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in the Vistula River catchment area. The city of Kraków was one of the European Cities of Culture in 2000. Kraków has railway and road connections with Katowice (expressway), Warsaw, Wrocław and Rzeszów. It lies at the crossroads of major international routes linking Dresden with Kiev, and Gdańsk with Budapest. Located here is the second largest international airport in Poland (after Warsaw (Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport)'s), the John Paul II International Airport. *European route E462 (Czech Republic - Poland) *Motorway A4 (A4 autostrada (Poland)) (German Polish border – Wrocław – Katowice – Kraków – Rzeszów – Polish Ukrainian (Ukraine) border) *National road 79 (National roads in Poland#List of national roads) *35px link European route E30 (File:Tabliczka E30.svg) - Wikipedia:Rzeszów Commons:Rzeszów

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) * Municipal television Rzeszów Climate Rzeszów lies in the north temperate zone (Temperateness) and has a continental climate with four distinct seasons. It is characterised by a significant variation between hot summers and cold, snowy winters. Average temperatures in summer range from . In summer temperatures often exceed

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is waiting for passengers. However, it is strongly advised to check the bus and flight timetable before travel. Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport - Rzeszów Railway Station timetableshow&t r&l L&KIER P&NR_ 98L&w &ku 19 Rzeszów Railway Station - Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport timetableshow&t r&l L&KIER T&NR_ 3B&w &ku 15 Be aware of the remarks below the timetable

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associated with it. Hero of anti-Nazi and anti-Soviet resistance, Lukasz Cieplinski (Łukasz Ciepliński), singer Justyna Steczkowska, general Józef Zając, and leading theater director (Theatre director) Jerzy Grotowski, among others, were born or lived in the city. Polish prime minister and commander-in-chief general Władysław Sikorski studied there, while pioneer of the oil industry (Petroleum industry), Ignacy Łukasiewicz, spent much of his life in Rzeszów. Anja

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hypermarkets in the suburbs, most of which incorporate a small ''pasaż'' (shopping arcade). Eat For the budget conscious, there are plenty of take aways near the train station, where you can fill up with Polish or international fast food for around 4 PLN. A better quality but still inexpensive option is the train station '''Bistro''', open till 21:00, which does proper Polish meals with an extensive menu for around 12 zł for two courses and a drink (June 2012). Drink The places worth to be visited are e.g.: '''Irish Pub Galway''' (pub with Irish beers and whiskeys) or '''Jazz Club Gramofon''' (music club, restaurant, cocktail bar, coffee bar) which are situated on 3'ego Maja Street. Sleep * Wikipedia:Rzeszów Commons:Rzeszów

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Szczygiel, was born raised and studied in the city. Media thumb Burgaller Palace - (File:Rzeszów, Pałac Burgallera (Polskie Radio).jpg) Radio * Radio Rzeszów * Radio Eska Rzeszów * Akademickie Radio Centrum * Katolickie Radio Via * Radio RES Press * Gazeta Codzienna NOWINY * Super Nowości *Nasz Dom Television *Polish Television (Telewizja Polska) (TVP) branch in Rzeszów * Rzeszów's cable television * Local television Vectra (old DAMI


of the roads within the city. SCATS (Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System) traffic system has been implemented. Highway A4 (A4 autostrada (Poland)) acts as a bypass of the city, running through the northern districts of Rzeszów. Airport thumb Rzeszów–Jasionka Airport (File:Rzeszow Airport-1.jpg) Rzeszów-Jasionka Airport (Port Lotniczy Rzeszów-Jasionka) is located in the village of Jasionka 10 km north of the city. As of January 2014 scheduled passenger services

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rzeszowski'' Rzeszów Subcarpathian Voivodeship 1,218.8 km 2 14 169,586 - A large number of cities with synagogues include Warsaw, Kraków, Zamość, Tykocin, Rzeszów, Kielce, or Góra Kalwaria although not many of them are still active in their original religious role. Stara Synagoga ("Old Synagogue") in Kraków, which hosts a Jewish museum, was built in the early 1400s and is the oldest synagogue in Poland. Before


Market Square in Rzeszów During the war, Rzeszów was a main center of Polish resistance (Home Army, AK), with Rzeszów Inspectorate of the AK covering several counties. On May 25, during Action Kosba, Home Army soldiers killed on Rzeszów street Gestapo henchmen, Friederich Pottenbaum and Hans Flaschke. In the summer 1944, during Operation Tempest, units of the Home Army attacked German positions in the town, and on August 2, Rzeszów was in the hands of the Home Army. Polish

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elimelech.jpg which gives the year as ת' נ' צ' ב' ה' which is 547, short for the Jewish year 5,547, or 1787. ), a Rabbi and one of the great founding Rebbes of the Hasidic movement (Hasidic Judaism), was known after his hometown, Leżajsk ( ) near Rzeszów in Poland. He was part of the inner "Chevra Kadisha" (Holy Society) school of the Maggid Rebbe Dov Ber of Mezeritch (second leader of the Hasidic movement), who


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