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Regina (Regina, Saskatchewan), Saskatchewan DATE OF DEATH September 4, 2008 work The Leader–Post location Regina (Regina, Saskatchewan), Saskatchewan date September 28, 1984 former names Park de Young (1936-1946) location 1910 Piffles Taylor Way P.O. Box 1966 Regina (Regina, Saskatchewan), Saskatchewan S4P 3E1 Phone: (306) 569-2323 opened 1936 '''Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field

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the Canadian monarch (Monarchy of Canada)'s role as the fount of honour. This medallion is hung from a ribbon with a green-gold-green, vertical striped pattern, at the collar for men, and on a bow pinned at the left chest for women

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: schoolprojects lets_learn.shtml#named title The town is named work Let's Learn About Regina publisher City of Regina accessdate 2007-10-27 archiveurl http: web 20071013040542 http: schoolprojects lets_learn.shtml#named archivedate 2007-10-13 Buffalo (Buffalo, New York);

HealthyInfrastructure title Healthy Infrastructure for Queen City Livability publisher City of Buffalo accessdate 2007-10-27 archiveurl http: web 20070813005214 http: Home Leadership City_Departments Office_of_Strategic_Planning HealthyInfrastructure archivedate 2007-08-13 Bangor, Maine;

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Theatre'' (1983–1984), ''Dayshift'' (1985–88), ''Air Craft'' (1988–1990) and ''Ontario Morning'' (2000–2005). She has also served as guest host on numerous programs, including ''As It Happens'', ''Sunday Edition'', ''The Arts Tonight'', ''Here and Now (Here and Now (Toronto))'' and ''Fresh Air'', all on CBC Radio One. Erika Ritter - writer - biography '''''Moccasin Flats''''' is a Canadian drama series that ran for three full seasons. This series, which has been aired on the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN) and Showcase Television since 2004, is a co-produced by Big Soul Productions Inc. (Toronto, ON) and Stephan Onda Productions inc. (Regina, SK). It takes place in Moccasin Flats, Regina, Saskatchewan, an urban reservation (Indian reserve) where the inhabitants struggle to maintain their cultural identity while overcoming poverty, gangs, violence, and racism. The series features award nominated actor Andrea Menard and original music by Donald Quan. '''Scott Flory''' (born July 15, 1976 in Regina, Saskatchewan) is a Canadian Football League offensive lineman for the Montreal Alouettes. - Regina, Saskatchewan CKCK (CKCK-FM) 94.5 FM ''"Jack FM"'' his undergraduate degree in Japan, he switched his studies to mathematics , earning a M.Sc. and a Ph.D from UCLA, and eventually became tenured at the University of Saskatchewan, Regina campus in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Following his retirement in 1997 he was granted the position Professor Emeritus at the University of Regina which is what the Regina campus became in 1974. Subsequently, he further taught at the Tokyo University of Social Welfare from 2000 until 2006, after which he returned to Canada. He died at Ladner, British Columbia on May 28, 2008. The organization currently has cumainn (Cumann) (branches) in Austin, Champaign, Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Medford (Medford, Oregon), New York City, Regina (Regina, Saskatchewan), and Seattle. IRSCNA: 2009 Ard Fheis Report Brome—Missisquoi: Jeff Itcush '''Jeff Itcush''' was born and raised in Regina (Regina, Saskatchewan), Saskatchewan. He moved to Montreal in 1989 and has taught history and social studies at Bialik High School since 1994. He is a past president of the Federation of Teachers of Jewish Schools and has worked as a chief negotiator in representing teachers. He has also served on the boards of the Quebec Jewish Congress and the Canadian Jewish Congress. Janice Arnold, "NDP candidate chosen in Mount Royal," ''Canadian Jewish News'', 2 September 2010. In 2010, he was quoted in ''Le Devoir'' commenting on values common to the Quebec Jewish community and Quebec society as a whole. Emilie Corriveau, "Communaute plurielle", Le Devoir, 24 April 2010 The success of that WCYP encouraged the constituent parliaments to agree to hold the event bi-annually to alternate with the Youth Parliament of Canada. The next session was held in Winnipeg in July 1985. The BCYP hosted in 1987, holding the session in the senate chambers of the University of Victoria. The Saskatchewan Youth Parliament took its turn hosting the May 1989 session in the provincial Legislative Building in Regina (Regina, Saskatchewan). The 1987 session hosted an ambassador from the Junior Statesmen of America (Junior State of America) from Washington State. The 1989 session was notable in that it was the first time an ambassador attended from one of the eastern Canadian youth parliaments, being a member of the Nova Scotia Youth Parliament. ! 4 1989 SK (Saskatchewan) Regina (Regina, Saskatchewan) Arnold Tusa Ken Millard Scott Quendack - birth_date south of Regina (w:Regina, Saskatchewan) in the tiny farming community of Rouleau (w:Rouleau, Saskatchewan). CTV will air tributes on April 13 in honour of Corner Gas and Dog River (w:Dog River, Saskatchewan#Dog River) which feature the cast and behind the scenes footage.

