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athletic career

;(EV2) - Plymouth - Roscoff (EV4) - Nantes (EV6) - La Rochelle - Burgos (EV3) - Salamanca - Sagres Norway, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal Athletic career Jamie made his debut for the GB & NI team at a Junior International in Salamanca, Spain, in 1991, winning the 200m and breaking the Welsh record in that race. Baulch then changed his distance preference becoming a 400 metres

victory title

of León (ca. 1215 1218 1220 - Salamanca, 1278 1279), Archdean of Santiago, married to Aldara de Ulloa and had issue Peninsular War Junot's major command was during the Peninsular War. He commanded the invasion of Portugal in 1807, setting out in November from Salamanca he captured Lisbon in 30 November or early December and was granted the ducal victory title of '''''Duc d'Abrantès (Duke of Abrantes#The Dukes of Abrantes (French title))''''' and made Governor

social influence

, the history of the city is often intertwined with the history of the university itself. Many European university towns have not been merely important places of scientific and educational endeavor, but also centers of political, cultural and social influence to their respective societies throughout the centuries. Examples of these cities include Oxford, Cambridge, St Andrews, Szeged, Kraków, Leiden, Grenoble, Montpellier, Bologna, Coimbra, Salamanca

international films

con los futbolistas - UDS -Noticias de La Gaceta de Salamanca . (2013-06-29). Retrieved on 2013-09-05. Cinema Salamanca has been shown in the cinema many times. Its old streets are the perfect setting for historic productions. Among some international films should be mentioned ''1492: Conquest of Paradise'' by Ridley Scott and ''Goya's Ghosts'' by Miloš Forman. Salamanca was the setting for the 2008 political thriller '' Vantage Point (film

guitar vocals

marriage to widover king of Aragon Juan II of Aragon , and the mother of Ferdinand II of Aragon and ancestress of Habsburgs. Through this relation, Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Spain was a second cousin of Don Pedro. * Julian Swales (born 23 March 1964, Monmouthshire (Monmouthshire (historic)), United Kingdom) - guitar, vocals (occasionally) * Daniel Goodwin (born 22 July 1964, Salamanca, Spain) - drums, percussion Biography He was born at Ribera

made appearances

: Jeremias last Brown first Marisa publisher AMG (All Media Guide) accessdate 18 May 2010 and recorded an album that helped him gain notice in the national and international scenes. In October 2002, he sent his album to Spain, and made appearances in important television programs such as: ''Música Sí'', ''Musical 3'' and ''Crónicas Marcianas'', among others. During 2003, he appeared live in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia (Valencia, Spain), Sevilla, Córdoba, Spain


of the artillery engaged, and at the end of the war received handsome presents from the officers who had served under him, many of whom were his seniors in the army list. thumb 142px left José María de Pereda (File:JMPereda.jpg). Andrés Soria sees José María de Pereda (1833–1906) as the most successful fusion of ''costumbrista'' scenes into proper novels, especially his portrayals of ''La Montaña'', the mountainous regions of Cantabria. His ''Escenas

run frequently

Ryanair flies to Valladolid from Barcelona El Prat and Lanzarote. By train The Salamanca train station is situated to the northeast of the city centre. It has no left luggage facilities. The bus station however, does (see below). Trains link the town with Madrid and Portugal with Renfe. By bus Buses run frequently to Madrid (about 200 km

poems published

, Jaen, Las Rozas de Madrid, Logroño, Manresa, Merida, Pamplona, Salamanca, San Sebastián, Santander, Segovia, Seville, Torrelavega, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Zamora - He was born at Madrid, and studied with distinction at Salamanca, where he met the poet Melendez Valdés. His poems, published in 1798, mmediately attracted attention. He was successively editor of the ''Gaceta'' and ''Mercurio'', and was condemned to death for having

games white

games, White has played on after 3...Qa5+, occasionally even drawing the game.) Tim Krabbé, Entry No. 257. Retrieved on 2009-05-04. Portillo has featured in a number of television documentaries, including one on Richard Wagner, of whose music he is a notable fan, and two on Spain: ''Great Railway Journeys: From Granada to Salamanca'' for BBC Two (2002), and a programme on Spanish wildlife for BBC Two


thumb Old Cathedral, Salamanca (File:Cathedral of Salamanca Romanesque.jpg), built in the 12th century thumb New Cathedral of Salamanca (File:Catedral de Salamanca lateral.JPG), built in the 16th century thumb Monterrey Palace (16th century) (File:Palacio de Monterrey de la Duquesa de Alba.JPG) thumb Tower del Clavero (15th century) (File:Torre del Clavero.jpg)

'''Salamanca''' ( ) is a city in northwestern Spain, the capital of the Province of Salamanca in the community (Autonomous communities of Spain) of Castile and León. Its Old City was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988. With a metropolitan population of 228,881 in 2012 according to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), Salamanca is the second most populated urban area in Castile and León, after Valladolid (414,000), and ahead of Leon (León, Spain) (187,000) and Burgos (176,000).

It is one of the most important university cities in Spain and supplies 16% of Spain's market for the teaching of the Spanish language. generating a diverse environment.

It is situated approximately east of the Portuguese border. The University of Salamanca, which was founded in 1134, is the oldest university in Spain and the fourth (List of oldest universities in continuous operation) oldest western university, but the first to be given its status by the Pope Alexander IV who gave universal validity to its degrees. With its 30,000 students, the university is, together with tourism, a primary source of income in Salamanca.

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