele Tuuba''", "''Okul''", "''Metro Palas''", "''Şarkılar Seni Söyler''" and "''Yeşil Işık''". Deniz has a daughter named Ayse. The oldest dated extant manuscript of the Georgian version of the Gospels, it was created at Shatberdi Monastery in the southwestern Georgian princedom of Klarjeti (located now in northeastern Turkey) in AD 897, and later removed thence to be preserved in the remote village of Adysh (Adishi) in highland Svaneti. The first five folios (30 x 25 cm) of the manuscript are illuminated (Illumination (manuscript)). Life Feridun Zaimoğlu, born in Bolu Turkey, came in 1965 with his parents to Germany. He lived until 1985 in Berlin and Munich, and then began studying Medicine and Arts in Kiel where he continues to live. Today, he works as an author and journalist. His essays and critiques of literary have appeared in leading German newspapers like i.e. DIE ZEIT, Die Welt, SPEX and the Tagesspiegel (Der Tagesspiegel). From 1999 to 2000 he was working in Mannheim at the National theatre (:de:Mannheim#Theater). In 2003 he became ''Island poet'' on the island of Sylt, and in 2004 he was a visiting fellow at the Freie Universität Berlin (Free University of Berlin). One of the great mysteries of Homeric scholarship, too, has been how Homer — whoever he was, or whoever "they" were — living in the Aegean (Aegean Sea) in what now is western Turkey, where he they are said to have lived, might have acquired such detailed knowledge of "Ithaca" Paliki as appears in his ''Odyssey''. The suggestion made in the study ''Odysseus Unbound'', Chapter 26 "Exodus", p. 342ff, particularly Figure 26.1 at p. 343. is that folk-tales of the "Ithacans" containing detailed references to the landscape were carried by them, during their Greek Dark Ages migrations during the time-of-troubles which followed the Mycenean (Mycenaean Greece) Trojan war period, to the Greek mainland and from there to western Anatolia. At that final resting place for the migration of the Ionians, then, roving bards of the type described by Milman Parry picked up the "Ithacan" tales, perhaps, and wove them together into the ''Odyssey'': for the entertainment and edification of audiences who knew Paliki well, and initially were very homesick, and longed for it. '''Bahçeşehir University''' is a private (Private school) educational institution in Turkey, located at the European side of Istanbul. The Turkish National Assembly authorized the establishment of the University of Bahçeşehir by the Bahçeşehir Uğur Education Foundation in 1998. An academic and strategic protocol was signed shortly after (February 1998) with San Diego State University in California, USA. The enrollment of the first students was made after the first placement exam (ÖSYS) in 1999-2000 academic year. About University Major projects Major projects have included the Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen completed in 1919, Bilfinger Berger Corporate history animation the Busch Memorial Stadium completed in 1966, the Munich Olympic Stadium (Olympic Stadium (Munich)) completed in 1972, the Sydney Opera House completed in 1973, the Dresdner Bank Tower (Silver Tower (Frankfurt)) completed in 1978, the Oymapinar Dam in Turkey completed 1984, the Mỹ Thuận Bridge in Vietnam completed in 2000, the Puente Centenario over the Panama Canal completed in 2004, Bridge of the Americas the Svinesund Bridge between Sweden and Norway completed in 2005 Majestic arch over the Idefjord and the Golden Ears Bridge near Vancouver in Canada completed in June 2009. Commons:Category:Turkey WikiPedia:Turkey Dmoz:Regional Middle East Turkey

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whether one counts Commons:Category:Turkey WikiPedia:Turkey Dmoz:Regional Middle East Turkey


