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http: passagetoindia.html title A Passage to India, a CurtainUp London review publisher accessdate 30 November 2011 ''Himself (Himself (play))'' at the Nuffield Theatre (Nuffield Theatre, Southampton), Southampton; ''Brand (Brand (play))'' (2003), '' An Inspector Calls

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the Brokes'' After their heavy touring and promotion of their self-titled debut, The Magic Numbers would return in autumn of 2006 with their follow-up album, ''Those the Brokes''. The band did another extensive run of shows to promote and tour for the album, including supporting The Who in Southampton, and an appearance at the 2007 Glastonbury Festival. The UK National tour (prior to the closure of the West End Production in 1999) began on November 2, 2001 at the Empire Theatre

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from League One in the 2010–2011 season after being relegated in 2009. Their home ground is the St Mary's Stadium, where the club moved to in 2001 from The Dell (The Dell (Southampton)). The clock depicting "Honour and Glory Crowning Time" from ''Olympic's'' grand staircase is on display at the Southampton Maritime Museum (Maritime museum). Dmoz:Regional Europe United Kingdom England Hampshire Southampton Commons:Category:Southampton

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of local real ales. '''The Angel''' located next to one of the central parks is an excellent 'local' type pub in the city centre featuring a free drinks quiz and friendly landlord. The '''Royal Oak''' nearby is also an excellent pub featuring regular live music, karaoke and quiz nights as well as drinks promotions, it is also very friendly although it can be a bit studenty. The city centre also has the usual spattering of chain pubs, including '''Slug & Lettuce''', two '''Wetherspoon's


World Cup triumph. Also in that team were former Saints manager Dave Merrington and ex-Saints defender Francis Benali. The proceeds from the game were donated to local charity SCRATCH. Second wave of emigration As conditions improved


title Long Term weather data publisher Met Office accessdate 20 March 2011 date May 2011 date March 2011 Energy The centre of Southampton is located above a large hot water aquifer that provides geothermal (Geothermal energy) power to some of the city's buildings. This energy is processed at a plant in the West Quay region in Southampton city centre, the only geothermal power station (Geothermal power in the United Kingdom) in the UK. The plant provides

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-16 *St Mark's Church Woolston, Hampshire, consecrated 17 November 1863 '''Eric Schilsky''', RA (Royal Academician), (born October 1898 in Southampton, Hampshire, England; died 29 March 1974, Edinburgh) was a sculptor (sculpture). Life in England Sybil trained in England, and began producing and exhibiting linocuts from 1921 until 1939, working frequently with her informal partner Cyril Edward Power. She also

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house.JPG thumb Medieval merchant's house **

appearance and replica furnishings provide an insight into medieval life. ** **

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with a varied spectrum of music from metal industrial on Saturdays to 'cheese', indie and general rock music. The '''Talking Heads''', further up on Portswood Road, contains a mix of students and locals and provides a good selection of live music. Further up the road, The '''Brook''' is a dedicated venue for bands. The '''Polygon''' (also referred to as "Bedford Place") is where most of the clubs and bars in the city lie, such as "Junk" (A club featuring modern dance music

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to becoming a musician songwriter, Page was an apprentice to the Southampton Saints (Southampton F.C.), a professional association football (soccer) team. Page, Martinblog 519601397, accessed May 1, 2011 While he enjoyed playing within the Saints' apprentice program, Page spent a great deal of his time listening to live music and learning how to play his chief instrument, the bass guitar, and that ultimately began to affect his

moving to Los Angeles, where they met Diane Poncher. Poncher worked for Bob Cavallo (who was part of Cavallo, Ruffalo and Fargnoli Management and was looking for new bands to manage), and she saw that Page and Fairweather had the potential to produce quality work, so she left his agency and became Page and Fairweather's manager. Page, Martinblog 528821524, accessed May 1, 2011 '''Sway''' is a village in Hampshire

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'''Southampton''' (

Significant employers in Southampton include The University of Southampton, Southampton Solent University, Southampton Airport, Ordnance Survey, BBC South, the NHS (National Health Service (England)), ABP (Associated British Ports) and Carnival UK. Southampton is noted for its association with the . The new centre is expected to employ 650 people once the construction is completed in Autumn 2016. Hammerson, the owners of the retail park, aim to have at least 1,550 people employed on its premises at year-end 2016. http: news-events latest-news plans%20for%20watermark%20westquay%20approved.aspx

Despite the oft-expressed naked antipathy between the cities, most notably from amongst their football supporters, Southampton is sometimes considered together with Portsmouth and surrounding towns to form a single metropolitan area known as South Hampshire. This combined area has also been known as Solent City, particularly in the media when discussing local governance organisational changes. With a population of over 1.5 million this makes the region one of the United Kingdom's most populous metropolitan areas (List of metropolitan areas in the United Kingdom).

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