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manufacturing science

Hayling College ) on ''Church Road'', Hampshire and the Highbury Technical College (now known as Highbury College) on ''Dovercourt Road'' in Portsmouth. He went on to study at the London School of Economics where he was awarded a diploma in industrial relations in 1977. He worked initially as a laboratory technician at the Department of Geology at Portsmouth Polytechnic (University of Portsmouth) from 1967 and from 1977 an official of the Manufacturing

, Science and Finance MSF trade union. Life Born in Portsmouth, Hampshire, and brought up in the Portsmouth area, he was the only child of middle-aged parents, John and Molly Logue, who married late. He attended Roman Catholic schools, including Prior Park College, before going to Portsmouth Grammar School. On call-up, he enlisted in the Black Watch, and was posted to Palestine. He was court-martialled in 1945 over a scheme to sell stolen pay books

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doctrine and feels Commander Henderson is too lenient regarding the crew and application of regulations. He does not trust Technical Officer Jeffers, and has the ability to hold his breath for seven and a half hours to avoid the effects of sedative gas. He also shows great affection towards Sandstrom, appearing to be in love with her at certain points in the show, even becoming jealous when Vine is kissing Sandstrom in his "Pub-conscious". Like his friend Henderson, York also

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near Portsmouth. After he recovered, he was discharged and assigned to duties with the Admiralty in Whitehall. He was assigned to the Japanese section and wrote a service manual for the Royal Navy ''The Enemy Japan''. As the book and its sequel are Carroll's most widely recognized works, they have also inspired numerous live performances, including plays (play (theatre)), operas, ballets, and traditional English pantomimes. These works range from fairly faithful


to Portsmouth and for a tramway carrying horse-drawn carriages over the same route. The first part of the proposed Surrey Iron Railway was to be from Wandsworth to Croydon, and Jessop was asked for his opinion on the two opposing schemes. He declared that the tramway was a better scheme, as a canal would require too much water and would unduly reduce the supply in the River Wandle. It was agreed to build a tramway from Wandsworth to Croydon, as well a building a basin at Wandsworth

, to the North. ;Rail The Brighton Main Line railway route (Rail transport in Great Britain) south from Croydon links the town to Sussex, Surrey, and Kent and to Central London to the north: providing direct services to Hastings, Southampton, Brighton, Portsmouth, Gatwick Airport, Bedford and Luton. The main station for all these services is East Croydon station in the east part of the town centre. East Croydon station is the largest and busiest

railway station in Croydon and the tenth busiest in London. thumb alt Hawaiians in theatre box In the royal box at London, 1824 (File:Their Majesties King Rheo Rhio, Queen Tamehamalu, Madame Poke.jpg) They arrived on May 17, 1824 in Portsmouth, and the next day moved into the Caledonian Hotel in London. Foreign Office Secretary George Canning appointed Frederick Gerald Byng (1784–1871) to supervise their visit. Byng was a Gentleman Usher, fifth son of John Byng, 5th Viscount

