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, Kansas Salina and Industry (Industry, Kansas). He went to junior high in Wakefield (Wakefield, Kansas) and high school in Clay Center, Kansas. He graduated from the University of Kansas, in Lawrence (Lawrence, Kansas), with a B.S. (Bachelor of Science) in Journalism. He was the first on-air DJ for KJHK radio, the student-run radio station at 90.7 FM in Lawrence, KS.

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) Interstate 70 and its southern terminus is with Interstate 35 (Interstate 35 (Kansas)) (the Kansas Turnpike). Personal data Born December 12, 1951, in Ottawa, Kansas, but considers Salina, Kansas, to be his hometown. Currently married to the former Eileen M. Keegan of Redondo Beach, California, a public affairs officer at NASA. He enjoys basketball, softball, golf, running, playing bridge, and umpiring. His parents, Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Hawley, reside in Lawrence, Kansas, where Steven Hawley now also lives. Previously, Hawley was married to fellow astronaut (List of married couples among space travelers) Sally Ride. One of Hawley's brothers, John, is a theoretical astrophysicist (Theoretical astrophysics), at the University of Virginia. John Hawley's University of Virginia Faculty Page The Katy was the first railroad to enter Texas from the north. Eventually the Katy's core system would grow to link Kansas City (Kansas City, Missouri) and St. Louis (St. Louis, Missouri), Missouri; Tulsa (Tulsa, Oklahoma) and Oklahoma City (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma), Oklahoma; Dallas (Dallas, Texas), Fort Worth (Fort Worth, Texas), Waco (Waco, Texas), Temple (Temple, Texas), Austin (Austin, Texas), San Antonio (San Antonio, Texas), Houston (Houston, Texas), and Galveston (Galveston, Texas), Texas. An additional mainline between Fort Worth and Salina (Salina, Kansas), Kansas, was added in the 1980s after the collapse of the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad; this line was operated as the Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas Railroad (OKKT). Jimmy Bulger was arrested in 1943, at the age of 14 and charged with larceny.

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globalflyer.fossett "''Fossett makes history''" - article dated March 4, 2005 '''Terry Kirkman''', (born December 12, 1939) in Salina (Salina, Kansas), Kansas, U.S. (United States), is a musician and writer of the hit songs "Cherish (Cherish (The Association song))", "Everything That Touches You", and "Six Man Band". He left the band Men in 1962 to become a founding member and sometime

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Fort Worth, TX junction from

US 287 at Fort Worth, TX (Fort Worth, Texas) junction at Salem, SD (Salem, South Dakota) br>

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, for long-distance solo flight. The fuel fraction, the weight of the fuel divided by the weight of the aircraft at take-off, was 83 percent. Fossett sets record for longest nonstop flight February 11, 2006 science nature 4316599.stm "''Fossett sets solo flight record''" - BBC News article dated March 3, 2005

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, the tournament was moved to Kansas City, Missouri. * Salina hosts the Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHSAA) Class 4A State Wrestling Tournament as well as the Class 3A & 4A Volleyball Tournaments, the Class 4A State Basketball Tournament, and the Class 4A State Softball Tournament. Salina also occasionally hosts the Class 4A State Baseball Tournament and one of the state championship football games. * Salina host a new arena football team in the Champions Professional

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, of the employed civilian labor force was: 27.2% in management, business, science, and arts; 25.4% in sales and office occupations; 19.4% in service occupations; 9.9% in natural resources, construction, and maintenance; 18.2% in production, transportation, and material moving. The three industries employing the largest percentages of the working civilian labor force were: educational services, health care, and social assistance (21.2%); manufacturing (17.8%); and retail trade (13.1%). ref name

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of Defense U.S. Department of Defense closed the base permanently in 1965, but the city of Salina subsequently acquired it and converted it into Salina Municipal Airport and an industrial park. This led to substantial industrial development, attracting firms such as Beechcraft, and made manufacturing a primary driver of the local economy.


. A companion CD by the same title was released by Earwig Music (Earwig Music Company) shortly afterwards. His long association with Earwig Music and Michael Frank spawned many late career albums on a variety of independent labels from the 1980s on. He has also recorded at a church (Church (building))-turned-studio (recording studio) in Salina (Salina, Kansas), Kansas and released albums on the APO record label. Edwards continued the rambling life he describes in his autobiography as he still toured the world well into his 90s. Business In Salina, Kansas, De Priest studied bookkeeping at the Salina Normal School (Salina Normal University).

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; ref Women's Cancer Programs of EIF The company operates customer care centers in Dallas and Houston, Texas; Kansas City (Kansas City, Missouri), Missouri; Moncton, New Brunswick; Nashville, Tennessee; Salina, Kansas; and Costa Rica. The eight-man football championships are held the Saturday before Thanksgiving, while the 11-man football title games are held the Saturday after Thanksgiving

Salina, Kansas

'''Salina''' Located in one of the world's largest wheat-producing areas, Salina is a regional trade center for north-central Kansas (North Central Kansas).

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