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email address 39 Changan West Rd lat long directions phone tollfree fax hours price content The, nearest MRT station - Zhongshan (on Danshui line). Taiwan's first art space dedicated to contemporary work. The red brick, former Taipei City Hall is easy to locate on an otherwise unexceptional road. Open Tues-Sun, 10AM-6PM. Admission NT$50. *

extremely numerous

get on, then you need to pay only when you get off. Until you get the hang of the system, just let the locals go first and follow their action. It's really not as complicated as it sounds, and bus drivers won't let you forget a second payment if you owe one! Besides, if you are transferring from the MRT to a bus within one hour, there is a discounted bus fare when using the Easycard, vice versa. By taxi Taxis are the most flexible way to get around, and are extremely numerous. They are expensive in comparison to mass transit, but are cheap when compared to taxis in the rest of the world. Taxis are metered, which meter starts at NT$70(an additional NT$20 is added over the meter for the taxi rates at night ). Most taxi drivers cannot speak English, and it will be necessary for non-Chinese speakers to have their '''destination written down in Chinese'''. '''Tipping''' is neither necessary nor expected. Since 2012, all passengers are required to buckle their seatbelt. Women and or children traveling at night are advised to use one of the reputable taxi companies. The toll free taxi hotline is 0800-055850 (maintained by Department of Transportation). Taiwanese taxi drivers tend to be more honest than in many other countries. They are notorious for their strong opinions on politics. A large majority of them support Taiwan independence as they spend all day listening to talk radio. They will probably be unable to share any of this with you if you do not speak Chinese. Avoid any potential political discussion. It is not advisable for lone women at night to hail a random taxi from the street - it is best to have the number of one of the bigger taxi companies and to call for a cab. Taking a taxi at night in Taipei is more dangerous than walking. By bicycle thumb 250px Some pavements (US English: sidewalks) in Taiwan have this sign to allow bicycling. (File:TW-Art067-1.png) Even though motorized traffic is very heavy in Taipei, bicycles are still legitimate vehicles to get around. There are long cycle paths beside most rivers in the city. Bicycles can also be carried on the Taipei metro but only at Saturdays, Sundays, and National Holidays and via certain stations - bicycles aren't permitted in larger interchange stations such as Taipei Main Station and Zhongxiao Fuxing, and bicycles are only permitted in the first and last carriages. Properly packaged folded bicycles are exempt from the restrictions upon ordinary bicycles.There are not many segregated bike lanes but on some busy streets cycling on the pavement (US English: sidewalk) is permitted where signed or marked, as in Japan. Taipei has a great bike sharing system - "YouBike". It is very cheap if you register through their site - first half hour is free, which is enough for most every ride you need. You use the "You card" (the same as for the subway and buses) to rent them. It's all very easy and the bikes are modern and convenient. By car Renting a car is not only unnecessary, but not recommended in Taipei unless you are planning to head out of the city. Traffic tends to be frantic, and parking spaces are expensive and difficult to find. Most of the main tourist destinations are reachable by public transport, and you should use that as your main mode of travel. Address system The Taipei address system is very logical and user-friendly. The hub of the city is the corner of the east-west running Zhongxiao (忠孝) and north-south running Zhongshan (中山) Rds, however while the north south divide is made at Zhongxiao here, further east it is made instead at Bade (八德) Rd, something which confuses even people who have lived in Taipei for years. All major roads are identified by their direction in relation to these roads. For example, all sections of the north-south running Fuxing (復興) Rd north of Bade are called Fuxing North Rd (復興北路). Likewise, those sections to the south are called Fuxing South Rd (復興南路). Those that cross Zhongshan road are similarly identified as either east or west. Section (段; duàn) numbers begin at 'one' near the two defining roads and increase at intersections of major highways. For example, Ren'ai (仁愛) Rd (which has only an east location and therefore does not have a direction suffix), Section 1 will be close to Zhongshan South Rd. The section number will increase as one moves further away from Zhongshan Rd. So, for example, when Ren'ai Rd reaches Dunhua South Rd (敦化南路) far in the east of the city, a typical address could be: 7F, 166 Ren'ai Rd, Section 4. The house and lane numbers begin at zero every section. Lanes (巷; xiàng) lead off roads (路; lù) and streets (街; jiē), while alleys (弄; nòng) branch off lanes. Talk Taipei is a city of people from many different origins, and you can find a good mix of Chinese (people whose families migrated to Taiwan from 1949 onwards) and native Taiwanese (people whose families had been in Taiwan since the Ming or Qing Dynasties). While Chinese phrasebook Mandarin is the ''lingua franca'', and is spoken and understood by most people under the age of 60, other Chinese "dialects" are commonly heard as well. Among the native Taiwanese, while speakers of Minnan (Minnan phrasebook) form the majority, there is also a significant number of Hakka-speaking native Taiwanese living in Taipei. '''English''' is compulsory in all Taiwanese schools, and most people under the age of 40 will have at least a basic grasp of English, though few are fluent. Nevertheless, it goes without saying that learning some Mandarin and or Minnan will make your trip much smoother. See WikiPedia:Taipei Dmoz:Regional Asia Taiwan Localities Taipei City commons:台北市

