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bombardment. Then she continued lifeguard operations. World Championships (1991 World Championships in Athletics) Tokyo, Japan 18th (q) Japan For three years Perry resided in Japan and took full advantage of its unique artistic community. In October 1898 Perry exhibited her work in Tokyo and became an honorary member of the Nippon Bijutsu-In Art Association. Perry’s involvement with the Asian art world greatly influenced her work and made it possible for her to develop a unique style that brought together western and eastern aesthetic traditions. Her ''Meditation'', ''Child in a Kimono'' and ''Young Girl with an Orange'' vibrantly illustrates the distinct changes that occurred in Perry’s work during her stay in Japan. Unlike her earlier works, both compositions draw on uniquely eastern subject matter and show a strong influence of the clean lines from Japanese prints. The result of this blending of east and west is striking with Impressionist portraits flowing seamlessly with the well-organized, balanced compositions that the eastern art world was known for at this time. The National Museum of Women in the Arts Private Collection Profile - Lilla Cabot Perry. "Lilla Cabot Perry". Following almost two months in Hawaii, ''Sterlet'' embarked on her third war patrol on 25 January 1945. Her assigned area was off Honshū, Japan, particularly the area off Tokyo Bay, where she stood lifeguard duty for Fifth Fleet (US 5th Fleet) pilots attacking Tokyo. She made reconnaissance sweeps of the Japanese Fleet and patrolled with a "wolfpack (Wolfpack (naval tactic))" that also included WikiPedia:Tokyo Dmoz:Regional Asia Japan Prefectures Tokyo Commons:Category:Tokyo

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revisions—i.e., all during the late Edo period (1603–1867), it became an immediate hit and prompted a “boom” in the publication of further ''meisho zue'' (“famous site guides”). On 15 August 1945, when hostilities in the Pacific ceased, ''Tippecanoe'' was en route from Seattle to Dutch Harbor. After visits to Adak and Attu during the latter half of the month, the oiler headed for Japan for several months of duty supporting the occupation forces. She arrived at Ominato on 8 September and, after a month there, moved on to Tokyo. During her two remaining months in Japan, she visited Aomori (Aomori, Aomori), Yokohama, and Yokosuka. She departed Yokosuka on 28 November to return to the United States and entered San Francisco on 18 December. On 6 March 1946, ''Tippecanoe'' was decommissioned at Mare Island Naval Shipyard. Her disposal was authorized on 19 March, and her name was struck from the Navy list on 12 April. She was transferred to the Maritime Commission on 7 October and was sold to the National Metal & Steel Co. on 20 November 1946. Biography Born to an ex-''samurai'' family in Hiji (Hiji, Ōita), Ōita Prefecture, Minami came to Tokyo as a boarding student, and was eventually accepted into the Imperial Japanese Army Academy. He was commissioned as a 2nd lieutenant in the cavalry in 1895. He died in Tokyo, Japan in 1982. WikiPedia:Tokyo Dmoz:Regional Asia Japan Prefectures Tokyo Commons:Category:Tokyo

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, not Western, musicians are viewed as cool by this generation. No international pop stars were among students' top 10 favorites. China's Wang Fei was the most popular singer, with 17 percent of the votes.''"

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16 May 2010 He occasionally works as a remix artist under the alias POLY-1. He is known for having very energetic live performances. image city Tokyo, Japan area Greater Tokyo Area '''J-Wave''' is a commercial radio station (radio broadcasting) based in Tokyo, Japan, broadcasting on 81.3 FM (FM broadcasting) from the Tokyo Tower to the Tokyo area. J-Wave airs mostly music covering a wide range

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Slam Magazine Staff title We are the champions (as of February 11) page 15 work Power Slam Magazine id 116 date March 2005 publisher SW Publishing LTD location Lancaster, Lancashire, England accessdate March 3, 2010 - - Tokyo is a four-part

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, Electro (Electro (music)) An expatriate Melburnian (Melbourne) who currently resides in Tokyo, Japan, Bergen is also an author and photographer, as well as a music, movie and anime journalist for the ''Daily Yomiuri'' newspaper, and Tokyo correspondent for ''Anime Insider'', ''Geek Monthly'' and ''Impact (Impact (action entertainment magazine))'' magazines. World Championships (1991 World Championships in Athletics) Tokyo, Japan 5th

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, and was also educated at the exclusive private boarding school Institut Le Rosey in Rolle (Rolle, Switzerland), Switzerland, and earlier at New York's private Ethical Culture Fieldston School and Dalton

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as well as writers. Biography Nakajima was born in Tokyo, Japan. His father was a scholar specialising in the Classical Chinese and he communicated his enthusiasm to his son, who is known for poetic short stories in distant historical settings. Biography Kinoshita was born in what is now part of Itō, Shizuoka as WikiPedia:Tokyo Dmoz:Regional Asia Japan Prefectures Tokyo Commons:Category:Tokyo

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, Dakar, São Paulo, Jakarta, and Managua. He plays the trumpet, sings in choirs, and baby-sits. alias Fangs Anal Satan boris live at Amoeba Music origin Tokyo, Japan genre Drone metal, experimental rock, , psychedelic rock, ambient (Ambient music), sludge metal, stoner rock, Japanese noise rock birth_date


Tokyo is the capital of Japan, the center of the Greater Tokyo Area, and the most populous metropolitan area (List of metropolitan areas by population) in the world. url http: wup2014 unup index.asp?panel 2 title World Urbanization Prospects: The 2014 Revision Population Database publisher United Nations accessdate August 10, 2014 It is the seat of the Emperor of Japan and the Japanese government (Government of Japan). Tokyo is in the Kantō region on the southeastern side of the main island Honshu and includes the Izu Islands and Ogasawara Islands. Nussbaum, Louis-Frédéric. (2005). "Tōkyō" in .

Tokyo is often referred to and thought of as a city, but is officially known and governed as a "metropolitan prefecture", which differs from and combines elements of both a city and a prefecture; a characteristic unique to Tokyo. The Tokyo metropolitan government administers the 23 Special Wards of Tokyo (Special wards of Tokyo) (each governed as an individual city), which cover the area that was formerly the City of Tokyo before it merged and became the subsequent metropolitan prefecture in 1943. The metropolitan government also administers 39 municipalities (Municipalities of Japan) in the western part of the prefecture and the two outlying island chains. The population of the special wards is over 9 million people, with the total population of the prefecture exceeding 13 million. The prefecture is part of the world's most populous metropolitan area (Largest Metropolitan Area) with upwards of 37.8 million people and the world's largest urban agglomeration economy (List of cities by GDP). The city hosts 51 of the Fortune Global 500 companies, the highest number of any city. The city is also home of various television networks like Fuji TV and the Tokyo Broadcasting System.

The city is considered an alpha+ world city (global city)—as listed by the GaWC (Globalization and World Cities Research Network)'s 2008 inventory In 2009 Tokyo was named the third Most Liveable City by the magazine ''Monocle (Monocle (lifestyle magazine))''. last Fawkes first Piers url http: 2009 06 top-25-most-liveable-cities-2009-monocle-magazine-zurich-copenhagen-tokyo-munich-helsinki.html title Top 25 Most Liveable Cities 2009 – Monocle publisher date June 18, 2009 accessdate July 6, 2009 The Michelin Guide has awarded Tokyo by far the most Michelin stars of any city in the world.

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