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Encyclopedia''. . Retrieved 18 November 2007. *the 1944 election of the CCF (Co-operative Commonwealth Federation) under T.C. Douglas, the first social democratic government in North America "Saskatchewan," The Canadian Encyclopedia.. Retrieved 18 December 2007. and a pioneer of numerous social programs – notably of course Medicare

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Jaw ) to become the South Saskatchewan Regiment, which expanded to five battalions with the creation of units in Weyburn (3rd Battalion), Moosomin (Moosomin, Saskatchewan) (4th Battalion) and Estevan (5th Battalion). Career Born in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1960 , he studied at the Concordia University (Concordia University (Montreal)) in Montreal and received a Best Director award at the ''14th Canadian Student Film & Video

Festival'' in 1982 for "''Second story man''". Canadian Student Film & Video Festival (Montreal World Film Festival) After working as production designer and art director in the mid-80s, he moved on, directing for the series ''The Kids in the Hall''. In 1993 Surjik made his feature film debut with ''Wayne's World 2'', starring fellow Canadian Mike Myers (Mike Myers (actor)). group3 List of cities

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in Prince Albert (Prince Albert, Saskatchewan), and soon after became chairman of his own company, Rawlco Communications. The company has since acquired prominent radio and television stations in Prince Albert, North Battleford, Meadow Lake (Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan), Saskatoon, Regina (Regina, Saskatchewan), Edmonton and Calgary. * Prince Albert (Prince Albert, Saskatchewan) - CFMM (CFMM-FM) (Hot Adult Contemporary), CHQX (CHQX-FM), CKBI (AM) CKBI

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of the Legislative Assembly MLA for the provincial constituency of Saskatoon Meewasin, covering part of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. - Hotel Saskatchewan 45 12 1927 Regina (Regina, Saskatchewan) Ross and Macdonald - birth_date Early life Born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Barber earned

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the RPL Film theatre which plays non-mainstream cinema, the Dunlop Art Gallery, special literacy services and a prairie history collection. The MacKenzie Art Gallery in Wascana Centre and the Dunlop Art Gallery have permanent collections and sponsor travelling exhibitions.

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Albert , Saskatchewan, Canada industry Research '''Amy Nixon''' (born September 29, 1977) is a Canadian curler (curling). At the age of four she moved with her family to Regina, Saskatchewan, where she grew up. She moved to Calgary in 1995, where she now resides. Nixon is an alumnus of the University of Calgary with three degrees in kinesiology, women's studies and law. She was admitted to the Law Society of Alberta Alberta bar

Regina, Saskatchewan

leader_name3 title List of MLAs title_style list_style 1 Mark Docherty (Mark Docherty (politician)) (SKP (Saskatchewan Party)) - Regina Coronation Park 2 Kevin Doherty (Kevin Doherty (politician)) (SKP (Saskatchewan Party)) - Regina Northeast 3 Bill Hutchinson (Bill Hutchinson (politician)) (SKP (Saskatchewan Party)) - Regina South 4 Gene Makowsky (SKP (Saskatchewan Party)) - Regina Dewdney 5 Russ Marchuk (SKP (Saskatchewan Party)) - Regina Douglas Park 6 Warren McCall (NDP (Saskatchewan New Democratic Party)) - Regina Elphinstone-Centre 7 John Nilson (NDP (Saskatchewan New Democratic Party)) - Regina Lakeview 8 Laura Ross (Laura Ross (politician)) (SKP (Saskatchewan Party)) - Regina Qu'Appelle Valley 9 Warren Steinley (SKP (Saskatchewan Party)) - Regina Walsh Acres 10 Christine Tell (SKP (Saskatchewan Party)) - Regina Wascana Plains 11 Trent Wotherspoon (NDP (Saskatchewan New Democratic Party)) - Regina Rosemont established_title Established established_date 1882 area_magnitude area_total_km2 145.5 area_total_sq_mi 56.2 area_land_km2 area_land_sq_mi area_water_km2 area_water_sq_mi area_water_percent area_urban_km2 area_urban_sq_mi area_metro_km2 3408.26 area_metro_sq_mi 1315.94 population_as_of 2011 population_note population_total 193,100 (Ranked 24th (List of the 100 largest municipalities in Canada by population)) population_metro 210,556 (Ranked 18th (List of census metropolitan areas and agglomerations in Canada)) population_density_metro_km2 61.8 population_density_metro_sq_mi 160.1 population_urban 192,756 Population and dwelling counts, for Canada, provinces and territories, and population centres, 2011 and 2006 censuses: Saskatchewan. Statistics Canada. Retrieved March 18, 2013 population_density_km2 1327.6 population_density_sq_mi 3438.4 timezone Central (CST) area_code 306 639 (Area code 306) utc_offset −6 timezone_DST utc_offset_DST latd 50 latm 27 lats 17 latNS N longd 104 longm 36 longs 24 longEW W elevation_m 577 elevation_ft 1893 blank_name NTS (National Topographic System) Map blank_info 072I07 blank1_name GNBC (Geographical Names Board of Canada) Code blank1_info HAIMP website http: footnotes population demonym Reginan

