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occurrences in this region, at least prior to 2001. Tornades Pelchat was born in Deep River, Ontario; he has spent several years of his life in both Quebec City and Montreal, eventually moving to Toronto, where he resides currently. From early on, Pelchat has had a major musical inclination. It was his family however, that sparked his love for music. His mother was a music teacher. His older sister is an opera singer and vocal teacher. (Ben followed suit, eventually becoming an accomplished guitar teacher himself.) The first white explorer to visit Michigan was the Frenchman (France) Étienne Brûlé in 1620, who began his expedition from Quebec City on the orders of Samuel de Champlain and traveled as far as the Upper Peninsula (Upper Peninsula of Michigan). Afterward, the area became part of Louisiana, one of the large colonial provinces of New France. The first permanent European settlement in Michigan was founded in 1668 at Sault Ste. Marie (Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan) by Jacques Marquette, a French missionary. Three years later, Ballard began a three-year stretch of consecutive appearances at the World Championships (World Ice Hockey Championships). He recorded an international career-high three assists at the 2007 tournament (2007 IIHF World Championship) in Russia, as the United States were eliminated in a 5–4 shootout loss to Finland (Finland national men's ice hockey team) in the quarterfinal.

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and is poised to become the new center of artistic creation in the capital. *Ottawa - Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport *Quebec City - Québec Jean Lesage International Airport *St. John's (St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador) - St. John's International Airport thumb left 200px Joseph-Octave Plessis (Image:Plessis.jpg), Kelly's mentor, in 1806, the year he ordained Kelly Kelly's success had humble beginnings. He was born in Quebec City, Quebec, to a carter, John Kelly, and Marguerite Migneron. If Joseph-Octave Plessis had not encountered him on the street and sent him to primary school, Kelly might have lived an unremarkable life. As it happened, Kelly, after that schooling, and reaching the age of 14, was sent to the Petit Séminaire de Québec (Université Laval), where his "very great application in all things"

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Military Festival of Music in Quebec City). In addition there have been numerous trips to the United States to participate in events such as the historic Fort Ticonderoga Tattoo and The Rochester International Marine Tattoo in New York State, the TRADOC Military Tattoo in Fort Monroe, Virginia, and the Stone Mountain Highland Games Military Tattoo in Atlanta, Georgia. Although several public opinion polls predicted that the 2006 election (Canadian federal election, 2006) would result in either a strong Conservative minority or a slight majority, the Liberals (Liberal Party of Canada) enjoyed a last-minute surge but were unable to overtake the Conservatives (Conservative Party of Canada). However, the surge did result in the smallest minority government in Canadian history, with the smallest percentage of government seats ever and the largest number of seats short of a majority. All parties held the balance of power, the Liberal party with 102 seats, the Bloc Québécois with 51 seats, and the NDP with 29 seats. André Arthur, a popular radio host from Quebec City, was the only independent (Independent (politics)) elected. As Liberal Peter Milliken was reelected as Speaker (Speaker (politics)), the Conservatives now effectively held a minority only 29 seats short of a majority as the Speaker traditionally votes only to break a tie and always in favour of the status quo. Thus, the Conservatives held a majority together with any one of the opposition parties, assuming no defections. This status was changed midway through the 39th parliament, when maverick MP Garth Turner was ousted from the Conservative caucus for allegedly violating "caucus confidentiality". Movie In 2004, producers from Quantum Entertainment, a Los Angeles-based production company, announced the release of the movie ''Karla (Karla (film))'' (with the working title ''Deadly''), Homolka movie to debut at Montreal film fest CBC News - July 25, 2005 (accessed November 21, 2010) starring Laura Prepon as Homolka and Misha Collins as Bernardo. Since the announcement of the movie, Tim Danson – the attorney for the families of French and Mahaffy – was given a private screening of the film, and following this, announced that the families had no objection to the film being released. Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty has called for a boycott on the film. The film was released in Canada by Christal Films in the major markets of Calgary, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City and Halifax (Halifax Urban Area). Legal Status TÉLUQ became a component of the University of Québec in Montréal (UQAM) on October 19, 2005. It now has no board of directors, headquarters or registrar. However management offices are located in Quebec City. According to rule 19 Rule 19 - Règlement sur le développement et le fonctionnement de la Télé-université à l'UQAM (French) of UQAM, similar to a TÉLUQ rule in force before its merger with UQAM, these offices must always be in Quebec City. With approximately 60 000 students, the TÉLUQ-UQAM establishment is the biggest francophone university. Rencontre avec le recteur Roch Denis - Un nouveau rendez-vous pour la science (French) On March 1, 1968, wind blew part of the covering off the Spectrum's roof during a performance of the Ice Capades, forcing the building to close for a month while Mayor Tate fought with Philadelphia DA Arlen Specter over responsibility for the construction of the roof, and the damage was repaired.

