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energetic work

to obtain the emancipation (Jewish emancipation) of the Jews in England and for his part in founding University College London. The Jewish Disabilities (Disabilities (Jewish)) Bill, first introduced in Parliament (Parliament of the United Kingdom) by Sir Robert Grant (Robert Grant (MP)) in 1830, owed its final passage through the House of Lords in 1858 to Goldsmid's energetic work. He helped to establish the University College Hospital in 1834, serving as its treasurer


. It also contains an early-career performance by Maryam d'Abo. It was shot in Finland, England, Scotland, Portugal, and the Soviet Union. * 19 May 2004: Valencia (Valencia C.F.) wins the UEFA Cup final against Marseille (Olympique de Marseille) which was played on Ullevi Stadium (Ullevi), Gothenburg. * 22 June 2004: Sweden (Sweden national football team) qualify for the quarterfinals of the Euro 2004 (2004 UEFA European Football Championship) tournament

music special

of America and Radio Free Europe. Willis Conover, jazz host on Voice of America, was a judge at the 1960 Notre Dame Collegiate Jazz Festival in 1960. (seemusic special-collections conover Conover Collection at UNT) The tour group included the first woman band member, Bev Dahlke (now Dahlke-Smith) (baritone sax). Denton Record-Chronicle, pg. 1 (June 1, 1976) '''Cristóvão da Gama''' (c. 1516 – 29 August 1542) was a Portugal

impressive range

in the World :: iBlog publisher Cape-slavery-heritage.iblog.co.za date 1 May 2009 accessdate 17 March 2011 Under Van Riebeeck and his successors as VOC commanders and later governors at the Cape, an impressive range

series depicting

Espolio56 UC frame (Image:Asjlogo.png)'''Socialist Youth Alliance''' (in Portuguese (Portuguese language): ''Aliança Socialista da Juventude'') was a leftist youth movement in Portugal linked to the Workers Revolutionary Party (Workers Revolutionary Party (Portugal)) (PRT). ASJ existed around 1974-1975. The '''Ceres series''' of Portuguese (Portugal) postage stamps is a definitive (definitive stamp) series depicting the Roman (Roman mythology) goddess

Ceres (Ceres (Roman mythology)) that was issued between 1912 and 1945 in Portugal and its colonies. The '''Ceres series''' of Portuguese (Portugal) postage stamps is a definitive (definitive stamp) series depicting the Roman (Roman mythology) goddess Ceres (Ceres (Roman mythology)) that was issued between 1912 and 1945 in Portugal and its colonies. - ! Year !! BEL (Belgium) Z !! ESP (Spain) !! POR (Portugal) !! Belgium BEL

projects research

title Fertility in Portugal: a Macro Micro Economic Perspective Projects funded by national science agencies Projects Research output Welcome - CEFAGE publisher Cefage.uevora.pt accessdate 31 January 2014 Urbanization

successful songs

recorded her first single. The following year, she traveled to sing in Mexico and, in 1974, Portugal, where she recorded her first full-length album. In 1975 Alcione released her LP (Vinyl record), ''A Voz do Samba'', which achieved gold sales status and featured several hit tracks. The most successful songs were ''Não Deixe o Samba Morrer'', written by Edson and Aloiso, and ''O Surdo'', written by Totonho Paulinho Resende. In the 7th and 8th centuries, Kedah was under the loose control

history years

Salazar that would triumph with the democratic Carnation Revolution. In the following revolutionary process, Zeca was one of the most active Portuguese musicians. All this would make him an important personality in 20th century Portuguese history. Years after his death, Zeca Afonso is still widely listened to, not only in Portugal, but also abroad. 160px Usinersity of Coimbra (Image:Coimbra_University_Tower_2.jpg)<

literary accomplishments

exceptions being southern Italy (History of Islam in southern Italy) and Al-Andalus, the period of Islamic rule of the Iberian Peninsula (i.e. what is now Spain and Portugal). The scientific and literary accomplishments of this period are often seen as an important influence on the development of the Renaissance. Begin was born in Rome and raised in France and Portugal before immigrating to Canada at the end of World War II. She received a MA (Master of Arts (postgraduate)) degree in sociology from the Université de Montréal and a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) degree from the Sorbonne (University of Paris). '''Lajes Field''' or '''Lajes Air Base''' (

