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industry oil

industry oil companies , in particular, are excited about the prospect of finding petroleum and other natural resources in the country. An oil group listed in Sydney, Range Resources, anticipates that the Puntland province in the north has the potential to produce


common_name Puntland image_flag Flag of Puntland.svg image_coat Puntland_State_of_Somalia_Coat_of_Arms.png

image_map LocationPuntland3.png national_motto "Star of the North" national_anthem official_languages demonym Puntlander (Demographics of Somalia) capital Garowe latd 8 latm 24 latNS N longd 48 longm 29 longEW E largest_city Bosaso government_type Autonomous (Autonomy) presidential democracy (Presidential system) leader_title1 List of Presidents of Puntland President

GDP_PPP_rank GDP_PPP_per_capita GDP_PPP_per_capita_rank Gini_year Gini_change Gini Gini_ref Gini_rank HDI_year HDI_change HDI HDI_ref HDI_rank sovereignty_type Autonomy sovereignty_note within Somalia established_event1 Established established_date1 1998 currency Somali shilling currency_code SOS

radio amp

, radio & website and ETN TV (Eastern Television Network)), as well as radio stations. Established in 2004, Radio Garowe is a community radio station based in Garowe, the capital of Puntland. The station broadcasts daily from Somalia at 89.8 FM,

life amp

of Mehri (Meheri people) residents. Puntland's population growth rate is quite high due in part to an influx of people from southern Somalia and from neighboring Northeast African countries. Currently

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; In addition, the Force provides civic support, including repairing wells, rehabilitating hospitals and clinics, and refurbishing roads, airports and other infrastructure. It also offers skills training programs to local communities. ref name "Pgdfw"

skills training


military main

;Gstccfbarb" thumb right Logo of the Puntland Dervish Force (File:Calaamada ciidamada daraawishta2.png). The Puntland Security Force (PSF

military main

;Gstccfbarb" thumb right Logo of the Puntland Dervish Force (File:Calaamada ciidamada daraawishta2.png). The Puntland Security Force (PSF

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green top

parliament endorse new flag url http: www.garoweonline.com artman2 publish Somalia_27 Somalia_Puntland_parliament_endorse_new_flag_printer.shtml accessdate 17 July 2013 newspaper Garowe Online date 22 December 2009 Puntland's new regional flag consists of three colours: white, blue and green. *''Top'': the blue stripe with the white star in the centre symbolizes the flag of Somalia *''Center'': the white stripe in the center represents peace and stability in the region


'''Puntland''' (  ), is a region in northeastern Somalia, centred on Garowe in the Nugal (Nugal, Somalia) province. Its leaders declared the territory an autonomous state (States and regions of Somalia) in 1998.

Puntland is bordered by the Somaliland region to its west, the Gulf of Aden in the north, the Indian Ocean in the southeast, the central Galmudug region in the south, and Ethiopia in the southwest.

A third of Somalia's population lives in the territory, Arthur Muliro Background considerations on Somalia. Society for International Development Forum archive Puntland Information Minister assassinated – ''Press TV'' which contains about a third of the nation's geographical area. Puntland Facts & Figures 2003. (PDF) . Retrieved on 20 May 2012. Unlike neighbouring Somaliland, Puntland, as with all other regions in the country, does not seek outright independence from Somalia.

The name "Puntland" is derived from the Land of Punt mentioned by ancient Egyptian sources. The exact location of the fabled territory is still a mystery. Many studies suggest that the Land of Punt was located in present-day Somalia, Dan Richardson, ''Egypt'', (Rough Guides: 2003), p. 404 ISBN 1858281881 Ian McMahan, ''Secrets of the Pharaohs'', (HarperCollins: 1998), p. 92 ISBN 0380797208 whereas others propose that it was situated elsewhere. David B. O'Connor, Stephen Quirke, Quir O'Connor, ''Mysterious lands'', (UCL Press: 2003), p. 64 ISBN 1598742078

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