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Олександрівна Клочкова ; born 7 August 1982 in Simferopol) is a Ukrainian (Ukraine) swimmer, who has won five Olympic medals in her career, with four of them being gold. DATE OF BIRTH 7 August 1982 PLACE OF BIRTH Simferopol, Krym DATE OF DEATH thumb right The first Russian-built An-148 at the MAKS 2009 (File:First Russian An-148.jpg) airshow in Moscow On 2 June 2009, the first An-148 entered commercial service at the Ukrainian carrier Aerosvit

. The first passenger flight was from Kharkov to Kiev; the plane had the civilian registration ''UR-NTA''. By November 2009, Aerosvit was operating the An-148 on the Kiev–Odessa and Simferopol–Lviv routes, performing two flights a day with the average flight time

of 4–5 hours. founded headquarters Simferopol International Airport Simferopol, Ukraine key_people '''Crimea Air''' was an airline on the grounds of Simferopol International Airport in Simferopol, Ukraine

making special

, and a high level of service have all become priority areas. Special standards of domestic flights were developed, such as making special menus available on all flights. In 2004 establishment of close cooperation with other Ukrainian airlines has supplemented AeroSvit Airlines’ own route network with such destinations as Uzhgorod, Chernivtsi, Luhansk, and Zaporizhzhia. Today AeroSvit together with its Alliance partner airlines serve flights to majority of domestic destinations

large beautiful

trading ports where the goods arrived via the Silk Road were exported to the Ottoman Empire and Europe. Crimean Khanate had many large, beautiful, and lively cities such as the capital Bahçeseray, Gözleve (Kezlev) (Yevpatoria), Karasu Bazaar (Bilohirsk) (Karasu-market) and Aqmescit (Simferopol) (White-mosque) having numerous ''hans'' (caravansarais and merchant quarters), tanners, and mills. Many monuments constructed under the Crimean Khanate were destroyed or left in ruins after

successful football

;Таврия" Симферополь ) is a football club from Simferopol, Crimea, which plays in the Ukrainian Premier League. Tavriya is Crimea's most successful football club and is the winner of the very first Ukrainian Premier League (Ukrainian Premier League 1992), making them one out of 3 teams that have ever held this title. - 80px (Image:Image-missing.svg) Prince Kirill Balatukov 1774 – 1827 Major General (1813) Chief of the Simferopol Chivalry Tatar Regiment Romanov (Battle of Romanov), Mir (Battle of Mir), Borodino, Tarutino WikiPedia:Simferopol Commons:Category:Simferopol

popular association

, Simferopol (access to the Simferopol International Airport) * H06 - Simferopol, Bakhchisaray, Sevastopol * H19 - Yalta, Sevastopol * P16 * P23 - Simferopol, Feodosia * P25 - Simferopol, Yevpatoria * P23 - Simferopol, Feodosia * P25 - Simferopol, Yevpatoria * P27 - Sevastopol, Inkerman (completely within the city of Sevastopol) Sport Crimea is a prominent figure in Ukrainian sports, especially the most popular: Association football. The most successful Crimean football club is Tavriya Simferopol in the Ukrainian Premier League possessing one championship title. In the Ukrainian First League Crimea is represented by a few other clubs such as FC Krymteplitsia Molodizhne (from Simferopol suburbs) and PFC Sevastopol. Among other football clubs there is FC Tytan Armyansk. *35px link European route E101 (File:Tabliczka E101.svg) - WikiPedia:Simferopol Commons:Category:Simferopol

paintings drawings

Museum of Arts alt url http: email address 35 Dolgorukovskaya st. lat 44.95722 long 34.09127 directions phone +380 652 662630 tollfree fax hours Tu-Su 10:00 - 17:00 price 20 uah (10 uah students) content It consists of two exhibitions: first is an exhibition of local art (paintings, drawings, sculptures, some photos from the museum of Aachen), second one is on the different subjects which changes every month. Do There is always

founding construction

. Builder Potemkin then embarked on a period of city-founding. Construction started at his first effort, Kherson, in 1778, as a base for a new Black Sea Fleet he intended to build. WikiPedia:Simferopol Commons:Category:Simferopol

location friendly

to the center, as well as many restaurants, shops, banks. Clean and comfortable. Good free WiFi. Bad soundproofing. Mid Range *

fighting ability

that was vastly superior in fighting ability being steadily ground down by an opponent that was superior only in numbers. Smelser and Davies wrote that this aspect of ''Verlorene Siege'' was very self-serving as it allowed Manstein to ignore several occasions such as the fall of Kiev in November 1943, where the Stavka not only tricked him, but defeated him as well. A noteworthy aspect of ''Verlorene Siege'' was Manstein's avoidence

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to the center, as well as many restaurants, shops, banks. Clean and comfortable. Good free WiFi. Bad soundproofing. Mid Range *


'''Simferopol''' ( .

Archaeological evidence in Simferopol indicates the existence of an ancient Scythian city, collectively known as the Scythian Neapolis. The location was also home to a Crimean Tatar (Crimean Tatars) town, Aqmescit. After the annexation of the Crimean Khanate to the Russian Empire, the city's name was changed to its present Simferopol.

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