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Hays was Secretary to the General Manager of the Missouri Pacific Railroad from 1877–1884. Beginning in 1884 he held the same position with the Wabash, St. Louis and Pacific Railway until 1886 when he became that company's General Manager. He became Vice-President of the Wasbash Railroad in 1889 and remained as such until 1896 when he became General Manager of the Grand Trunk Railway (GTR) of Canada. DATE OF BIRTH May 16, 1856 PLACE OF BIRTH Rock Island (Rock Island, Illinois), Illinois DATE OF DEATH April 15, 1912 '''David (Gruber) Allen''' (born 1958) is an American (United States) television and film actor. He grew up in Naperville, Illinois, and is a graduate of Augustana College (Augustana College (Illinois)) in Rock Island (Rock Island, Illinois). He may be best known for his work on the 1990 TV series ''Higgins Boys and Gruber'' and playing guidance counselor Jeff Rosso on the Judd Apatow-produced comedy-drama ''Freaks and Geeks''. He also plays Mr. Kwest on ''Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide'' and a town troubadour on ''Gilmore Girls''. The '''''Quad-City Times''''' is a daily morning newspaper based in Davenport, Iowa, and circulated throughout the Quad Cities metropolitan area (Davenport (Davenport, Iowa), Bettendorf (Bettendorf, Iowa) and Scott County (Scott County, Iowa) in Iowa; and Moline (Moline, Illinois), East Moline (East Moline, Illinois), Rock Island (Rock Island, Illinois) and Rock Island County (Rock Island County, Illinois) in Illinois). '''Original 1918 Route''' The original Illinois 3 route went from Cairo Junction in southern Illinois to Morrison (Morrison, Illinois) in northwest Illinois via Rock Island (Rock Island, Illinois). With the completion of highway bridges over the Mississippi River (e.g. Clark Bridge at Alton) U.S. Route 67 was extended from St. Louis to Godfrey and replacing the original Illinois 3 to Rock Island. Today, this route is still the major north–south corridor for western Illinois - and the only major Illinois north–south route never upgraded to the Interstate highway system (e.g. Interstates 57, 55, 39). Biography Carlson was born the son of Carl Jacobson and Hedvig Andersdotter in Svarteborg, in Västra Götaland County, Sweden. He came to the USA in 1891. He graduated from Augustana College (Augustana College (Illinois)) in Rock Island, Illinois (BA,1898)(MS, 1899). He received a doctorate in physiology at Stanford (Stanford University) in 1902 and began working at the University of Chicago in 1904. While Carlson was at Chicago, he conducted experiments on Fred Vlcek Contributions to the physiology of the stomach.—I. The character of the movements of the empty stomach in man, A. J. Carlson, ''American Journal of Physiology'' '''31''', #3 (December 2, 1912), pp. 151–168. , similar to those conducted on Alexis St. Martin by William Beaumont, regarding his gastric fistula. These included illuminating his stomach with electric lights in order to observe digestion. Carlson became chairman of the physiology department at the University of Chicago in 1916 and remained chairman until 1940. airdate July 28, 1985 (1985 in television) location Davenport (Davenport, Iowa) Bettendorf, Iowa- Rock Island (Rock Island, Illinois) Moline, Illinois callsign_meaning The '''Hennepin Canal Parkway State Park''', also just called the '''Hennepin Canal''', is an abandoned waterway in northwest Illinois, between the Mississippi River at Rock Island (Rock Island, Illinois) and the Illinois River near Hennepin (Hennepin, Illinois). The entire canal is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Ackles said of his birthplace, Rock Island (Rock Island, Illinois), Illinois: "Not a bad place for an incipient songwriter to get a start." His mother came from a family of English music hall performers and his father was a musician. His family moved to Southern California, and Los Angeles became his lifelong home. Logo Location Rock Island (Rock Island, Illinois) Moline, Illinois Muscatine, Iowa and Bettendorf, Iowa State !-- 2 states so leave details in manually formated location parameter

