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Komsomol branch. Around this time his mother became concerned about his poor physique, and as a result he started a program of daily exercise, which he maintained for most of his life. From around 2002, McShane has been facing stiffer opposition, including players from the world's top ten. He played for England in the 2002 Chess Olympiad in Bled (35th Chess Olympiad), scoring 6½ 11, and won the silver medal at the World Junior Championship

vocal studies

was appointed vocalist to King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden. He is currently Senior Lecturer in Music at the Indiana University Bloomington School of Music. Hagegard also holds a Professorship in Vocal Studies at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, Norway. Prosperin was a lecturer in mathematics and physics at Uppsala University in 1767, professor of observational astronomy (Observator) in 1773 – 1796, and professor of Astronomy in 1797 – 1798. He became a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (KVA) in Stockholm in 1771 and a member of the Royal Society of Sciences in Uppsala in 1774 (secretary from 1786 onwards). Professional career Suter was selected with the 120th pick in the 1977 NHL Entry Draft by the Los Angeles Kings of the NHL (National Hockey League) and also no. 58 overall in the 1977 World Hockey Association draft by the Birmingham Bulls. He rejected Los Angeles' contract offer following the 1980 Olympics, and instead sat out 1980-81 season to become an unrestricted free agent. He came out of retirement in the spring of 1981 to play for the United States team at the 1981 Ice Hockey World Championship tournament in Stockholm. Suter signed with the Minnesota North Stars as unrestricted free agent in 1981, but spent the entire 1981–82 season in the Central Hockey League (Central Hockey League (1963-84)) with the Nashville South Stars farm team. He retired in 1982 without playing a single game in the NHL. Biography He was born on October 8, 1604 in Livland. In 1622 he became a weapon page to Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden, then he was a captain in Queen Kristina's honor guard. He was promoted to major general in the cavalry, a commanding officer for the Finnish militia, and later the governor of the Finland. He was raised to nobility as Baron on February 12, 1680. Commons:Category:Stockholm Wikipedia:Stockholm Dmoz:Europe Sweden Stockholm County Localities Stockholm

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the Vice Mayors, chairing both the Council of Mayors and the City Executive Board. The City Executive Board (Kommunstyrelse) is elected by the City Council and can be thought of as the Government. The City Executive Board expresses an opinion in all matters decided by the Council and bears the overall responsibility for follow-up, evaluation and execution of its decisions. The Board is also responsible for financial administration and long-term development

has an embassy in Addis Ababa. Ethiopia is one of Finland's long-term development partners and in the water and education sectors. http: public default.aspx?nodeid 31702&contentlan 2&culture en-US On 29 April 2009, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development announced that the Finnish government had made a grant of 11.4 million Euros to enable the Benishangul-Gumuz Region to upgrade its capacity to plan and manage its rural water supply and sanitation program (Water supply and sanitation in Ethiopia) to achieve universal access for all Ethiopians. "Ethiopia, Finland sign 11.4 million Euro grant agreement", Ethiopian News Agency (accessed 29 April 2009) * Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs: relations with Ethiopia Finland recognised Namibia on March 21, 1990. Both countries established diplomatic relations on the same day. Namibia is represented in Finland through its embassy in Stockholm, Sweden. Finland has an embassy in Windhoek and an honorary consulate in Walvis Bay. --valign "top" * Finland is represented in Georgia by a non resident ambassador (based in Helsinki at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and an honorary consulate in Tbilissi. * Georgia is represented in Finland through its embassy in Stockholm (Sweden) and an honorary consulate in Helsinki. * On 22 April 2009, the Georgian Foreign Minister visited Finland. http: public default.aspx?contentid 162964&nodeid 17502&contentlan 2&culture en-US Commons:Category:Stockholm Wikipedia:Stockholm Dmoz:Europe Sweden Stockholm County Localities Stockholm


and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. '''West End Girls''' are a Swedish (Sweden) tribute (Tribute band) synthpop band performing cover versions of songs by English (England) electronic pop music act the Pet Shop Boys. Hailing from Stockholm, the duo originally consisted of Isabelle Erkendal and Rosanna Jirebeck, but Rosanna left the group in 2008 and was replaced by Isabelle's cousin Emmeli Erkendal. Isabelle Erkendal

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in the United States, Afghanistan, Iran and India. He is the son of the Social Democrat (Swedish Social Democratic Party)s and Nobel Laureates Alva Myrdal and Gunnar Myrdal; he broke completely with both at an early age for personal reasons while keeping them in esteem for their public achievements. He was married to Gun Kessle, a photographer, graphic artist and writer, until her death in 2007. She illustrated many of his works. Productions In 2004

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USSR wins the most medals (98), and the most gold medals (37). birth_date Stockholm has a congestion pricing system, Stockholm


running from Stockholm to Åbo and across the Russian frontier was restarted in 1901. Lenin: TO F. I. DAN '''Paradox Interactive''' is a Swedish (Sweden) video game developer based in Stockholm that is known for producing historical (History) strategy computer games (Strategy video game). It is also a video game publisher, publishing its own games as well

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rankings, some of which are mentioned below: * In the book ''The Ultimate Guide to International Marathons'' (1997), written by Dennis Craythorn and Rich Hanna, Stockholm Marathon is ranked as the best marathon in the world. * In the 2006 European

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her movie debut as the leading actress in ''Jolanda, the Daughter of the Black Corsair'' (1952). In the following years she worked in some ten Cinecittà productions. She also featured in the epic ''War and Peace (War and Peace (1956 film))'' film of 1956. - AIK Stockholm Råsunda align "center" 36,608 - On Saturday 8 May 2004, the prototype was dropped from 2.4 kilometers (8,000 ft) by a helicopter and landed precisely and without incident after a GPS-guided 90 second glide. Phoenix Flight Day Swedish Space Corporation. May 8, 2004 The test was conducted at the North European Aerospace Test range in Kiruna, Commons:Category:Stockholm Wikipedia:Stockholm Dmoz:Europe Sweden Stockholm County Localities Stockholm

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. In 1792 Gadolin received a sample of black, heavy mineral found in a quarry in the Swedish village Ytterby near Stockholm. By careful experiments, he isolated a rare earth oxide which was later named yttria. He also isolated in the same study yttrium trihydroxide. Yttria, or yttrium oxide (Yttrium(III) oxide), was the first known rare earth metal compound — at that time, it was regarded as an element. The work was published in 1794. The '''Hot Shots


'''Stockholm''' ( approximately 1.4 million in the urban area (Stockholm urban area), and a total population close to 2.2 million in the metropolitan area (Metropolitan Stockholm). The city is spread across 14 islands on the coast in the southeast of Sweden at the mouth of Lake Mälaren (Mälaren), by the Stockholm archipelago and the Baltic sea. The area has been settled since the Stone Age, in the 6th millennium BC, and was founded as a city in 1252 by Birger Jarl.

Stockholm is the cultural, media, political, and economic centre of Sweden. The region alone accounts for over a third of the country's GDP, Sweden's national football arena (Friends Arena) is located north of the city centre, in Solna. Ericsson Globe, the national indoor arena, is in the southern part of the city. The city was the host of the 1912 Summer Olympics, and hosted the equestrian portion of the 1956 Summer Olympics otherwise held in Melbourne, Australia.

Stockholm is the seat of the Government of Sweden and most government agencies (Government agencies in Sweden),

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