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by the highways SP-099, SP-155, and BR-101. The transportation of cargo to the domestic and foreign markets is made through both ports. thumb right São José dos Campos Airport (File:Aeroporto de são josé dos campos.jpg) The São José dos Campos Airport (IATA: SJK, ICAO: SBSJ) has a heavy passenger flow, mainly business trips during weekdays, and it is an important connection between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. With a runaway, the airport also serves

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of São José dos Campos. It contains most of the population and economy of the municipality, as well as almost all non-natural attractions; * '''Eugênio de Melo''' is an industrial suburban district that is home to the city's technological park. It has no significant touristic attractions, but it is a very important business destination; * '''São Francisco Xavier''' is an environmental protection area, an area covered by Atlantic rainforest. It is a popular ecotourism destination due to its

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find all kinds of products and services. * :*Praça Afonso Pena - Centro. Saturdays. :*Praça Ulisses Guimarães - Jardim Aquarius. Sundays. :*Praça Sinésio Martins - Jardim

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Simões and Viação Capital do Vale), these lines serve nearly all areas in the city with 319 buses. São José dos Campos also has an alternative system with minivans to supplement the regular buses. The city uses a ring road system, that interconnects it to important national and state highways: *BR-116 (Brazilian Highway System) (federal highway), which crosses the urban area of São José. It runs in a north-south direction in the country, near but not on Brazil's coastline. The section

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of the city's historical buildings, street commerce, and pleasant green areas like the Vicentina Aranha and Santos Dumont parks, plus of course the Banhado itself. By bus Buses linking downtown to the suburbs are relatively frequent, although quite crowded during peak hours. Suburb-to-suburb transport, on the other hand, is extremely limited. Many companies and research institutes are located in areas with limited or almost non-existent bus coverage, making public buses an impractical means

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;2" valign "top" BRL 29,950 (2004) - !align "left" valign "top" Labour force colspan "2" valign "top" 267,332 (2003) (from 45% to 50% of pop.) - !align "left" valign "top" Labour force by occupation colspan "2" valign "top" industry (19.4%), commerce (17.3%), services (50.9%), construction (2.2%), public sector (9.6%), other (0.5%) (2003) - !align "left" valign "top" Main

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industries colspan "2" valign "top" aerospace, defense (Defense industry), automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, components, consumer durables, oil and petrochemical - !align "center" bgcolor "lightblue" colspan "3" Foreign commerce - !align "left" valign "top" Exports colspan "2" valign "top" BRL 4,947 million (2005) - !align "left" valign

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fax hours Mo-Fr, 8AM-5PM price content Built in 1926, the small palace was the previous home of the City Council and was also once the first high school of the city. Now it hosts local culture expositions, a sports museum and a police department. * Commons:Category:São José dos Campos WikiPedia:São José dos Campos

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), as well as São José dos Campos in Brazil where Embraer is based. Important locations of the civilian aerospace industry worldwide include Washington (Washington (U.S. state)) state (Boeing), California (Boeing, Lockheed Martin, etc.); Montreal, Canada (Bombardier (Bombardier Aerospace), Pratt & Whitney Canada); Toulouse, France (Airbus EADS); and Hamburg, Germany (Airbus EADS); as well as São José dos Campos, where the Brazilian Embraer company is based. foundation 1969 location São José dos Campos, Brazil key_people Hermann Wever, (interim chairman) Commons:Category:São José dos Campos WikiPedia:São José dos Campos

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, São José dos Campos and São Carlos. These cities have strong research universities, such as the University of São Paulo, State University of Campinas, Federal University of São Carlos, pure and applied research institutes and high technology companies, such as Embraer, one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world. Campinas also boasts the largest number of high-tech business incubators and industrial parks (a total of eight), such as the CIATEC I and II, Softex, TechnoPark, InCamp, Polis, TechTown, Industrial Park of Campinas and others. Because of this Campinas has been dubbed the Brazilian Silicon Valley. - valign top São José dos Campos São Paulo (São Paulo (state)) SBSJ SJK '''Prof. Urbano Ernesto Stumpf Airport (Professor Urbano Ernesto Stumpf Airport)''' Infraero - valign top production 1994–2004 (North America) 1995–2012 (Brazil) assembly Shreveport, Louisiana, United States Linden, New Jersey, United States São José dos Campos, Brazil engine 2.2 L I4 (Straight-4) 4.3 L V6 predecessor Chevrolet S-10 GMC Sonoma assembly Shreveport, Louisiana, United States Rayong, Thailand São José dos Campos, Brazil production 2012–present assembly Rayong, Thailand São José dos Campos, Brazil engine Commons:Category:São José dos Campos WikiPedia:São José dos Campos

São José dos Campos

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