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, The Crescent Rail Bridge, and the furthest downstream bridge ,the Sergeant John F. Baker, Jr. Bridge which carries I-280. name Quad Cities TV title Television Stations in the greater Quad Cities area (Davenport (Davenport, Iowa)-Rock Island (Rock Island, Illinois)-Bettendorf (Bettendorf, Iowa)-Moline (Moline, Illinois)) group1 Stations name Quad Cities Radio title Radio stations in the Quad Cities (Davenport (Davenport, Iowa)-Rock Island (Rock Island, Illinois)-Moline (Moline, Illinois)) market group1 By FM (FM broadcast) frequency * The Tri-Cities (Tri-Cities (Michigan)) in Michigan, consisting of Bay City (Bay City, Michigan), Saginaw (Saginaw, Michigan), and Midland (Midland, Michigan) in the Saginaw Valley * In Illinois and Iowa: three of the four Quad Cities—Moline (Moline, Illinois) and Rock Island (Rock Island, Illinois) in Illinois and Davenport (Davenport, Iowa) in Iowa—were formerly known as the Tri-Cities, before the inclusion of East Moline, Illinois and later, Bettendorf, Iowa * In Kane County, Illinois, the county seat of Geneva (Geneva, Illinois) and the nearby cities of Batavia (Batavia, Illinois), and St. Charles (St. Charles, Illinois), * The Quad Cities of Ontario, Canada include Kitchener (Kitchener, Ontario), Waterloo (Waterloo, Ontario), Cambridge (Cambridge, Ontario), and Guelph (Guelph, Ontario), Ontario. * Quad Cities of Davenport (Davenport, Iowa) and Bettendorf (Bettendorf, Iowa), Iowa, and Rock Island (Rock Island, Illinois) and Moline (Moline, Illinois), Illinois. It also includes a fifth member, East Moline, Illinois. * The Florence-Muscle Shoals Metropolitan Area in Alabama is locally referred to as "the Quad Cities", with Florence (Florence, Alabama), Muscle Shoals (Muscle Shoals, Alabama), Sheffield (Sheffield, Alabama), and Tuscumbia (Tuscumbia, Alabama). Formerly, when Muscle Shoals was a mere village, this region was known a "Tri-Cities", Alabama. Actually, they are all incorporated as towns except for Florence. * May 30 – The Kansas-Nebraska Act becomes law, replacing the Missouri Compromise (of 1820), which had already been declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court of the United States. Thus act creating the Kansas Territory and the Nebraska Territory, west of the State of Missouri and the State of Iowa. The Kansas-Nebraska Act also lick that these two new Territories would decide either to allow or disallow slavery depending on ballots by the residents of these two territories. These areas would have been strictly "free territory" by the Missouri Compromise, which allowed slavery in the State of Missouri but disallowed it everywhere north of the latitude 36 degrees, 30 minutes, which forms most of the southern boundary of Missouri. This prohibiition of slavery extended all the way from the western boundary of Missouri to the Pacific Ocean. This provision of the Missouri Compromise had already been declared null-and-void by the Supreme Court. * June – The Grand Excursion takes prominent Eastern United States inhabitants from Chicago, Illinois (Chicago) to Rock Island, Illinois by railroad, then up the Mississippi River to St. Paul, Minnesota by steamboat. * June 10 – The first class of the United States Naval Academy graduated at Annapolis, Maryland. * Great Lakes and Ohio River Division (LRD), located in Cincinnati. Stretches from the St Lawrence Seaway, across the Great Lakes, down the Ohio River Valley to the Tennessee (Tennessee River) and Cumberland (Cumberland River) rivers. Covers DATE OF BIRTH December 9, 1887 PLACE OF BIRTH Rock Island (Rock Island, Illinois), Illinois, U.S. (United States) DATE OF DEATH December 13, 1958

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graduated from pilot training at Craig AFB (Craig Air Force Base), in Alabama in 1973. DATE OF BIRTH 20 June 1948 PLACE OF BIRTH Rock Island (Rock Island, Illinois), Illinois DATE OF DEATH While in college, Bogguss sang and played guitar and drums in local coffeehouses, and after graduating became a regular on the club circuit in the Quad Cities area, performing frequently in Davenport (Davenport, Iowa), Rock Island (Rock Island, Illinois), Kewanee


village of Saukenuk. The park includes a museum and a number of hiking trails along the Rock River (Rock River (Illinois)) and in surrounding woods. Railroads and development thumb The Harper House (File:Harper House Rock Island IL postcard no 2.jpg) European Americans founded the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad here in 1851. It was informally known as the Rock Island Line (rock island line). As part of later nineteenth-century development, two first-class hotels

