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Musical Plays on the Hebrew Stage. Man of La Mancha cast albums. In 2009, TIFF's decision to spotlight films from Tel Aviv created a controversy with protesters, saying it was part of an attempt to re-brand (Rebranding) Israel Brand Israel set to launch in GTA

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and bars, like "Geatzel Shapira" on Almonit lane and "little prince" which is the center of the young poetry revival movement that connected to "Maayan" poetry magazine and others interesting poetry or art fanzines. On Tshernechovsky, not far from there, there are several cafes and cheap restaurants. close to Dizengoff Center, you can find "Bacho" cafe, a nice place with too-artistic atmohphere, "Hakosem Falafel" and the "Yemen Falafel

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Cultural Institute in Tel Aviv. Romanian embassy in Tel Aviv Eretz Yisrael Museum In 1981, Ze'evi was appointed director of what was then the Israel Museum in Tel Aviv and got its name changed to the Eretz Israel Museum – the change having political connotations, given the associations with Eretz Israel. In 1987, he co-edited a series of books describing various aspects of the Land of Israel, based on artifacts

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of schools and educational programs in Israel today. Historic schools include the Alliance High School in Tel Aviv, Alliance Israélite Universelle High School in Haifa, Rene Cassin High School and the Braunshweig Conservative High School in Jerusalem. The network also includes the School for the Deaf in Jerusalem, in which deaf students, Jews and Arabs, with various mental and physical disabilities study together. The Mikve Israel Youth Village operates a state high school, a state-religious high school specializing in life and natural sciences, environmental sciences, and biotechnology; and a French-Israeli high school established in 2007 as a joint initiative of the Israeli and French governments. Israel Haverim history *''' Adamant keep ''' (see new vote further down). IZAK, you keep assuming far too much... I realized that the category is of interest to those curious about the Arab population information in Israel. I added all articles whose Israeli demographics mentioned an Arab population and did not say "with no significant Arab population". It is by no means anti-Israel, and the very implication thereof made me pause and blink in disbelief. Is Israel not, afterall, a country with Arab Israeli citizens and Arabic (Arabic language) as an official language? They are a minority of particular importance, enough for the Central Bureau of Statistics of Israel to mention them ''specifically'' in their population and density reports. If the Israeli government expends this much effort, then why not we? Fully one-fifth of Israel's legal citizen population are Arabs, and many of them live in cities that are either largely Arab in population, or are mixed cities such as Haifa, Tel Aviv-Yafo, and Jerusalem. Anyway, IZAK, did we not already have the discussion about endeavouring to respect your fellow editors and not make assumptions about their motives? Why does it seem that time after time you suggest that I am an anti-Israel? Where did I ever once say or indicate that I was anti-Israel in any way, shape or fashion? Where do you get this from? Anyway, rename the category if you must, but it fully deserves to stay. - Gilgamesh (User:Gilgamesh) 12:03, 4 December 2005 (UTC) **I cannot fathom how Tel Aviv fits into this category? And you have never addressed UserNyh's concerns as to what criteria to use, and now, you casually say "rename the category" which is far too flippant when dealing with such a volatile subject. This is very alarming, I think. IZAK (User:IZAK) 12:08, 4 December 2005 (UTC) *Gilgamesh, I can't speak for IZAK, but I for one never said that this category was "anti-Israeli". I just said it was ill-defined and uninformative. The phrase "having no significant Arab population" means that the overwhelming majority of a town's population is Jewish. The opposite of that is '''not''' "having a significant Arab population"! A more appropriate opposite would be "having a non-negligable Arab population". If you feel this category is important (and I think it's not - see the next paragraph), at least try to define it better, say, define some percentage which you call "significant". Otherwise, you'll just see edit wars in which one person thinks that a 9% Arab population in Nazerat Illit is "significant" and another person thinks it is not. Another problem I have with this category even if it was not created for that reason, to many readers of the articles involved it may sound racists. As if the "city with significant Arab population" is supposed to somehow have some negative impact on this city. Imagine American cities being labled as whether or not they "have a significant black population" - I think to most Americans, this would sound odd. So, what does "having a significant Arab population" do to a city? Why is it more important to mention that then "having a significant immigrent population", "having a significant Christian population", "having a significant gay population", "having a significant English-sepaking population", or who knows what? The "demography" section of each city should mention all these demographic facts, but my feeling is that that is enough, and we don't need demophics-based categories. Anyway, I vote '''DELETE''' unless Gilgamesh better defines this category (what "significant" means) in a way that sounds useful to readers. Nyh (User:Nyh) 12:29, 4 December 2005 (UTC) He served in the Israel Defense Forces during three wars, wrote several award-winning books on Jewish law (Halakha) Commons:Category:Tel Aviv Wikipedia:Tel Aviv Dmoz:Regional Middle East Israel Localities Tel Aviv

