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original home

integrated into the Redcoat Trail (Saskatchewan Highway 13) of the 19th century (History of Canada). Gravelbourg is now a key link on the 21st century Trans Canada Trail. History When the Lethbridge Broncos returned to their original home of Swift Current following the 1985–86 season, hockey fans in Lethbridge did not have to wait long for a new team. After only one year out of the league, Lethbridge returned to the WHL in 1987–88 when the Calgary Wranglers moved south

a large and loyal fanbase in Lethbridge, the Broncos were bought by local interests in Swift Current and moved back to their original home. The Lethbridge Hurricanes moved in to replace the Broncos in southern Alberta. The city of Swift Current (pop. 14,946) is the largest center in the constituency. Smaller communities in the district include the villages of Pennant (Pennant, Saskatchewan), Stewart Valley (Stewart Valley, Saskatchewan), Wymark (Wymark, Saskatchewan) and Success


;op viewarticle&artid 270 email airport@swiftcurrent.ca address lat long directions Located four miles east of the city phone +1 306-778-4803 tollfree fax hours Hours of operation: 8AM-5PM price phoneextra +1 306-741-6217 content Get around See *

1PM-5PM; Su 1PM-4:30PM. Closed Sundays in July & August. Closed statutory holidays. price content *

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historical building

Court House Court House is also a designated historical building. Demographics


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government_footnotes government_type leader_title Mayor leader_name Jerrod Schafer leader_title1 Governing body leader_name1 Swift Current City Council leader_title2 MP (Members of the Canadian House of Commons) leader_name2 David L. Anderson (David Anderson (Saskatchewan politician)) (CON (Conservative Party of Canada)) - Cypress Hills—Grasslands leader_title3 Legislative


Saskatchewan's temperate climate, with much warmer winters and cooler summers than other areas in Saskatchewan. Combine this with the clean, exceptional water supply and reasonable property value this makes this community a truly great place to live. (In fact, residents celebrate their love for the town during their annual "I love Shaunavon Day"!) Born and raised in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, she briefly married Jack Murray as a teenager, moving with him to Vancouver Island before divorcing him at age 21. She subsequently met and married fellow actor John Drainie, with whom she had six children including journalist Bronwyn Drainie. DATE OF BIRTH September 11, 1917 PLACE OF BIRTH Swift Current, Saskatchewan DATE OF DEATH 2009 birth_date

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: www.swiftcurrent.ca * Swift Current & District Chamber of Commerce * Tourism Swift Current * Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park

running business

building is the EI Wood Building in downtown. The longest running business in Swift Current is the Imperial Hotel, also known as "The Big Eye" due to the large eye painted on the side. It was built in 1903 and was used as evidence that Swift Current should be granted village status. The owner, R.H. Corbett of Medicine Hat, needed the designation to obtain a liquor licence. McGowan, Don C. ''Grassland Settlers: The Swift Current Region During the Era of the Ranching Frontier

growing years

. He donated land to build Oman School in 1913. McGowan, Don C. ''The Green and Growing Years: Swift Current, 1907-1914''. Victoria: Cactus Publications, 1982. Other early industries included gathering bison bones for use in fertilizer manufacturing, the making of bone china and sugar refining. Métis (Métis people (Canada)) residents also ran a successful Red River ox cart "freighting" business to Battleford until the late 1880s. During the North-West

quot sports

Casino on October 31, 2012. They made over $4,000 for the Swift Current SPCA. They are in the process of making a new movie called "Swift Nightmares." Sports and recreation Swift Current is home to the Swift Current Broncos, a hockey (ice hockey) team that plays in the Western Hockey League. They play in the 3,239 seat Credit Union iPlex in the east end of town. The team has developed some of the world's greatest hockey players to the professional level, such as Tiger

local talent

Museum.JPG thumb right Swift Current Museum The city is home to the Swift Current Museum, the Art Gallery of Swift Current, the Lyric Theatre and the Swift Current Library. The city is also host to the Windscape Kite Festival, which is the largest festival of its kind in Western Canada. A group of local talent started up a movie company called Dead Prairies and their first feature-length film "Zombageddon" was filmed in Swift Current. Zombageddon's premiere took place at the Living Sky

Swift Current

population_note population_total 15,503 population_density_km2 644.9 population_density_sq_mi population_metro population_density_metro_km2 population_density_metro_sq_mi population_urban population_density_urban_km2 population_density_urban_sq_mi population_blank1_title Agglomeration population_blank1 17,535 population_density_blank1_km2 population_density_blank1_sq_mi timezone CST (North American Central Time Zone) utc_offset −6 timezone_DST utc_offset_DST latd 50 latm 17 lats 17 latNS N longd 107 longm 47 longs 38 longEW W elevation_footnotes tags-- elevation_m 817 elevation_ft postal_code_type postal_code area_code blank_name blank_info blank1_name blank1_info blank2_name blank2_info blank3_name blank3_info website footnotes

'''Swift Current''' (Assiniboine (Assiniboine language): ''Miníȟaȟa'' title AISRI Dictionary Database Search--prototype version. Assiniboine. "Montana" accessdate 2012-05-26 url http: zia.aisri.indiana.edu ~dictsearch cgi-bin testengltoxsrchNP.pl?host zia&pass &hasfont 0&srchlang English&srchstring river&database assin&srchtype AND&sortlang English&sndformat ra&maxhits 200&find Run_Search ) is a small city in southwest Saskatchewan. It is situated along the Trans Canada Highway (Saskatchewan provincial highway 1) east from Medicine Hat, Alberta. Swift Current grew 3.7% between 2006 and 2011 ending up at 15,503 residents. The city is surrounded by the Rural Municipality of Swift Current No. 137 (Swift Current No. 137, Saskatchewan).

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