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political skills

, Assi Dayan, is an actor and a movie director. "Israeli actor director Assi Dayan suffers severe heart attack" ''Ha'aretz'', 17 November 2009 Another son, novelist Ehud Dayan, who was cut out of his father's will, wrote a book critical of his father months after he died, mocking his military, writing, and political skills, calling him a "philanderer,"

of his father's will, wrote a book critical of his father months after he died, mocking his military, writing, and political skills, calling him a "philanderer," and accusing him of greed. In his book, Ehud Dayan even accused his father of making money off his battle with cancer. He also lamented having recited Kaddish for his father "three times too often for a man who never observed half the Ten Commandments". Anchorage Daily News: 26 May 1982. ''Dayan

extensive political

the National Police Agency (National Police Agency (Japan)) in 1962. In 1972, he took charge of a number of high profile cases, including the Red Army Asama-Sanso incident, the Narita Airport incident, and the Tel Aviv highjacking. Kamei is one of the few major politicians to oppose the death penalty, and wrote a book, ''Shikei Haishi ron'', asserting his opposition. In that time, he had formed extensive political partnerships and personal friendships with Jewish fellow students, many of which continue up to the present. The rented apartment where he lived for many years on top of an old building at Rothschild Boulevard in downtown Tel Aviv was a well-known rendezvous for political meetings and also the venue of sometimes boisterous student parties lasting deep into the night. Among numerous other political actions, the first demonstration against the 1982 Lebanon War - held on the war's third day, 7 June 1982, dispersed by police with considerable violence, and still well-remembered by veterans of the Israeli peace camp - was planned at a dramatic meeting held in Barakeh's Tel Aviv apartment. - 8 17 November 2008 Tel Aviv, Israel Commons:Category:Tel Aviv Wikipedia:Tel Aviv Dmoz:Regional Middle East Israel Localities Tel Aviv

guest title'

), and the Golan Heights. It is Tel Aviv's largest airport and the second largest in the area

recordings made

by The Fall (The Fall (band)), released in 1995. Subtitled '''"Live 92-95"''' the album consists of live recordings made in various locations between 1991 and 1995, but also contains 2 previously unheard studio tracks as well as some mildly diverting interludes. Credits on the album are sketchy but the front cover lists the cities in which the tracks were recorded; Prague, Tel Aviv, London, Glasgow, New York and Manchester. :'''Leo

quot representing

in Tel Aviv, where she sang "Saëni Imchá" (Dance with Me) and "Naamah". Two years later, she won second place in the Eurovision Song Contest with "T'en vas pas," representing Switzerland. On 28 November 2002, a suicide car bomb exploded at the Israeli-owned beachfront Paradise Hotel, killing three Israelis (Israeli people) and ten Kenyans (Kenyan people). About 20 minutes earlier, an unsuccessful attempt was made to shoot down an Arkia Israel Airlines Boeing 757 chartered tourist plane taking off from nearby Moi International Airport using surface-to-air missiles; nobody was hurt on the plane, which landed safely in Tel Aviv. The main suspect for both attacks is al Qaeda (see Kenyan hotel bombing). In one of the lesser known incidents of the war, starting in July 1940, Italian aircraft bombed cities in the British Mandate of Palestine (Italian bombings on Palestine in World War II). The bombing of Tel Aviv on September 10, killed 137 people. In mid-October, the Italians also bombed American-operated oil refineries in the British Protectorate of Bahrain. Time Magazine, Record Raid Petah Tikva's largest bus terminal is the Petah Tikva Central Bus Station (Tahana Makazit), while other major stations are located near Beilinson Hospital and Beit Rivka. A rapid transit light rail system is in the works which will connect Petah Tikva to Bnei Brak, Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv and Bat Yam. Riots With Chancellor abroad, and the Zionist Commission itself, with its leader Colonel Frederick Kisch, in Zurich for the 16th. Zionist Congress (attended also by Ze'ev Jabotinsky), the SMC (Supreme Muslim Council) resumed works, confidentially authorised, on the Haram only to be met with outcries from the Jewish press. The administration rapidly published the new rules on 22 July, with a serious error in translation that fueled Zionist reports of a plot against Jewish rights. Commons:Category:Tel Aviv Wikipedia:Tel Aviv Dmoz:Regional Middle East Israel Localities Tel Aviv

supporting acts

, 2011, at the Barby club in Tel Aviv, Israel. http: Article ?ArticleID 804691 On June 29, 2011, three days before the show, Jello Biafra has announced that he will be cancelling his upcoming Israeli concert due to political reasons. http: 2011 06 21 apartheid-no-place-punk In response, Useless ID has decided to play a headlining show for free with supporting acts Bo La'Bar and Mondo Gecko (band

religious home

to a Yemenite Jewish (Yemenite Jews) family. He was brought up in a non-religious home, and became religious at the age of 24, after stumbling across the sefer Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, that he received for his Bar Mitzvah. DATE OF BIRTH 1954 PLACE OF BIRTH Tel Aviv, Israel DATE OF DEATH - style "background:#DDDDDD" Tel Aviv align center TLV align center LLBG style "background:#DDDDDD" Ben Gurion

music film

communities in the Hula Valley instead. left thumb Israeli children in a bomb shelter at Dan, Israel Kibbutz Dan (File:PikiWiki Israel 7250 Kids in the shelter kibbutz Dan.JPG) during the war. basis 1956 German film Die Trapp-Familie and Maria von Trapp's autobiography ''The Story of the Trapp Family Singers'' productions 1959 Broadway (Broadway theatre) 1961 West End (West End theatre) 1961 Melbourne 1965 The Sound of Music (film) Film

published political

; newspapers and literature written in Hebrew published; political parties and workers organizations were established. The First World War (World War I) effectively ended the period of the Second Aliyah. From 1949 to 1966, Arab citizens were regarded by Israel as a hostile population (fifth column), and major Arab population centers were governed by military administrations divided into several districts. As such, several battalions of the Israel Border Police, under the command of Israel Defense Forces brigade commander Colonel Issachar Shadmi, were ordered to prepare the defense of a section close to the border officially known as the Central District, and colloquially as the Triangle (Triangle (Israel)). It contained seven villages close to the border, not far from Tel Aviv, where about 40,000 Israeli Arab citizens lived. It was regarded as a strategically weak point by Israel, and regularly patrolled by soldiers to halt infiltration of fedayeen and other Arabs across the border. Discovery Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal had followed her trail from a tip in Tel Aviv to Vienna to Halifax, Nova Scotia (Halifax Regional Municipality), and then, via Toronto, to Queens (Queens (New York City borough)). Commons:Category:Tel Aviv Wikipedia:Tel Aviv Dmoz:Regional Middle East Israel Localities Tel Aviv

humorous version

;). *American comedian and song parodist Allan Sherman performed a humorous version entitled "Harvey and Sheila" on his album ''My Son, the Celebrity''. *At a sold-out show in Tel Aviv, Israel on June 16, 2009, American progressive metal band Dream Theater performed a cover of "Hava Nagila". Dream Theater: vídeo de música judaica no show em Israel, luew, 19 06 (June 19) 09 (2009)<

Tel Aviv

'''Tel Aviv''' ( . Countries maintain their embassies in Tel Aviv and its suburbs, or suburbs of Jerusalem, such as Mevaseret Zion. (see CIA Factbook) See Positions on Jerusalem: "No country in the world except for Israel has recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital".

Tel Aviv was founded by the Jewish community on the outskirts of the ancient port city (port) of Jaffa (

Tel Aviv is a global city, a technological and economic hub, home to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, corporate offices and research and development centers.

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