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run business

very centrally located at the edge of the Old Town. In the Soviet days, when Tallinn was a hotbed of espionage, Viru was the city's premier hotel and every single room was famously bugged by the KGB. Today it's just a very good Finnish-run business hotel, and even the gray facade has been whitewashed. * WikiPedia:Tallinn Dmoz:Regional Europe Estonia Harjumaa Tallinn Commons:Category:Tallinn

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, they are rather passive. * WikiPedia:Tallinn Dmoz:Regional Europe Estonia Harjumaa Tallinn Commons:Category:Tallinn

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Coadjutor Christoph von Mecklenburg (Christopher, Duke of Mecklenburg-Gadebusch), Kettler gave to Magnus the portions of The Kingdom of Livonia, which he had taken possession of, but they refused to give him any more land. Once Eric XIV of Sweden became king he took quick actions to get involved in the war. He negotiated a continued peace with Muscovy and spoke to the burghers (Burgess (title)) of Reval (Tallinn) city. He offered them goods to submit to him as well

hosting international

; Narva mnt 13, 10151 circulation Russian musicologist (musicology) Elena Dubinets, music research coordinator for the SSO, joined the ensemble in 2002 as artistic advisor, and has been largely responsible for transforming them from a local to an international institution, hosting international festivals such as ''Icebreaker I: Voices from New Russia'' (2004) and ''Icebreaker II: Baltic Voices'' (2004); the planned ''Icebreaker III'' (2006) will feature music from the countries of the Caucasus. They have travelled twice to Eastern Europe, scoring critical successes in Moscow, St. Petersburg (Saint Petersburg), and Tallinn, and are scheduled to tour Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Ecuador in spring 2005. Career Vaher, born in Tallinn in 1974, was educated at the University of Tartu, where he received a bachelors degree in law. A carrier politician and civil servant Vaher served as Director of the State Audit Office as well as a member of the Tallinn City Council, before being appointed to the Minister of Justice position in the Juhan Parts government. Chairman of Reform Party and Minister of Economics On 21 November 2004, Ansip became Chairman of Estonian Reform Party because the party's founder and hitherto chairman, former Prime Minister Siim Kallas, had become EU Commissioner and Vice President and thus had to move to Brussels. It was obvious that Ansip would have to move to Tallinn, and a chance opened up when the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications in the coalition government of Juhan Parts, Meelis Atonen, a party colleague, had to resign. Ansip became his successor on 13 September. His track record as Minister is more difficult to evaluate because of the short duration of his service. WikiPedia:Tallinn Dmoz:Regional Europe Estonia Harjumaa Tallinn Commons:Category:Tallinn

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throughout the hotel. *

famous victory

. - 8 August 1998 Tallinn Estonia Song Festival Grounds (Tallinn Song Festival Grounds) - '''In Your Pocket''' (IYP) is a European city guide publisher and online tourist information provider. As of April 2008 it publishes city guides to 68 destinations and provides free online information to over 100 cities in 23 countries in Europe, from Athens to Zürich, Ljubljana, Belfast to Bucharest, Tallinn to Tirana and St. Petersburg to Sofia. Since then the four founders have franchised the ''In Your Pocket'' guides, which cover key tourist cities as well as obscure off-beat destinations such as Athens, Belfast, Berlin, Brașov, Bucharest, Český Krumlov, Derry, Dublin, Dubrovnik, Frankfurt, Gdańsk, Gdynia, Haapsalu, Kaliningrad, Kaunas, Kiev, Klaipėda, Korça, Kraków, Leipzig, Liepāja, Ljubljana, Łódź, Lviv, Minsk, Moscow, Narva, Odessa, Palanga, Pärnu, Peć, Poiana Brașov, Poznań, Prague, Pristina, Prizren, Riga, Rijeka

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3–0 3–0 1994 World Cup qualifier (1994 FIFA World Cup qualification#(UEFA – Group 1)) - '''Samuel Greig''', or '''Samuil Karlovich Greig''' (Самуил Карлович Грейг), as he was known in Russia (30 November 1736, Inverkeithing – 15 October 1788, Tallinn) - Scottish (Scotland)-born Russian admiral who distinguished himself in the Battle of Chesma (1770) and the Battle of Hogland (1788). His son Alexey Greig also made a spectacular career in the Imperial Russian Navy. In 1872, after the railway line was extended to Revel (Tallinn), the Peterhof Railway Station was renamed to its present form. In 1931-32, the station was reconstructed. A nearby vestibule of the Baltiyskaya Metro Station (Saint Petersburg Metro) was opened in 1955. Since 1933, the terminal has been used to handle suburban communications only. foundation 1999 location Tallinn, Estonia key_people Early life Rudolf Tobias was born in Käina Parish on the island of Hiiumaa. He was the son of a parish clerk. Tobias received his first musical training from his father. Under his father’s tutelage, he began musical training at an early age and composing his first composition exercises from 1882 when he was 9 years old. Eesti Muusika Infokeskus In 1885 he entered the Haapsalu school and studied piano under Catharina von Gernet, a local pianist. After he graduated, Tobias moved with his parents to Kullamaa, where his father had become the village's parish clerk. In 1889 Tobias entered Tallinn Nicolai High School, where he passed the tutor’s

numerous vocal

(1953), Violin Concerto (1958), Symphony (1968), and since that date numerous vocal and choral works which are widely performed. Much of her work has been inspired by the rich folk music of Estonia. *2003 Bergen (Bergen, Norway), Norway ( October 2 - October 5) *2002 Tartu and Tallinn, Estonia (December 5 - December 8) *2001 Jyväskylä, Finland (November 9 - November 11) Skype was founded in 2003 by Janus Friis from Denmark and Niklas Zennström from Sweden

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center TLL align center EETN bgcolor #DCDCDC Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport # align center WikiPedia:Tallinn Dmoz:Regional Europe Estonia Harjumaa Tallinn Commons:Category:Tallinn

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: www.taksod.net Taksod.net in Oct 2009. * '''1taxo''' Company that brings under one roof independent and licensed taxi drivers and gives the opportunity to order the closest available taxi near you. They also have a handy mobile version of the site. By car thumb Traffic in Tallinn (File:New and old trolley bus in Tallinn.jpg) The road rules and driving style in Tallinn can be confusing to tourists. The one and two way roads change


'''Tallinn''' ( ) is the capital and largest city (List of cities and towns in Estonia) of Estonia.

Tallinn occupies an area of The city was a European Capital of Culture for 2011, along with Turku in Finland.

The city was known as '''Reval''' from the 13th century until 1917 and again during the Nazi occupation of Estonia from 1941 to 1944.

32.7% of Estonia's total population lives in Tallinn.

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