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, MOHAI is "dedicated to enriching lives by preserving, sharing and teaching the diverse history of Seattle, the Puget Sound region and the nation." The '''Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture''' is a natural history museum in Seattle, Washington (Washington (state)), in the United States. Founded in 1899, the museum is an official state museum and is located at the University

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-museum_of_flight_seattle-i "Museum of Flight." '''' Retrieved: September 2, 2011. It was established in 1965 and is fully accredited by the American Association of Museums. As the largest private air and space museum in the world, it also hosts the largest K-12 educational programs in the world. Career Malkin began her journalism career at the ''Los Angeles Daily News'', working as a columnist from 1992 to 1994. In 1995, she worked in Washington, D.C., as a journalism fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Fox News Bios. “Fox News Contributor”,””. Retrieved July 23, 2009. a free-market, anti-government regulation, libertarian (Libertarianism) think tank. Europe Advises U.S. Officials on Climate, Washington Post, March 6, 2009 Competitive Enterprise Institute “Competitive Enterprise Institute” In 1996, she moved to Seattle, Washington (Washington (U.S. state)), where she wrote columns for ''The Seattle Times''. Malkin became a nationally-syndicated (print syndication) columnist with Creators Syndicate in 1999. Malkin, Michelle. "Michelle Malkin's Latest Opinion Column HLML", Creators Syndicate Malkin, Michelle. "Michelle Malkin's Latest Opinion Column RSS", Creators Syndicate. thumb right 200px A confrontational sticker created by Queer Nation San Francisco (1990). (Image:QN Faggot.jpg) Queer Nation chapters were founded in dozens of other cities, including Atlanta, Boston, Charlottesville, Virginia, Chicago, Columbus, Ohio, Columbia, S.C. (Columbia, South Carolina), Houston, Minneapolis, Montreal (known as ''Queer Nation Rose''), Philadelphia (known as ''Queer Action''), Nashville (Nashville, Tennessee), San Francisco, Seattle and Toronto. She was laid down by the Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Company (Lockheed Shipbuilding and Construction Company) at Seattle in Washington (Washington (U.S. state)) on 11 June 1962, launched on 8 January 1963; sponsored by Mrs. Nancee Ravenel, a great, great, great, granddaughter of the Honorable Benjamin Stoddert; and commissioned at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard on 12 September 1964; Commander Walter Megginness in command. The ''Cochrane'' was laid down by the Puget Sound Bridge and Dredging Company at Seattle, Washington (Washington (U.S. state)) on 31 July 1961, launched on 18 July 1962 and commissioned on 21 March 1964. ''Goldsborough'' was laid down by the Puget Sound Bridge and Drydock Company (Lockheed Shipbuilding and Construction Company) at Seattle in Washington (Washington (U.S. state)) on 3 January 1961, launched on 15 December 1961 by Mrs. Alan Bible, wife of U.S. Senator Alan Bible of Nevada and commissioned on 9 November 1963, Captain Charles D. Allen, Jr., in command. ''Buchanan'' was laid down by Todd-Pacific Shipbuilding (Todd Pacific Shipyards) at Seattle in Washington (Washington (U.S. state)) on 23 April 1959, launched on 11 May 1960 and commissioned on 7 February 1962. Eaton began writing as a young girl; her articles on the Chinese people were accepted for publication in Montreal's English-language newspapers, the ''Montreal Star'' and the ''Daily Witness''. She eventually left Montreal to live in the United States, first in San Francisco, then in Seattle, before going to the east coast (East Coast of the United States) to work in Boston. While working as a legal secretary she continued to write and although her appearance and manners would have allowed her to easily pass as an Englishwoman, she asserted her Chinese heritage and wrote articles that told what life was like for a Chinese woman in white America. First published in 1896, her fictional stories about Chinese Americans were a reasoned appeal for her society's acceptance of working-class Chinese at a time when the United States Congress maintained the Chinese Exclusion Act, which banned Chinese immigration to the United States. right thumb Belltown (Image:Seattle Map - Belltown.png) '''Belltown''' is a neighborhood in Seattle, Washington (Washington (U.S. state)), United States, in the 98121 Zip Code, located on the city's downtown waterfront, on land that was artificially flattened as part of a regrading project (Denny Regrade, Seattle, Washington). Formerly a low-rent, semi-industrial arts district, in recent decades it has transformed into a neighborhood of trendy restaurants, boutiques, nightclubs, and residential towers as well as warehouses and art galleries. The area is named after William Nathaniel Bell, on whose land claim the neighborhood was built. death_date

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, the owner of Eidos Interactive. That same year, they released their first self published title (with no co-publishers), Justice League Heroes, it was distributed by Eidos on the Xbox. In 2007, their goal was for a five year plan to expand in the video game industry, which includes the acquisition of studios for internal development and the creation of a studio (WB Games) in the Seattle area that will run all the games published (video game publisher) and developed (video game developer) by the company;

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''' was an alternative rock band, active from 1993 (1993 in music) to 1995 (1995 in music). Formed when all three members were living in Seattle, the band included Kat Bjelland of Babes in Toyland (Babes in Toyland (band)) and Stuart Gray, who were married during the band's career. Formation and first releases Amber Pacific began as group of high school juniors that performed locally in their hometown near Seattle, under the name Follow Through. The band

