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performance giving

(United Kingdom) DSC was appointed CO and given the task of bringing her and the new crew up to operational status. On 22 March 2009, Richards netted his first of the 2008–09 (2008–09 in English football) season with a header in a man of the match performance giving a 1–0 victory over Sunderland (Sunderland A.F.C.) at the City of Manchester Stadium. On 11 July 2009 Eurosport reported he had been diagnosed with swine flu (Swine influenza) while on holiday in Cyprus. ref>

comedy performance

for ''Shatterproof Is Not a Challenge'' Background Born in Portsmouth in 1979, O'Neill grew up in the suburban town of Wallington (Wallington, London). He did his first comedy performance at the age of ten (ripping off Harry Enfield sketches in assembly at school). He started doing stand-up on 16 January 2002, at the Laughing Horse, Camden (London Borough of Camden). He since has gone on to perform in comedy clubs, theatres and music festivals throughout the UK, Australia, US and Europe. Roads Southampton Road was built in 1958, replacing Medina Road as the main route between Portsmouth and Fareham. Paulsgrove Primary School opened in the early 1950s to serve a new housing development made necessary by the number of people made homeless through bombing during the Second World War. It was opened by the Lord Mayor of Portsmouth (England), Sir Denis Daley on 24 October List of Mayors of Portsmouth Ship registry Caen, WikiPedia:Portsmouth Commons:Category:Portsmouth

business made

saw the French battleship La Gloire while on holiday in Toulon in the south of France. On discovering that the armour on the ship was made by hammering he returned to Sheffield and built a rolling mill and submitted examples of rolled armour plate to the Royal Navy. Tests on the armour at Portsmouth in 1862 were so successful that by 1867 75% of Royal Navy ships had Brown's armour plate on them. The success of his armour business made Brown a personal and professional fortune, in 1864 his Atlas Works were converted into a limited liability company with a capital of £1,000,000. ** WikiPedia:Portsmouth Commons:Category:Portsmouth

metal including

and workshops was at hand. Experts were dispatched from London to investigate the mine. They had some idea that the mines used magnetic sensors, so everyone removed all metal, including their buttons, and made tools of non-magnetic brass. They disarmed the mine and rushed it to labs at Portsmouth, where scientists discovered a new type of arming mechanism. A large ferrous object passing through the Earth's magnetic field will concentrate the field through it; the mine's detector

time hard

, and the Isle of Wight), based in Southampton before moving to Whiteley in 2004. *'''''West''''' (northern Hampshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire, and parts of Surrey), based in Newbury (Newbury, Berkshire). "Living for the Weekend" began as a demo with Hard-Fi frontman Richard Archer's previous band "Contempo" before they had split up. At this time, Hard-Fi drummer Steve Kemp was drumming for the Contempo. Contempo apparently played the song a couple


, actress, best known for her role on ''Family Affairs'' and Alison Owen, film director, and her son Alfie Owen-Allen, actor, who were both born in Portsmouth. Ian Darke, football and boxing commentator currently working for ESPN and previously one of Sky Sports' 'Big Four' football commentators, was born in Portsmouth. As well as music writer for the popular British television show "Doctor Who" Murray Gold. William Swinden Barber, a Victorian Arts and Crafts movement

support training

that deployment, she visited Oslo in Norway, Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and Portsmouth in England. The warship departed the latter port on 3 October and reentered Norfolk on the 12th. On 16 November, she put to sea for training exercises in the Gulf of Mexico. During that voyage, she made a port visit at Mobile, Alabama, and conducted naval gunfire support training at Vieques Island near Puerto Rico. She made another port visit to the island of Saint

growing school

as a standard comprehensive taking from its catchment area rather than selecting on religious background. This is the opposite of its nearby rival St Edmund's Catholic School (St Edmund's Catholic School, Portsmouth). Both Admiral Lord Nelson School and Miltoncross Academy were built in the 1990s to meet the demand of a growing school age population.

training supervising

of them.' The Harley Street ophthalmologists saved his eyesight. Tōgō studied mathematics in Cambridge (though not at the University) during this time, while living with Reverend A.S. Capel. Tōgō then went to the Royal Naval Academy in Portsmouth, and to the Royal Naval College, Greenwich. During his stay, the Imperial Japanese Navy placed orders in Great Britain for three warships. Tōgō made use of the opportunity to apply his training, supervising (watching carefully

main training

to Portsmouth, Reading (Reading, Berkshire), Southampton, Bournemouth and Weymouth (Weymouth, Dorset). Additionally, units commonly worked services on the Lymington branch. '''Royal Naval Air Station Lee-on-Solent (HMS ''Daedalus'')''' was one of the primary shore airfields of the Fleet Air Arm. First established as a seaplane base in 1917 during the First World War (World War I), it later became the main training establishment and administrative centre of the Fleet Air Arm. Situated near Lee-on-the-Solent in Hampshire, approximately four miles west of Portsmouth on the coast of the Solent at WikiPedia:Portsmouth Commons:Category:Portsmouth


'''Portsmouth''' ( south east of Southampton. The city has a population of 209,166 and is the only city in the United Kingdom with a greater population density than London. The City of Portsmouth and Portsmouth Football Club (Portsmouth F.C.) are both nicknamed "Pompey".

As a significant naval port for centuries, Portsmouth has the world's oldest dry dock and is home to some famous ships, including HMS ''Warrior'' (HMS Warrior (1860)), the Tudor carrack ''Mary Rose'' and Lord Nelson's flagship, HMS ''Victory'' (HMS Victory) (the world's oldest naval ship still in commission). Although smaller than in its heyday, the naval base remains a major dockyard (HMNB Portsmouth) with the headquarters of the Royal Marine Commandos. There is also a thriving commercial cruise ship and ferry port serving destinations on the continent for freight and passenger traffic.

Portsmouth forms part of the South Hampshire built-up area (South Hampshire) which also covers Southampton, Havant, Waterlooville, Eastleigh, Fareham and Gosport. With an estimated 860,000 residents, it is the 6th largest urban area in England (List of urban areas in the United Kingdom) and the largest in South East England.,

The Spinnaker Tower, a striking recent addition to the city's skyline, is located in the former ''Vernon'' naval shore establishment (HMS Vernon (shore establishment)), now redeveloped as an area of retail outlets, restaurants, clubs and bars known as Gunwharf Quays.

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