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century works

in the works of Horace and Ovid. The word ''stork'' is derived from the Old English word ''storc'', and appeared in the tenth-century works the ''Erfurt Glossary'', where the word is equated with ''Ciconia'', and Aelfric's (Ælfric of Eynsham) ''Homilies''. The word is related to the Old High German

international victory

it played its first international match in Budapest against the Hungarian team (Hungary national football team) and was defeated 1:0. In the third international match in Stockholm on May 28, 1922 Poland defeated Sweden (Sweden national football team) 2:1, scoring its first international victory. alias origin Stockholm, Sweden genre Death metal '''Bloodbath''' is a Swedish death metal supergroup (music

opera singing

is currently studying opera singing at the Sibelius Academy. death_date origin Stockholm, Sweden instrument Vocals thumb right 200px Paparizou with Nikos Panagiotidis (File:Antique Paparizou Panagiotidis.jpg) as Antique (Antique (duo)). In 1999, some DJ friends of her brother's asked her to make a demo of the Notis Sfakianakis hit "Opa Opa". Paparizou told them that the lyrics are for a man, so she asked to sing it with childhood friend Nikos Panagiotidis, Commons:Category:Stockholm Wikipedia:Stockholm Dmoz:Europe Sweden Stockholm County Localities Stockholm

opera production

on December 19, 1956. In 1957, it was a part of the first season of the Santa Fe Opera under the direction of John Crosby (John Crosby (conductor)), who persuaded the composer to attend rehearsals. Stravinsky returned to the SFO each summer through 1963. In 1961, Ingmar Bergman produced the opera at the Royal Swedish Opera in Stockholm, where it opened on April 22. The noteworthy 1975 Glyndebourne Festival Opera production was directed by John Cox, sets and costumes were

producing history

running from Stockholm to Åbo and across the Russian frontier was restarted in 1901. Lenin: TO F. I. DAN '''Paradox Interactive''' is a Swedish (Sweden) video game developer based in Stockholm that is known for producing historical (History) strategy computer games (Strategy video game). It is also a video game publisher, publishing its own games as well

art depicting

first Sam title Ytterby: The Tiny Swedish Island That Gave the Periodic Table Four Different Elements url http: id 2258112 entry 2260782 work Slate accessdate 22 March 2011 date 16 July 2010 Modern influence In modern times, Yggdrasil is sometimes depicted or referenced in modern popular culture. Modern works of art depicting Yggdrasil include ''Die Nornen'' (painting, 1888) by K. Ehrenberg; ''Yggdrasil'' (fresco, 1933) by Axel Revold, located

record industry

in the British Commonwealth (Commonwealth of Nations). The University of North Alabama was the first major university to offer a four-year degree in commercial music, which has become one of the university's most successful programs - one that has been enhanced by the development of the UNA Entertainment Industry Center and the addition of an entertainment industry major. UNA commercial music majors have interned in record industry offices in Nashville (Nashville, Tennessee), New York, Los Angeles, London, Stockholm, and nearby Muscle Shoals (Muscle Shoals, Alabama), world-renowned for its recording industry. *Bolshoi Theatre hosts its first annual opera season *Court Theatre in Stockholm built by King Gustav III of Sweden *Giovanni Paisiello is invited to the court of Catherine the Great birth_date Commons:Category:Stockholm Wikipedia:Stockholm Dmoz:Europe Sweden Stockholm County Localities Stockholm