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, the governor of Quebec, was fortifying Fort St. Johns, and was also attempting to involve the Iroquois in upstate New York in the conflict, Congress decided that a more active position was needed. On June 27, 1775, Congress authorized General Philip Schuyler to investigate, and, if it seemed appropriate, begin an invasion. Smith (1907), vol 1 (#SmithFourteen), pp. 179–242 Benedict Arnold, passed over for its command, went to Boston

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the meeting, Bourassa who is about to launch a leadership bid for the position left vacant by the resignation of former Premier Jean Lesage, became convinced of the probability and suitability of the project

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. ** The British government issues the White Paper of 1939, sharply restricting Jewish immigration to the Palestine Mandate. * July 13 – A hailstorm sweeps across France and the Dutch Republic with hailstones 'as big as quart bottles' that take 'three days to melt'; immense damage is done. * July 24 &ndash

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) The French language name for the regiment, Royal 22 e Régiment, is used officially in both French and English. The regiment's regimental headquarters is located in Quebec City, with all three of its regular battalions stationed at various bases in the province of Quebec. The regiment serves as the "local" infantry regiment for Quebec. thumb left French drawing showing the English attack on Quebec (Image:Quebec1690.jpg) In the wake

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one on CFOM-FM 102.9 in Quebec City, CING-FM 95.3 in Hamilton (Hamilton, Ontario), Hamilton's web radio station Classic Hits Online and many others. Feist was photographed by Annie Leibovitz for the November 2007 issue of ''Vanity Fair (Vanity Fair (magazine))'' as part of a photo essay on folk music.

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(37), Mother Tongue (8), Immigrant Status and Period of Immigration (9), Age Groups (16) and Sex (3) for the Inter-Census Metropolitan Area Migrants Aged 5 Years and Over of Census Metropolitan Areas, 2006 Census - 20% Sample Data publisher Statistics Canada date 2007-03-01 url http: english census06 data topics RetrieveProductTable.cfm?Temporal 2006&PID 89182&GID 843983&METH 1&APATH 3&PTYPE 88971&THEME 71&AID &FREE 0&FOCUS &VID


, Quebec Remparts of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League; the Canadian football teams, Quebec City Monarks and Quebec City Rebelles of La Ligue de Football de Québec; the women's hockey team Quebec Phoenix of the Canadian Women's Hockey League; and soccer club Quebec Arsenal (Quebec City Amiral) of the W-League. The city had a hockey team, the Quebec Nordiques, which played in the World Hockey Association (WHA) from 1972 to 1979 and then in the National Hockey League (NHL) from 1979 to 1995, maintaining a strong rivalry with the Montreal Canadiens. Due to a disadvantageous exchange rate with respect to the US Dollar, the team moved to Denver, Colorado in 1995, becoming the Colorado Avalanche. The Quebec Remparts are a major junior team in the QMJHL and play in the Colisée Pepsi. A professional basketball team, the Quebec Kebs played in National Basketball League of Canada in 2011 but folded prior to the start of the 2012 season. The New Quebec City Amphitheatre is being built with the hope of getting an NHL (National Hockey League) franchise (relocation or expansion) in Quebec City.

