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index.php?blog 662&cat 938&page 1&disp posts&paged 8 publisher Greenpeace USA accessdate 2011-02-13 three diesel ship engines converted to energy production. Education Qaqortoq is the main center for education in South Greenland and has a primary school, middle school

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, and high school, a folk high school which started as a workers' college (''Sulisartut Højskoliat'') in 1977, a school of commerce, and a basic vocational school. Healthcare Qaqortoq is served by Napparsimavik Hospital, officially ''Napparsimavik Qaqortoq Sygehus''. The hospital is also the main hospital in southern Greenland. With a staff

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is the official language of Greenland. The name ''Kalaallisut'' is often used as a cover term for all of Greenlandic. The northern dialect, ''Inuktun (Avanersuarmiutut),'' spoken in the vicinity of the city of Qaanaaq (Thule), is particularly closely related to Canadian Inuktitut. The eastern dialect ''(Tunumiit oraasiat)'', spoken in the vicinity of the towns of Ammassalik and Scoresbysund, is the most innovative of the Greenlandic dialects, having Assimilation (linguistics

; in the three main dialects. It can be seen that Inuktun is the most conservative, and Tunumiisut the most innovative. - 3,306 Qaqortoq Kujalleq - On June 18, 1884, wreckage from ''Jeannette'' was found on an ice floe near Julianehåb (now Qaqortoq) near the southern tip of Greenland ( ). This suggested to Fridtjof Nansen the hypothesis that the ice of the Arctic Ocean was in constant motion from the Siberian coast to the American coast. To prove

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culture roughly 4,300 years ago, the area has had a continuous human presence. Saqqaq culture The earliest signs of population presence are from roughly 4,300 years ago (before Present). While Saqqaq-era sites are generally the most numerous of all the prehistoric sites in Greenland, around Qaqortoq the Saqqaq presence is less prominent,

10th century. The ruins of '''Hvalsey''' northeast of Qaqortoq. General or even limited trade between the Norse and the Thule people was scarce. Except a few novel and exotic items found at Thule sites in the area, evidence suggests cultural exchange was initially sporadic. Later, the south Greenland Norse adopted trade with the southern Inuit and were

Norse voyages in the tenth and following centuries accessdate 2008-08-27 last Anderson first Rasmus B. coauthors John Bruno Hare, ed., February 18th, 2004 year 1906 work The Norse Discovery of America publisher - JJU BGJH Qaqortoq Heliport Qaqortoq, Greenland *Kieler Woche in Germany on 19 June 2009 *Qaqortoq in Greenland on 30 October 2009 The most prominent Greenlandic dialect is '''West Greenlandic''' ''(Kalaallisut),'' which

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. The Fountain The town is home to the oldest fountain in Greenland, ''Mindebrønden'', finished in 1932. It was the only fountain in the country prior to another in Sisimiut. A tourist attraction, the fountain depicts whales spouting water out

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and other valuable commodities such as seals (used for rope), ivory from Walrus tusks, and beached whales. thumb left 250px Map of the Eastern Settlement, covering approximately the modern municipalities of Qaqortoq (Image:Eastern-settlement-eng.png), Narssaq and Nanortalik. Eiriksfjord (Erik's fjord) and his farm Brattahlid are shown, as is the location of the bishopric at Gardar. According to the Sagas of Icelanders, Norsemen from

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'''Qaqortoq''', The name is the Kalaallisut (Kalaallisut language) for "White". The pre-1973 spelling (Kalaallisut orthography) was '''Kakortok'''. The pronunciation of both sounds like . formerly '''Julianehåb''', The pre-1948 spelling (Danish orthography) was '''Julianehaab'''. is a town in the Kujalleq municipality (municipalities of Greenland) in southern Greenland. With a population of 3,229 in 2013, it is the most populous town in southern Greenland and the fourth-largest town (list of cities in Greenland) on the island.

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