influence amp

and Socialist suspicions against what was seen as right-wing (right-wing politics) dominance in Finland. One of the chief objectives of the plan was to ensure greatest possible liberty for Sweden and Finland in a presumed post-war Europe totally dominated by Nazi Germany. In Sweden, political opponents criticized the necessary adaptations to the Nazis; in Finland, the resistance centred on the loss of sovereignty and influence — and the acceptance of the loss of Finnish Karelia. However, the general feeling of Finland's dire and deteriorating position quieted many critics. The official request for a union was made by Christian Günther on October 18, and Finland's approval was received on October 25, but by November 5, the Soviet ambassador in Stockholm, Alexandra Kollontai, warned Sweden about the treaty. The Swedish government retreated from the issue but discussions for a more acceptable treaty continued until December when, on December 6, the Soviet Union and, on December 19, Germany announced their strong opposition to any kind of union between Sweden and Finland. thumb 400px Panoramic view of Strandvägen from Djurgårdsbron (Image:Strandvaegen 2007a.jpg). '''Strandvägen''' (Swedish (Swedish language) for "Beach Road") is a boulevard on Östermalm in central Stockholm, Sweden. Completed just in time for the Stockholm World's Fair 1897 (General Art and Industrial Exposition of Stockholm (1897)), it quickly became known as one of the most prestigious addresses in town. '''Anna Maria Le Moine''' (born 30 October 1973 in Sveg as '''Anna Bergström'''; also formerly known as '''Anna Svärd'''), is a Swedish (Sweden) curler (Curling). At the 2006 Winter Olympics (Curling at the 2006 Winter Olympics) in Turin, Italy, she was the lead for the Swedish team who won the gold-medal after a thrilling final game. She currently lives in Stockholm, and plays for Härnösands CK, Härnösand. Le Moine starred, as well as her teammates, in the videoclip "Hearts on Fire" by the Swedish metal band HammerFall. Until the 16th century, the Landgraves (Graf) of Hesse were buried in the church. In the context of the Reformation (Protestant Reformation), Philip I, Landgrave of Hesse had the remains of Saint Elisabeth removed, in order to oust the pilgrims from the Protestant city of Marburg. Today, relics of Elisabeth can be found in the Elisabeth convent in Vienna, in the City Museum in Stockholm and in Košice. The Swede Salomon August Andrée shared these enthusiasms, and proposed a plan for letting the wind propel a hydrogen balloon from Svalbard across the Arctic Sea to the Bering Strait, to fetch up in Alaska, Canada, or Russia, and passing near or even right over the North Pole on the way. Andrée was an engineer at the patent office in Stockholm, with a passion for ballooning. He bought his own balloon, the ''Svea'', in 1893 and made nine journeys with it, starting from Gothenburg or Stockholm and travelling a combined distance of Commons:Category:Stockholm Wikipedia:Stockholm Dmoz:Europe Sweden Stockholm County Localities Stockholm

show recording

's ''In Through the Out Door'' were recorded there. During May, the group went to the United States for a promotional campaign, performing alongside Andy Gibb on Olivia Newton-John's TV show. Recording sessions for the single "Summer Night City" were an uphill struggle, but upon release the song became another hit for the group. The track would set the stage for ABBA's foray into disco with their next album. Commons:Category:Stockholm Wikipedia:Stockholm Dmoz:Europe Sweden Stockholm County Localities Stockholm

successful political

Anker. After diplomatic service in Saint Petersburg and Copenhagen, he had a successful political career, where he had a long succession of different positions in the government from a Minister of Finance from 1874 to 1875. In 1889 he was appointed to the position of Minister for Foreign Affairs by Gillis Bildt, and in October of the same year, he became the Prime Minister of Sweden. Biography Johan Ramstedt was born in Stockholm, son to clothing manufacturer Reinhold


'''Stockholm''' ( approximately 1.4 million in the urban area (Stockholm urban area), and a total population close to 2.2 million in the metropolitan area (Metropolitan Stockholm). The city is spread across 14 islands on the coast in the southeast of Sweden at the mouth of Lake Mälaren (Mälaren), by the Stockholm archipelago and the Baltic sea. The area has been settled since the Stone Age, in the 6th millennium BC, and was founded as a city in 1252 by Birger Jarl.

Stockholm is the cultural, media, political, and economic centre of Sweden. The region alone accounts for over a third of the country's GDP, Sweden's national football arena (Friends Arena) is located north of the city centre, in Solna. Ericsson Globe, the national indoor arena, is in the southern part of the city. The city was the host of the 1912 Summer Olympics, and hosted the equestrian portion of the 1956 Summer Olympics otherwise held in Melbourne, Australia.

Stockholm is the seat of the Government of Sweden and most government agencies (Government agencies in Sweden),

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