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"Municipality of Maastricht" There are currently two independent states – Indonesia and Monaco – whose national flags are horizontal bicolors of red and white, reversing the Polish flag. The Monaco and Indonesia flags differ

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, starting a civilian works project to manufacture weapons for the Soviet Union. By August 1945, the Red Army had created 50 StG44s from existing assembly parts, and had begun inspecting their design. 10,785 sheets of technical designs were confiscated by the Soviets as part of their research. In October 1945, Schmeisser was forced to work for the Red Army and instructed to continue development of new weapons. officetype BPOL-Direktion officename

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;nbsp;8 mm—the exact average between ¼ and ⅜ inch, which is the range called the "bee space." His design quickly gained popularity in Europe and North America. On the basis of the aforementioned measurements, August Adolph von Berlepsch (May 1852) in Thuringia and L.L. Langstroth (October 1852) in the United States designed their frame-movable hives. He was a member of the Franciscan community founded at Regensburg in 1226. His novitiate was passed under

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can be deduced from Heinrich's songs. Possibly he is identical with the ''Hendricus de Morungen'' who is documented in Thuringia. This ''Hendricus'' belonged to the class of minor knights and presumably originated from the castle of Morungen near Sangerhausen. As a "retired knight" (''miles emeritus'') he received from his patron, Dietrich I, Margrave of Meissen, a pension for his ''"high personal merits"'' (''alta suae vitae merita''). He transferred

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accessdate 2008-03-03 art rock, ochre used as body paint and perhaps in ritual,

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with their various archives and old libraries are centres of historic and cultural research. Nevertheless, most of the research in Thuringia is publicly financed basic research, because there are no big companies in the land having enough resources for product research (except from a few companies in Jena). Personalities * Johann Sebastian Bach (1685–1750), German composer and musician of the Baroque period, born in Eisenach * Franz Liszt (1811–1886), Hungarian composer, virtuoso

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(1722-1773). In 1834, Friedrich August von Alberti included it into the Triassic system (system (stratigraphy)). The name indicates a characteristic feature of the unit, namely the frequent occurrence of lenticular banks composed of fossil shells. The Muschelkalk is restricted to the subsurface of Germany and adjacent regions as the low countries, the North Sea and parts of Silesia, Poland and Denmark. Outcrops are found in Thuringia, the Harz

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is the model for the fictional town of Grantville in Eric Flint's best selling hit ''1632 series'' of alternate history novels: ''1632 (1632 (novel))'', ''1633 (1633 (novel))'', ''Ring of Fire (Ring of Fire (anthology))'', ''The Grantville Gazette'', and other book-length and shorter works. The ''1632 series'' has evolved into a large scale experiment in collaborative fiction and has attracted considerable interest from other best selling writers, including David Weber

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kulturhistorisches Bild''. Druckerei Appelhaus, 1928 The German Timber-Frame Road (''Deutsche Fachwerkstraße'') is a tourist route that links places containing picturesque half-timbered buildings. It is more than 2 000 km long and stretches across the states of Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Hesse, Thuringia, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. '''Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt''' was a small historic state in present-day Thuringia


The '''Free State of Thuringia''' ( ) is a federal state (States of Germany) of Germany, located in the central part of the country. It has an area of and 2.29 million inhabitants, making it the sixth smallest by area !-- area: 408 bremen, 892 berlin, 2569 saarland 15763 schleswig-holstein, 16171 thüringeen, 18416 sachsen 19847 rheinland-pfalz, 20445 sachsen-anhalt, 21100 hessen, 24174 mecklenburg-vorpommern, 29479 brandenburg, 34084 nordrhein-westphalen, 35752 baden-wurttemberg, 47624 niedersachsen, 70549 bayern, 755264 hamburg. -- and the fifth smallest by population !-- pop: 665000 bremen, 1045555 saarland, 1697800 mecklenburg-vorpommern, 1750194 hamburg, 2319000 thüringen, 2451000 saxony-anhalt, 2551000 brandenburg, 2832912 schleswig-holstein, 3402312 berlin 4054081 rheinland-pfalz, 4261896 sachsen, 6078000 hessen, 7996942 lower saxony, 10736000 baden-wurttemberg 12482000 bayern, 18039847 nordrhein-westphalen. -- of Germany's sixteen states . Most of Thuringia is within the watershed of the Saale, a left tributary of the Elbe (Elbe River). Its capital is Erfurt .

Thuringia has been known by the nickname of "the green heart of Germany" (''das grüne Herz Deutschlands'') from the late 19th century, due to the dense forest covering the land.

Thuringia is known in Germany for nature and winter sports. It is home to the Rennsteig, Germany's most famous hiking trail (hiking), and the winter resort of Oberhof (Oberhof, Germany). Germany has won more Winter Olympics gold medals than any other country in the last 20 years, and half of Germany's all-time total of 136 Winter Olympic gold medals (through the Sochi games in 2014) have been won by Thuringian athletes.

Johann Sebastian Bach spent the first part of his life (1685–1717) and important further stages of his career in Thuringia. In the classical period, Goethe and Schiller lived at Weimar. Both worked also in the famous University of Jena nearby, which now hosts the most important centre of science in Thuringia. Other Universities of this federal state (States of Germany) are the Ilmenau University of Technology (Technische Universität Ilmenau), the University of Erfurt, and the Bauhaus University of Weimar (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar).

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