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ai_76689304 work Business Wire title Claritas Study Ranks Racial Ethnic Diversity in Counties Nationwide; Analysis Shows California Leads Nation In Diversity Among Counties Of 100,000-Plus Population date 2001-07-23 While the city's projected 2030 population will be a new high, only two boroughs, Staten Island and Queens have reached their population peak every year for the last 5 years. The study projects that by 2030, Queens will have 2.57 million people and Staten Island 552,000. Manhattan, with 1.83 million, Bronx with 1.46 million and Brooklyn with 2.72 million, will still be below their population peaks. New York City Department of City Planning: NYC Population Projections by Age Sex and Borough, 2000-2030 The Romanian community of New York City is the largest such community in North America. The 2000 Census (United States Census, 2000) reported 161,900 Romanians were living in New York City. They are mainly concentrated in The Bronx, as well as in parts of Manhattan and Staten Island. The Romanian Day Festival, for which the City closes a section of Broadway, demonstrates the strong sense of community of Romanians living in New York. Later Years In 1944, Maurin began to lose his memory. Sheehan, 201. His condition deteriorated until he died at the Catholic Worker's Maryfarm near Newburgh, New York, on May 15, 1949, "the Feast of St. Dymphna, patroness of mental health, the anniversary also of St. John Baptiste de la Salle and the Papal encyclicals, Rerum Novarum and Quadragesimo Anno...Many remarked the strange convergence of anniversaries." Sheehan, 202. At the wake, many people were seen to touch their rosaries to his hands surreptitiously, indicating their belief in his sanctity. Sheehan, 203-204. Such an action is consonant with the Catholic belief in the sacramentality of the world, that material objects and human persons in their physicality can be conduits for the power and presence of God. By touching their rosaries to him, the rosary would become a second-class relic. See Roman Catholic classification and prohibitions The Staten Island Catholic Worker farm was named after Maurin following his death; Miller, William D. Dorothy Day: A Biography. San Francisco: Harper & Rowe, 1982. p. 413-417 it currently operates in Marlboro (Marlboro, New York), New York. wikipedia:Staten Island

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writings Writings1906 06FamiliarLetters Years%20of%20Discipline.pdf Chapter 1, Years of Discipline ) Boston: Houghton Mifflin & Co. (1906). Cornelis Meyln: "I was obliged to flee for the sake of saving my life, and to sojourn with wife and children at the Menatans

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Analysis Team (HEAT)—which monitors Godzilla—has their headquarters based on Staten Island in an old ferry terminal. Will & Grace episode 3 of series 8 The Old Man Of The Sea, was set in Staten Island. *''Sex and the City'' "Season 3" Episode 1 "Where There's Smoke..." was filmed on Staten Island and featured the Staten Island Ferry *"Girls" "Season 2" Episode 6 "Boys" was filmed in Whitehall Terminal in Lower Manhattan, Staten Island

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political divide in the borough is demarcated by the Staten Island Expressway; areas north of the Expressway tend to be more liberal while the south tends to be more conservative. Local party platforms center on affordable housing, education and law and order (law and order (politics)). Two out of Staten Island's three New York City Council members are Republicans. In national elections Staten Island is not the Republican stronghold it is in local elections, but it is also

