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3 June 1943 Transferred to South Africa, 1953 as ''Simon van der Stel''. Scrapped Durban 1976. - Born in Pearston, Eastern Cape, South Africa, he was an openly gay academic famous for his poems on sport. He matriculated (Matriculation in South Africa) at Grey High School, Port Elizabeth. In 1948 he received a silver medal in the Olympic Games

International Poetry Competition for ''Ses gedigte'' ''Six poems''. He held the degrees of M.A. (Master of Arts (postgraduate)) (University of Stellenbosch), D.Litt. et Phil.(Ghent), Hon.D.Litt. (Rhodes University), Hon D.Litt. (University of the Witwatersrand). He was an Emeritus Professor of Afrikaans and Nederlands at Wits (University of the Witwatersrand). He also lectured at the University of Stellenbosch from 1943 to 1959. His hobby was the collection of South African works

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, succeeding Douglas. The next game was lost; the final two matches were left drawn. At Headingley in the first of these three games as captain, Tennyson split his hand while fielding in the Australians' first innings but, patched up with what Wisden (Wisden Cricketers' Almanack) called a "basket guard", he made 63 and 36. In August 2010, Billy Talent played 3 tour dates in South Africa, one in Cape Town, Durban and at Oppikoppi along with other local bands

manufacturing presence

and South Africa. It is the nearest large city to Hwange National Park, Matopo National Park and Victoria Falls. Economy Bulawayo has long been known as the industrial hub of Zimbabwe. It has a large manufacturing presence, and large industries such as Merlin Textiles, Zimbabwe Engineering Company (Zeco), Hubert Davies, Radar Metal Industries, National Blankets, G & D Shoes, Merlin, Tregers Group, Stewarts & Lloyds, Hunyani Holdings, Cold Storage Commission. However

pioneering efforts

American physician who created Stellenbosch Farmer’s Winery (SFW) in South Africa in 1935. He also co-owned the Oude Libertas vineyard there and produced Lieberstein, a dry white wine. The Eastern Cape followed soon after through the pioneering efforts of Ronnie and Janet Vehorn. In 2009 Harrison Hope Wine Estate was registered as the first wine estate in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. The estate again made history with their 2009 Merlot becoming

outstanding performances

September 2011 This made him the oldest person to ever be selected and play for a Lions team (British and Irish Lions). In South Africa he was awarded his first Lions (British and Irish Lions) cap on his third tour when he was selected to start in the second test against the Springboks (South Africa national rugby union team) at Loftus Versfeld, Pretoria and he put in one of the most outstanding performances by a British and Irish lock in a test match, with his performance subsequently earning him man of the match. WikiPedia:South Africa Dmoz:Regional Africa South Africa Commons:Category:South Africa

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, Taiwan, Philippines, Iran, Malaysia, The GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) (Persian Gulf states), South Africa, Singapore, Peru, Chile and Brazil. ''Betweenthelines'' (2001) Despite having only played outside of Europe in Japan, "Grounded" was a hit in South Africa and the band starting to gain interest from Asia and South America. This was partly due to the circulation of the "Delusions of Grandeur" EP. This led to the band signing

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right A cast iron ''potjie'' on a fire‎ In South Africa, a '''potjie''' ( ), directly translated "little pot" from Afrikaans or Dutch (Dutch language), is traditionally, a round, cast iron, three-legged (tripod) pot. It is similar in appearance to a cauldron and is usually black. It has a cast iron lid with a special design to allow for hot coals to rest on top, so that the pot may also be heated from

main people

of well-supported Irish pubs in the area. Among those who can lay claim to fame, and who have either been born or lived in Beckenham or have had some important contribution to make to the town, there are show business people such as Bob Monkhouse (1928–2003); Robin Awan (1986–present); Beckenham History website Julie Andrews (1935- ); David Bowie (1947

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as the traditional woods (#Construction). A number of western percussion instrument manufacturers also produce djembe-like instruments, often with fibreglass bodies, synthetic skins, and a key tuning system.

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2011 History Formed as '''Footy South Africa''' in 2003, the body's main aim was to developing the sport of Australian rules football in South Africa. Brian Dixon was appointed inaugural president. '''Australian rules football in South Africa''' is a fast growing team sport, having grown in participation by 160% between 2005–07. AFL International

South Africa

'''South Africa''', officially the '''Republic of South Africa''' ('''RSA'''), is a country located in Southern Africa. It has South Africa is the 25th-largest country (List of countries and outlying territories by total area) in the world by land area, and with close to 53 million people (Demographics of South Africa), is the world's 25th-most populous nation (List of countries by population).

South Africa is a multiethnic society encompassing a wide variety of cultures, languages, and religions. Its pluralistic makeup is reflected in the constitution (Constitution of South Africa)'s recognition of 11 official languages, which is among the highest number of any country in the world. Two of these languages are of European origin: English (South African English) and Afrikaans, the latter originating from Dutch (Dutch language) and serving as the first language of most white (White South African) and coloured South Africans. Though English is commonly used in public and commercial life, it is only the fourth most-spoken first language.

About 80 percent of South Africans are of black (black people) African ancestry,

The country is one of the few in Africa never to have had a coup d'état, and regular elections (Elections in South Africa) have been held for almost a century; however, the vast majority of black South Africans were not enfranchised until 1994. Racial strife between the white minority and the black majority has played a large part in the country's recent history and politics. Apartheid was instituted in 1948 by the National Party (National Party (South Africa)), though racial segregation existed prior to that date. Discriminatory laws began to be repealed or abolished from 1990 onwards after a long and sometimes violent struggle by the African National Congress and other anti-apartheid activists.

South Africa is ranked as an upper-middle income economy by the World Bank, and is considered to be a newly industrialised country (newly industrialized country).

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