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''' is a small community in the southernmost part of Thorold, Ontario, Canada. The community is divided in half by the Welland Canal, as there is no bridge in the immediate vicinity to connect the two halves of the community. In the summer, a passenger ferry runs across the canal. In the winter, residents have to use the bridge on Highway 20 (Highway 20 (Ontario)), which results in a 13.3 km (8.3 mi) trip to get to the other side (map). group1 Cities list1 Niagara Falls (Niagara Falls, Ontario) • Port Colborne • St. Catharines • Thorold • Welland group2 Towns group2 Communities list2 Port Dalhousie (Port Dalhousie, Ontario) · Port Weller (Port Weller, Ontario) · St. Catharines · Thorold · Allanburg (Allanburg, Ontario) · Port Robinson (Port Robinson, Ontario) · Welland · Dain City (Dain City, Ontario) · Port Colborne '''Allanburg''' is a community within the City of Thorold (Thorold), Ontario, Canada. It is located on the Welland Canal and Highway 20 (Highway 20 (Ontario)), both important transportation routes through the Niagara Peninsula. The two cross at a 1932-built vertical-lift bridge, numbered as Bridge 11 by the Saint Lawrence Seaway Authority, but often known simply as the Allanburg Bridge. The collision of the ship ''Windoc'' with the bridge made national news in 2001. birth_date The '''Thorold Blackhawks''' are a Canadian (Canada) junior (junior hockey) ice hockey team based in Thorold, Ontario, Canada. They play in the Golden Horseshoe division of the Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League.

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 tonnes) of flour. Today, the Welland Mills building has been restored offering commercial space on the ground floor and residential apartments above. '''Beaverdams Methodist (Methodism) Church (Church (building)) and Burying Ground (Cemetery)''', on Marlatt's Road, was constructed in 1832. Beaverdams Church is the oldest Methodist Church still standing in Ontario. The first minister to preach in the chapel was Reverend Egerton Ryerson, who is largely responsible for founding the province of Ontario's education system. '''Soldiers' Monument''' is a war memorial monument that commemorates World War I (1914–1919), World War II (1939–1945) and the Korean War (1950–1953). Located in Memorial Park, at the corner of Albert and Chapel streets, it was unveiled on Sunday, October 30, 1921 and was erected by the citizens of Thorold to: "Honour the Memory of the Men of Thorold, who gave their lives for the cause of freedom in the great war, and in grateful remembrance of those who shared its dangers." '''The Old Public Library''', at 1 Ormond Street South, is one of 156 Carnegie libraries (Carnegie library) to have been funded in Canada. The building, designed by architect A.E. Nicholson, was opened in 1912. The library moved from here to its present home in Chestnut Hall in 1983. The building now serves as the Thorold Seniors' (Pensioner) Centre. Communities The '''Thorold Blackhawks''' are a Canadian (Canada) junior (junior hockey) ice hockey team based in Thorold, Ontario, Canada. They play in the Golden Horseshoe division of the Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League.


through the heart of the city, and the Twin Flight Lock (Lock (water transport))s, located downtown, attract thousands of tourists annually. History The earliest communities in what is now Thorold emerged at Beaverdams (Beaverdams, Ontario), DeCew Falls and St. Johns (St. Johns, Ontario) http: historyheritage2.htm but, after the opening of the First Welland Canal (Welland Canal#First Welland Canal) in 1829, they were superseded by the new

library Public Library . '''St. Johns School House (One-room school)''', on Hollow Road, is a single-room wooden school house located in the west portion of Thorold. Opening in 1804, it was the first free school (Secular education) in Upper Canada. The first teacher at the school was Samuel Birdsall. The enrolment in 1826 was recorded as 29 students. The building was fully restored in 1974. '''Maplehurst''', at 14 Saint David's Road West, is a Thorold landmark and the former home

in Thorold of a "Kissing Rock" located at the Lock 7 Viewing Complex. It is said that, around the time of the opening of the fourth Welland Canal, a sailor on the Great Lakes named Charles Snelgrove, originally from England, would bring his lady friends to the rock near Lock 7 to kiss the girl good-bye before boarding his ship. According to the legend, before long other sailors learned of the rock and they, too, began to bring their girlfriends or wife to kiss