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; ref '''Richard Guarasci''' was appointed President of Wagner College on Staten Island, NY, effective June 1, 2002. He had previously served as Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Wagner and holds the rank of Professor of Political Science, teaching in the areas of democracy, citizenship and American diversity (Multiculturalism). Wagner College - Dr. Richard Guarasci Bobby, Sr. proceeds to visit the house in Staten Island where Mustang Sally—fearing Tony's mortal retaliation—has holed up with his friend Carlos. After disarming Sally's pent anxiety by assuring him "don't worry, I got you a pass", then sending him into to the kitchen for a glass of water, Bobby Sr. sneaks up from behind and shoots him in the ear, being distracted by Carlos. Though injured, Sally puts up an intense struggle and a blood-soaked gun-in-hand grapple ensues. Hardly able to breathe, Bobby Sr. exerts himself beyond his limits to again shoot Sally, this time in the face. He then shoots Carlos dead. He takes Sally's cigarettes and smokes them blissfully while leaving the scene in his Chevrolet Lumina. In a coughing fit while driving, he fumbles for his blood-covered inhaler, seems to lose consciousness, loses control of the car, and crashes into a sign pole, killing him. An eerie scene follows, with the radio in the demolished car still playing America's Sister Golden Hair as Bobby's lifeless body slumps over the steering wheel. *November 13 - Joseph Yacovelli, Carmine Persico, Carmine DiBiase, and Joseph Russo, of the Colombo Family, are indicted for their efforts to enable Russo to avoid prosecution for murder. Mistrial is declared in the case against Persico and Russo on September 25, 1973, due to prejudicial publicity relating to Persico's background. *December 28 - A loanshark for the Gambino crime family, known only as "Junior", is abducted from a Staten Island neighborhood by James McBratney and "Crazy" Eddie Maloney and held for ransom. Although the two successfully received $21,000 for his release, McBratney was identified as one of the kidnappers after local kids had witnessed the attack and copied the licence plate number. The two Irish gangsters has been successfully kidnapping New York mobsters over the past two months. thumb Caboose at Pier 66a (File:Pier 66a floating tracks jeh.jpg) '''Pier 63''' was the name for a former Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad railroad barge (car float) on the Hudson River in New York City, on the West Side of the borough (borough (New York City)) of Manhattan. It was originally located near 23rd Street (23rd Street (Manhattan)), adjacent to Chelsea Piers and Hudson River Park. It had been purchased from a used car salesman in Staten Island by John Krevey in October 1996 and delivered by a tugboat. * April 14 - Chicago Outfit associate, loan shark and sadist (Sadism and masochism as medical terms)ic murderer Sam "Mad Sam" DeStefano (Sam DeStefano) was shotgunned to death in his garage while out on bail. His killer(s) have never been caught. *May 22 - While drinking at Snoope's, a local Staten Island bar and restaurant, Jimmy McBratney is shot and killed after fighting with three men claiming to be NYPD detectives (later revealed to be members of the Gambino crime family). McBratney's murder was most likely in connection to the December 1972 kidnapping of a Gambino crime family loanshark. One of the men, a 32 year old John Gotti and future leader of the Gambino family, was reportedly the gunman who killed McBratney. *July 29 - Paul Rothenberg, owner of an illegal film-processing lab being extorted by the Gambino Family, is shot to death by Gambino associate Roy DeMeo. Rothenberg was murdered after his business was raided by police and he was pressured to cooperate by authorities. "Reputed National Distributor of Smut Is Shot to Death Near Home in Nassau", ''The New York Times'', July 30, 1973, '''Andrew Joseph Lanza''' (born March 12, 1964) is an American lawyer and politician and is currently serving as a member of the New York State Senate, representing the 24th District which encompasses most of Staten Island. Lanza was elected State Senator in the November 2006 election. He is a former member of the New York City Council. The EMR implementation at the University Physicians Group (UPG) in Staten Island and Brooklyn, New York. Overview Vito Delsante was born in 1973 in Staten Island, New York, United States. He attended high school in Ford City, Pennsylvania, and the University of Pittsburgh. He now resides in Brooklyn, New York. In the past, she opened a nail salon in Staten Island. Lil Suzy toured with Lisette Melendez and Angel Clivillés, the original lead singer of the 1980s–1990s girl group The Cover Girls. The trio performs as S.A.L. thumb right 255px The Staten Island Ferry (Image:John Marchi shuttle boat IMG 0673.JPG) boat ''Sen. John J. Marchi'', which shuttles passengers from the ferry terminal at the southern tip of Manhattan (Manhattan, New York) to the Staten Island ferry terminal in St. George (St. George, Staten Island). '''John J. Marchi''' (May 20, 1921 – April 25, 2009) wikipedia:Staten Island

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Island , New York, the oldest of eight children. As a young boy, Cropsey had recurring periods of poor health. While absent from school, Cropsey taught himself to draw. His early drawings included architectural sketches and landscapes drawn on notepads and in the margins of his schoolbooks. DATE OF BIRTH February 18, 1823 PLACE OF BIRTH Staten Island, New York, U.S. (United States) DATE OF DEATH April 23, 1900 * May 19, 1987 – 11-year old Juan Perez

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Brooklyn and connects the upper and lower sections of New York Bay. - Staten Island Film Festival 2006 Staten Island (Staten Island, New York) New York International Held annually in June, SIFF is a competitive international film festival. It accepts independent short, documentary and feature submissions from around the world, and provides filmmakers access to industry leading professionals and celebrities. - History The International Fellowship of Christian Assemblies is part of the larger Pentecostal movement that began in the United States during the first part of the 20th century and is rooted in a movement among the ethnic Italians in Chicago, Illinois. Rev. Louis Francescon organized the first Italian-American Pentecostal church there in 1907. The Rev. Frank Emma (1873–1948) started the first church in New York City for Italian immigrants. The New York Times reported that when he died, his funeral lasted five days as seven thousand people visited from various parts of the world. Later, Rev. Joseph Demola (1912–1987) continued with an Italian (Italian language) and English (English language) ministry in Staten Island during the 1950s and 1960s. The first convention of the ''Italian Pentecostal Movement'' was called in Niagara Falls, New York in 1927, where the group adopted articles of faith, which helped build the movement into a cohesive whole. In 1948, the movement was incorporated (Incorporation (business)) in Pennsylvania as ''The Missionary Society of the Christian Church of North America''. In 1963, the body was restructured as the ''General Council of the Christian Church of North America''. IFCA history align "center" Bartender align "center" Staten Island, New York align "center" 4th Victim Early life Matus was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, where he lived until 1971. He graduated from Erasmus Hall High School in 1958, and briefly studied commercial art at the Pratt Institute in New York. Matt Schudel, 'A Local Life: Irvin Leigh Matus, 69, penniless Shakespeare scholar who lived by his own design', Washington Post, March 5, 2011 His primary interests at the time focused on baseball, American history and rhythm and blues, his musical interests being influenced by his early friendship with Alan Freed. Together with his brother Paul he ran an urban transport business until he was drafted in 1965 into United States Army. Stationed on Staten Island, he won the Army Commendation Medal for meritorious service. Demographics Tottenville's population is largely white (nearly 95 per cent as of 1990), with extremes of both wealth and poverty being essentially absent, and the neighborhood has a much higher proportion of Protestants (Protestantism) than is encountered on Staten Island as a whole, which is heavily Roman Catholic (Roman Catholicism in the United States). In the mid-2000s, the community witnessed the arrival of Mexican (Mexican people) immigrants for the first time. There is also a growing number of Coptic Orthodox (Coptic Orthodox Church in the United States) Christians from Egypt; as of 2012, Virgin St Mary and St George Coptic Orthodox Church in Tottenville wikipedia:Staten Island

