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team Portugal where Croatia started to play with seven players who were normally left on the bench. Croatia was eliminated from the tournament in the quarterfinals after losing 2-1 to Germany (Germany national football team). '''International Game Technology''' is a Nevada based company specializing in the design, development, manufacturing, sales and distribution of gaming machines and network system products internationally, as well as online and mobile gaming solutions for regulated markets. The company's main offices are in Las Vegas (Las Vegas metropolitan area) and Reno with other offices around the United States. Outside of the USA the company has been involved in online gaming since 2005. IGT has interactive offices in San Francisco, London, Manchester, UK, Tallinn and Stockholm. Cold Start Palin begins at the North Pole, flying there on a small aeroplane fitted with skis. (The North Pole scene had to be filmed earlier than the rest of the journey due to weather issues.) From there, he heads to Greenland, then the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, where the towns of Ny Ålesund and Longyearbyen are located. From there he sails across the Barents Sea on a supply ship to the Norwegian port city of Tromsø, where he visits a statue of Roald Amundsen, the first man to reach the South Pole. He also meets some avid Norwegian football fans. In the town of Karasjok, he meets up with the Sami people and pans for gold in the Karasjoka River. From there, Palin travels by bus and crosses the border from Norway to Finland, where he visits Santa Claus at the Santa Claus Village on the Arctic Circle near Rovaniemi. He takes an overnight Finnish train (VR Group) to Helsinki; he relaxes in a sauna near Helsinki with Neil Hardwick and Lasse Lehtinen. Then Palin catches a ferry to Tallinn, his first stop in the Soviet Union. He visits with Estonians who sing a song, dreaming of the day when Estonia would again be a free nation. Then Palin catches a train headed for Leningrad. DATE OF DEATH 16 June 1970 PLACE OF DEATH Tallinn, Estonia goals2 stadium Tiigiveski Sportplatz, Tallinn Attendance: 2,000 Referee: Akel (Karl Akel) (Estonia) 20px Sweden (Image:Flag of Sweden.svg) Sweden (Sweden national football team): David Andersson (David Andersson (footballer)) - Nils Pettersson, Isidor Carlsson - Gösta Pettersson-Pejne, Harald Andersson, Eugen Boström - Ruben Nilsson, Bertil Karlsson (Bertil Karlsson (footballer)), Eric Dahlström, John Björkström, Ivar Eriksson. goals2 Kling (John Kling (footballer)) 1', 17', 73' Hedström (Axel Hedström) 3', 31' Lööf (Ernst Lööf) 33', 68' stadium Kadriorg Stadium, Tallinn Attendance: 6,000 Referee: Krūmiņš (Gustavs Krūmiņš) (Latvia) 20px Sweden (Image:Flag of Sweden.svg) Sweden (Sweden national football team): Knut Norrby - Henry Åström, Ingvar Persson - Hugo Eliasson, Thure Svensson, Einar Snitt - Ernst Lööf, John Kling (John Kling (footballer)), John Sundberg, Axel Hedström, Gösta Pettersson (Gösta Pettersson (footballer)). birth_date WikiPedia:Tallinn Dmoz:Regional Europe Estonia Harjumaa Tallinn Commons:Category:Tallinn

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to Panevėžys and then along the Via Baltica through Pasvalys, Bauska, Riga, Ainaži, Pärnu to Tallinn. Anušauskas (2005), p. 618 The demonstrators peacefully linked hands for 15 minutes at 19:00 local time (16:00 GMT). Later, a number of local gatherings and protests took place. In Vilnius, about 5,000 people gathered in the Cathedral Square (Cathedral Square in Vilnius), holding candles and singing national songs


out of limestone rock. Permanent exhibition is obviously focused on Estonian art in a wide interval of time. Quality of many pieces is very good and well worth a visit. Also very interesting is the (not too spontaneous) turn of interests of artists toward socialist themes during the USSR period. Exhibitions of modern art, mixed with net social applications, are often surprising and amusing. Not to be missed or overlooked. *

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WikiPedia:Tallinn Dmoz:Regional Europe Estonia Harjumaa Tallinn Commons:Category:Tallinn

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; ''Lindanäs'' in Swedish, also mentioned as ''Ledenets'' in Old East Slavic. According to some theories the name derived from mythical Linda, the wife of Kalev and the mother of Kalevipoeg. who in an Estonian legend carried rocks to her husband's grave that formed

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- Soccer - MLS Toronto FC: Mo's loans were costly publisher Slam.canoe.ca date September 5, 2007 accessdate January 26, 2012 Dale Mitchell (Dale Mitchell (soccer)) then decided not to call up any Canadian players playing in North America for that summer's friendlies.