, garage rock '''The U-Men''' were a Seattle-based post-punk band active in the early to late 1980s. They toured extensively across America (United States) and even had a song by the Butthole Surfers named in their honor. Their musically "dirty" sound was a forerunner for the later grunge bands to come out of Seattle. Idiotarods take place in Ann Arbor, Asheville, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Iowa City, New York City, Phoenix (Phoenix, Arizona), Portland (Portland, Oregon), Salt Lake City, Seattle, St. Louis, Toronto, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Washington, D.C. though the original race was founded in San Francisco in 1994 as the "Urban Iditarod"


also provides a prominent showcase for local filmmakers every fall with "Local Sightings," a week-long festival for the best of Northwestern (Pacific Northwest) film and video. - 34. 31 May 2008 Seattle, United States 3–2 0 Friendly (Exhibition game) - After being recommended to an Italian agent by Sherill Milnes, she made her European performance debut in 1982 in the title role of Gioacchino

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Rinpoche and Nalandabodhi. There are also centers in other major cities throughout the United States and Canada including New York (New York City), New York; the Maitrivana center in Vancouver, British Columbia; Boulder (Boulder, Colorado), Colorado; and West Hartford, Connecticut. Individual study groups are located globally, and Nalandabodhi also offers the option of independent home study (Home study course) and Virtual education online classes

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as: ''Books & Books'' in Coral Gables, Florida, ''City Lights Books'' in San Francisco, ''The Elliott Bay Book Company'' in Seattle, ''Politics and Prose'' in Washington, D.C., ''Powell's Books (Powell's Bookstore)'' in Portland, Oregon, ''Prairie Lights'' in Iowa City, Iowa, ''Tattered Cover'' in Denver, Colorado, ''That Bookstore in Blytheville'' in Blytheville, Arkansas, and the ''Strand Book Store'' in New York City. ref>

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(Episode 09) of ''Top Gear (Top Gear (2002 TV series))'' in the Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car segment. He achieved 1:50 in the Liana (Suzuki Liana). In 2005, he was cast as Professor Ian Hood in an ITV thriller 4-episode series ''Eleventh Hour (Eleventh Hour (UK TV series))'', created by Stephen Gallagher. The first episode was broadcast on 19 January 2006. He also, in 2005, played Captain Nemo in a two part adaptation of ''The Mysterious Island''. Stewart also appeared as a nudity obsessed caricature of himself in Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant's television series ''Extras (Extras (TV series))'', as a last-minute replacement for Jude Law. For playing himself, he was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2006 for Guest Actor in a Comedy Series. The 60th Primetime Emmys

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size, he could not seem to find his role in the Sonics' offensive flow. In 2002, he played drums and sang backup vocals for Seldom; in 2004, he played with Starflyer 59. Bazan has made various studio appearances with Seattle-based bands; for instance, In 2004 he sang on the Six Parts Seven remix album Lost Notes From Forgotten Songs, played drums in 1998 on Unwed Sailor's ''Firecracker (Firecracker EP)'' EP, Unwed Sailor's bassist, Johnathon Ford, subsequently played bass for Pedro the Lion during that period. and contributed to the Rosie Thomas album ''These Friends of Mine (These Friends of Mine (album))''. name Seattle Radio title Radio stations in the Seattle–Tacoma (Tacoma, Washington) market listclass hlist Bloedel, Stewart and Welch In 1911 Julius Bloedel, a Seattle lawyer, along with his two partners, John Stewart (John Stewart (financier)) and Patrick Welch, began acquiring large blocks of Vancouver Island forests. Their Franklin River (Franklin River (Vancouver Island)) camp soon became one of the world’s largest logging operations.

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; Moreover, festival cofounder Farrell felt that the group's macho image violated his peaceful vision for the festival, for alternative culture of the early 1990s was generally against macho behavior. ref>


'''Seattle''' (

The Seattle area had previously been inhabited by Native Americans (Native Americans in the United States) for at least 4,000 years before the first permanent European settlers. The settlement was moved to its current site and named "Seattle" in 1852, after Chief Si'ahl (Chief Seattle) of the local Duwamish (Duwamish tribe) and Suquamish (Suquamish tribe) tribes.

Logging was Seattle's first major industry, but by the late 19th century the city had become a commercial and shipbuilding center as a gateway to Alaska during the Klondike Gold Rush. By 1910, Seattle was one of the 25 largest cities in the country. However, the Great Depression severely damaged the city's economy. Growth returned during and after World War II, due partially to the local Boeing company, which established Seattle as a center for aircraft manufacturing. The city developed as a technology center in the 1980s, with companies like, Microsoft and T-Mobile US based in the area. The stream of new software, biotechnology, and Internet companies led to an economic revival, which increased the city's population by almost 50,000 between 1990 and 2000. Since then, Seattle has become a hub for green industry and a model for sustainable development.

Seattle has a noteworthy musical history. From 1918 to 1951, there were nearly two dozen jazz nightclubs along Jackson Street, from the current Chinatown International District, to the Central District. The jazz scene developed the early careers of Ray Charles, Quincy Jones, Ernestine Anderson and others. Seattle is also the birthplace of rock musician Jimi Hendrix and the alternative rock style grunge.

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