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From early childhood, he would dream of being in the World Wrestling Federation (World Wrestling Entertainment) and would hold mock fights with his younger siblings in the back yard. '''Fort Miami''' was a fort built on the Maumee River at the eastern edge of the present-day city of Maumee, Ohio, and southwest of the present-day city of Toledo, Ohio. It was built by the British on territory disputed between Britain (United Kingdom) and the USA; according to the U.S. interpretation of the terms of the Treaty of Paris (Treaty of Paris (1783)) that ended the American Revolutionary War this was definitely U.S. territory, so building the fort was a breach of the treaty, but according to the British (United Kingdom) interpretation the relevant terms and concession of territory had no force unless and until the USA complied with the terms relating, e.g., to compensating Loyalists (Loyalist (American Revolution)) for their loss of property and permitting their return unmolested, etc. (These and related disputes were superseded by the fully implemented terms of later treaties.) Development The Gardner machine gun was invented in 1874 by William Gardner of Toledo, Ohio formerly a Captain (Captain (United States)) in the Union army during the American Civil War. After producing a prototype he went to the Pratt and Whitney (Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems) company, who after a year of development produced a military version of the weapon. Saturday Night's Main Event XXVIII October 13, 1990 (taped September 18, 1990) - Toledo, Ohio - Toledo Sports Arena 1999 to 2005, it was owned by Raycom Media . In late-2005, following that company's purchase of The Liberty Corporation, Raycom announced that WPBN would be sold along with another NBC affiliate in the Upper Peninsula, WLUC-TV in Marquette (Marquette, Michigan). The sale was necessary to help meet FCC restrictions on station ownership. On March 27, 2006, Raycom announced that Barrington Broadcasting would acquire twelve Raycom stations, including WPBN. The FCC approved the deal in June 2006 and the finalization took place on August 12. At that point, the station joined WLUC, Saginaw (Saginaw, Michigan)'s NBC affiliate WEYI-TV and (to a degree) Toledo, Ohio's NBC affiliate WNWO-TV as part of Barrington's family of stations in and around Michigan. death_date origin Toledo (Toledo, Ohio), Ohio, United States instrument guitar, bass (Double bass), piano Within WAKR-TV's home state of Ohio, similar situations existed in Dayton (Dayton, Ohio), where stations from Cincinnati and Columbus (Columbus, Ohio) can be received; in Youngstown (Youngstown, Ohio), where residents of that city can receive most Cleveland (including channel 23) and Pittsburgh stations despite having its own network affiliates; Toledo (Toledo, Ohio), where most of the Detroit stations can be received fairly well, and in Zanesville (Zanesville, Ohio), which is approximately sixty miles outside of Columbus and is home to only one station, NBC affiliate WHIZ-TV, which competes with Columbus' NBC station WCMH-TV. '''CFCO''' (630 AM (AM broadcasting) and 92.9 FM (Frequency modulation)) is a news, sports, and country music radio station located in Chatham–Kent, Ontario. The station, owned by London, Ontario-based Blackburn Radio, features a heavy local news commitment. The AM station broadcasts in C-QUAM AM Stereo and has a Night signal that reaches as far northwest as Grand Rapids, Michigan and as far south as Toledo, Ohio and other cities in Northern Ohio along the shores of Lake Erie, as well as a signal that reaches as far east as Metro Toronto. CFCO is owned by Blackburn Radio. Born in Frankfurt, Germany, grew up in Toledo (Toledo, Ohio), Ohio, he moved to New York where he studied acting with Sanford Meisner at the Neighborhood Playhouse. Sandy did stand-up and was part of an improv group that worked clubs in Greenwich Village. He later moved to Los Angeles, becoming an original

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School (Toledo, Ohio) . He received a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) from Juilliard (Juilliard School) in 1977 and first did some guest roles in television shows. In 1995 he was nominated for the role of Damar (Damar (Star Trek)) in the science fiction show ''Star Trek: Deep Space Nine''. First intended as a minor character, Damar later became one of the major figures in the show, leading the entire Cardassian nation and having a major influence on the show's events. ref name "

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Rock Anthem " by LMFAO (LMFAO (group)). Cumulus already has two similarly formatted and branded stations in addition to WZRR: in Kansas City (Kansas City, Missouri) on KCHZ ("95.7 The Vibe"), and in Toledo, Ohio on W264AK ("100.7 The Vibe"). The "i" letter in the station's branding is similar to those of Cumulus' "i"-branded stations such as KLIF-FM ("i93") in Dallas Fort Worth, TX (Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex). College