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-class cadets are divided between the 45 day legs, due to the fact that with a smaller crew, each cadet can get more one-on-one training than they would if all of the cadets were on board at once. This idea had been used in the college's past, and with the student population growing rapidly, was reinstated for the 2010 Summer Sea Term. Athens, Dublin, Barbados, Antwerp, Naples, Barcelona, Genoa, London, Tallinn, Istanbul, Dubrovnik, Split (Split (city)), Kiel, Valetta, and Copenhagen are some of the recent ports of call for the ''Empire State VI''. * June 13 – Fifteen Fleet Air Arm Blackburn Skuas of No. 800 (800 Naval Air Squadron) and No. 803 (803 Naval Air Squadron) squadrons from HMS ''Ark Royal'' join Royal Air Force Bristol Beaufort torpedo bombers escorted by Bristol Blenheim fighters in attacking ''Scharnhorst'' and other German warships anchored in Trondheimsfjord, Norway. After the Beauforts attack earlier than planned, the Skuas encounter heavy antiaircraft (Antiaircraft artillery) fire during their attack, and eight are shot down. * June 14 – Two Soviet (Soviet Union) Ilyushin DB-3T (Ilyushin DB-3) bombers shoot down (Kaleva (airplane)) the Finnish (Finland) Aero O Y (Finnair) Junkers Ju 52 airliner ''Kaleva'' shortly after it takes off from Tallinn, Estonia. It crashes into the Gulf of Finland, killing all nine people on board, including American diplomatic clerk Henry W. Antheil, Jr., the younger brother of composer George Antheil. * June 15–18 – Royal Air Force fighter cover allows the evacuation by sea from France to the United Kingdom of 52,104 troops from Cherbourg and St. Malo, France, without loss. Reinert then worked for the STEP group in Oslo (1991–1995) and later became Director of Research of the Norsk Investorforum, a think tank set up by large Norwegian corporations (1995–2000). He also held a part-time position at The Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM), a research institution established by the University of Oslo. In 2000, he became the Executive Chairman of The Other Canon Foundation, a small center and network for heterodox economics research. Since 2004, he is Professor of Technology Governance and Development Strategies at the Tallinn University of Technology in Tallinn, Estonia. He lectures in five languages. Other Canon Documenting The Other Canon He studied at the universities of Berlin (Humboldt University of Berlin) and Göttingen (university of Göttingen), worked at the ''Monumenta Germaniae historica'', and in 1869 became professor of history at the University of Bern, and four years later at Heidelberg (University of Heidelberg). He also spent some time in the Russian Empire, teaching at Reval (Tallinn) (Tallinn) and at the University of Dorpat (Tartu) (University of Tartu). He died at Heidelberg. * The Hopewell Centre (Hopewell Centre, Hong Kong) in Hong Kong, China is completed. * The Tallinn TV Tower in Tallinn, Estonia is completed for the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow. * The Vilnius TV Tower in Vilnius, Lithuania is completed on the last day of the year. *'''Stalini tänav''' (Stalin Street) – now Vestervalli tänav (Vestervalli Street), Narva *'''Stalini väljak''' (Stalin Square) (1940–1960) – now Viru väljak (Viru Square) (Viru Square), Tallinn WikiPedia:Tallinn Dmoz:Regional Europe Estonia Harjumaa Tallinn Commons:Category:Tallinn

