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in Shakopee. Highway 169 and nearby State Highway 13 (Minnesota State Highway 13) connect Shakopee to the rest of the Minneapolis – Saint Paul region. County Highway 101 serves as a major east–west connector route of historic downtown Shakopee. Demographics


in 1865 for participating in the massacres. Descendants of the Mdewakanton Dakota placed Meanwhile in 1851, Thomas A. Holmes established a trading post west

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;ref Byron, p. 111. Byron calls Ironworld a "theme park of iron-ore mining and European immigrant cultures". - Minnesota Valley State Trail Shakopee (Shakopee, Minnesota) – Belle Plain (Belle Plaine, Minnesota)

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the mound building tradition. One of these bands was led by Chief Shakopee. The Ojibwa nation began pushing into Dakota territory and reportedly Shakopee's band skirmished in 1768 and 1775.


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appeared in the film ''Little Big League''. * In the TV series, ''Big Time Rush'', Kendall Schmidt's character, Kendall Knight, is said to have been born in Shakopee. * On March 3, 2012, the Lindsay Lohan episode of ''Saturday Night Live'' featured a skit on a radio station based out of Shakopee, with Taran Killam, Bobby Moynihan and Lindsay Lohan as the DJ's, and Vanessa Bayer as the news correspondent. Bayer refers to Eagle Creek and Red Oak Elementary

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-ba102122a721.html border divides the Junior High aged kids to East or West. Shakopee High School has grades 10 through 12. Shakopee is also the location of the Shakopee Area Catholic Schools. The city of Shakopee also has a campus of the Globe University Minnesota School of Business (Minnesota School of Business & Globe University), a private career college offering programs in business, health sciences, legal sciences, multimedia and design and information

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* Mount Olive Evangelical Lutheran Church Slavic Baptist Church Saints Joachim & Anne ValleyView Baptist Church in Shakopee is a relatively new soccer complex that has a growing program. There are also several regional attractions (see below). Notable people * Jamal Abu-Shamala, a Jordanian-American (Jordan) basketball player for the Minnesota Golden Gophers, was born in Shakopee and went to the high school. * Scott Ferrozzo, a mixed martial artist who held a 4-2 record. * Eleanor Gates, playwright, was born here in 1875. * Christopher Straub, a contestant on ''Project Runway'' (season 6) (Project Runway (season 6)), lives in Shakopee. * Maurice Hubert Stans, United States Secretary of Commerce * Anthony Bonsante, "The Bullet", is a professional boxer and competitor on the reality TV show ''The Contender''. Attractions thumb Canterbury Park (File:Canterbury-Shakopee-20070707.jpg) Shakopee is the location of several attractions that are well-recognized throughout the state and even nationally. * Valleyfair is a family amusement park located just outside of the Shakopee downtown on County Highway 101. * The Landing is an

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the mound building tradition. One of these bands was led by Chief Shakopee. The Ojibwa nation began pushing into Dakota territory and reportedly Shakopee's band skirmished in 1768 and 1775. Shakopee died in 1827 at Fort Snelling. The second man to take the name Chief Shakopee was his adopted

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in Saint Paul and the Marigold Ballroom and the Flame Cafe in Minneapolis featured prominent jazz, rock, country and other bands in the mid-20th century. Greene, p. 153

Shakopee, Minnesota

'''Shakopee''' (

The river bank's Shakopee Historic District contains burial mounds built by prehistoric cultures. In the 17th century, Chief Shakopee of the Mdewakanton Dakota (Sioux) established his village on the east end. Trading brought about the city's establishment in the 19th century and Shakopee boomed as a commerce exchange site between river and rail at Murphy's Landing. Once an isolated city competing in the Minnesota River Valley (Minnesota River), by the 1960s its economy shifted to the expanding metropolitan area. Significant growth as a bedroom community (commuter town) occurred after U.S. Highway 169 (U.S. Route 169 in Minnesota) was realigned in 1996 toward the new Bloomington Ferry Bridge.

The city is currently known for the Valleyfair amusement park and the Canterbury Park horse racetrack. The Minnesota Renaissance Festival is associated with Shakopee though is located in nearby Louisville Township (Louisville Township, Scott County, Minnesota). Shakopee has an orderly annexation agreement for the entirety of the township with no definite timeline.

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