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shrine dedicated chiefly to the deity ''Venkateswara''. The temple opened in 2007. Prior to its construction, Hindu worshippers had to travel to St. Louis (St. Louis, Missouri) or Peoria (Peoria, Illinois) to participate in Hindu festivals and worship. Manjula Batmanathan, "Keeping the faith: Plans proceed for a Hindu temple in Springfield, but another faces resistance in Champaign-Urbana", ''Illinois

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- Chicago & Rock Island Railroad (Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad) opens throughout to Rock Island, Illinois, making it the first railroad to connect Chicago with the Mississippi River. June events * June - The Grand Excursion takes prominent Eastern United States inhabitants from Chicago, Illinois to Rock Island, Illinois by railroad, then up the Mississippi River to St. Paul, Minnesota by steamboat. April events * April 21


grandfather, Simeon Buford, served in the cavalry during the American Revolutionary War under Henry "Lighthorse" Lee (Henry Lee III), the father of Robert E. Lee. Wittenberg, Eric, "A Brief Biography of John Buford http: Research People Buford bufbio.html . His great-uncle Colonel Abraham Buford (of the Waxhaw Massacre), also served in a Virginia regiment. His half-brother, Napoleon Bonaparte Buford, would become a Major

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Lutheran Theological Seminary became the fifth LCA seminary to enter the merger. On October 22, 1967, the campus in Chicago’s Hyde Park (Hyde Park, Chicago, Illinois) neighborhood was dedicated. 96. Moline (Moline, Illinois) Rock Island (Rock Island, Illinois) Davenport (Davenport, Iowa) '''WQAD (WQAD-TV) 8 (38)''' '''Jesse Woods Johnson''' (born May 29, 1960 in Rock Island, Illinois) is a musician best known as the guitarist in the original lineup of The Time

(band) The Time . - style "vertical


Milan School District as well as the Rockridge School District in the southwest portion of the city. There are also several private schools allied with religious denominations. High schools * Alleman High School (Alleman High School (Rock Island, Illinois)) (Catholic) * Rock Island High School Colleges * Augustana College (Augustana College (Illinois)) Former schools, now closed * Lincoln School (Rock Island


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the car lanes. There are only two bridges in the world with this feature. Three other bridges span the river between Rock Island and Davenport. The Crescent Rail Bridge is a railroad-only bridge, completed in 1899. The Centennial Bridge (Rock Island Centennial Bridge) was completed in 1940 for autos only. The newest bridge is the Interstate 280 bridge (I-280 Bridge), completed in 1973. Lock and Dam No. 15, completed in 1934 as a federal Works Progress Administration (WPA) project

WHBF (CBS) is located in Rock Island (Rock Island, Illinois) and WQAD (WQAD-TV) (ABC (American Broadcasting Company)) is in Moline (Moline, Illinois). right thumb alt An arch bridge with five arches sits over a river The Rock Island Centennial Bridge (File:Rockiscentbridge.jpg) connects Downtown Davenport with Downtown Rock Island, Illinois Three interstate highways serve Davenport: Interstate 80, Interstate 280 (Interstate 280 (Illinois-Iowa)), and Interstate

Rock Island, Illinois

'''Rock Island''' is a city in and the county seat of Rock Island County (Rock Island County, Illinois), Illinois, United States.

The original Rock Island, from which the city gets its name, is the largest island in the Mississippi River. It is now called Arsenal Island. "Rock Island, the island", ''History: Introduction'', US Army Corps of Engineers

Rock Island has been named one of the 10 most exciting places in Illinois. Movoto Real Estate, a national real estate company, put Rock Island behind only Evanston and Woodstock and ahead of Chicago in its list of the state's 10 most fun cities.

Rock Island ranked No. 1 in nightlife locales per capita in Illinois and No. 6 in music venues per capita. The city also has "a ton of comedy clubs and off the grid venues.

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