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Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation accessdate 29 August 2009 right thumb 150px Gleb Wataghin in the 1970s (Image:Gleb Wataghin.jpg) '''Gleb Vassielievich Wataghin''' (November 3, 1899, Birzula (Kotovsk, Ukraine), Russian Empire – October 10, 1986, Turin, Italy); was a Ukrainian (Ukrainians)-Italian (Italy) experimental physicist and a great scientific leader who gave a great impulse to the teaching and research on physics in two continents

: in the University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil; and in the University of Turin, Turin, Italy. right thumb 150px Gleb Wataghin in the 1970s (Image:Gleb Wataghin.jpg) '''Gleb Vassielievich Wataghin''' (November 3, 1899, Birzula (Kotovsk, Ukraine), Russian Empire – October 10, 1986, Turin, Italy); was a Ukrainian (Ukrainians)-Italian (Italy) experimental physicist and a great scientific leader who gave a great impulse to the teaching

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death_place Turin, Kingdom of Italy feast_day 27 May The division was included within the 28th military division, the 16th cohort of the ''légion d'honneur'', the 29th ''conservation des forêts'', the Diocese of Casale, the ''sénatorerie'' of Turin and the court of appeal of Genoa. It elected three deputies to the ''Corps législatif'' of the First Empire. - 1970 1970 Summer

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sent Count Gustavo Ponza di San Martino to Pius IX with a personal letter offering a face-saving proposal that would have allowed the peaceful entry of the Italian Army into Rome, under the guise of offering protection to the pope. Italy The Art Nouveau European Route http: www.coupdefouet.eu provides details of the heritage in Europe and worldwide of the Art Nouveau style featuring considerable information about Italy's ''Stile Liberty''. This represented

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out Canada (Canada men's national ice hockey team) 2-0 two days later. They finally fell to Sweden (Sweden men's national ice hockey team) in the quarterfinals. At the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, the Swiss nearly stunned Canada again in round-robin play, taking the heavily favored Canadians to a shootout, which they lost 1-0 for a narrow 3-2 loss. '''Luigi Palma di Cesnola''' (July 29, 1832 – November 20, 1904), an Italian-American (Italian American) soldier

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work NY Times.com Ferzetti was cast in this romantic comedy set in the Tigullio Gulf alongside Alberto Sordi, Michèle Morgan, Marcello Mastroianni, Sylva Koscina, Dorian Gray, Franca Marzi, Franco Fabrizi and Jorge Mistral. In 1959, Ferzetti starred alongside Andrée Debar and Isa Miranda as Bernard Turquet de Mayenne in the French historical comedy ''Le secret du Chevalier d'Éon''. Directed by Jacqueline Audry, the film is set in Burgundy (Burgundy (French region)) in 1728. He later appeared in Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia's ''Annibale (Annibale (film))'' alongside Victor Mature, Rita Gam, Milly Vitale and Rik Battaglia. The film is set during the Roman Empire; Ferzetti played Fabius Maximus. Despite the financial misery, the club – now re-formed under the name of Parma F.C. in 2004 – sought to continue to work to its goals and the summer of 2006 saw the upper part of the ''Tribuna Est'' removed in preparation for a new grandstand. The tragic death of Parma fan Matteo Bagnaresi led supporters to change the name of the Curva Nord to the Curva Nord Matteo Bagnaresi in his honour. On 31 March 2008, Bagnaresi, a member of Boys Parma 1977, a group of over 100 Parma ultras, was run over on the way to Turin's Stadio Olimpico (Stadio Olimpico di Torino) by a coach which was carrying the opposition Juventus fans, although the extent of intent is not known. WikiPedia:Turin Dmoz:Regional Europe Italy Regions Piedmont Localities Turin Commons:Category:Turin

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; , '''Emmeline Moore''', ''16 February 2010'' (accessed 16 February 2010) They placed second place behind Shen Xue and Hongbo Zhao thanks to their teammates world record-setting short program. The People's Republic of China broke Russia's 46-year twelve Olympic gold medal streak in pairs skating, sweeping gold and silver places. WikiPedia:Turin Dmoz:Regional Europe Italy Regions Piedmont Localities Turin Commons:Category:Turin

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meters and spans five floors. The themes of the floors are the archaeology of cinema, the video camera, a collection of cinema posters, video installations (including a number of small rooms screening clips on themes such as Turin in the movies, love stories and experimental film), and The Great Temple (where you recline in comfortable red chairs and watch classic Italian films projected on giant screens overhead). In a spectacular setting the museum offers artifacts from the collection of the Maria Adrianna Prolo Foundation including magic lanterns, optical illusions, photographs, drawings, models and other curious items. Amongst a fascinating array of other movie memorabilia, be sure to check out the original cape worn by Christopher Reeve in Superman. If you're a certain age, that's incredibly exciting! If you plan to visit both the museum and the tower, the combined ticket costs €14. * WikiPedia:Turin Dmoz:Regional Europe Italy Regions Piedmont Localities Turin Commons:Category:Turin

