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& Hopkirk (Deceased) '', ''The Rat Catchers'', the BBC science fiction series (Television program) ''Doctor Who'' as the voice of the robot companion (Companion (Doctor Who)) Kamelion in two serials — ''The King's Demons'' and ''Planet of Fire'' as well as a brief scene in the regeneration between Peter Davison's to Colin Baker's Doctor. He portrayed Sir Richard Flashman in the BBC's popular 1971 television serial '' Tom Brown's Schooldays (TV serial

large training

'' served as a navigation training ship based in Portsmouth. At an unknown time the ship was refitted with a solid main mast (as opposed to a lattice mast) and a large training navigation room was built where the forward set of triple-barrelled mortars used to be located (leaving one set of mortars). In 1974 she was refitted to undertake trials of ''CAAIS'' (Computer Assisted Action Information System). ''Torquay'' attended the 1977 Silver Jubilee Fleet Review off Spithead. From Ocotber

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). The motorway is not a trunk road and is under the jurisdiction of Portsmouth City Council. Hampshire The sold out night on the last day of the month billed as The Pirate Metal Extravaganza would be the largest show that Ant had performed at since 1995. There was concern in the building as rumour had it (quite correctly) that Ant was still in Portsmouth, but fears were put aside just after 8pm as he turned up and headed off into the venue to chat to fans waiting around

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centre and the northern areas and suburbs of the city, from the Petersfield transmitter. However, both regions are variably received across the whole city. Portsmouth was one of the second-tier of cities in the UK to get a local TV station, Radio Victory Radio Victory MyTV, in 2001. The station later rebranded to PortsmouthTV, but its limited availability in some parts of Portsmouth had restricted its growth, and the station later went off-air as a result of the parent

and radio stations in Portsmouth publisher Britishservices.co.uk accessdate 8 March 2011 When the first local commercial radio stations were licensed in the 1970s by the IBA (Independent Broadcasting Authority), Radio Victory was the radio service for Portsmouth, however in 1986, due to transmission area changes (to formally include Southampton) by the IBA (Independent Broadcasting Authority) it was replaced by a new company and service called Ocean Sound, later renamed as Ocean FM (Ocean FM (UK)). It is now known as Heart. From 1994 (the city's 800th birthday) Victory FM broadcast for three 28 day periods over an 18 month period. This service, relaunched on the channel listings guide and 'cable radio' of the South East Hampshire area's cable television network, was renamed Radio Victory. The station went on to win a Radio Authority small scale (Radio Authority) licence, launching on the 107.4FM frequency, on 19 September 1999. It was purchased from the founders by TLRC, who, due to poor RAJAR figures, relaunched the service in 2001 as The Quay, 107.4 The Quay The Quay Radio Station with Portsmouth Football Club purchasing a stake in the station during 2007 and selling in 2009. The station was taken over by Celador and rebranded The Breeze. Newspapers The city currently has one daily local newspaper known as ''The News (Portsmouth News)'', which was previously known as the Portsmouth Evening News, together with a free weekly newspaper, from the same publisher, Johnston Press, called ''The Journal''. WikiPedia:Portsmouth Commons:Category:Portsmouth

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the region between Portsmouth and Portland (Isle of Portland). ''Fliegerkorps VIII'' had a particular advantage; British fighters did not have enough radar warning and were operating at the limits of their range. This gave his Ju 87s a near-free hand in operations. Corum 2008, p. 228. The year 1956 was spent in an extensive series of visits to ports in Central America, and of the United States, as well as a major multi-national exercise in June with USN, RN, Canadian

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at Whale Island (Whale Island, United Kingdom), Portsmouth and is primarily used as a training ship for the Regular & Reserve Royal Navy, enabling room-to-room searches to be practised without removing a ship from the fleet. Many young people from the Sea Cadets,(who hold two annual camps onboard) and Combined Cadet Force have their first experience of life on board a warship whilst on ''Bristol''. The Air Training Corps & Army Cadets Units are also known to make use

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the most common. As Southampton shares the same 023 area code, landline calls between the two cities can be made using just the eight-digit local number, despite their not being adjacent. Prior to April 2000, Portsmouth used the area code 01705 with six-digit local numbers. The 01705 area code itself replaced the older 0705 code in 1995. Future developments WikiPedia:Portsmouth Commons:Category:Portsmouth

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is not faithful to the books, but rather explores Alice's journey into adulthood while incorporating allusions to the history of Czech Republic. At Southwick House is the home of the Defence College of Policing and Guarding and the Regimental Headquarters of the Royal Military Police, which was where D-Day was planned, being known as SHAEF (Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force). VT Group is based in Hedge End, with VT Education & Skills and VT Flagship based

Expeditionary Force SHAEF . VT Group is based in Hedge End, with VT Education & Skills and VT Flagship based in North Harbour (North Harbour, Portsmouth), Portsmouth. Much of the Royal Navy is based at HMNB Portsmouth with BAE Systems Surface Ships. IBM is headquartered in Cosham, North Portsmouth, with large laboratories in Hursley House. Town arms A Norman (Normans) element on Drogheda's coat of arms is its centrepiece, Laurence's Gate St

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; In line with other British department store chains, it is nearing the completion of a process of renaming any stores not branded John Lewis (Tyrrell & Green, Heelas (John Lewis Reading), etc.) with the nationally recognisable name. Peter Jones in London will remain the only exception to this policy when the premises of Knight & Lee are replaced by a new department store in Portsmouth, and following the recent renaming of the Cambridge store (formerly Robert Sayle

century commercial

WikiPedia:Portsmouth Commons:Category:Portsmouth


'''Portsmouth''' ( south east of Southampton. The city has a population of 209,166 and is the only city in the United Kingdom with a greater population density than London. The City of Portsmouth and Portsmouth Football Club (Portsmouth F.C.) are both nicknamed "Pompey".

As a significant naval port for centuries, Portsmouth has the world's oldest dry dock and is home to some famous ships, including HMS ''Warrior'' (HMS Warrior (1860)), the Tudor carrack ''Mary Rose'' and Lord Nelson's flagship, HMS ''Victory'' (HMS Victory) (the world's oldest naval ship still in commission). Although smaller than in its heyday, the naval base remains a major dockyard (HMNB Portsmouth) with the headquarters of the Royal Marine Commandos. There is also a thriving commercial cruise ship and ferry port serving destinations on the continent for freight and passenger traffic.

Portsmouth forms part of the South Hampshire built-up area (South Hampshire) which also covers Southampton, Havant, Waterlooville, Eastleigh, Fareham and Gosport. With an estimated 860,000 residents, it is the 6th largest urban area in England (List of urban areas in the United Kingdom) and the largest in South East England.,

The Spinnaker Tower, a striking recent addition to the city's skyline, is located in the former ''Vernon'' naval shore establishment (HMS Vernon (shore establishment)), now redeveloped as an area of retail outlets, restaurants, clubs and bars known as Gunwharf Quays.

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