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, Dammam, and Ta'if. Third place play-off goals1 Franca (Ricardo Franca) 65' Leonardo (Leonardo Araújo) 69' goals2 stadium King Fahd International Stadium, Riyadh attendance 65,000 referee Neji Jouini (Tunisia) report

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, Platts, EIA) *'''May 22''': OPEC oil ministers meet in Amsterdam at a forum of energy producing and consuming nations to discuss a response to high oil prices (near-month West Texas Intermediate was above $40 per barrel the previous week). Saudi Arabia calls on OPEC to raise production quotas by as much as 11%, but the ministers do not come to an agreement other than to meet again in Beirut on June 3. Saudi Arabia decides to unilaterally increase its crude oil production beyond its quota

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Voice Channel (NPR News) News, Talkshows (Talk show), Jazz & Oldies - - 103.9 MHz 100 W Mono Riyadh Eskan Village (Al-Kharj Rd.) Mainstream Country (Mainstream Country (radio network)) Country (Country music) - - 105.1 MHz 100 W Mono Riyadh Eskan Village (Al-Kharj Rd.) Z Rock Alternative rock - - 105.9 MHz 100 W Mono Riyadh Eskan Village (Al-Kharj Rd.) Gravity Urban Rhythmic (R&B (Rhythm and blues), Pop (Pop music) & Hip-Hop) - - 107.9 MHz 100 W Mono

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''FIFA.com'', Retrieved 24 January 2010 Ruling Hejaz King Hussein soon found himself embroiled in fighting with the Saud (House of Saud), based in Riyadh. Following military defeats by the Saud, King Hussein abdicated all of his secular titles to Ali on October 3, 1924. (Hussein had previously awarded himself the religious title of Caliph in March of that year.) In December of the following year, Saudi forces finally overran Hejaz, which they eventually incorporated

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the Geneva Conventions and basic human rights law. Mass media : **Leading Saudi Arabian newspaper ''al-Riyadh'' (which often reflects government thinking) claims that Qatar's Al Jazeera television coverage of the bombing in Riyadh is aimed at inciting more violence. Thirty media outlets claim, with two separate letters sent to The Pentagon , that United States troops are harassing journalists in Iraq and sometimes confiscating equipment, digital camera media and videotapes. A statement by a Pentagon official states the military is aware of reports that soldiers had sometimes not followed procedures on dealing with the media and promises to take appropriate action.October 1976, Syria accepted the proposal of the Arab League summit in Riyadh. This gave Syria a mandate to keep 40,000 troops in Lebanon as the bulk of an Arab Deterrent Force charged with disentangling the combatants and restoring calm. Other Arab nations were also part of the ADF, but they lost interest relatively soon, and Syria was again left in sole control, now with the ADF as a diplomatic shield against international criticism. The Civil War was officially ended at this point, and an uneasy quiet settled over Beirut and most of the rest of Lebanon. In the south, however, the climate began to deteriorate as a consequence of the gradual return of PLO combatants, who had been required to vacate central Lebanon under the terms of the Riyadh Accords. - RUH OERK King Khalid International Airport Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - - 3. 19 December 1997 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Dmoz:Regional Middle East Saudi Arabia Localities Riyadh Commons:Category:RiyadhWikipedia:Riyadh