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) was an Italian (Italy) theoretical physicist who made important contributions to quantum field theory. The Wick rotation, Wick contraction, Wick's theorem, and the Wick product are named after him. Gian Carlo Wick, October 15, 1909—April 20, 1992, Maurice Jacob, biographical memoir, National Academies Press. Accessed on line October 6, 2009. Life Wick's father


. These joints were strengthened using pegs, dowels (Butt joint) and leather or cord (Rope) lashings. Animal glue came to be used only in the New Kingdom period (New Kingdom). Leospo, pp.20-21 Ancient Egyptians invented the art of veneering (Wood veneer) and used varnishes for finishing (wood finishing), though the composition of these varnishes is unknown. Although different native acacias were used, as was the wood from the local sycamore (Ficus sycomorus) and tamarisk trees, deforestation in the Nile valley resulted in the need for the importation of wood, notably cedar (Cedrus libani), but also Aleppo pine (Aleppo Pine), boxwood (buxus) and oak, starting from the Second Dynasty. Leospo, pp. 17-19 The Italian city of Turin hosted the 2006 Winter Olympics. It was the second time that Italy had hosted the Winter Olympic Games. South Korean (South Korea at the 2006 Winter Olympics) athletes won 10 medals, including 6 gold in the short-track speed skating events. Sun-Yu Jin (Jin Sun-Yu) won three gold medals while her teammate Hyun-Soo Ahn won three gold medals and a bronze. WikiPedia:Turin Dmoz:Regional Europe Italy Regions Piedmont Localities Turin Commons:Category:Turin


latm 04 lats latNS N longd 07 longm 42 longs longEW E coordinates_type coordinates_display title coordinates_footnotes region Piedmont province Turin (Province of Turin) (TO) frazioni mayor_party Democratic (Democratic Party (Italy)) mayor Piero Fassino area_footnotes area_total_km2 130.17 population_footnotes ‘City’ population (i.e. that of the ''comune'' or municipality) from www.demo.istat.it bilmens2012gen index.html , Istituto

It-Torino.ogg ; Piedmontese (Piedmontese language): ''Turin'', pronounced ) is a city and an important business and cultural centre in northern Italy, capital (Capital city) of the Piedmont region, located mainly on the left bank of the Po River (Po (river)), in front of Susa Valley and surrounded by the western Alpine arch (Alps). The population of the city proper is 911,823 (December 2012) while the population of the urban

and the Mole Antonelliana are also found in the city. Turin's several monuments and sights make it one of the world's top 250 tourist destinations, and the tenth most visited city in Italy in 2008.


'''Turin''' (

The city has a rich culture and history, and is known for its numerous art galleries (art museum), restaurants, churches (church (building)), palaces, opera houses, piazzas, parks, gardens, theatres, libraries, museums and other venues. Turin is well known for its renaissance (Renaissance architecture), baroque, rococo, neo-classical (Neoclassicism), and art nouveau (Art Nouveau) architecture.

Much of the city's public square (Town square)s, castles, gardens and elegant ''palazzi (palazzo)'' such as Palazzo Madama (Palazzo Madama, Turin), were built in the 16th and 18th century, after the capital of the Duchy of Savoy (later Kingdom of Sardinia) was moved to Turin from Chambery (nowadays France) as part of the urban expansion.

Turin is sometimes called ''the cradle of Italian liberty'', for having been the birthplace and home of notable politicians and people who contributed to the ''Risorgimento (Italian unification)'', such as Cavour (Camillo Benso, conte di Cavour).

The city used to be a major European political centre, being Italy's first capital city in 1861 and being home to the House of Savoy, Italy's royal family.

Turin is well known as the home of the Shroud of Turin, the football teams Juventus F.C. and Torino F.C., the headquarters of automobile manufacturers FIAT, Lancia and Alfa Romeo, Iveco and as host of the 2006 Winter Olympics and, in the same year, the 37th Chess Olympiad. Several International Space Station modules, such as Harmony (Harmony (ISS module)) and Columbus (Columbus (ISS module)), were also manufactured in Turin. It was the capital of the Duchy of Savoy from 1563, then of the Kingdom of Sardinia ruled by the Royal House of Savoy and finally the first capital of the unified Italy (Italian unification).

It is often referred to as ''the Capital of the Alps''. Other popular epithets are ''the Automobile Capital of Italy'' and the ''Detroit (Detroit, Michigan) of Italy'', as it is home of FIAT; in Italy it is also dubbed ''la capitale Sabauda'' ( the Savoyard (Savoyard (grape)) capital).

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