young appearing

performed since he was very young, appearing in a lot of stages and festivals from 1998. His breakthrough however, was his appearance on Croatian television's ''Turbo Limach show'' for children ("Limač" is Zagreb youth slang (Šatrovački) for ''Mali'' - "little one"), when he was only about 5 years old. Besides his native city Zagreb, he has performed in cities like Cairo (Egypt), Figueira da Foz (Portugal), Alicante (Spain), Bucharest (Romania), Rimini (Italy)and Kaunas (Lithuania) before going to Copenhagen. Dino also appears frequently on Croatian radio (Croatian Radio Television) and TV as a special guest for popular stations. He has already had his first full length concert held in the Šalata stadium in Zagreb in September 2004, gathering 6000 fans. In 2005 he went on a multi-city tour in Australia, entertaining Croatian communities in Adelaide, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Geelong, Woologong and Brisbane. Joseon era manuals During the Imjin War (1592–1598), Korean armies fought off a Japanese invasion. The Japanese had imported guns from Portugal and wanted to conquer the mainland. With Chinese assistance, the Koreans turned back the invaders, but with heavy loss of men and cultural heritage. It was also during this war that the famous turtle ships (Geobukseon, 거북선) were used by Admiral Yi Sun-sin. These ships were covered with metal shields, much like the shell of a turtle, which could withstand the gun attacks of the Japanese. This was the first iron armoured ship in naval history. At world championship level, he has represented Great Britain in the individual time trial event at Holland 1998, Brittany 2000, Portugal 2001 and Belgium 2002. He also represented England at the Commonwealth Games in Canada 1994, Malaysia 1998 and Manchester 2002. '''Álvaro Barreirinhas Cunhal''', who used the name '''Álvaro Cunhal''' (


'''Portugal''' (

The land within the borders of the current Portuguese Republic has been continually fought over and settled since prehistoric times (Prehistoric Iberia). The Celts and the Romans (Roman Republic) were followed by the Visigothic (Visigoths) and the Suebi Germanic peoples, who were themselves later invaded by the Moors. These Muslim peoples were eventually expelled during the Christian ''Reconquista'' of the peninsula. By 1139, Portugal established itself as a kingdom (Kingdom of Portugal) independent from León (Kingdom of León). Brian Jenkins, Spyros A. Sofos, ''Nation and identity in contemporary Europe'', p. 145, Routledge, 1996, ISBN 0-415-12313-5 In the 15th and 16th centuries, as the result of pioneering the Age of Discovery, Portugal expanded western (Western Civilization) influence and established the first global empire (Portuguese Empire), Melvin Eugene Page, Penny M. Sonnenburg, p. 481 becoming one of the world's major economic, political and military powers (Education superpower), and ultimately dividing the world with Spain (Treaty of Tordesilhas).

The Portuguese Empire was the longest-lived of the modern European colonial empires, spanning almost 600 years, from the capture of Ceuta in 1415 to the handover of Macau to the People's Republic of China in 1999 (''de facto'') or the granting of sovereignty to East Timor in 2002 (''de jure'') after occupation by Indonesia since 1975. The empire spread throughout a vast number of territories that are now part of 53 different sovereign states (Evolution of the Portuguese Empire), leaving a legacy of over 250 million Portuguese speakers today (Lusophone) (making it the sixth most spoken first language (List of languages by number of native speakers)) and a number of Portuguese-based creoles (Portuguese-based creole languages). Portugal's international status was greatly reduced during the 19th century, especially following the Independence (Independence of Brazil) of Brazil. After the 1910 revolution (5 October 1910 revolution) deposed the monarchy, the democratic but unstable Portuguese First Republic (First Portuguese Republic) was established, itself being superseded by the "Estado Novo" right-wing authoritarian regime (Estado Novo (Portugal)). Democracy was restored after the Portuguese Colonial War and the Carnation Revolution in 1974. Shortly after, independence was granted to Angola, Mozambique, São Tomé and Príncipe, East Timor, Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau.

Portugal is a developed country with an advanced economy (Developed country#IMF advanced economies), high living standards 2014 Global Report. (Europe 2014) http: www.numbeo.com quality-of-life rankings_by_country.jsp Social Progress Index and high-quality infrastructures, ranking 2nd in the quality of the road network http: www.statista.com statistics 268157 ranking-of-the-20-countries-with-the-highest-road-quality and 11th overall, http: www.statista.com statistics 264753 ranking-of-countries-according-to-the-general-quality-of-infrastructure according to the Global Competitiveness Report. It is one of the world's most globalized (Globalization Index), peaceful (Global Peace Index) and responsive (List of countries by discrimination and violence against minorities) nations. Global Peace Index. Institute for Economics and Peace. visionofhumanity.org (July 2014) List of countries by Fragile States Index#Very Stable. Fragile States Index (July 2014) It is a member of the United Nations, European Union, Eurozone, OECD, NATO, WTO, Schengen Area, and the Community of Portuguese Language Countries. Portugal was among the first countries to abolish capital punishment in 1867. On 31 May 2010, Portugal became the sixth country in Europe and the eighth country in the world to legally recognize same-sex marriage (same-sex marriage in Portugal) on the national level. Portugal also received international attention for being the first country in the world to fully decriminalize the usage of all drugs in 2001.

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