Sheraton Hotel url http: www.starwoodhotels.com sheraton riyadh email address King Fahd Rd lat long directions phone +966-1-4543300 tollfree fax hours price SR900 checkin 3 PM checkout noon content Older but well-maintained property about 3 km north of the city center, handy for both the airport and doing business. Good restaurants, but virtually nothing within walking distance. Connect Internet cafes can be found in the computer souq in Olaya. Riyadh is also pushing forward with its "Smart City" program, which will attempt to provide wireless access throughout the city in the major coffeeshops and hotels, particularly on Tahlia St in the downtown area. Stay safe thumb Ministry of Islamic Affairs (File:Ministry of Islamic Affairs.JPG) Riyadh is more conservative than Jeddah or the Eastern Province. The ''mutaween'' (religious police) are numerous in Riyadh and not to be messed with. Women must cover themselves with an ''abaya'' (available in shops everywhere in Riyadh) and it's advisable to carry a headscarf as well. Read, understand and follow the guidelines in the Saudi Arabia article to stay out of trouble. In 2002-2004, Riyadh was the site of '''numerous terrorist attacks''' on Westerners, including shootings, car bombings and kidnappings, culminating in the May 12, 2003 compound bombings that killed 35 and injured over 160. In response, Saudi security forces cracked down brutally, and there have been no terrorist attacks in Riyadh since 2004. Security remains very tight though, particularly at housing compounds for foreigners, and police and army units, often heavily armed, are a common sight in the city. Although Riyadh is sometimes alleged to have '''one of the lowest crime rates in the world''', standard precautions should be taken. The most significant danger to you is '''driving'''. Most drivers originate from areas in developing countries and the Middle East which lack traffic laws, driving schools, or even roads for that matter. It's a 'driving culture' where seat belts, mirrors, lane stripes, turn signals and speed limits are ignored. A four-lane highway can easily transform into a seven-lane 'racetrack'. '''Don't be shy with your horn'''. Also, whatever you do, DO NOT flip someone the finger Bird as it is taken very differently in Saudi Arabia than western states and some drivers take WILL endanger your life in retaliation ! Cope thumb Traffic in the night (File:Riyadh 1337.jpg) Riyadh can be a challenging destination to live and work in. Some tips for easier adaptation: * Arrange a car and driver, or at least arrange a regular cabbie. This is easier, safer and quite possibly cheaper than relying on taxis for transport. * Organize your day around prayer times, with late lunches (after noon prayers) and very late dinners (after evening prayers). * Socializing with the family-oriented Saudis is virtually impossible, so get in touch with the local expat community if you want to have any semblance of a social life. A network of people from different nationalities will allow you better knowledge of (and access to) embassies and private parties. * Try to get out of Riyadh on the weekends for a change of venue. Though regulations for single males to enter shopping malls have recently been loosened, one quickly runs out of options without pre-planning private events. * Respect Islam and abide by the country's strict Islamic laws. Although rare, there are cases of Westerners arrested, deported and receiving corporal punishment for showing signs of disrespect. Expect no leniency if you are Muslim, South Asian or Southeast Asian. Riyadh is one of the strictest cities in Saudi Arabia. Embassies * Dmoz:Regional Middle East Saudi Arabia Localities Riyadh Commons:Category:RiyadhWikipedia:Riyadh

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Dmoz:Regional Middle East Saudi Arabia Localities Riyadh Commons:Category:RiyadhWikipedia:Riyadh

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Friendly - History Founded in Riyadh on May 3, 1993 by six scholars, the Committee served to "pass on the views of the Islamist opposition that was rapidly developing in the universities and mosques" of Saudi Arabia. In its Arabic language pronouncements the CDLR maintained a strict "Islamist line," claiming to defend "the rules laid out in the sharia," while its English language statements denounced violations of human rights in Saudi. Kepel, Gille, ''Jihad : the trail of political Islam'', Harvard University Press, (2002), p.215 The following year saw New Zealand begin the long road to the 1982 World Cup Final. Wooddin was selected for all fifteen games in the ultimately successful campaign, scoring eight goals in the process, including trademark left foot shots into the bottom corner both home and away against Australia (Australia national football team), against Kuwait (Kuwait national football team) in the controversial 1-2 home loss, and in Riyadh against Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia national football team) when the team recorded a stunning 5-0 victory. This last result led to a play-off against China (China national football team) in Singapore in January 1982, in which Wooddin again scored with a left-foot shot to open the scoring in his side's 2-1 win. birth_date Dmoz:Regional Middle East Saudi Arabia Localities Riyadh Commons:Category:RiyadhWikipedia:Riyadh

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institution aims to promote knowledge offering undergraduate as well as postgraduate studies. One of the most important aims is to promote translating and publishing as the university has its own print house. Moreover, the university achieves its goals within the Islamic Shari'a. http: www.mohe.gov.sa ar studyinside Government-Universities Pages ImamU.aspx Other roles Prince Khalid is the Managing Director of the King Faisal Foundation, one of the largest

philanthropic and charitable organisations in the world. The Foundation runs Alfaisal University in Riyadh, where Khalid is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees. He is the founder and current president of the organisation Painting and Patronage.

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) defender Baihakki Khaizan netted an Own goal. Lebanon's Ramez Dayoub scored an own goal at the other end on 72 minutes before John Wilkinson (John Wilkinson (Singaporean footballer)) gave the visitors a 2–1 victory. http: www.fifa.com worldcup archive southafrica2010 preliminaries asia matches round 250436 match 300036551 report.html - 2. 6 February 2002 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Dmoz:Regional Middle East Saudi Arabia Localities Riyadh Commons:Category:RiyadhWikipedia:Riyadh


'''Riyadh''' ( , "The Gardens") is the capital and largest city of Saudi Arabia. It is also the capital of Riyadh Province, and belongs to the historical regions of Najd (Nejd) and Al-Yamama. It is situated in the center of the Arabian Peninsula on a large plateau, and is home to 5.7 million people, and the urban centre of a region with a population of close to 7.3 million people.

The city is divided into 15 municipal districts, managed by Riyadh Municipality headed by the mayor of Riyadh, and the Riyadh Development Authority, chaired by the governor of Riyadh Province, Turki bin Abdullah Al Saud. The current mayor of Riyadh is Abdullah bin Abdulrahman Almogbel, appointed in 2012. Riyadh has the largest all female university in the world, the Princess Nora bint Abdulrahman University. It has been designated as a Beta World City (Global city).

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