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in Solihull, England for 3 years. He currently lives in Bountiful, Utah and serves in Salt Lake City. Lund was released as a member of the church's Second Quorum of the Seventy on October 4, 2008. Snow died at Salt Lake City, Utah Territory, at age 69. He was buried at Salt Lake City Cemetery. Early life Young was born in Kirtland (Kirtland, Ohio), Ohio, the son of Brigham Young and Mary Ann Angell. Young's twin sister Mary died at age seven

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Chuck date January 19, 2002 work Billboard publisher Prometheus Global Media accessdate June 29, 2011 with an accompanying video again produced by McCrea. The video featured DiFiore and McNeal competing in a cooking competition, judged by Rick James, Phyllis Diller and Jeff Smith (Jeff Smith (TV personality)), and was noted by ''Billboard (Billboard (magazine))'' as "continuing the fresh, witty, and downright fun style seen in the "Short Skirt" video". Cake had planned a second tour of Europe, followed by a series of shows around the United States, but in view of the September 11 attacks chose not to travel overseas. Commons:Category:Salt Lake City WikiPedia:Salt Lake City Dmoz:Regional North America United States Utah Localities S Salt Lake City

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in the US (USA) state (U.S. state) of Utah. DePaulis served as the 31st mayor of Salt Lake City from 1985 to 1991. He was the first Roman Catholic mayor of Salt Lake City.

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against polygamy. He drew and procured the Cullom Bill, was mayor of Salt Lake City elected under the Utah Liberal Party in 1892, and was associate justice of the Supreme Court of Utah (sworn in January 3, 1899). Baskin died August 25, 1918. Many considered him a "radical" and the ''Deseret News'' "found it necessary to oppose his operations and criticize his methods with all the force it could command."

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Reviews: Don't Go in the Woods though it has gained something of a cult following (cult film) over the years. The movie was shot outside Salt Lake City, Utah and in surrounding rural locations. Bryzgalov competed for Russia in the 2000 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships 2000 World Junior


would be a focal point for opposition, he had a limited, behind-the-scenes role in trying to ease tensions between the church and local residents during the long and controversial approval and construction process for a Mormon temple in Belmont (Boston Massachusetts Temple) (nevertheless, it still was sometimes referred to as "Mitt's Temple" by locals). ref name

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Power--Dick Ebersol of NBC Sports has grabbed five more Olympics, in the years 2000 - 2008 last Jenkins first Sally journal Sports Illustrated month January year 1996 volume 83 number 27 accessdate June 7, 2011 Commons:Category:Salt Lake City WikiPedia:Salt Lake City Dmoz:Regional North America United States Utah Localities S Salt Lake City

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sector now has little trace and has been replaced by major mercantile sectors. Known for its central location in Salt Lake County, Murray has been called the ''Hub of Salt Lake County''. Murray is unlike most of its neighboring communities as it operates its own police, fire, power, water, library, and parks and recreation departments and has its own school district. Murray City Office of Community and Economic Development. Murray City General Plan. June 2003 While maintaining many of its own services, Murray has one of the lowest city tax rates in the state. Where Utah taxes are highest, lowest‎. Davidson, Lee. The Salt Lake Tribune, November 8, 2010 There was a strip of high bench land, completely surrounded by low land north of what is now Vine Street and 5600 South Street. Before and after the advent of the pioneers, this land was used by the Ute Indians as a camping ground, as water and grass could be obtained on either side of it and enemies could not approach without being seen long before coming to the high ground. This area would become the present-day Murray City Cemetery. The early settlers mutually agreed that no individual should fence or take title to it, but that it should be set aside and considered as belonging to South Cottonwood Ward. left thumb The Sons of Utah Pioneer's South Cottonwood Monument (File:South Cottonwood Ward.jpg)In 1853, when teamsters commenced to haul granite rock from Little Cottonwood Canyon to the Salt Lake Temple, a dirt path was made along what is now Vine Street. The east side of the road (at the northeast corner, where the Stillwater Apartments now stand) became a halfway camping ground for the teamsters. The first building in the Salt Lake Valley outside of Salt Lake City erected for the purpose of religious and educational instruction was built on present day Gordon Lane, and is commemorated with a monument from the Sons of the Utah Pioneers. Sons of the Utah Pioneers, Monument and Trails database History Located at the base of the Wasatch Mountains (Wasatch Range) thirteen miles (19 km) south of Salt Lake City, Sandy was a likely area for early settlement. The area was first used by nomadic bands of Paiute, Shoshone, and Bannock (Bannock (tribe)) Indians who roamed along the base of the mountains as they travelled from their winter home at Utah Lake to their summer fishing grounds at Bear Lake (Bear Lake County, Idaho). '''Joseph''' is a town in Sevier County (Sevier County, Utah), Utah, United States. The population was 269 at the 2000 census (2000 United States Census). The town was named for Joseph A. Young, a local leader of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Commons:Category:Salt Lake City WikiPedia:Salt Lake City Dmoz:Regional North America United States Utah Localities S Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City

'''Salt Lake City''', often shortened to '''Salt Lake''', or '''SLC''' is the capital (Capital (political)) and the most populous city in the state of Utah. With an estimated population of 191,180 in 2013, the city lies in the core of the Salt Lake City metropolitan area, which has a total population of 1,140,483 as of the 2013 estimate. Salt Lake City is further situated in a larger urban area known as the Salt Lake City-Provo-Ogden, UT Combined Statistical Area (Salt Lake City metropolitan area#Combined Statistical Area). This region is a corridor of contiguous urban and suburban development stretched along an approximate It is one of only two major urban areas in the Great Basin (the other being Reno, Nevada), and the largest in the Intermountain West.

The city was founded in 1847 by Brigham Young, Isaac Morley, George Washington Bradley and several other Mormon (Mormons) followers, who extensively irrigated and cultivated the arid valley. Due to its proximity to the Great Salt Lake, the city was originally named "Great Salt Lake City"—the word "great" was dropped from the official name in 1868 by the 17th Utah Territorial Legislature.

Immigration of international LDS members, mining booms (Mining), and the construction of the first transcontinental railroad (First Transcontinental Railroad) initially brought economic growth, and the city was nicknamed the Crossroads of the West. It was traversed by the Lincoln Highway, the first transcontinental highway, in 1913, and presently two major cross-country freeways, I-15 (Interstate 15) and I-80 (Interstate 80), intersect in the city. Salt Lake City has since developed a strong outdoor recreation (outdoor activity) tourist industry based primarily on skiing, and hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics. It is the industrial banking (industrial loan company) center of the United States.

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