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; Wilmington, Delaware; Toledo, Ohio; Columbia, South Carolina; Emporia, Virginia; Lake Charles, Louisiana; Tyler, Texas; and Alexandria, Louisiana, among other markets. :... The mills and factories gave existence to various other industries and three or four busy hamlets. Mottville, originally called "Sodom," and early written "Mottsville," was named from Arthur Mott, son of Mrs. Lydia P. Mott. He located here about 1820, had a woolen factory

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on February 13, 1993. '''WGTE-FM''' (91.3 FM (FM broadcasting)) is an American (United States) public (public radio) radio station in Toledo, Ohio, and is the radio partner of WGTE-TV, Toledo's PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) affiliate. It features news, classical music (European classical music), jazz and folk music. It also airs programs from National Public Radio and Public Radio International. '''Public Radio FM 91''' is simulcast on three other

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of Columbus and is home to only one station, NBC affiliate WHIZ-TV, which competes with Columbus' NBC station WCMH-TV. '''CFCO''' (630 AM (AM broadcasting) and 92.9 FM (Frequency modulation)) is a news, sports, and country music radio station located in Chatham–Kent, Ontario. The station, owned by London, Ontario-based Blackburn Radio, features a heavy local news commitment. The AM station broadcasts in C-QUAM AM Stereo and has a Night

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;years the ''Fitzgerald'' carried taconite iron ore (iron) from mines near Duluth, Minnesota, to iron works in Detroit, Toledo (Toledo, Ohio), and other Great Lakes ports. As a "workhorse" she set seasonal haul records six times, often beating her own previous record. Her size, record-breaking performance, and "DJ (Disc jockey) captain" endeared the ''Fitzgerald'' to boat watchers. Captain Peter Pulcer was known

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) KYA in San Francisco to KGFJ in Los Angeles and finally WOHO in Toledo (Toledo, Ohio), Ohio, before quitting the medium in 1967. Returning to L.A., he had more success working in physical fitness sales and marketing. He diversified into freelance motivational speaking (motivational speaker), writing and stockbroking before settling into a Palm Springs, California retirement. In what would become a trend with Mojo due to his refusal to adhere

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by radio programmer Bill Drake. However, CKLW never actually used the handle "boss" on the air, just the style. Rather than a "Boss 30", CKLW's weekly music survey was known as a "Big 30". And instead of calling itself "Boss Radio", CKLW called itself "The Big 8". During this period it was the top-rated radio station not only in Windsor, but across the river in Detroit, and even in cities as far away as Toledo (Toledo, Ohio) and Cleveland in Ohio. Some people consider this format a waste of a high-powered station with a signal that reaches far beyond its immediate local area. CKLW is picked up clearly as far off as Toledo (Toledo, Ohio) and Cleveland (Cleveland, Ohio) (where it was consistently a highly rated station during its Top 40 days), Lansing, Michigan, and even the outskirts of Cincinnati, Ohio, with reports of night-time reception as far off as Toronto (Toronto, Ontario) Oshawa, Ontario, Pennsylvania, New York City, Little Rock, Des Moines, Iowa, and San Antonio, Texas. At one point, it was stated that CKLW-AM could be heard in at least 23 states and 4 Canadian provinces. The Spanish citizens worked aboard U.S. ships between 1950 and 1998, and claim that they were exposed to asbestos dust and fibers from piping insulation produced by Owens-Illinois. The piping insulation was originally manufactured in Sayreville (w:Sayreville, New Jersey), Middlesex County (w:Middlesex County, New Jersey), and Berlin (w:Berlin, New Jersey), Camden County (w:Camden County, New Jersey), New Jersey. The workers say they suffer from diseases related to asbestos such as asbestosis (w:Asbestosis). Owens-Illinois has headquarters in Toledo, Ohio (w:Toledo, Ohio) and is a Delaware corporation (w:Delaware corporation).

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: future_cars 2007 0502_dodge_nitro index.html title Future Cars: Dodge Nitro Concept work Automobile Magazine accessdate 2010-10-24 Born in New York City, Nick Dallis grew up on Long Island. He graduated from Washington & Jefferson College in 1933 and from Temple University's medical school in 1938 and married a nurse, Sarah Luddy. He decided to specialize in psychiatry, and after World War II, started a practice in Toledo, Ohio. ref

Toledo, Ohio

'''Toledo''' ( Toledo is in northwest Ohio, on the western end of Lake Erie, and borders the state of Michigan. The city was founded in 1833 on the west bank of the Maumee River, originally incorporated as part of Monroe County, Michigan Territory, then re-founded in 1837, after conclusion of the Toledo War, when it was incorporated in Ohio.

Toledo grew quickly as a result of the Miami and Erie Canal and its position on the railway line between New York and Chicago. It has since become a city well known for its art community, auto assembly, education, healthcare, and local sports teams. The city has also became known for its glass industry which has earned the nickname, "The Glass City".

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