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as conditions at Peak Limestone venues (at which they trained) were not always ideal. The facility was made famous by its reputation for its extremely difficult problems. Also, many notable international rock climbers were trained at The School Room. These include Ben Moon, Malcolm Smith, Jerry Moffat and Richard Simpson. '''Broughton Lane railway station''' was a railway station in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. The station served

professional playing

. Stalybridge Celtic . Born in Sheffield, West Riding of Yorkshire, he is a lifelong supporter of Sheffield United, with whom he had his longest managerial spell at eight years, taking them to the League (2002–03 Football League Cup#Semi-finals) and FA Cup (2002–03 FA Cup#Semi-finals) semi finals in 2003. Playing career Born in Sheffield, West Riding of Yorkshire, Warnock started his professional playing career with Chesterfield (Chesterfield F.C.) in 1967, before moving on to Rotherham United (Rotherham United F.C.), Hartlepool United (Hartlepool United F.C.), Scunthorpe United (Scunthorpe United F.C.), Aldershot (Aldershot F.C.), Barnsley (Barnsley F.C.), York City (York City F.C.) and Crewe Alexandra (Crewe Alexandra F.C.), making a total of 326 league appearances in an eleven-year playing career. At Hartlepool he won the club's Player of the Season award in 1972. WikiPedia:Sheffield Commons:Category:Sheffield

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WikiPedia:Sheffield Commons:Category:Sheffield

career taking

;Fingleton, p. 79. At Bramall Lane, Sheffield, he recorded the best innings analysis of his first-class career, taking 7 81 from 40 consecutive overs, Pollard (1990), p. 11. Fingleton, p. 194. bemusing the Yorkshire (Yorkshire CCC) spectators with the his accent and distinctive "Ow Wizz Ee" appealing (appeal (cricket)). Bradman considered his 6 51 against the Marylebone Cricket Club at Lord's

line open

service ceased, followed in 1981 by the goods service. The passenger service was adversely affected by the requirement to keep the Hope Valley line open, whilst the freight service was affected by the falloff in Trans-Pennine coal traffic. The track was lifted in 1986. There have been plans to re-open the railway at various times since it was closed, but none have gained planning approval. country United Kingdom location Sheffield (1989-2000) London (2000-present) genre Various '''Warp''', commonly referred to as '''Warp Records''', is a pioneering independent British (United Kingdom) record label, founded in Sheffield in 1989, notable for discovering some of the more enduring artists in electronic music. In 2002, West made his stage directorial debut with ''The Lady's Not for Burning'' at the Minerva Theatre (Minerva Theatre, Chichester), Chichester. He was appointed artistic director of Sheffield Theatres - succeeding Michael Grandage - in 2005. Daily Telegraph During his time as artistic director West revived the controversial ''The Romans in Britain'' and also directed ''As You Like It'' as part of the RSC's (Royal Shakespeare Company) Complete Works Festival. West left Sheffield when the theatre closed for refurbishment in 2007 and made his West End (West End theatre) directorial debut with the first major revival of Dealer's Choice (Dealer's Choice (play)) following its transferral to the Trafalgar Studios. He also continued his acting career: in 2007 he appeared alongside Toby Stephens and Dervla Kirwan in ''Betrayal (Betrayal (play))'' at the Donmar Warehouse, in November 2008 he played Harry in the Donmar revival of T.S. Eliot's ''The Family Reunion'' http: reviews review.php 22524 the-family-reunion and in 2009 he starred as Jeffrey Skilling in ''ENRON (ENRON (play))'' by Lucy Prebble. His 2008 production of ''Waste (Waste (play))'' at the Almeida Theatre was chosen by The Times as one of its "Productions of the Decade". The reservoirs of Howden (Howden Reservoir) and Derwent (Derwent Reservoir, Derbyshire) in the upper valley were both completed in 1916 to supply the cities of Sheffield, Nottingham, Derby and Leicester. The adjacent Ladybower Reservoir was completed in 1945 to cover increasing demand. Treated water from these reservoirs flows down the WikiPedia:Sheffield Commons:Category:Sheffield

current school

, complete with a 125 lb (275 kg) cast iron bell (bell (instrument)), that was imported from Sheffield, England. The Male and Female Academy was destroyed in an 1861 fire, when the city was razed during the Civil War (American Civil War). The bell is the only part of that original building that survives. It was restored and placed on permanent display in the current school in 1917, through donations from alumni. '''Notre Dame High School''' in Sheffield

vocal prowess

;Running Wild". Marriott's unique and powerful voice attracted rising attention. Singer Elkie Brooks was struck by Marriott's vocal prowess and stage presence, and recommended them to a local club owner, Maurice King. Impressed, King began finding them work in London and beyond.