black light

adaptations to those that use the story as a basis for new works. An example of the latter is ''The Eighth Square'', a murder mystery set in Wonderland, written by Matthew Fleming and music and lyrics by Ben J. Macpherson. This goth-toned rock musical premiered in 2006 at the New Theatre Royal in Portsmouth, England. The TA Fantastika, a popular Black light theatre in Prague performs "Aspects of Alice"; written and directed by Petr Kratochvíl. This adaptation is not faithful to the books, but rather explores Alice's journey into adulthood while incorporating allusions to the history of Czech Republic. At Southwick House is the home of the Defence College of Policing and Guarding and the Regimental Headquarters of the Royal Military Police, which was where D-Day was planned, being known as SHAEF (Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force). VT Group is based in Hedge End, with VT Education & Skills and VT Flagship based in North Harbour (North Harbour, Portsmouth), Portsmouth. Much of the Royal Navy is based at HMNB Portsmouth with BAE Systems Surface Ships. IBM is headquartered in Cosham, North Portsmouth, with large laboratories in Hursley House. At Southwick House is the home of the Defence College of Policing and Guarding and the Regimental Headquarters of the Royal Military Police, which was where D-Day was planned, being known as SHAEF (Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force). VT Group is based in Hedge End, with VT Education & Skills and VT Flagship based in North Harbour (North Harbour, Portsmouth), Portsmouth. Much of the Royal Navy is based at HMNB Portsmouth with BAE Systems Surface Ships. IBM is headquartered in Cosham, North Portsmouth, with large laboratories in Hursley House. Town arms A Norman (Normans) element on Drogheda's coat of arms is its centrepiece, St. Laurence's Gate (Laurence's Gate). The three lions which flank the Norman barbican and the star (Star (heraldry)) and crescent, similar to those on the coat of arms of Portsmouth, are taken from Richard The Lionheart's (Richard I of England) coat of arms who gave both towns their charters (Royal Charter). On the other side of the barbican is a ship denoting Drogheda's status as an important port. The town's motto ''Deus praesidium, mercatura decus'' translates as "God our strength, merchandise our glory". http: www.ngw.nl int ier d drogheda.htm Transportation Le Havre has well-developed national road, rail and air links (Octeville airport (Le Havre Octeville Airport)) and is two hours by train from Paris, with services running to the Gare du Havre. Local transport is based primarily on an extensive bus network. The city has plans for a tram network. A ferry service to Portsmouth in the United Kingdom runs from the Terminal de la Citadelle. The service is operated by LD Lines. Crossing times are from three hours and fifteen minutes. AFerry.co.uk Portsmouth to Le Havre Ferries Popular alternative routes going to areas close to Le Havre include Newhaven (Newhaven, East Sussex) to Dieppe (Dieppe, Seine-Maritime), and Poole to Cherbourg. *Bishop's Stortford - Bishop's Stortford Ultra Light Railway Southampton & Portsmouth - Solent Metro in the Urban South Hampshire *Preston - Red Scar area tram The Battle of Britain was the first major campaign to be fought entirely by air forces, "92 Squadron – Geoffrey Wellum." ''Battle of Britain Memorial Flight'' via ''raf.mod.uk.'' Retrieved: 17 November 2010. and was also the largest and most sustained aerial bombing campaign to that date. From July 1940 coastal shipping convoys and shipping centres, such as Portsmouth, were the main targets; one month later the ''Luftwaffe'' shifted its attacks to RAF airfields and infrastructure. As the battle progressed the ''Luftwaffe'' also targeted aircraft factories (World War II aircraft production) and ground infrastructure. Eventually the ''Luftwaffe'' resorted to attacking areas of political significance and using terror bombing tactics (Terror bombing). WikiPedia:Portsmouth Commons:Category:Portsmouth

large training

'' served as a navigation training ship based in Portsmouth. At an unknown time the ship was refitted with a solid main mast (as opposed to a lattice mast) and a large training navigation room was built where the forward set of triple-barrelled mortars used to be located (leaving one set of mortars). In 1974 she was refitted to undertake trials of ''CAAIS'' (Computer Assisted Action Information System). ''Torquay'' attended the 1977 Silver Jubilee Fleet Review off Spithead. From Ocotber

training association

OF BIRTH Portsmouth, England DATE OF DEATH The Tall Ships Youth Trust, formerly the '''Sail Training Association''', based in Portsmouth and Liverpool, is a charity registered with the Charity Commission. WikiPedia:Portsmouth Commons:Category:Portsmouth

