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(video game) Lineage ''. Lineage was the first MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) to exceed the record of 100,000 concurrent users for the first time in Korea in December 2000. The success of this game helped the company expand to locations in Taiwan, China, Japan, Europe and the United States. The call is a ''(hoo) hoo hoo HOO'' or a deep ''goke-goke-ga-LOOO'' or a loud scream. The alarm call is a bark, ''wow-wow''. Some subspecies are known

, announced it had partnered with Electronic Arts to develop a massively multiplayer online role-playing game based on the Dungeon Keeper license. ''NetDragonWebsoft - Dugeon Keeper Online Press Release'' Retrieved 02-12-08 The game is slated to appear only in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. '' Kotaku - EA Announce

and the Grenadines , Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, United States of America, Vanuatu, Wallis and Futuna (Wallis (Wallis and Futuna)). '''''PristonTale''''' is a 3D fantasy MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game) that centers on action-based role-playing (Action role-playing game). It was originally released in South Korea, 2001, by Yedang Online.


format ZIP accessdate April 30, 2009 Series Development ''Spring Waltz'', a 20-episode Korean television miniseries, was the final feature of the season-themed drama series directed by Yoon Seok-Ho. Although the story shares the similar format of genuine love

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, character evolution, and tradition. Many characters have more than one stroke correct form (Variant Chinese character). Stroke orders may vary depending on the script style (Chinese script styles). Unlike the other standards, this is not a governmental standard. * '''ROC stroke order''' (

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telescope—an interferometer. An additional compact array of four 12-metre and twelve 7-metre antennas will complement this. The antennas can be spread across the desert plateau over distances from 150 metres to 16 kilometres, which will give ALMA a powerful variable "zoom"—watch apublic videos eso0935e video of an ALMA transporter to see how the antennas are moved. ALMA will be able to probe the Universe at millimeter and submillimeter wavelengths with unprecedented

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著翅膀的女孩. The song was originally a 30 second English Commercial song sang by a new female singer in 2008 named Fiona Fung. The song was then changed to a 30 second Mandarin Commercial song sang by Joey (note that this is different from 揮著翅膀的女孩). Finally, this short commercial song was changed to a full Cantonese pop song (also sang by Joey), and this was the version that was plugged promoted and later on topped the charts, becoming a hit and dominating the music awards. In contrast, the Zhengyi Dao priests can marry, eat meat, and live in their own homes. They are only priests part-time and hold other jobs. They are dominant in southern China. They are led by a hereditary Celestial Master (List of Celestial Masters) based in the Republic of China (Taiwan) since fleeing after the end of the Chinese Civil War in 1949. Since he is beyond the PRC's control, all mainland priests are supposed to register with the Communist government's Chinese Taoist Association to break their bonds with him. Many have not joined. The process of Anglicizing Chinese names follows geopolitical history. Anglicized names in Hong Kong and Singapore come from the vernaculars of Cantonese, Hokkien (Hokkien dialect) (Min Nan), Teochew (Teochew dialect), Fuzhou (Hokchew (Fuzhou dialect)), Hakka (Hakka (language)), Hainan, etc. In Taiwan, Anglicized names follow the American (United States) Yale system instead of the British (United Kingdom) Wade-Giles system. In China proper, known as the People's Republic of China (PRC), romanization into alphabets follows an originally invented system called "Hanyu Pinyin," which translates all Chinese characters from the Mandarin vernacular for standardisation. Relay For Life International The following countries hold Relay For Life events http: www.relayforlife.org relay international : Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Denmark, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Ireland, Jamaica, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Portugal, South Africa, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States and Zambia. Native distribution ''Asplenium nidus'' is native to east tropical '''Africa''' (in Tanzania, inclusive of the Zanzibar Archipelago); temperate and tropical '''Asia''' (in Indonesia; the prefecture (prefectures of Japan) of Kyushu, and the Ryukyu Islands of Japan; Malaysia; the Philippines; Taiwan; and Thailand); and in '''Australasia''' (in the northern part of the state (states and territories of Australia) of Queensland in Australia) Shortly after midnight on 10 May 1996, the Adventure Consultants expedition began a summit attempt from Camp IV, atop the South Col. They were joined by climbers from Scott Fischer's Mountain Madness company, as well as expeditions sponsored by the governments of Taiwan and India. Her debut album, called


the relationship between Taiwan and China. Article needs to be reordered somewhat - the current political situation section does not make sense coming before the section that explains the historical dominance of one party. Also, article needs a picture. Snowspinner (User:Snowspinner) 17:56, Jul 5, 2004 (UTC) ''Under One Roof'' has been exported to Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Canada. It was the first local series to be aired in Canada and Australia. thumb Game designer and producer Jun Takeuchi said that Capcom has been considering a complete remake of ''Resident Evil 2''. alt A photograph of a young adult Japanese man wearing glasses. (File:Jun Takeuchi 2010.jpg) The story of ''Resident Evil 2'' was the basis for several licensed (License#Intellectual property) works and later games. Ted Adams and Kris Oprisko loosely adapted it into the comics "Raccoon City – R.I.P." and "A New Chapter of Evil", which were released in the first and second issues of ''Resident Evil: The Official Comic Book Magazine'' in March and June 1998.