collection home

directions above the Central Library. Nearest rail and Supertram: Sheffield Station. phone (+44) (0) 114 278 2600 tollfree fax hours M–Sa 10AM–5PM. price Free content Sheffield's municipal art collection. Home to British, European, Islamic and Chinese art. Includes works by Picasso, Stanley Spencer and Bridget Riley. Often has notable travelling exhibitions. *

comic classic

, the play was directed by and also starred Barrie Rutter the Artistic Director and founder of Northern Broadsides. Peters played the protagonist of the piece, Mrs Metheral. She was garnered with high critical acclaim, being dubbed ''"simply magnificent"'' by Michael Billington of The Gaurdian and ''"an instant comic classic"'' by The Observer. Ibberson Gravity Knife After British forces had captured numbers of the ''Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger-Messer'', the British government approached George Ibberson & Co. of Sheffield, England, a knife and cutlery manufacturer, and asked him to produce a British version of the German Luftwaffe gravity knife for the Special Operations Executive (SOE) and other clandestine warfare units. Ladd, James D., Melton, Keith, and Mason, Peter, ''Clandestine warfare: weapons and equipment of the SOE and OSS'', London: Blandford, ISBN 0-7137-1822-6, 9780713718225 (1988), p. 29: These British SOE gravity knives are NOT the same knives as the standard British Army soldier's and sailor's clasp pocketknife, which featured a short, thick marlinspike. Under the initial wartime contract, George Ibberson & Co. initially made 500 gravity knives for issue to the SOE (Special Operations Executive) and other special forces. Two other manufacturers, both of Sheffield, Yorkshire, produced between 1,200 and 1,500 knives during the war. These Sheffield gravity knives had smooth wood or textured plastic scales, but were otherwise identical in features and operation to the ''Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger-Messer'', with a locking gravity-deployed blade, takedown feature, and a folding rigging spike or awl. In the hands of British SOE agents, the Sheffield gravity knife was considered to be a secondary combat weapon. In addition to the knife blade, SOE close combat instructors found that the folding rigging spike was useful for silent elimination of sentries by opening the carotid artery on the neck. Thompson, Leroy, ''Survival Fighting Knives'', Paladin Press, ISBN 0-87364-347-X, 9780873643474 (1985), p. 76 Nearby Ford Hall was the home of the Reverend William Bagshaw, the 'Apostle of the Peak', after he was ejected from the vicarage on the Act of Uniformity (Act of Uniformity 1662) in 1662. John Bennet 1714-1759 , described as "one of John Wesley's most outstanding young preachers", was born at Chinley and lived at Lee End. S. R. Valentine, John Bennet & the Origins of Methodism and the Evangelical Revival in England, Scarecrow Press, NJ, 1997 Both Bennet, and his wife Grace Murray, are buried in the graveyard of nearby Chinley Chapel, a Nonconformist chapel built in 1716. The coming of the railways was the reason Chinley grew from the tiny hamlet it had been, and the village is actually named after its railway station, rather than the other way around. Previously the names Maynestonefield or Four Lanes End were used. Chinley railway station was once an important railway junction on the Midland Railway's Dore and Chinley line (Hope Valley line) and its London-bound extension through Millers Dale (Millers Dale railway station), and it was common to have to change trains in Chinley en route for Manchester, London or Sheffield. The station is now a single 'island' platform on the trans-Pennine line between Sheffield (Sheffield railway station) and Manchester Piccadilly (Manchester Piccadilly railway station). '''Totley''' is a suburb on the extreme southwest of the City of Sheffield (Sheffield), in South Yorkshire, England. Lying in the historic county boundaries (Historic counties of England) of Derbyshire, Totley was amalgamated into the city of Sheffield in 1935, and is today part of the Dore and Totley electoral ward in the city, though it remains close to the contemporary county boundary (Shire county) of Derbyshire. In 2005, the lock was partially restored as part of the planning gain required from the developers of the adjacent Bellamy Homes housing scheme. Three sets of new steel gates, manufactured in Sheffield by Mandall Engineering, were installed at a cost of £200,000, and a further £100,000 was spent on general improvements to the area and the access paths to the lock. This left the lock in good condition, but not operational, since the gates did not have balance beams, and the hydraulic operating mechanism was not included in the work. WikiPedia:Sheffield Commons:Category:Sheffield

extreme landscapes

lays claim to being the smallest place in Europe to have two separate railway stations WikiPedia:Sheffield Commons:Category:Sheffield


'''Sheffield''' ( ), though some population figures, like those given at List of English cities by population, use just the urban core of the city and are therefore lower. and it is one of the eight largest regional English cities that make up the Core Cities Group. Sheffield is the third largest (List of English districts by population) English district by population. The metropolitan population of Sheffield is 1,569,000

During the 19th century, Sheffield gained an international reputation for steel production. Many innovations were developed locally, including crucible (crucible steel) and stainless steel, fuelling an almost tenfold increase in the population during the Industrial Revolution. Sheffield received its municipal charter in 1843, becoming the ''City of Sheffield'' in 1893. International competition in iron and steel caused a decline in traditional local industries during the 1970s and 1980s, coinciding with the collapse of coal mining in the area.

The 21st century has seen extensive redevelopment (Urban renewal) in Sheffield along with other British cities. Sheffield's gross value added (GVA) has increased by 60% since 1997, standing at £9.2 billion in 2007. The economy has experienced steady growth averaging around 5% annually, greater than that of the broader region of Yorkshire and the Humber. title Income & Wealth date 30 November 2007 publisher Sheffield City Council accessdate 7 July 2010 archiveurl http: web 20100521085049 http: your-city-council sheffield-facts-figures sheffield-economy income--wealth archivedate 21 May 2010

The city is located within the valleys of the River Don (River Don, South Yorkshire) and its four tributaries, the Loxley (River Loxley), the Porter Brook, the Rivelin (River Rivelin), and the Sheaf (River Sheaf). 61% of Sheffield's entire area is green space, and a third of the city lies within the Peak District national park. url https: your-city-council sheffield-profile introduction.html title City Profile Introduction date 31 January 2013 publisher Sheffield City Council accessdate 13 October 2013 There are more than 250 parks, woodlands and gardens in the city, and an estimated 2 million trees, giving Sheffield the highest ratio of trees to people of any city in Europe.

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