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, then two played simultaneously in Tel Aviv and San Ramon, California, then one played the following week in Pasadena (Pasadena, California). A final event was played a month later in Kyoto. In comparison the 2008 schedule saw 178 events played in more than 40 countries. thumb right upright Brigade emblem (File:Kiryati.svg) The '''Kiryati Brigade''' (the 4th Brigade in the 1948 Arab-Israeli war) was formed in 1948 by David Ben-Gurion and was one of the original nine

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After decades, "Yedioth" no longer top newspaper author Li-Or Averbuch date 28 July 10 work publisher Globes accessdate 28 July 2010 birth_date birth_place Tel Aviv, Israel Year of Aliyah Biography Eldad was born in Tel Aviv in 1950. He is married with five children. His father, Israel Eldad, was a well known Israeli public thinker and formerly one of the leaders of the underground group Lehi

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of 57 on Metacritic and a 41% "rotten" rating on Rotten Tomatoes. thumb Amos Gitai with Hana Laszlo (File:Gitai Fortman Laslo.tif) and Natalie Portman on the set of Free Zone (Free Zone (film)), 2005 birth_date birth_place Tel Aviv, Israel residence Israel Biography Amonon Yitzhak was born in Tel Aviv, Israel

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Beach. Unlike other Tel Avivian neighbourhoods, it is quite observant (Orthodox Judaism), owing mainly to the high observance rate of the Yemenite pioneers who built the neighbourhood. The majority of the descendants of those pioneers still inhabit the neighbourhood today. Events continued after a one-month hiatus with two begun September 24 and 25, one in Tinton Falls, New Jersey and in Lincoln, Nebraska respectively. The following week saw one event played, in Salt Lake City

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; As part of the event, which took place near Tel Aviv, a Palestinian youth orchestra performed in an hour-long concert in honor of Holocaust survivors. Essay: If dialogue is a crime, we are all guilty, by David Saranga, Jerusalem Post, Published April 16, 2009. They played classical Arabic tunes and songs of peace, but upon the group’s return

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as international charters to Cyprus, and Jordan. There are currently plans to expand services from Haifa. Cruise ships previously operated from Haifa port (Port of Haifa) to Greece and Cyprus. Early life, military service, education, and early public career Netanyahu was born in 1949 in Tel Aviv to Zila (née Segal; 1912–2000) and professor Benzion Netanyahu (b. 1910 in Warsaw, Poland), the middle of three children. He

Tel Aviv

'''Tel Aviv''' ( . Countries maintain their embassies in Tel Aviv and its suburbs, or suburbs of Jerusalem, such as Mevaseret Zion. (see CIA Factbook) See Positions on Jerusalem: "No country in the world except for Israel has recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital".

Tel Aviv was founded by the Jewish community on the outskirts of the ancient port city (port) of Jaffa (

Tel Aviv is a global city, a technological and economic hub, home to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, corporate offices and research and development centers.

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