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;a lap within one minute" special challenge for the Basketball Team of Taipei Municipal Songshan (w:Songshan) Senior High School. With their excellent performance, the team succeeded in meeting this challenge. thumb left 240px Launch of the Taiwan Excellent Brand Association. (Image:2007TaiwanBrandsTrendForum TEBA Launch.jpg) As "Brand International Promotion Association" and "Taiwan Excellent Manufacturer (w:Manufacturer)s

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. Eason Chan began his Moving On Stage World Tour in Feb, 2008. The already completed stops include: Taiwan,

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Volcanic Rift Valley , New Zealand. It is the world's largest hot spring. Embassies and Consulates Among the countries that have diplomatic facilities in Ulan Bator are Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Laos, Russia, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Vietnam. ref>

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the Kuomintang were banned and media advocating either democracy or Taiwan independence was banned. Li Ao, a famous political activist in Taiwan, nationalist, and intellectual, had over 96 books banned from sale. Writer Bo Yang was jailed for eight years for his translation of the cartoon Popeye because the translation was interpreted as a criticism of leader Chiang Kai-shek. Taiwanese-language (Taiwanese Minnan) media was also banned, and children who spoke Taiwanese in school were physically punished. The revision of Criminal Acts against seditious speech in 1992 ended the persecution to political opponents. Second Vietnam Tour ''Coontz'' departed San Diego in January 1966 for a regular deployment as a unit of the U.S. Seventh Fleet for a total of six months. ''Coontz'' visited Shimoda, Shizuoka and Yokosuka, Japan; Subic Bay, Philippines, and Kaohsiung, Formosa (Taiwan). In March 1966, ''Coontz'' was awarded the Unit Commendation Ribbon for her WESTPAC performance. After completing her fourth Western Pacific route, ''Coontz'' changed operational control of Commander, First Fleet and returned to the United States 1 August 1966. In late September, Coontz entered Long Beach Naval Shipyard for a regular overhaul. *


t 臺灣 (wikt:臺灣) or 台灣 (wikt:台灣) s 台湾 (wikt:台湾) bpmf ㄊㄞˊ ㄨㄢ w T'ai²-wan¹ p Táiwān tp Táiwan mps Táiwān gr Tair'uan psp Taiwan hsn dwɛ 13 ua 44 hsn2 tan 44 ɣo 13 miɛn 13 kwa 13 poj Tâi-oân tl Tâi-uân h Thòi-vàn buc Dài-uăng j Toi 4 Waan 1 wuu the 平 uae 平 altname Republic of China t2 bpmf2 ㄓㄨㄥ ㄏㄨㄚˊ ㄇㄧㄣˊ ㄍㄨㄛˊ w2 Chung¹-hua² Min²-kuo² p2 Zhōnghuá Mínguó tp2 Jhonghuá Mínguó mps2 Jūng-huá Mín-guó gr2 Jonghwa Min'gwo psp2 Chunghwa Minkuo poj2 Tiong-hôa Bîn-kok tl2 Tiong-hûa Bîn-kok h2 Chûng-fà Mìn-koet buc2 Dṳ̆ng-huà Mìng-guók xej2 ﺟْﻮ ﺧُﻮَ مٍ ﻗُﻮَع j2 zung 1 waa 4 man 4 gwok 3 gan2 tung 1 fa 4 min 4 koet 7 wuu2 tson 平 gho 平 min 平 koh 入

'''Taiwan''' ( as well as Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu (Matsu Islands), and other minor islands (List of islands of the Republic of China). Neighboring states include the People's Republic of China (China) to the west, Japan to the east and northeast, and the Philippines to the south. Taipei is the seat of the central government. New Taipei (New Taipei City), encompassing the metropolitan area surrounding Taipei proper, is the most populous city (List of cities in Taiwan).

The island of Taiwan (formerly known as "''Formosa''") was mainly inhabited by Taiwanese aborigines until the Dutch (Dutch Formosa) and Spanish settlement (Spanish Formosa) during the Age of Discovery in the 17th century, when Han Chinese began immigrating to the island. In 1662, the pro-Ming (Southern Ming Dynasty) loyalist Koxinga expelled the Dutch and established the first Han Chinese polity on the island, the Kingdom of Tungning. The Qing Dynasty of China later defeated the kingdom and annexed Taiwan. By the time Taiwan was ceded to Japan (Empire of Japan) in 1895, the majority of Taiwan's inhabitants were Han Chinese either by ancestry or by assimilation (Cultural assimilation). The Republic of China (Republic of China (1912–49)) (ROC) was established in China in 1912. After Japan's surrender in 1945, the ROC assumed its control of Taiwan. Following the Chinese civil war, the Communist Party of China took full control of mainland China and founded the People's Republic of China (PRC) in 1949. The ROC relocated its government to Taiwan, and its jurisdiction became limited to Taiwan and its surrounding islands (Free area of the Republic of China). In 1971, the PRC assumed China's seat at the United Nations (China and the United Nations), which the ROC originally occupied. International recognition (Diplomatic recognition) of the ROC has gradually eroded as most countries switched recognition to the PRC. and the Holy See currently maintain official diplomatic relations with the ROC. It has unofficial ties with most other states via its representative offices (Taipei Representative Office).

Constitutionally, there is dispute over whether the government claims sovereignty over all of "China," in a definition that includes mainland China and Outer Mongolia, http: www.judicial.gov.tw constitutionalcourt p03_01_printpage.asp?expno 328 but the ROC has not made retaking mainland China a political goal since 1992. Cross-Strait relations as well as issues of national identity (Taiwanese identity#Relationship between Taiwanese Identity and Chinese Identity) within the country are important factors in Taiwanese politics and a cause of social and political division among political parties and their respective supporters.

During the latter half of the 20th century, Taiwan experienced rapid economic growth (Taiwan Miracle) and industrialization and is now an advanced industrial economy (Developed country). In the 1980s and early 1990s, Taiwan evolved into a multi-party democracy (List of political parties in the Republic of China) with universal suffrage. Taiwan is one of the Four Asian Tigers and a member of the WTO (World Trade Organization) and APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation). The 19th-largest economy (List of countries by GDP (PPP)) in the world, CIA World Factbook- GDP (PPP)

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