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behind Dameisha (beach), it features thrill ride, shows and replica of Europeans town. Be prepared to climb a lot of stairs or escalators to reach all the different rides or attractions. There are a few themed hotels under constructions. There is a good golf club on the hill top called wind Valley Golf. In June 2010, 6 people died when an electrical failure threw them off a ride, and several others were also injured. The park was plagued with other small electrical blackouts which have resulted


recently during the 1980s after the ravages of the Cultural Revolution. It is built in the style of the Ming Dynasty (14th to 17th centuries) and is a magnificent example of this style. Historical sites People, even long time Shenzhen residents, will confidently tell you that "Shenzhen has no history". However there is a surprising number of sites, some of great national significance, dating back to the twelfth century. Shenzhen, it seems, was critically involved in a number

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skater, Chen Lu. They live in Shenzhen, China (People's Republic of China), where Chen manages the World Ice Arena and Petrov is the head coach of its skating academy. Their son, Nikita, was born on June 27, 2006, and their daughter, Anastasia, on July 8, 2009, both in Shenzhen. Both Chen and Denis are naturalized citizens of the United States due to their extensive professional engagements in America commons:深圳

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followed a similar three-stage design to that of the Pharos, attesting to the building's broader architectural influence. Petersen A.: ''Dictionary of Islamic Architecture'', page 188. Routledge, 1996. * A replica of the Lighthouse of Alexandria was constructed in the Window of the World Cultural Park in Shenzhen, China. *1963 Turkey on 4 January with Law 3512 signed by President Cemal Gürsel *2002 People's Republic of China (Guangdong and Shenzhen, chartered on May 14, are the first international service clubs to be granted permission by the government of the PRC to operate in mainland China) *2007 Iraq commons:深圳

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immediately north of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The area became China’s first—and one of the most successful—Special Economic Zone (Special Economic Zones of the People's Republic of China)s (SEZs). It currently also holds sub-provincial administrative

century, chronicles record the Nantou area as being a major commercial center, and reported that all foreign ships in the Canton trade would stop there. It was also as a naval defense center guarding the southern approaches to the Pearl River. Rule, Ted and Karen, “Shenzhen”, Hong Kong 2009 Shenzhen was also involved in the events surrounding the end of the Southern Song Dynasty (Song Dynasty) (1276–79). The Imperial court, fleeing Kublai Khan

’s forces, established itself in the Shenzhen area and the last Emperor died strapped to the back of his chief Minister who preferred suicide to the possibility of the Emperor being captured and bringing shame to the dynasty. In the late 19th century the Chiu or Zhao (Zhao was the Song Imperial surname) clan in Hong Kong identified the Chiwan(in Chinese: 赤湾) area as the final resting place of the Emperor and built a tomb to him. The tomb, since restored, is still in Chiwan. “少帝在赤湾“ Shenzhen 2005 Earliest known ancient records that carried the name of Shenzhen date from 1410 during the Ming Dynasty. commons:深圳

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Imperial descent in the district. But the claims remain debatable. The tomb was restored in the early 20th century and subsequently fell into disrepair. It was rediscovered by a military cook during the Cultural Revolution but left alone. The Shenzhen City Government further restored it in the 1980s. It is in the form of a normal Chinese upper class tomb and the focus of much popular devotion. *

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easily. Note that electric-bicycles and motorcycles are banned within the SEZ area. Because of Hong Kong's obsolete Frontier Zone policy, you cannot bike between Hong Kong and Shenzhen at the Hong Gang port because the road is closed except to public busses and taxis. You can, however take your 20" folding bike across to take the green public light bus #75 between there and Hong Kong's Yuen Long for HKD$7. Hong Kong's MTR is unusually expensive at border terminals, but bikes are allowed

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offers a wide range of international television including BBC, CNN, NHK, HBO, etc. Hong Kong English TV is also offered. Newspapers and magazines Newspaper: ''Shenzhen Daily'' is the local English language newspaper and is widely available at news kiosks. ''China Daily'' is surprisingly difficult to get. ''South China Morning Post'' from Hong Kong is also available by subscription and in a couple of outlets. Eon Bookshop, Central Book City, sells a reasonable range of English language

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-in , Audi A1 e-tron (Audi A1#A1 e-tron), BMW i8, and Fisker Surf. The Volt is the world's top selling plug-in hybrid, with cumulative sales of 8,272 units in the U.S. and Canada through December 2011. As of October 2011, BYD Auto reported cumulative sales of over 1,000 F3DMs in China since 2008. On December 15, 2008 BYD Auto began selling its F3DM (BYD F3DM) PHEV-60 in China (People's Republic of China), becoming the first production plug-in hybrid sold in the world, though initially was available only for corporate and government customers. Sales to the general public began in Shenzhen in March 2010, commons:深圳

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'''Shenzhen''' ( and the so-called Pearl River Delta Mega City had more than 44.7 million inhabitants at the 2010 census spread over 9 municipalities (including Macao) and an area of 17,573 km 2 . http: php china-guangdong-admin.php

Shenzhen’s modern cityscape is the result of the vibrant economy made possible by rapid foreign investment since the institution of the policy of “reform and opening” establishment of the SEZ in late 1979, before which it was only a small village. Both Chinese citizens and foreign nationals have invested enormous amounts of money in the Shenzhen SEZ. More than US$30 billion in foreign investment has gone into both foreign-owned and joint ventures, at first mainly in manufacturing but more recently in the service industries as well. Shenzhen is now considered one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. url http: China doingbizinchina regionalinfo secondtiercities eg_cn_025695.asp title Shenzhen publisher U.S. Commercial Service year 2007 accessdate 28 February 2008

Being southern mainland China’s major financial center, Shenzhen is home to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange as well as the headquarters of numerous high-tech companies. Shenzhen is also one of the busiest container ports (List of busiest container ports) in the world. The JOC Top 50 World Container Ports In 2007, Shenzhen was named one of China’s top ten most livable cities by Chinese Cities Brand Value Report, which was released at 2007 Beijing Summit of China Cities Forum. url http: engld%5Caboutloudi Loudicity Loudihonor 2011 1_327 default.shtml website publisher Hunan Loudi Official Government date 2012-03-28 accessdate 2014-08-04

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