'''Regina''' ( Assiniboine (Assiniboine language): ''huhúžubina''; Cree (Plains Cree): ''oskana kā-asastēki'') title AISRI Dictionary Database Search--prototype version. Assiniboine. accessdate 2012-07-07 url http: ~dictsearch cgi-bin &hasfont 0&database assin&onelang &host zia&key Assin004260&glossnum 1&srchstring sask&sndformat mp3&nexthit 0&maxhits 200&data examples title That's Raven Talk: Holophrastic Readings of Contemporary Indigenous Literatures accessdate 2014-12-26 url https: books?id UzkFnQlFidoC&pg PA206&lpg PA206&dq cree+name+for+regina+oskana&source bl&ots ValYd8F2J3&sig z3lFCJxd5iDbQ1lCoki2xtOb2gY&hl en&sa X&ei JkGdVOPGBoaUyQSMnoHwBA&ved 0CFEQ6AEwCQ#v onepage&q cree%20name%20for%20regina%20oskana&f false is the capital city of the Canadian (Canada) province of Saskatchewan. The city is the second-largest in the province and a cultural and commercial centre for southern Saskatchewan. It is governed by Regina City Council. Regina is the cathedral city (Episcopal see) of the Roman Catholic (Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Regina) Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Regina website.. Retrieved 11 December 2007. and Romanian Orthodox Directory of Saskatchewan Churches. Retrieved 11 December 2007. Dioceses of Regina and the Anglican Diocese of Qu'Appelle. Anglican Diocese of Qu'Appelle website.. Retrieved 11 December 2007. The city is surrounded by the Rural Municipality of Sherwood No. 159 (Sherwood No. 159, Saskatchewan). In 2013, Regina was named the 6th best Canadian mid-sized city (17th best overall) in which to live by MoneySense magazine. Mid-sized cities defined as having a population between 100 000 and 400 000. MoneySense: Canada's Best Places to Live 2013. Retrieved 6 April 2013.

Regina was previously the seat of government of the North-West Territories (Northwest Territories), of which the current provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta originally formed part, and of the District of Assiniboia. The site having previously been Wascana ("Buffalo Bones" in Cree), it was renamed in 1882 after Queen Victoria, ''Victoria Regina'', by her daughter Princess Louise (Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll), wife of the Marquess of Lorne (John Campbell, 9th Duke of Argyll), then the Governor General of Canada. Daria Coneghan, "Regina," The Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan.. Retrieved 11 December 2007.

Unlike other planned cities in the Canadian West (Western Canada), on its treeless flat plain Regina has few topographical features other than the small spring run-off, Wascana Creek. Early planners took advantage of such opportunity by damming the creek to create a decorative lake to the south of the central business district with a dam a block and a half west of the later elaborate the MacKenzie Art Gallery and the Saskatchewan Centre of the Arts.

Residential neighbourhoods (Regina, Saskatchewan neighbourhoods) include precincts (Regina's historic buildings and precincts) beyond the historic city centre are historically or socially noteworthy neighbourhoods – namely Lakeview and The Crescents both of which lie directly south of downtown. Immediately to the north of the central business district is the old warehouse district, increasingly the focus of shopping, nightclubs and residential development; Regina's Old Warehouse District.. Retrieved 11 December 2007. as in other western cities of North America, the periphery contains shopping malls and big box stores (Big-box store).

In 1912, the Regina Cyclone destroyed much of the town; Dagmar Skamlová, "Regina Cyclone," ''Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan''.. Retrieved 11 December 2007. in the 1930s, the Regina Riot brought further attention and, in the midst of the 1930s drought and Great Depression, which hit the Canadian Prairies particularly hard with their economic focus on dry land grain farming. Steven J. Shirtliffe, "Agronomy," ''Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan''.. Retrieved 11 December 2007. The CCF (Co-operative Commonwealth Federation) (now the NDP (New Democratic Party (Canada)), a major left-wing political party in Canada), formulated its foundation Regina Manifesto, 1933 in Regina. "The Regina Manifesto (1933) Co-operative Commonwealth Federation Programme, Adopted by the founding convention in Regina, Saskatchewan, July 1933." ''Socialist History Project''. South Branch Publishing. Retrieved 11 December 2007. In recent years, Saskatchewan's agricultural and mineral resources have come into new demand, and it has entered a new period of strong economic growth. "Saskatchewan Poised for Strong Economic Growth Says RBC Economics," Royal Bank of Canada Financial Group, 30 March 2007. . Retrieved 11 December 2007.

The current estimate of the Regina CMA population, as of July 1, 2013, according to Statistics Canada is 232,090.

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