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problems such as significant lack of cleanliness. Remember that your travel health insurance might prove to be insufficient if the medical condition is severe. In this case, you will be asked to pay for the medical services, and prices are not very low compared to Western Europe. Update: As of Romania's accession to the European Union, citizens of the European Union are covered by Romania's National Healthcare System as long as they carry an E111 European Health Insurance Card, obtainable from

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from 4,279,038 at the end of 1st quarter 2005. Romtelecom has also the second CDMA network in the country. death_place nationality Romanian, American (United States) field '''Alexandra Nechita''' (born August 27, 1985) is a Romanian-born American (United States) cubist (Cubism) painter and muralist. Early life He was born '''Iţec (Itzek) Domnici''' in Ungheni, Iaşi County, Bessarabia, Romania, present day Moldova

connection speed

19,4% publisher Gândul date 12 December 2012 According to Bloomberg (Bloomberg L.P.), in 2013 Romania ranked 5th in the world and 2nd in Europe in terms of internet connection speed, with Timișoara ranked among

religious event

important religious event (for example after St. Mary's Day in Oltenia), making them huge community events bringing together thousands of people from nearby villages. Such fairs are amazingly colorful - and for many a taste of how life was centuries ago. One such countryside fair (although definitely NOT in the countryside) is the Obor fair in Bucharest - in an empty space right in the middle of the city, this fair has been going on daily for more than three centuries. Eat File:Coliva

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from surgery. Since 2007, a traditional Christmas market is held for the first time in Sibiu, Romania. The first of its kind in Romania, it is inspired by Viennese Christmas markets. It was held in the "Lesser Square" (Piața Mică) had 38 small stalls, a small stage and an area dedicated to children, having several mechanical attractions installed there. The 2008 edition was held in the "Grand Square" and had the same number of stalls, but a bigger stage was installed, where Christmas carols concerts were held. A new attraction was an ice skating rink. The third edition, in 2009, was also held in the Grand Square of the town Sibiu, has over 70 stalls where merchants from all over Romania sell their goods. A stage, an ice skating rink and an area dedicated to mechanical installations for children are installed. ''Târgul de Crăciun din Sibiu'' '''Dumitru Stăniloae''' (

original studies

-Herzegovina ( 50%). Haplogroup I2a2 is also commonly found in north-eastern Italians. There is also a high concentration of I2a2a in north-east Romania, Moldova and western Ukraine. According to original studies, Hg I2a2 was believed to have arisen in the west Balkans sometime after the LGM (Last Glacial Maximum), subsequently spreading from the Balkans through Central Russian Plain. Recently

national coverage

'' also owns ''Radio Guerrilla'' an FM radio station with national coverage ''Tabu'', a women's magazine, ''Superbebe'', a magazine for new parents, ''Aventuri la pescuit'', a magazine for fishermen, ''24-FUN'', a free magazine for teenagers, and ''Cotidianul'', a daily newspaper. A defiant Ardiles, fearful that the 12-point deduction might end up costing them their Premier League status, made a momentous transfer

correct either, as most of Romania (all of it except Dobrogea) technically lies outside the Balkan Peninsula. Connect Mobile Phones Mobile phones are ubiquitous in Romania. There are five networks - four GSM 3G (Orange Romania, Vodafone, Cosmote and DigiMobil) and one CDMA (Zapp). Orange and Vodafone have almost full national coverage (98-99% of the surface of the country), while the newly-merged Cosmote+Zapp are expanding quickly. Tariffs are average for the European Union (€0.08

years international

be reached in one hour driving. The scarcity of modern motorways and well-built roads surrounding Ploieşti, and Romania in general makes transport a challenge. Under the scrutiny of the EU, the motorway infrastructure will improve substantially over the next few years. International career Mutu made his international debut against Greece (Greece national football team) on 29 March 2000. He represented Romania at Euro 2000 (UEFA Euro 2000), his first major tournament where they beat

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brand name, ''Novocaine''). It also contains small amounts of benzoic acid, potassium metabisulfite and disodium phosphate which are said to be important in the formulation, rendering it more effective by "stabilizing" it. Some advocates acknowledge that despite the stabilizers, the procaine in Gerovital H3 breaks down rapidly into DMAE and PABA (4-Aminobenzoic acid), but ascribe the beneficial effects to these breakdown products. Biography Born in Paris, he is the son of the influential Romanian-Jewish social psychologist (Social psychology) Serge Moscovici and of the psychoanalyst (Psychoanalysis) Marie Bromberg-Moscovici. Pierre Moscovici obtained a DEA (former French degree) DEA in economics, one in philosophy, and graduated the École nationale d'administration (where he studied under Dominique Strauss-Kahn). He was also a president of ''À gauche en Europe'', a group founded by Strauss-Kahn and Michel Rocard. The term was also used in countries friendly to the Soviet Union such as Bulgaria (

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''Windows of the World'', Crump holds a discussion on sports issues at 20:45, called ''The Final Whistle'', with New Zealand sports journalists Joseph Romanos or Penny Miles, American journalist Helene Elliott or British journalist Richard Fleming. Radio New Zealand News current affairs programme ''Insight'' begins 21:06, and at 21:40 Crump is joined by one of the programme's international correspondents. These include Tara Fitzgerald from Mexico, Dorothy Wickham from Solomon Islands, Emma


'''Romania''' ( and has a temperate (temperate climate)-continental climate. With its 20.1 million inhabitants, it is the seventh most populous (List of European Union member states by population) member of the European Union. Its capital and largest city, Bucharest, is the sixth largest city (Largest cities of the European Union by population within city limits) in the European Union.

Modern Romania emerged within the territories of the ancient Roman (Roman Empire) province of Dacia (Roman Dacia), and was formed in 1859 through a personal union (United Principalities) of the principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia. The new state, officially named ''Romania'' since 1866, gained independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1877. At the end of World War I, Transylvania, Bukovina and Bessarabia united with the sovereign Kingdom of Romania. At the end of World War II, territories which today roughly correspond to the Republic of Moldova (Moldova) were occupied by the Soviet Union, and a few years later Romania became a socialist republic and member of the Warsaw Pact. After the 1989 Revolution (Romanian Revolution), Romania began a transition back towards democracy and a capitalist market economy.

Following rapid economic growth in the 2000s, Romania has an economy predominantly based on services, and is a producer and net exporter of machines and electric energy, featuring companies like Automobile Dacia and OMV Petrom (Petrom). Living standards have improved, and currently, Romania is an upper-middle income country with a high Human Development Index. It has been a member of NATO since 2004, and part of the European Union since 2007. Around 90% of the population identify themselves as Eastern Orthodox Christians (Eastern Orthodox Church), and are native speakers of Romanian (Romanian language), a Romance language. With a rich cultural history (culture of Romania), Romania has been the home of influential artists (Art of Romania), musicians (Music of Romania), and inventors (Science and technology in Romania), and features a variety of tourist attractions (tourism in Romania) such as "Dracula's Castle (Bran Castle)".

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