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Welland Canal: 1932–Present''' Construction of the fourth canal (officially known as the Welland Ship Canal) began in 1914 but, because of delays due to World War I and other factors, it was not opened until 1932. The number of locks, now built of concrete, was reduced to eight; three of these, including the world-famous Twin Flight Locks, are in Thorold. The canal adopted a direct north-south route over the Escarpment, following the valley of the Ten Mile Creek all the way to a new Lake

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. In 1975 the town became incorporated as the City of Thorold. Thorold is also the location of the War of 1812 battle site, Beaverdams (Battle of Beaver Dams), where, on June 25, 1813, Colonel Charles Boerstler and his American (United States) troops were defeated by a force of 80 British (United Kingdom) regulars (Regular Force) and 300 Caughnawaga Mohawks (Mohawk Nation). Historical sites thumb 200px left Old Fire Hall (File:Old Firehall Thorold.jpg) Image:wmills2.jpg thumb

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''' - Historical displays, bandstand and playground equipment. It is not far from the actual location of the battle site. One of the locks of the second canal has been partially excavated for its historical interest. '''McMillan Park''' - Baseball diamond, and playground equipment. '''Sullivan Park''' - Baseball diamond, splash pad, and playground equipment. '''Hutt Park''' - Baseball diamond and playground equipment. '''Confederation Park''' - Baseball diamond, soccer field, basketball court, tennis

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with the arrival of the first ship of the year through Lock 7. Usually held in late March. '''Italia-in-Festa''' - Celebrating Italian food, drink, dance and entertainment. Thorold is rich in Italian history and is the ideal location for a celebration of this culture. Usually held the last weekend in June. '''Thorold Arts & Crafts Show''' - This event, begun in 1979, and ''was'' held during the month of July The event was moved from Battle of Beaverdams park to the Thorold Community Arena

of the Crossborder Blues group.Annual Santa Claus Parade''' - The Santa Claus Parade is held in November each year, and runs through the downtown core of the city. '''November Thorold's Christmas Arts & Crafts Show''' - The November Arts & Crafts Show is held at Thorold Secondary School the third weekend of November each year. City of Thorold Pipe Band The City of Thorold Pipe Band has been serving the Regional Municipality

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thumb 200px Sunset from the boardwalk at Mel Swart Park. (Image:MelSwartPark.jpg) '''Mel Swart Conservation Park''' is a waterfront park located on Lake Gibson. The park offers a large track along the perimeter, and has a boardwalk suspended out over the lake. The park is a popular site for family picnics. '''Short Hills Provincial Park''' is partially located in the City of Thorold. Some other of the numerous recreational parks in the city include: '''Battle of Beaverdams Park

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of Niagara Niagara Region and beyond for almost 20 years in community based activities, civic parades, military parades, and a variety of other events. The Pipe Band is solely supported by fundraising activities. The band's weekly practices are hosted by the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 17. The band's typical parade season is from May to November. '''Official Name''': The "City of Thorold Pipe Band" '''Clan''': MacGregor '''Motto''': 'S rioghal mo dhream (Gaelic: Royal

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made national news in 2001. birth_date '''Armand "Bep" Guidolin''' (December 9, 1925 – November 24, 2008) was a Canadian (Canada) National Hockey League player. He was born in Thorold, Ontario. He and Eleanor, his wife of 62 years, had four children. DATE OF BIRTH December 9, 1925 PLACE OF BIRTH


'''Thorold''' (2011 population 17,931) is a city in Ontario, Canada, located on the Niagara Escarpment. It is also the seat of the Regional Municipality of Niagara.

The Welland Canal passes through the heart of the city, and the Twin Flight Lock (Lock (water transport))s, located downtown, attract thousands of tourists annually.

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