'') in Turkey, which can be found online. His writings have also been published in anarchist periodicals (list of anarchist periodicals) ''The New Formulation'' in New York, ''Anarchist Studies'' in the UK (United Kingdom) and ''Refractions'' in France. Literary works include several novels, story books and critical essays. He is writing a column in the daily Turkish newspaper ''Birgun''. On 16 July 2010, Goldtrail, the UK's leading tour operator for packaged holidays to Turkey and Greece collapsed leaving an estimated 16,000 customers stranded overseas. Viking Airlines was one of the three charter airlines that operated flights for Goldtrail. Goldtrail collapse leaves Britons in Greece and Turkey '''Grundig AG''' is a formerly German (Germany) manufacturer of consumer electronics for home entertainment which transferred to Turkish (Turkey) control in 2004-2007. Established in 1945 in Nuremberg by Max Grundig, the company changed hands several times before becoming part of the Turkish Koç Holding group. In 2007, after buying control of the Grundig brand, Koc renamed its Beko Elektronik (Beko) white goods and consumer electronics division Grundig Elektronik A.Ş., ''History'', Grundig Elektronik corporate website, undated.Accessed:11-10-2008. which has decided to merge with Arçelik A.Ş. (Arçelik) as declared on February 27, 2009. ''Arcelik and Grundig to merge'', Reuters. Accessed on April 9, 2009 In the years 1675-1684 a new plague wave originated in the Ottoman Empire (Turkey and areas of the Balkans). It moved into North Africa, Bohemia, Poland, Hungary, Austria and Saxony, progressing generally northward. The island of Malta lost 11,000 persons in 1675. From 1611 until 1634 he served as preacher on the court of King Wladyslaw IV of Poland, and in 1622 as "Camp preacher" (''kaznodzieja obozowy'') during wars with Turkey, Muscovy and Walachia. - 3 Turkey France, Germany, Netherlands - - Armenia Greece, France, Turkey, Netherlands - *Sweden's Carola (Carola Haggkvist) obtained 170 points without getting any 12-pointers and reached 5th place. *Though Turkey was the fourth country with the most 12s (received from France, Germany and the Netherlands), the entry by Sibel Tüzün only reached 11th place with 91 points. *Lithuania waited 12 years to receive their first 12 points. This was finally realised by points from Ireland. Writing in Turkey, an Islamic country, Benveniste further argues that smoking is ''Chillul Hashem'' (a defamation of God), because Muslims refraining from smoking on fast-days would see Jews smoking on theirs (''Keneset ha-Gedolah'', ib. 567 ed. Constantinople, 1729, pp. 101 ''et seq''. ). Despite such concerns, some Jews did smoke on the Sabbath, and visited Muslim neighbors in order to smoke hookas there. Rabbinic (Rabbinic literature) authorities banned this practise on the grounds that Gentiles would consider Judaism as ridiculous (Alkalai, "Zekor le-Abraham," i. 142-143, Salonica, 1798). (Source: JE) Reports have indicated that the grand coalition will pursue a mix of policies, some of which directly contradict aspects of Merkel's political platform as a former leader of the opposition and candidate for Chancellor. The coalition intends to cut public spending while increasing VAT, social-insurance (social insurance) contributions and the top rate of income tax. Commons:Category:Turkey WikiPedia:Turkey Dmoz:Regional Middle East Turkey


'''Turkey''' (

Turkey has been inhabited since the paleolithic age (paleolithic),

Starting from the late 13th century, the Ottomans united Anatolia and created an empire encompassing much of Southeastern Europe (Southeast Europe), Western Asia and North Africa, becoming a major power in Eurasia and Africa during the early modern period. The empire reached the peak of its power between the 15th and 17th centuries, especially during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent (r. 1520–1566). After the second Ottoman siege of Vienna (Battle of Vienna) in 1683 and the end of the Great Turkish War in 1699, the Ottoman Empire entered a long period of decline (Decline of the Ottoman Empire). The Tanzimat reforms of the 19th century, which aimed to modernize the Ottoman state, proved to be inadequate in most fields, and failed to stop the dissolution of the empire (Dissolution of the Ottoman Empire).

Turkey is a democratic (democracy), secular (secular state), unitary (unitary state), constitutional republic (Republic) with a diverse cultural heritage (Multiculturalism).

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