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political association

Somalia_Puntland_constitutional_convention_opens_in_Garowe_printer.shtml accessdate 19 April 2012 newspaper Garowe Online On 12 September 2012, the Puntland Electoral Commission announced that the registration process for political parties in Puntland was now open. This came after the passing of the Political Association Law, the Referendum Act, the District Elections Law and the inauguration of the state constitution.

high violent

for independent travellers'''. Although much safer than Southern or Central Somalia, the region of Puntland remains home to several warlords and the possibility of being killed, kidnapped or otherwise harmed remains high. Violent crime, petty theft and a lack of basic services are also significant dangers. Puntland and Somaliland territorial claims overlap and the border region between them is a conflict zone and is to be avoided. Overland travel from Somaliland is either not possible or incredibly

military main

;Gstccfbarb" thumb right Logo of the Puntland Dervish Force (File:Calaamada ciidamada daraawishta2.png). The Puntland Security Force (PSF

based public

Garoweonline.com date 2010-07-17 accessdate 2010-12-30 Fiscally, a transparent, budget (Government budget)-based public finance system was established, which has reportedly helped increase public confidence in government. In addition, a new regional constitution was drafted and later passed on 15 June 2009, which is believed to represent a significant step toward the eventual introduction of a multi-party (Multi-party system) political system to the region for the first time

medical educational

), the first organization of its kind in Somali history. The agency provides medical, educational and counseling support to vulnerable groups and individuals such as orphans, the disabled and the blind. PASWE is overseen by a Board of Directors, which consists of religious scholars (''ulema (Ulama)''), businesspeople, intellectuals and traditional elders.

support including

; In addition, the Force provides civic support, including repairing wells, rehabilitating hospitals and clinics, and refurbishing roads, airports and other infrastructure. It also offers skills training programs to local communities. ref name "Pgdfw"

main oil

Somalia_New_Fish_Market_opens_in_Garowe_printer.shtml accessdate 29 April 2013 newspaper Garowe Online Oil exploration

education early

title MINISTRY OF EDUCATION - PUNTLAND STATE OF SOMALIA archivedate 30 August 2010 publisher accessdate 1 February 2015 promoting the growth of an Early Childhood Development (Early childhood education) (ECD) program designed to reach parents and care-givers in their homes as well as in the ECD centers for 0- to 5-year-old children,

skills training',(


active participation

Puntland Forces mark 50th anniversary of Somali Armed - ''Garowe Online'' The UAE supports the counter-piracy (Piracy in Somalia) activities of the Somali authorities, particularly in the autonomous Puntland region. In a November 2011 speech to the United Nations, UAE President Ahmed Al-Jarman stated that "The UAE…is keen to strengthen its active

participation in regional and international efforts aiming at combating acts of piracy and armed robbery of ships and tankers as part of its comprehensive national strategy." To this end, the UAE officially supports the Puntland Maritime Police Force, a locally-recruited, professional maritime security force primarily aimed at fighting piracy, safeguarding Somalia's marine resources,


'''Puntland''' (  ), is a region in northeastern Somalia, centred on Garowe in the Nugal (Nugal, Somalia) province. Its leaders declared the territory an autonomous state (States and regions of Somalia) in 1998.

Puntland is bordered by the Somaliland region to its west, the Gulf of Aden in the north, the Indian Ocean in the southeast, the central Galmudug region in the south, and Ethiopia in the southwest.

A third of Somalia's population lives in the territory, Arthur Muliro Background considerations on Somalia. Society for International Development Forum archive Puntland Information Minister assassinated – ''Press TV'' which contains about a third of the nation's geographical area. Puntland Facts & Figures 2003. (PDF) . Retrieved on 20 May 2012. Unlike neighbouring Somaliland, Puntland, as with all other regions in the country, does not seek outright independence from Somalia.

The name "Puntland" is derived from the Land of Punt mentioned by ancient Egyptian sources. The exact location of the fabled territory is still a mystery. Many studies suggest that the Land of Punt was located in present-day Somalia, Dan Richardson, ''Egypt'', (Rough Guides: 2003), p. 404 ISBN 1858281881 Ian McMahan, ''Secrets of the Pharaohs'', (HarperCollins: 1998), p. 92 ISBN 0380797208 whereas others propose that it was situated elsewhere. David B. O'Connor, Stephen Quirke, Quir O'Connor, ''Mysterious lands'', (UCL Press: 2003), p. 64 ISBN 1598742078

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