What is Seychelles known for?

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in Bangalore, India, dozens of Indian groups opposed the event claiming that the contest degraded women by featuring them in bikinis. Social activist Subhashini Ali commented, "It's not an IQ test. Neither is it a charity show. It's a beauty contest in which these things have been added on as sops." The protests were so intense that the organizers were finally compelled to shift the venue of the "Swimsuit Round" to Seychelles. News Desk,

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2000 id 39687 title Nepenthes pervillei downloaded 11 May 2006 Listed as Vulnerable (VU D2 v2.3). at elevations of between 350 and 750 m above sea level. McPherson, S.R. 2009. ''Pitcher Plants of the Old World''. 2 volumes. Redfern Natural History Productions, Poole. *1975 HBL opened a branch in Belgium. HBL also merged with Standard Bank, a Pakistani bank. *1976 HBL opened a branch in the Seychelles, the first of two

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on Yap in Micronesia since the 1980s is probably of this subspecies, but might be of the rare ''G. c. guami''. Wiles ''et al.'' (2000, 2004) Population size: Perhaps a few 100s on Palau as of the early 2000s, less than 100 on Yap as of the early 2000s. - Distribution and habitat Sunbirds are a tropical Old World family, with representatives in Africa


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Seychellois'' (Life in Seychelles 1770–1903) Denise Johnstone External links ;Government * SeyGov, main government portal * State House, Office of the President of the Republic of Seychelles *publications world-leaders-1 world-leaders-s seychelles.html Chief of State and Cabinet Members * Central Bank of Seychelles, on-shore banking

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Restaurant, "Mahek". Beau Vallon is the site of a bazaar of small food and souvenir stands every Wednesday and Saturday evening, year round. Jurisdiction The Subcommittee on African Affairs is responsible for United States relations with countries in Africa, with the exception of countries bordering on the Mediterranean Sea from Egypt to Morocco, which are under the jurisdiction of the United States Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Near Eastern

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, the vulnerability of the tourist sector was illustrated by the sharp drop in 1991–1992 due largely to the Gulf War. Since then the government has moved to reduce the dependence on tourism by promoting the development of farming, fishing, small-scale manufacturing and most recently

. Growth has been led by the tourist sector, which employs about 30% of the labor force and provides more than 70% of hard currency earnings, followed by tuna fishing. In recent years the government has encouraged foreign investment in order to upgrade hotels and other services. At the same time, the government has moved to reduce the dependence on tourism by promoting the development of farming, fishing, small-scale manufacturing and most recently the offshore sector


'''Seychelles''' ( east of mainland Southeast Africa. Other nearby island countries and territories include Zanzibar to the west and Comoros, Mayotte, Madagascar, Réunion and Mauritius to the south.

Seychelles, with a population of 90,024, has the smallest population of any African state (List of African countries by population). Seychelles is a member of the African Union.

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