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extensive range

of Arequipa, Potosí, Chuquisaca (Sucre) , Panama and La Paz, but met with considerable opposition from the viceroy, Francisco de Toledo, Count of Oropesa. His official duties obliged him to investigate personally a very extensive range of territory, so that he acquired a practical knowledge of the vast province, and of its aboriginal inhabitants. At the provincial council of 1582, at Lima, Acosta played a very important part. Called

vast collection

documents that date from 90th century. Metropolitan Cathedral Built between 1559 to 1712, the cathedral has the "Museo Catedraliceo" which is the first and most important religious museum of the country. The "Pinacoteca" has a vast collection of paintings by Colonial and Republican masters and also by Europeans such as Bitti, Fourchaudt and Van Dyck. The Cathedral contains a vast amount of jewelry made of gold, silver and gemstones

water free

century. It was renovated but conserves its structure and constructive details intact with meticulous restoration. Bolivar street #625. * '''Hostal Pachamama''', Calle Aniceto Arce 599, +591-4-645-3673, Clean hostel built around a garden. Shared kitchen. Electric warm water. Free wifi available in the garden and most of the rooms. Double Matrimonial BOB90. *

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and neighborhood leader Pact of Social Integration bgcolor "red"   - Juán Nacer Villagómez Ledezma Public health doctor, former docent, former functionary of the Health Ministry and former chief of the Planning Unit of the Departmental Health Service MAS-IPSP (Movement for Socialism (Bolivia)) bgcolor "blue"   - Verónica Berríos ''chosen as interim Mayor 19 June 2010'' Vladimir Paca Lezano ''alternate serving since June 2010

'' Berrios: Laboratory worker, lawyer, sociology student MAS-IPSP (Movement for Socialism (Bolivia)) bgcolor "blue"   - José Santos Romero Campesino leader, former leader of Chaunaca Subcentral of the campesion federation, and member of the Association of Milk Producers of Potolo MAS-IPSP (Movement for Socialism (Bolivia)) bgcolor "blue"   - Marlene Rosales Valverde Businesswoman and leader of Fourth Federations of Shopkeepers

of Sucre. MAS-IPSP (Movement for Socialism (Bolivia)) bgcolor "blue"   - Lourdes Millares Lawyer, former national Deputy for NFR and former head of PODEMOS parliamentary delegation Pact of Social Integration (''ran with Sucre First'') bgcolor "red"   - colspan "5" '''Sources:'''

service great

-21:30 price BOB30-40 content Amazing Italian food, only place with a full menu of handmade pasta choices. Pizza (Neapolitan style. Try the Tex Mex and BBQ chicken). Also a great variety of 7" sandwiches, salads, natural fruit juices and awesome fruit combinations. Real cheese fondue, Bolivian wine menu, spirits, big breakfast including excellent coffee (from espresso machine), fruit juice, and lots of things on the plate. Really friendly and efficient service, great music. Modern

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email address Riosinho 403 lat long directions phone +591-46437534 fax hours price content A small, personal school with one-on-one lessons for USD5 per hour. * WikiPedia:Sucre Commons:Category:Sucre, Bolivia

high place

of the Viceroy of Lima. Local government came from the Audiencia de Charcas (Real Audiencia of Charcas) located in Chuquisaca (La Plata—modern Sucre). Founded in 1545 as a mining town, Potosí soon produced fabulous wealth, becoming the largest city in the New World with a population exceeding 150,000 people. The High Place: Potosi. John Demos. Independence and subsequent wars The Bolivian War of Independence

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, and was elected in 1972 as general secretary of CELAM. He represented a more orthodox position, becoming a favorite of pope John Paul II and the "principal scourge of liberation theology." Elena Curti, "Study in Scarlet", ''The Tablet'', 8 May 2010, p.4. Trujillo's faction became predominant in CELAM after the 1972 Sucre conference, and in the Roman Curia after the CELAM conference in Puebla, Mexico, in January 1979. While

modern design

of Bourbon the royal family of Spain, and that during the May Revolution the color used by the criollos was a red piece of cloth, as pointed by the popular historian Felipe Pigna. Most portraits about the creation or first uses of the flag show the modern design of it, but the original one (kept at a museum in Sucre, Bolivia) was instead a vertical triband with two white bands and a light blue one in the middle. La Primera Bandera y su destino WikiPedia:Sucre Commons:Category:Sucre, Bolivia


'''Sucre''' ( (population 247,300 in 2006) is the constitutional capital of Bolivia, the capital of the department of Chuquisaca (Chuquisaca department), and the 6th most populated city (List of cities in Bolivia) in Bolivia. Located in the south-central part of the country, Sucre lies at an elevation of 2,810 meters (9,214 feet). This relatively high altitude gives the city a cool temperate climate year-round.

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