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, Mohammed bin Laden, died when he was 17 years old. Lay's, with its original brand, is also produced by the Saudi Snack Foods Company in Saudi Arabia, and is exported to the other GCC countries (Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf). It is available in several flavors, including ready-salted, salt & vinegar, pepper, ketchup, and French cheese and barbeque. On the night of 23 24 February, in accordance with General Norman Schwarzkopf (Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr.)'s

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that the Bush Administration employed periodically during the run-up to the Iraq war is that deposing Saddam Hussein and installing a democratic government in Iraq would promote democracy in other Middle Eastern countries. Wright, Steven. ''The United States and Persian Gulf Security: The Foundations of the War on Terror'', Ithaca Press, 2007 ISBN 978-0863723216

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"Saudi Arabia by numbers" 12 February 2010, Pechter Polls. Retrieved 6 February 2011 Crime is not a significant problem. However, the government of Saudi Arabia's objective of being a religious Islamic country, coupled with economic difficulties, has created deep social tensions in Saudi society. Many Saudis want a reformed, more secular government and to have more influence in the political process. On the other hand, juvenile delinquency in practices such as Tafheet, drug-use and excessive use of alcohol are getting worse. High unemployment and a generation of young males filled with contempt toward the Royal Family is a significant threat to Saudi social stability. Some Saudis feel they are entitled to well-paid government jobs, and the failure of the government to satisfy this sense of entitlement has led to considerable dissatisfaction.

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;) that direct the wind into the houses and cool the interior of the houses, a very common style throughout the Persian Gulf. In Bahrain they settled mostly in and around Awadhiya which is now a busy commercial district. The neighborhood contains some of the last remaining houses built in the traditional architectural style featuring badgeer windtowers in Bahrain. '''Abha''' ( '') is the capital of Asir province in Saudi Arabia

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to a customer's removable media on request. Eat Eating is one of the few pleasures permitted in Saudi Arabia, and the obesity statistics show that most Saudis indulge as much as they can. Unlike other businesses which kick out their customers at prayer time, most restaurants will let diners hang around and eat behind closed doors through the prayer period. New customers are generally not allowed to enter until after prayer is over. Fast food '''Fast food''' is a huge business in Saudi Arabia, with all the usual suspects (McDonalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut, Subway) and not a few chains that rarely venture outside America elsewhere (e.g. Hardee's, Little Caesars). Meals invariably served with fries and Coke cost SR10-20. Some local imitators worth checking out include: * '''Al-Baik''' - fried chicken- in Jeddah, Mecca, Medina and Taif but not Riyadh * '''Baak''' - Pizza (thin crust and quite good), fried chicken, lasagna, sandwiches *

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first Pakistan Television title Bhutto's Visit to United Kingdom url http: watch?v y9sbq6dnggs work PTV publisher British Broadcasting Corporation The remittances from overseas Pakistanis, which are now in the vicinity of $25 billion per anum, constitute a dependable source of foreign exchange for Pakistan. As a countermeasure against rising oil costs MOL built energy-efficient ships, cooperating with Mitsui

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oil companies to increase oil production. This led to a three-times drop in the prices of oil, and oil was the main source of Soviet export revenues. Following the USSR’s previous large military buildup

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and Baljorashi. Baljorashi has a famous traditional market known as ''sooqe as-sabt'', which translates to English as "Saturday market". The Baljorashi market is very old and its exact age is unknown. This market opens after the Fajr prayer, or around 5 A.M. local time. The market closes around noon. People come from all over the region to buy and sell handmade goods. Other cities in the al-Bahah region include Baljourashi, Almikhwah, Rahwat Albar, Sabt Alalaya

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of the Forty Years' Wanderings'' (1872) , but it dates to the Early Bronze Age (the early 3rd century BC) Itzhaq Beit-Arieh, ''Archaeology of Sinai, The Ophir Expedition'', Tel Aviv University (2003) . The traditional location of Mount Sinai has been rejected by the majority of scholars, as well as theologians, who favour a location at Mount Seir Ditlef Nielsen, ''The Site of the Biblical Mount Sinai

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-15 is the United States Air Force, but it is also operated by the air forces of Israel, Japan, Saudi Arabia and soon South Korea too. Berg followed up in 2007 with ''The Kingdom (The Kingdom (film))'', a Michael Mann (Michael Mann (director))-produced political thriller set in Saudi Arabia, starring Academy Award winners Jamie Foxx and Chris Cooper (Chris Cooper (actor)), also with Jennifer Garner whom Berg met when he appeared in a two-part episode

Saudi Arabia

'''Saudi Arabia''' , constituting the bulk of the Arabian Peninsula), and the second-largest in the Arab world after Algeria. It is bordered by Jordan and Iraq to the north, Kuwait to the northeast, Qatar, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates to the east, Oman to the southeast, and Yemen in the south. It is the only nation with both a Red Sea coast and a Persian Gulf coast and much of its terrain consists of inhospitable desert.

The area of modern-day Saudi Arabia formerly consisted of four distinct regions: Hejaz, Najd and parts of Eastern Arabia (Al-Hasa) and Southern Arabia ('Asir ('Asir Region)).

Saudi Arabia is the world's dominant oil producer and exporter (List of countries by oil exports) while it controls the world's second largest hydrocarbon reserves (List of countries by proven oil reserves). Backed by the energy reserves, the kingdom is categorized as a high income economy and is the only Arab country to be part of the G-20 major economies. It is an active member of Gulf Cooperation Council (Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf), Organisation of Islamic Cooperation and OPEC.

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