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Cathedral has been constructed in the beginning of the XVII century. Now the monastery is being restored little by little, though, in comparison with Vysotsky monastery, it is in a very dilapidated condition. In the History And Art museum (ph.(4967) 35 26 70, 35 17 53, Chehovа, 87) there is an excellent collection of pictures by Shishkin, Savrasov, Ayvazovsky, Repin, Levitan, Polenov and also an admirable collection of European art. Do Buy Eat You can get a bite in the city

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— early 1950s. Architect Leonid Popov (and co-authors M. Zelenin and M. Ilin) based inspired by the historic connotation with respect to the city of Serpukhov, based the overall design on ancient Russian architecture (Architecture of Kievan Rus) and in particular the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl, which is repeated in the design of the portals and the beige marble composition. Other innovations by Popov include the station walls on the platform halls where above a dark red marble

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as Zamoskvorechye, were first colonized in the fourteenth century. Two river crossings, west and east of the Moscow Kremlin's walls, provide access to roads which originally continued south to Kaluga and Serpukhov, and served as main axes of settlement. Bolshaya Ordynka Street (Serpukhov road), currently the western boundary of the district, is named after ''Orda'', Golden Horde, and was initially home to the Tatar community. Regular floods and the north-south migration of Moskva river bed limited construction to a narrow, 500-700 meter wide strip of land between Ordynka and Tatarskaya streets. The development of Zamoskvorechye followed the eastward expansion of the city on the northern bank, thus eastern Zamoskvorechye is younger than the western Yakimanka District. For example, present-day Pyatnitskaya Street emerged in early fifteenth century, when the expansion of Moscow Kremlin moved the wooden Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge one block eastward. - 128 126 Serpukhov Серпухов Moscow Oblast 131,097 126,496 Wikipedia:Serpukhov Commons:Category:Serpukhov

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themselves into three main groups under the command of Grigory Sumbulov, Prokopy Lyapunov, and Istoma Pashkov. All these rebels united and then besieged Moscow, settling in a village of Zagorye on October 12, 1606. The consent among these rebellious groups, however, did not last long. Cities of Bryansk, Moscow, and Serpukhov are the centers of car-building industry. Trains and train cars are manufactured in Kolomna, Lyudinovo, and Murom. Rybinsk is a shipbuilding center of the region. Tractors and other agricultural machinery are produced in Bezhetsk, Lyubertsy, Ryazan, Tula (Tula, Russia), and Vladimir. *Russian New Martyr Leonty of Enotaevsa, bishop, and those with him (1919) *New-Martyr Maxim, Bishop of Serpukhov (1931) '''Vladimir Andreyevich the Bold''' ( Wikipedia:Serpukhov Commons:Category:Serpukhov

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, on the left bank of the Protva River. Population: The battle On October 8, 1480 Akhmat Khan planned to bypass the Oka river from the west and thus avoid Ivan's regiments which were located in Kolomna, Serpukhov and Tarusa. This would allow Akhmat Khan to unite his army with Casimir's. Akhmat Khan's forces approached the Ugra river. The main Russian defense line ran along the Oka from Nizhny Novgorod to Kaluga

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Wikipedia:Serpukhov Commons:Category:Serpukhov

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Posad , Serpukhov, Vereya, Volokolamsk, Yegoryevsk, Zarayzk and Zvenigorod. The national register of "historical towns", first established in 1970, has been expanded to 478 settlements in 2002 - ''Decree of the government of Russian Federation of November 26, 2001 no. 815 "Federal target program on preservation and development of historical towns for 2002–2010" (Постановление Правительства РФ от 26 ноября 2001 г N 815 "О федеральной целевой программе

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(Alaska) Spruce Island , Alaska '''Saint Herman of Alaska''' (born 1756 or 1760 in Serpukhov, Russia – died December 13 or November 15, 1837 on Spruce Island (Spruce Island (Alaska)), Alaska) was one of the first Eastern Orthodox missionaries to the New World, ''"Life of Valaam monk Herman", from the Treasury of Saint Herman's Spirituality, Editor: Archimandrite Alexander (Mileant), Holy Protection Russian Orthodox Church.'' ref>


, Russia. The church was constructed between 1893 and 1896 to a Russian Revivalist design and was funded by Serpukhov's merchant Vasily Fyodorovich Astapov. The structure graces Zanarie, a town district located on the right bank of the Nara River. The architect was Roman Klein, also responsible for the building of the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. * Wikipedia:Serpukhov Commons:Category:Serpukhov

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the field free for mutual jealousies and accusations. Although the majority of boyars complained about Belsky's cowardness, the monarch spared both Belsky and his own brother and put the blame for defeat on Prince Vorotynsky. New York City Major Michael Bloomberg stated that "Our judicial system works where the public can see the alleged perpetrators." In the opening chapter of ''The Gulag Archipelago'', Alexander


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