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. Together with the other Channel Islands, it is the last remnant of the former Duchy of Normandy still belonging to the Crown. Sark belongs to the Crown in its own right and has an independent relationship with the Crown through the Lieutenant Governor in Guernsey. Hansard

people year

Guernsey people year 1984 isbn 0850335299 publisher Phillimore accessdate 16 January 2014 (£6,000 less the sum borrowed and an accumulated interest of £616.13s). . During World War II, the island, along with the other Channel


are the Barclay brothers? first Chris last Tryhorn date June 23, 2004 * Stelios Haji-Ioannou who was quoted as saying: "I have no UK income to be taxed in the UK." Source: David Leigh, Monday, July 10, 2006, The Guardian. Victory Day marks the end of World War II in Europe, specifically the capitulation of Nazi (Nazism) forces to the Allies (Allies of World War II) (the United Kingdom, Soviet Union, France, the United

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publisher ''Time (Time (magazine))'' accessdate 11 December 2008 Dame Sibyl also wrote ''Maid of Sark'', an historical romance published in 1939; set in the 16th Century, it incorporates events related to the defence of the island against the Bretons. * The novel ''Appointment with Venus'' by Jerrard Tickell is set on the fictional island of Armorel, which is presumed to be based on Sark. The 1951 film (Appointment with Venus (film)) of the book used Sark as a principal location. * Sarah Caudwell's ''The Sirens Sang of Murder'' (1989) is partly set in Sark. French literature Maurice Leblanc's novel ''L'Île aux Trente Cercueils'' (translated in English as ''The Secret of Sarek'') features an island called Sarek, off the coast of Brittany, and bears obvious similarities to Sark. In the story, gentleman-thief Arsène Lupin rescues Véronique d'Hergemont from a local superstition requiring the death of thirty women to appease vengeful spirits. Television The 1986 television adaptation of Mr Pye by Mervyn Peake and starring Derek Jacobi was filmed on the island. The original short story is also set on Sark. Sark featured in the 6th episode of the fourth series of ''The New Statesman'', ''The Irresistible Rise of Alan B'Stard'' and also in the Jersey-based television detective series ''Bergerac (Bergerac (TV series))''. Part of the seventh episode of the second series of World War II television drama ''Enemy at the Door'' takes place in Sark. La Coupée features in a number of scenes. Sark, and in particular the Gouliot Caves, features in episode 8 of series 3 of the BBC television series ''Coast (Coast (TV series))''. Sark was featured in Episode 3 of the 2009 ITV (ITV (TV network)) television series ''Islands of Britain (Islands of Britain (TV series))'', presented by Martin Clunes; islanders involved in the programme included Alan Blythe (Constable) and Rossford de Carteret. Sark was featured on the ITV2 programme ''Holiday Showdown'' where one family chose Sark as their holiday destination. In episode 2 of the 2009 ITV mini-series ''Collision (Collision (TV series))'', Guy Pearson (played by Nicholas Farrell) says, "I'm moving to the Channel Islands: Sark. No cars on Sark, it'll be heaven." In John Shuttleworth's ''Southern Softies'' (2009), John and his crew cannot find anywhere to stay on the island. Series 7 and 8 of the BBC television series ''An Island Parish'' follows the Anglican priest and Methodist minister on Sark. See also * List of Seigneurs of Sark References

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'' title Shall we have a bash, chaps? url http: culture books 3639355 Shall-we-have-a-bash-chaps.html location London first Max last Hastings date 27 March 2005 The SSRF used HM MTB 344, a Motor Torpedo Boat colloquially nicknamed ''The Little Pisser'' from its outstanding turn of speed. The SSRF carried out a number of cross-channel (English Channel) operations. The SSRF had mixed fortunes in their raids, their next raids Operation Barricade

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persuades Piers to issue a directive abolishing offshore (offshore financial centre) tax havens in the Channel Islands, a move that sends the Conservative Party (Conservative Party (UK)) into uproar, as the leadership's slush funds are threatened. A special party conference is called to vote on Conservative support for Britain's continued membership in the EEC, and a fiery speech from Alan leads to a decisive vote to leave. This precipitates a political crisis: John Major


-dies-horse-drawn-carriage-overturns-Sark-cars-banned.html title Swiss tourist dies as horse-drawn carriage overturns on Channel Island of Sark - where cars are banned and even the ambulance is pulled by tractor last Clark first Emma date 27 June 2012 work The Daily Mail publisher Associated Newspapers Ltd accessdate 21 February 2014 In 2011, Sark was designated as a Dark Sky Community (Dark-sky preserve) and the first Dark Sky Island in the world. Geography

on the Isle of Sark publisher The New Yorker date 29 October 2012 accessdate 1 February 2014 Dark Sky Community status In January 2011, the International Dark-Sky Association designated Sark as Europe's first Dark Sky Community

date 31 January 2011 work IDA Press release publisher International Dark Sky Association accessdate 22 February 2014 and the first Dark Sky Island in the world. This designation recognises that Sark is sufficiently clear of light pollution

leading community

and geology thumb left La Coupée (File:Sark Coupee.jpg) Sark consists of two main parts, Greater Sark, located at about 49° 25' N x 2° 22' W, and Little Sark to the south. They are connected by a narrow isthmus called La Coupée which is on each side.


; The first Gay Games is held in San Francisco, attracting 1,600 participants; Northern Ireland decriminalizes homosexuality; Wisconsin becomes the first US state to ban discrimination against homosexuals; New South Wales becomes the first Australian state to outlaw discrimination on the basis of actual or perceived homosexuality. The condition to be known as AIDS had acquired a number of names – GRID5 (gay-related immune deficiency), ‘gay cancer’, ‘community-acquired immune

24, 31(37); 507–508, 513–514. * '''1983 (1983 in LGBT rights)''' – Massachusetts Representative Gerry Studds reveals he is a homosexual on the floor of the House, becoming the first openly gay member of Congress; Guernsey (Including Alderney, Herm and Sark) decriminalizes homosexuality; Portugal decriminalizes homosexuality for the third time in its history; AIDS is described as a "gay plague" by Reverend Jerry Falwell. * ''' 1984

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, although UK and Jersey pounds are also accepted. Note there are no ATM on the islands, and only two banks, with rather short opening times (they usually are open 10-12 and 2-3 Monday to Friday), only one of which (HSBC, at the end of the Avenue) can give money to non-customers (note that Natwest can only help Natwest International customers, not Natwest customers from the UK). Most hotels, and restaurants card terminals, and a couple of the grocery stores on the Avenue can do cashback up to £50. When leaving the Bailwick of Guernsey (i.e. if you are travelling to Jersey or France), you may purchase duty free, usually sold on board ship. Eat Café *


'''Sark''' ( In 2011, Sark was designated as a Dark Sky Community (Dark-sky preserve) and the first Dark Sky Island in the world.

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