long training

is close by. The annual Stokes Bay Festival takes place here every year during Cowes Week. resides billed Portsmouth, Hampshire trainer FWA Academy Mark Sloan (Mark Sloan (wrestler)) Professional wrestling career He went to school in Liphook, Hampshire. Simmons first planned to train to become a wrestler at the NWA-UK Hammerlock training school, but not long after securing a week long training session in August 2000 Simmons received news of a new training centre starting up in Portsmouth, The FWA Academy, which was 30 minutes away from him. Only one sabotage mission is known to have been launched in England. Sometime after his arrival in Paris, Silas Deane was visited by a young man named James Aitken (John the Painter), recently returned from America. Aitken produced crudely drawn but accurate plans of the Royal Navy Dockyards in England and proposed to sabotage them by utilizing a unique incendiary device of his own design. Deane engaged his services and issued Aitken a passport signed by French Foreign Minister Vergennes with instructions to French officials: "We will and command you very expressly to let pass safely and freely, Mr. James Actzen, going to England, without giving him or suffering him any hindrance; but on the contrary giving every aid and assistance that he shall want or occasion for." In late November 1776, Aitken landed at Dover, and on December 7 he ignited a fire at the Portsmouth dockyard that burned from late in the afternoon until the following morning, destroying twenty tons of hemp, ten one-hundred-fathom (183 m) cables, and six tons of ship cordage. After failing to penetrate the security at Plymouth, Aitken proceeded to Bristol, where he destroyed two warehouses and several houses. On January 16, 1777, the British cabinet met in emergency session and urged immediate measures to locate the mysterious "John the Painter (Painting)" (Aitken was a house painter). Guards were augmented at all military facilities and arsenals, and a reward was posted. By January 20 the cabinet, again in extraordinary session, discussed suspending habeas corpus and placing the country under martial law. Five days later the reward was increased to one thousand pounds, and newspapers reported panic throughout England. Aitken was soon apprehended, with a pistol and inflammables (explosive) in his possession. He would not admit to the sabotage when interrogated (interrogation), but eventually confided in a friendly American visitor who was secretly in the pay of the British. Based on these confidences, personal effects, including the passport from Vergennes, were located. His trial was speedy, and on March 10, 1777, Aitken went to the gallows at Portsmouth Dockyard, where his exploits had begun. birth_date WikiPedia:Portsmouth Commons:Category:Portsmouth

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face-lift. Among the attractions are the D-Day museum (which holds the Overlord embroidery) and, in the dockyard (Portsmouth Historic Dockyard), HMS ''Victory'' (HMS Victory), the remains of Henry VIII's flagship, the ''Mary Rose'' (raised from the seabed in 1982), (Britain's first iron-hulled warship) and the Royal Naval Museum. The last weekend of November each year the Historic Dockyard host the Victorian Festival of Christmas, which is the largest

event of its kind in the UK. Many of the city's former defences now host museums or events. Several of the Victorian era forts on Portsdown Hill are now tourist attractions. Fort Nelson (Fort Nelson, Hampshire) is now home to the Royal Armouries museum. The Tudor era Southsea Castle has a small museum, and much of the seafront defences up to the Round Tower (Round Tower (Portsmouth)) are open to the public. The southern part of the once large Royal Marines Eastney Barracks is now

albums including

The Singles '' album and 2008's ''Silent Cry''. All of these albums including ''Comfort in Sound'' (his first album with Feeder) made the Top 10 of the UK Albums Chart. On 6 May 2009, it was announced that Feeder had 'ended their partnership' with Richardson after seven years. '''Portsmouth Harbour Ferry Company plc (Gosport Ferry)''' (100% owned by FIH) This company operates a ferry service between Portsmouth and Gosport, two large towns on the south coast of England which lie on adjacent peninsulas. It carries around 3.5m passengers a year. Underlying operating profit in 2009-2010 was £790,000 Portsmouth Big Screen Portsmouth is in Guildhall Square, beside the Civic Offices and Portsmouth Guildhall. WikiPedia:Portsmouth Commons:Category:Portsmouth


'''Portsmouth''' ( south east of Southampton. The city has a population of 209,166 and is the only city in the United Kingdom with a greater population density than London. The City of Portsmouth and Portsmouth Football Club (Portsmouth F.C.) are both nicknamed "Pompey".

As a significant naval port for centuries, Portsmouth has the world's oldest dry dock and is home to some famous ships, including HMS ''Warrior'' (HMS Warrior (1860)), the Tudor carrack ''Mary Rose'' and Lord Nelson's flagship, HMS ''Victory'' (HMS Victory) (the world's oldest naval ship still in commission). Although smaller than in its heyday, the naval base remains a major dockyard (HMNB Portsmouth) with the headquarters of the Royal Marine Commandos. There is also a thriving commercial cruise ship and ferry port serving destinations on the continent for freight and passenger traffic.

Portsmouth forms part of the South Hampshire built-up area (South Hampshire) which also covers Southampton, Havant, Waterlooville, Eastleigh, Fareham and Gosport. With an estimated 860,000 residents, it is the 6th largest urban area in England (List of urban areas in the United Kingdom) and the largest in South East England.,

The Spinnaker Tower, a striking recent addition to the city's skyline, is located in the former ''Vernon'' naval shore establishment (HMS Vernon (shore establishment)), now redeveloped as an area of retail outlets, restaurants, clubs and bars known as Gunwharf Quays.

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