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Stapleton Houses . They played in the league from 1929 to 1932, defeating the New York Giants twice and the Chicago Cardinals (Arizona Cardinals) once. During the 1932 NFL season the Stapletons, last in the NFL, played the eventual season champion Chicago Bears to a scoreless tie. Football Hall of Fame (Pro Football Hall of Fame)r Ken Strong played for the Stapes. * The New York Predators of the semi-pro Regional American Football League have called Staten Island home since their inception in 1998. Owned by Bill Simo, they play most home games at St. Peters H.S. wikipedia:Staten Island

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members created duly constituted County Committees in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan, so that the State Chair could not take away local control in New York City. Life and career Jenkins was born '''David Allen Curtis Jenkins''' in Staten Island, New York on April 9, 1900. He studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. In his first stage appearance, he danced next to James Cagney in a chorus line for an off-Broadway musical called ''Pitter-Patter

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, he repeatedly denounced the distribution of this literature and sought to find out who had engaged in it." Katz, Nancie L.,green-campaign-committee-friends "Green Cleared In Campaign Flap", ''New York Daily News (Daily News (New York))'', July 22, 2006. Retrieved 2011-06-28. Nevertheless, the incident is thought to have diminished minority turnout in the general election and helped

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'''Staten Island ''' . The borough is coextensive with '''Richmond County''', and until 1975 the borough was officially named the '''Borough of Richmond.''' url http: branch staten history timeline5.html title Timeline of Staten Island - 1900s - Present publisher New York Public Library accessdate January 16, 2006 archiveurl http: web 20060113221845 http: branch staten history timeline5.html archivedate January 13, 2006 Its flag was later changed to reflect this, though the official seal remains unchanged. Staten Island has been sometimes called "the forgotten borough" by inhabitants who feel neglected by the city government (Government of New York City). url http: 1994 01 30 magazine escape-from-new-york.html?scp 6&sq %22the+forgotten+borough%22+government title Escape From New York - The New York Times last Brown first Chip publisher The New York Times date January 30, 1994 accessdate January 14, 2008 quote Given their status as residents of "the forgotten borough" – the sorry Cinderella sister in New York's dysfunctional family – maybe the giddiest aspect of all was the attention. url http: 2007 10 07 nyregion thecity 07hips.html?_r 2&scp 1&sq %22the+forgotten+borough%22&oref slogin title Bohemia by the Bay last Buckley first Cara publisher The New York Times date October 7, 2007 accessdate January 14, 2008 quote Even as New York’s hip young things invade and colonize neighborhoods near, far and out of state, Staten Island has stayed stubbornly uncool. It remains the forgotten borough.

The North Shore (North Shore, Staten Island) — especially the neighborhoods of St. George (St. George, Staten Island), Tompkinsville (Tompkinsville, Staten Island), Clifton (Clifton, Staten Island), and Stapleton (Stapleton, Staten Island) — is the most urban part of the island; it contains the officially designated St. George Historic District and the St. Paul’s Avenue-Stapleton Heights Historic District, which feature large Victorian houses. The East Shore (East Shore, Staten Island) is home to the The South Shore (South Shore, Staten Island), site of the 17th-century Dutch and French Huguenot settlement of South Beach, developed rapidly beginning in the 1960s and 1970s; it is mostly suburban in character. The West Shore (West Shore, Staten Island) is the least populated and most industrial part of the island.

Motor traffic can reach the borough from Brooklyn via the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge and from New Jersey via the Outerbridge Crossing, Goethals Bridge, and Bayonne Bridge. Staten Island has Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) (Metropolitan Transportation Authority (New York)) bus lines (New York City Bus) and a MTA rapid transit line, the Staten Island Railway, which runs from the ferry terminal at St. George to Tottenville (Tottenville, Staten Island). Staten Island is the only borough that is not connected to the New York City Subway system. The free Staten Island Ferry connects the borough to Manhattan and is a popular tourist attraction, providing views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and Lower Manhattan.

Staten Island had the Fresh Kills Landfill, which was the world's largest landfill at one point before closing in 2001,

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