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''Maxim Gorky'' was laid down at the Ordzhonikidze Yard (Baltic Shipyard), Leningrad (Saint Petersburg) on 20 December 1936 as a slightly improved version, Project 26bis as designated by the Soviets, of the first pair of ''Kirov''-class cruisers, which were called Project 26. She was launched on 30 April 1938 and was completed on 12 December 1938. The ship, and her escorts, ran into the German-laid "Apolda" minefield in the Gulf of Riga while providing cover for Soviet

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; Tallinn-Linnahall Heliport (Tallinn Linnahall Heliport) Tallinn Linnahall EECL '''Tallinn-Ülemiste Airport (Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport)''' (Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport) Tallinn Ülemiste EETN ceased publication headquarters Tallinn, Estonia circulation birth_date '''Marko Asmer''' (born 30 July 1984

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in Tallinn. At the same time, he became a member of the chorus at the Estonia Theatre in Tallinn. His solo opera debut was a tiny part in ''Eugene Onegin (Eugene Onegin (opera))'' (1944). He soon became one of the most revered singers with this opera company, with whom he sang from 1951 until his death in 1975. work Tallinn University of Technology location Tallinn, Estonia date 2009-06-08 name Elektriraudtee locale Tallinn and Harju County transit_type Commuter rail '''Elektriraudtee''' (''Electric Railway'' in Estonian (Estonian language)) is an Estonian railway operator of electric commuter train (Regional rail)s in Tallinn and the surrounding Harju County in Estonia. It is commonly referred to as the ''Tallinn Suburban Railway'' because it transports commuters in and out of the capital city. Elektriraudtee is a state-owned company (Government-owned corporation). Network The Elektriraudtee network extends in two main directions, eastward and westward, from the capital Tallinn, the total length of the lines being 132 km. Both lines start at Tallinn's central train station (''Balti jaam'', literally ''The Baltic Station''), which is located in the centre of the network. The eastward line goes to Aegviidu. The westward line goes to the town Keila, where it divides into two, with one branch continuing towards the harbour city Paldiski and the other towards inland Riisipere. The Paldiski branch splits at Klooga (Klooga, Estonia), with a short branch going to the beach at Klooga-rand. Architecture Jakriborg's architectural style has a variety of intricate maze-like streets and passageways. http: www.worldphotographyawards.org profile Peter-NILSSON photo Birches-I photo Absolute-Landscape photo Jakriborg 71988.aspx Jakriborg is not connected to traditional styles of other, more northern, parts of Scandinavia, nor with the functionalism that has been dominant in most of Europe for much of the 20th century. Instead, the style is inspired by pre-industrial town architecture found in the coastal region of the southern Baltic (Baltic Sea) and the North Sea between Flanders and Tallinn, of which the old Hansa City of Lübeck is the best known example. http: www.a10.eu magazine issues 1 housing_jakriborg.html Jakriborg has been criticised by architects as a pastiche of a medieval town. Career Mart Laar was born in Viljandi. He studied history at the University of Tartu and graduated in 1983, he received his Master's degree in Philosophy from the same university in 1995 and his Doctorate in 2005. Laar worked as a history teacher in Tallinn, and was the past presidents of Council of Historians of the Foundation of the Estonia Inheritance, the Society for the Preservation of Estonia History and the Estonian Students' Society. As a professional historian Laar has written many books on Estonian and Soviet history, among them his book ''War in the Woods: Estonia's Struggle for Survival, 1944–1956'' a work about the Forest Brothers anti-Soviet resistance movement. height 70 National Coalition Party Pro Patria ''b.'' 29 March 1929, Tallinn ''d.'' 14 March 2006, Tallinn - ''Finnjet'' WikiPedia:Tallinn Dmoz:Regional Europe Estonia Harjumaa Tallinn Commons:Category:Tallinn


'''Tallinn''' ( ) is the capital and largest city (List of cities and towns in Estonia) of Estonia.

Tallinn occupies an area of The city was a European Capital of Culture for 2011, along with Turku in Finland.

The city was known as '''Reval''' from the 13th century until 1917 and again during the Nazi occupation of Estonia from 1941 to 1944.

32.7% of Estonia's total population lives in Tallinn.

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