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, Formosa TV, Gala Television, Public Television Service, SET Metro, SET News, SET Taiwan, Sanlih E-Television, Shuang Xing, TTV Family, TTV Finance, TTV World, TVBS, TVBS-G, TVBS-NEWS, Taiwan Broadcasting System, Videoland Television Network and Taiwan Television. Newspapers Newspapers include ''Apple Daily (Apple Daily (Taiwan))'', ''Central Daily News'', ''The China Post'', ''China Times'', '' Kinmen Daily

ancient architecture

. City Gates Even though very little ancient architecture remains in Taipei, four of Taipei's five original city gates still stand. The city walls which surrounded the old city and the West Gate were demolished by the Japanese to make way for roads and railway lines. Of the four gates still standing, the Kuomintang renovated three of them in its effort to "sinicize" Taipei and converted them from the original southern Chinese architecture to northern Chinese palace style architecture, leaving only the '''North Gate''' ('''beimen''' 北門 or more formally '''Cheng'en men''' 承恩門) in its original Qing Dynasty splendour today. This gate sits forlornly in the traffic circle where the Zhonghua, Yanping and Boai roads meet. Do WikiPedia:Taipei Dmoz:Regional Asia Taiwan Localities Taipei City commons:台北市

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to teach young people the dialect of North China as a national language. Pupils also were taught to revere Confucian ethics, to develop Han Chinese nationalism, and to accept Taiwan as a part of China. title Starting Anew on Taiwan publisher Hoover Institution date 2008 accessdate 2009-06-05 Other reasons for the policy were to combat the Japanese influences on the culture that had occurred in the previous 50 years, and to help unite the recent immigrants from mainland China that had come to Taiwan with the KMT and among whom there was a tendency to be more loyal to one's city, country or province than to China as a nation. WikiPedia:Taipei Dmoz:Regional Asia Taiwan Localities Taipei City commons:台北市

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female mayor of a special municipality in the Republic of China.In 2007, the ROC applies for membership in the United Nations under the name "Taiwan", and is rejected by the General Assembly. The joint venture, called De Beers Diamond Jewellers Ltd sells diamond jewellery. The first De Beers boutique opened in 2002 on London's Old Bond Street as the brand's flagship store. A year later, the brand expanded to Asia with the opening of their first Tokyo stores. The brand expanded


, salads, etc. Details on Kiwi Gourmet Burgers''', Shida Rd, Lane 114, no. 5. Tel (+886) "2" 2363 6015. Come out of Taipower MRT Exit 3. It is opposite the Wellcome supermarket in the lane. Excellent gourmet burgers in a relaxed cafe style setting. There are 11 NZ beef burgers, 10 free range chicken burgers, 3 NZ lamb burgers and 9 vegetarian burgers. Opened by 2 kiwis, everything is made on site to high standards. There are NZ beers, real milkshakes, fruit yoghurt smoothies, Rooibos tea, Savanna & Hunters cider. This the website WikiPedia:Taipei Dmoz:Regional Asia Taiwan Localities Taipei City commons:台北市

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birth_place Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China occupation Actress Biography She was born in Taipei, and was "discovered" in 1972 by a film producer, and first appeared in many Taiwanese romance films based on the novels of Chiung Yao. Her movie debut is in ''Chuangwai''. She later switched over to making movies in Hong Kong. At the height of her popularity she was arguably one of the most sought-after actresses

professional performance

,It has two campuses, one in Dazhi, Zhongshan District (Zhongshan District, Taipei), Taipei, and the other in Neimen District, Kaohsiung. Its professional performance and courses in design has been regarded as the ''60 top D-schools in the world'' by the ''BusinessWeek'' in 2006. The Global List of Design Schools, 2007 http: interactive_reports talenthunt index.asp?chan innovation_special+report+--+d-schools_special+report+--+d-schools ref>

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to cancer. WikiPedia:Taipei Dmoz:Regional Asia Taiwan Localities Taipei City commons:台北市


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