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, Budapest, Sármellék. * By train *

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Savariensum'' (Claudius' Colony of Savarians), and it was the capital of the ''Pannonia Superior'' province of the Roman Empire. It lay close to the important "Amber Road" trade route. The city had an imperial residence, a public bath and an amphitheatre. In 2008, remains of a mithraeum (Savaria Mithraeum) were discovered. Emperor Constantine the Great visited Savaria several times. He ended the persecution of Christians, which previously claimed the lives

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Wars of 1703–1711. Along with Szombathely, Kőszeg was the most important fortress for the kuruc military leadership from 1705–1708, to liberate and hold onto the areas west of the Rába. '''Szombathely''' is the centre of Vas county in Western Transdanubia in Hungary. Get in The nearest international airports operate in Vienna, Bratislava, Graz

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-mansion, commemorated to Joyce since 1997, at 40–41 Fő street, which used to be the property of an actual Jewish family called Blum. Hungarian author László Najmányi in his 2007 novel, ''The Mystery of the Blum-mansion'' (A Blum-ház rejtélye) describes the results of his research on the connection between Joyce and the Blum family. Further major tournament victories were achieved at Hastings (Hastings International Chess Congress) 1953–54, Belgrade 1954, Gotha (Gotha (town)) 1957


: frame002.htm The Countrywide Blue Tour (in Hungarian:Országos Kéktúra , Kéktúra or simply OKT) is a part of the Hungarian section of the European Long Distance Walking Route E4. The route starts atop the Irottkő Mountain (884 m) on the Austrian-Hungarian border a short distance from Szombathely. Theaters *

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of March. Its main emphasis is on those symphony orchestra concerts, opera and ballet performances which will appeal to the widest audience, but the program also includes open-air events and an Operetta Festival. The performances take place in the capital's most important concert halls and theatres, and often near historic monuments. Over the years a number of regional towns have been included in the Budapest Spring Festival - Debrecen, Gödöllő, Győr, Kaposvár, Kecskemét, Sopron, Szentendre and Szombathely - and thus it has more or less expanded into a national festival. The list of events always includes renowned foreign guests as well as distinguished artists and groups from the Hungarian musical life. Highlights include classical concerts, productions at the Opera House (Hungarian State Opera House), open air events, the Operetta Festival, the Dance House Convention, the Dance Panorama, and what are considered to be the real treat, the exhibitions. Wikipedia:Szombathely Commons:Category:Szombathely

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Vasvár légifotó.jpg name Vasvár alt German: Eisenburg url lat 47.054 long 16.802 directions SE 25 km take a train content Peace House - here signed the treatment of Vasvár, Dominican Convent and Church, Roman rampart remains, Chapel of Szentkút, Lake of Szentkút *

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'''Szombathely''' ( , is the 10th largest city in Hungary. It is the administrative centre of Vas county in the west of the country, located near the border with Austria. The oldest city in Hungary, it is known as the birthplace of Saint Martin of Tours, and the Duke of Armbrust (Armbrust (surname)).

The Irish writer James Joyce wrote that Rudolf Virág, a fictional character and father of his character Leopold Bloom in ''Ulysses (Ulysses (novel)),'' came from here.

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