Quebec City

leader_title2 Prov. riding (List of Quebec provincial electoral districts) leader_name2 title List frame_style border:none; padding: 0; list_style text-align:left;display:none; 1 Charlesbourg (Charlesbourg (provincial electoral district)) 2 Chauveau (Chauveau (electoral district)) 3 Jean-Lesage 4 Jean-Talon 5 La Peltrie 6 Louis-Hébert (Louis-Hébert (provincial electoral district)) 7 Montmorency (Montmorency (provincial electoral district)) 8 Taschereau (Taschereau (electoral district)) 9 Vanier-Les Rivières area_footnotes area_magnitude area_total_km2 484.10 area_land_km2 454.10 area_water_km2 area_water_percent area_urban_footnotes area_urban_km2 669.39 area_metro_footnotes area_metro_km2 3349.12 elevation_footnotes Québec City - The Canadian Encyclopedia tags-- elevation_m 98 elevation_ft population_footnotes population_total 516,622 (11th (List of the 100 largest municipalities in Canada by population)) population_as_of 2011 population_density_km2 1137.7 population_urban_footnotes population_urban 696946 population_density_urban_km2 1041.2 population_metro_footnotes population_metro 765,706 (7th (List of the 100 largest metropolitan areas in Canada)) population_density_metro_km2 228.6 population_blank1_title Pop  2006-2011 population_blank1 5.2% population_density_blank1_km2 population_blank2_title Dwellings population_blank2 255785 population_note blank_name_sec2 GDP blank_info_sec2 US$ (American dollar) 33.4 billion blank1_name_sec2 GDP per capita blank1_info_sec2 US$ 41,907 timezone EST (Eastern Time Zone) utc_offset −5 timezone_DST EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) utc_offset_DST −4 postal_code_type Postal code(s) (Canadian postal code) postal_code G1A to G2N (List of G postal codes of Canada) area_code 418 and 581 (Area codes 418 and 581) blank_name Highways blank_info blank1_name SGC code (Standard Geographical Classification code (Canada)) blank1_info 24 23 027 blank2_name NTS (National Topographic System) Map blank2_info 021L14 blank3_name GNBC (Geographical Names Board of Canada) Code blank3_info EHTWR blank4_name blank4_info website footnotes

'''Quebec''' ( to the southwest.

The narrowing of the Saint Lawrence River proximate to the city's promontory, Cap-Diamant (Cape Diamond), and Lévis (Lévis, Quebec), on the opposite bank, provided the name given to the city, ''Kébec'', an Algonquin (Algonquin language) word meaning "where the river narrows". Founded in 1608 by Samuel de Champlain, Quebec City is one of the oldest cities (List of North American cities by year of foundation) in North America. The ramparts (Ramparts of Quebec City) surrounding Old Quebec (''Vieux-Québec'') are the only fortified city walls remaining in the Americas north of Mexico, and were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in 1985 as the 'Historic District of Old Québec'. "Historic District of Old Québec". World Heritage (World Heritage Site); UNESCO. Retrieved January 12, 2009.

According to the federal (Government of Canada) and provincial government (Politics of Quebec#Government of Quebec)s, ''Québec'' is the city's official name in both French (Quebec French) and English (Canadian English), although ''Quebec City'' (or its French equivalent, ''Ville de Québec'') is commonly used, particularly to distinguish the city from the province. The city's famous landmarks include the Château Frontenac, a hotel which dominates the skyline, and La Citadelle, an intact fortress that forms the centre-piece of the ramparts surrounding the old city. The National Assembly of Quebec (provincial legislature), the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec (''National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec''), and the Musée de la civilisation (''Museum of Civilization'') are found within or near Vieux-Québec.

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