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as a minimal tropical storm, and accelerating northeastward the cyclone made landfall near Guantánamo Bay, Cuba later that day. # Puerto Lempira, Honduras # Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua # Bluefields, Nicaragua Preparations After confirming the development of a tropical depression, authorities in Costa Rica issued a green alert

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is sister city (town twinning) to: class "wikitable" - valign "top" * ). * Italian (Italy) Minister of the Environment Altero Matteoli announces interest in switching to nuclear power as the main source of energy within 10-15 years. Nuclear power has been banned in Italy since the Chernobyl accident in 1986. (Reuters) * Hurricane Beta, the first hurricane named with the Greek letter (Greek alphabet) Beta, approaches Nicaragua and Honduras as a Category 3 storm (Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale), (BBC), and makes landfall on the Mosquito Coast at Category 2 intensity. Thousands of residents of Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua have been evacuated to shelters. (VOA), (Scotsman) * Further rioting occurs overnight in the Parisian suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois following the electrocutions of two teenagers, aged 15 and 17, and a third teenager suffering severe burns when they entered a substation (Electrical substation) whilst fleeing police. Rioters attacked police and journalists. Critics allege that the teenagers were targeted because they were Muslim, though this claim has been denied by French (France) Interior Minister (Minister of the Interior (France)) Nicolas Sarkozy. (BBC) (ABC News)

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for the Atlantic coast of the country. National

television and radio stations broadcast warning messages to alert the public, and emergency crews were dispatched in case conditions were to warrant intervention. This helped with the effective and timely clearing of hospitals, as well as the evacuation of residents in high-risk zones. A tropical storm warning was posted for the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua on September 15, extending south from Puerto Cabezas and including the adjacent islands. ref name


of TACA taking off from Managua airport (LAS MERCEDES) went down killing several passengers. Shorty after Sandino returned to Nicaragua, the Constitutionalist War began when Liberal soldiers in the Caribbean port of Puerto Cabezas revolted against Conservative President Adolfo Díaz, recently installed as a result of United States pressure following a coup. The leader of this revolt, Gen. José María Moncada, declared that he supported the claim of exiled Liberal vice-president Juan

independently of Moncada's liberal army. The unknown Sandino's requests for weapons and a military commission were denied; however, his forces captured some rifles from fleeing Conservative soldiers, the other Liberal commanders agreed to grant Sandino a commission. A tropical depression (Tropical Depression Nine (2001)) formed from a tropical wave in the Caribbean on September 19, north-northwest of San Andres Island

Sandino , and the Nicaraguan capital of Managua. Following an uprising by Liberal soldiers in Puerto Cabezas, on the Caribbean coast, Sacasa returned to Nicaragua in 1926. Asserting his claim as constitutional president, he established a government in Puerto Cabezas. Supplied by Mexico with arms and munitions, the Liberal rebels, under the command of General José María Moncada (José María Moncada Tapia), nearly succeeded in capturing Managua. However, the U.S. forced the two

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'') and ''Barbara J'' (code-name ''Barracuda''), sailing under Nicaraguan ensigns. The CEF ships were individually escorted (outside visual range) to ''Point Zulu'' by US Navy destroyers , plus helicopter


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'') and ''Barbara J'' (code-name ''Barracuda''), sailing under Nicaraguan ensigns. The CEF ships were individually escorted (outside visual range) to ''Point Zulu'' by US Navy destroyers , plus helicopter


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the agreement. ''Yarborough'' subsequently headed for Panama, arriving at Colon on 9 June. She shifted to Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua, soon thereafter, due to an outbreak of unrest there. She joined and ''Shirk'' in port


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;ref name hko Twin towns – Sister cities Puerto Cabezas

'') and ''Barbara J'' (code-name ''Barracuda''), sailing under Nicaraguan ensigns. The CEF ships were individually escorted (outside visual range) to ''Point Zulu'' by US Navy destroyers , plus helicopter

Puerto Cabezas

'''Puerto Cabezas''' ( ) is a municipality in, and capital of, the North Atlantic Coast department (Departments of Nicaragua) (Región Autónoma del Atlántico Norte) of Nicaragua.

The municipality and the entire region are indigenous lands. The city of Bilwi is part of The Community of Karata, including land north of Bilwi, which borders The Community of Ten Communities. The owners are the various community groups who have demarcated their particular land areas under national law providing for recognition of aboriginal title to the land.

Hurricane Felix (Hurricane Felix (2007)) hit Puerto Cabezas on September 4, 2007, killing about 100 people. AFP news

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